Things disappearing?

I’ve had things disappear/teleport out of existence out of nowhere.

In middle school years ago three of my video games disappeared so I had to buy them all over again. I always kept them on my shelf like I do now and I never took my games out of my house to anyone else’s so it couldn’t have been that. I don’t think anyone else took them because I don’t share my stuff like this with other people.

Recently my flashlight disappeared. I took it to work regularly for months and put it in my lunch box because sometimes the light goes out. Some weeks ago it disappeared and I never saw it again. I’m sure I brought it back home for charging then I woke up one day and never saw it again. I asked around and no one has seen it.

And then about yesterday or two days ago, the charging cord for the flashlight disappeared! It’s the kind that plugs into a computer to charge and I always leave it on the side of my computer and now that’s gone too!

Why do my things keep disappearing like this??? This isn’t like misplacing something in a different spot. These things just completely exit this world somehow.

Has anyone experienced things like this before??? How can I get this to stop?


Banishing. It could be shades, fae or any other type of spirit known for mischief.

You want to intend to banish on all planes and claim the space you live in as your own.

If it’s spirits you welcomed into your home or would be curios to interact with, you can be very specific and tell them not to meddle with your shit or specifically state for me, not spirits or something like that if it helps you establish dominance in space and mind by putting it out their with intention.

Not everything that’s a mischief is necessarily bad, sometimes it’s the only way the know to get our attention, but you really have to address that on a case by case scenario and I recommend starting with banishing and protection to establish rank, basically.

Then go from there. That’s assuming your organized and relatively sure you can rule out forgetfulness of course, once in a while we forget where we put things, so this should be considered too.

I know I asked this yesterday and then searched this and found many many ways to do this. May I ask what you personally do? Is there one way that seems to be a little more simple than other? How often should this be done?

OP - I lose things all the time. But I know for me it’s my damn memory!!!(most of the time) But on occasion I swear I look on the bed (example) for the remote. It’s absolutely not there. I turn my back and turn around and it’s sitting right there. Middle of bed. I shit you not! I’ve given in to whatever pranks my house! My son says it’s “shadow people” he is the only one who sees them. He’s 11. And I absolutely believe him.

My roommate even said “Things don’t just disappear like that.” and I told them for me, evidently they do. It’s not like forgetfulness either. I keep things in specific places and then they disappear like that X-Man Nightcrawler never to be seen again. If you guys can tell me specific banishings that’s be great.

Also, is there a way to find out what spirit is doing this? And can I get my stuff back???

I personally have house rules with the spirits that allowed to come and go, like you would with any house guess or family member and likewise sometimes new things come into the picture that to know what the rules are.

I also banish pretty regularly, some people use wards or servitors for alarm system or energetically imbued items to repel unwanted spirits.

Many people recommend semi regularly uncrossing or unhexing in whatever form suits you to ensure you don’t carry around any mail intent from others.

As far as items disappearing goes, pretty much don’t steal my shit, hide my things, scare me or otherwise cause problems, disturbances or drainages in my lives.

I like St. Anthony for when I’ve lost things, but usually find the item turns up right where I thought it was, only now I can see it.

It never moved, but something blocked my perception of it. This may not always be the case or for anyone else but it sure seems this way sometimes for me.

May I ask how you set up house rules? Or this may be more personal. If so I understand.

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I had never thought of this idea before. It happens often! I do have memory issues though, I had a head injury 2 years ago, and it disrupted a little of my cognitive memory. But I swear things do disappear and then reappear usually within a few minutes if not seconds! It’s crazy.

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It can be as simple as standing in the middle of the room and proclaiming how it’s going to be, or an elaborate ritual in which you assume some sort of belief in your inner divinity and rights or it could be simply sending out your energy in all directions and laying claim on the energetic field of the space.

Some people banish with angels, others with demons, still other banish with incense and some with floor wash while others use their sheer will and some call upon the cosmos or recite a prayer.

It really comes down to preference, faith and beliefs all rolled into a ball and spit out as whatever method you can believe in actually working.

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The search function will avail thee here, I like the circle banishing by Woodcroft found in his protection book, and the sword banish by Brand in his book and use a mixture of other things so as to never rely or depend fully upon any one type or protection or entity, honestly.

It comes down to personal preference, whether you need something to visualize or something to say, something to do physically or something completely silent or only with elements.

There are many valid methods and I couldn’t even begin to come up with a comprehensive list :slight_smile:

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Yes they sure do. If it’s fae messing about it works for me to ask them out loud to “help me find it as they’re so good at that “, and it reapears. If that works it’s a good sign it’s fae. Leave them out a present like cookies outside as a thank you and returns get more reliable.

