They leave after sex

Almost 10 years ago I had a bad break up with someone who was physically abusive to me. He wished me that I won’t get married or have children.
Since that day, I worked on healing myself. I managed to excel in most areas of my life but I cannot get into a relationship. I have lots of men hitting on me and want to sleep with me but none wants to get in a relationship with me. I followed all kinds of advice. I became hard to get… easy to get… took a break for myself. I am at a point that I want to give up sex completely because I no longer wish to have sex without commitment. I don’t even feel like masturbating anymore… it is that bad.
I don’t know what is wrong and how I could stop it. I am on the edge of just going completely celibate
Can anyone help?


Sounds like a plan to me. :woman_shrugging:

If it’s sex you are looking for, sure, go for it. But if you want commitment, a relationship, make sure your partner wants the same.


That’s the problem. That they say they want commitment. They do everything to make me convinced and then they leave as soon as they get sex.
I posted because it is beyond the ordinary right now. I am fed up…

Plus I have ended up having sex once every 6 months for the last 3 years. It is ridiculous.

Why aren’t you talking to your partners about that? Be open, and tell them to get married to you first :wink:

Sorry, I may be bad at relationship advice. :sweat:

Have you thought of getting yourself a spirit lover? If you can’t get any commitment from your physical suitors, maybe that is the way to go.


Look up methods of brekaing curses, as a precaution, for example try this (substutute the prayer with whatever fits your personal belief system):

Maybe try some baths as well with herbs in, there’s this brilliant ritual as well:

Have you had any readings done on the situation?

tarot (dot) com is a site I use for affordable computer readings, I’ve had good results from them (I’m not an affiliate or anything).

After you’ve done some work to break the feeling it dates back to his actions, find spells to attract the kind of man who wants a commitment. They do exist!

If you set out a plan of action and follow it, that addresses the possibility of a curse as well as any patterns in your own mind about this, so it’s win/win to take it seriously.


i ve done limpia before. I also had lots of spiritual baths. I used to be into hoodoo…
Now i am working more with books like Damon Brands or work with Demons.
I know that it was this curse because before that relationship getting a man to commit to me it was easy. After that it seems impossible.
I was wondering which spirit could help me break this pattern.


You could try asking Belial, this is a kind of false imprisonment upon you and it’s preventing you from being able to make fee-will choices. I put some info on here here:


Find guys with similar interests , hobbies and passions , anything else is just shooting in the dark and guessing , then if you are physically attracted to this guy who has similar interests you just form the connection , but if you have nothing in common with the guys on dates they’re just there to get laid


If I could double like this comment then I would! Thank you so much xx

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Always remember as well, you don’t need ALL the guys, you just need that one whose ideas complement your own, so don’t let the way other men acted, or how you see “most” guys act, affect you - those things matter in some contexts but in dating and finding love, you want the right bloke, not a statistical average of the majority. :+1:


been there done that. I am a sales person. Creating interest and conversation is my job, my way of surviving in this life lol


You are right. I don’t go out looking though. Due to one of my jobs I attract them.
I will follow your advice on the ritual and update on my results. xx

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Use some law of attraction techniques , the only thing holding u back is ur thoughts , emotions , and subconscious blockages


the truth is with the last guy i slept with i realised that i had lots of shame, guilt and pain trapped in me. Horrible things to keep into my chakras. I also had fear. And he triggered all at once. Then he shattered the perfect image i had for him telling me he wasnt as great as i thought he was… he had been rejected a lot which hit a nerve.


You are overemphasising the value of being in a relationsip. Rule 1: Self-knowledge first and everything else after. Nothing has value independent of you and you cannot put yourself beneath a desire without feeling miserable.
What is so great about a commitment from another individual?

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Sounds like he was venting his weaknesses, women don’t like hearing that stuff, I guess meditate and do some chakra work, if you genuinely liked him before though I don’t see why that changed off what he said, people change a lot so maybe the old him got rejected a lot

I don’t think she should if she doesn’t want it, spirit companion is a big commitment and symbiotic relationship, ur sexual energy will always be shared and siphoned and you will have someone with U at all times


Because there’s nothing more valuable than commitment to whatever we chose to commit ourselves with?

It doesn’t matter if it’s work, hobbies, friends or relationships. Commitment can pay off with the value of gratification and even development of our self confidence and to get a better understanding of how we work on an individual level. With commitment comes compromises and sacrifices for the benefit of all involvolved, but it needs to be on a level with other individuals as well.

You can’t escape commitment if you want success, or at least having a goal of achievement.