But I’ve had one thing where the entire existence went… as in, I’d recently purchased it, put it away, and not only was it gone but so were the financial transactions. I consider this a portal issue, where I’ve switched to a version of the universe where I made a different decision. I remember my old universe, but I’m not there any more. Luckily so far that’s always been really inconsequentual things. I’m the ones that’s changed so of course I just look insane.

Another more common symptom of portals for me is stuff changing that isn’t directly about me. There was a road sign near my old house that switched about 4 times from being new to old and dented, to new again, and to gone and back to old again, but out of order for a sign replacement which you’d expect to be old to gone to new at most.

A metal flashlight sounds like fae, as they love to take the small useful things like that: keys, scissors, knives as well. Maybe a phone.

The videos sounds less fae like and makes me think of portals or something completely different. portals are more likely I think if it was a bit up in the air about whether you were going to get the items or not. That makes other versions of the universe closer in probability and easier to vibrate yourself into.


How can I be sure the cookies will get eaten by the fae instead of getting infested with ants or roaches? When should I put the cookies out, and for how long? If it’s an overnight thing wouldn’t that be a bad idea?

Just put out the intention that it’s for the Fae, and the Fae will take care of the rest. It’s your intention more than what happens to the food stuffs that matter.

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And if I don’t have cookies then what should I use instead?

Milk, honey, or cream are traditional, as well as anything shiny, like jewellery, polished stones or crystals. You could also sing to them, or play a musical instrument, or pour out some alcohol on the ground for them.

A piece of bread with some unpasturized honey would be greatly appreciated.


This is interesting. First of all, I would invite you to consider the possibility of human thievery. Not saying thats what it is, just another possibility to consider.

Though I had an interesting disappearance/reappearance situation some years ago. It was a pentacle necklace that I bought as the housing for my first ever servitor.

It was kept in a very small zip pocket on the side of my bag. It was the only thing kept in there. One day it just wasn’t there. I searched, I turned the pocket inside out, I felt around the entire lining. It was just gone.
I did this a number of times. I am certain it wasn’t there. My bag is with me at all times.
But, a week or two later. I opened that pocket and there it was.
I keep ran through numerous possible scenarios. But I can’t shake the possibility that it had literally disappeared and re-appeared. I know that’s contrary to occam’s razor, but I can’t figure out how it happened.

This is interesting on the Fae subject. When I was a young child, maybe four or so give or take, I had what I later decided was an imaginary friend. Her name was Schlead. Pronunciation is hard to render properly phonetically, but kind of like Schlee-Add.
The term I used to refer to her when I was talking to my parents about her was that she was a Fairy.
I don’t remember what she looked like in my mind exactly, other than that she was small and wore yellow with some red and maybe some other colours thrown in.

I used to leave gifts for her at a specific point at the base of a specific tree. I don’t recall why that point or why that tree, other than that I was insistent it had to be at that spot.
I have some recollection that I believed she lived in that tree.
The gifts I left were biscuits, chocolate if I could precure it and other foods. From memory, they were all sweetened things.

As a young child, I certainly believed she was real. After that, I believed she must have been the product of my imagination. In recent years, I have been questioning that assumption. Of course I have no way of knowing for sure one way or the other.

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U are telling the truth my money recently have been missing for about 4 to 5 months

If I leave it out on the kitchen table I don’t think my roommates would understand. I’ve heard of people eating the offerings rather than just leave it there. Would that be fine too?

That is not usually done unless the offering is not the food but the experience of eating it. In that case, you would invite the spirit into yourself to experience it.

However, the Fae are known to be quite possessive of what is theirs, so eating their offerings would not be taken very well. My advice would be to leave the offering outdoors, either in a garden if you have one or in your yard. I doubt your roommates would even think twice about seeing some random piece of bread on the ground.

If you live in an apartment and don’t have a yard, you could still leave something outside the building. A saucer of cream on the stoop could be explained away by saying it’s for the neighbourhood stray cats, for example. Or you could make the offering in a nearby wooded area or park.

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Ok and what banishing would you use to force them out? The LBRP? I woke up today and now my pink booty socks are gone too. I don’t get why they’re picking on me but I want a way to push them out.

Don’t try to banish them with angels. That will just piss them off.

As Mulberry mentioned in an earlier post above, before trying to banish, confirm it is indeed the Fae who are doing it, by making the offerings and asking them politely to stop stealing your stuff or by asking them to help you find it.

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