Theogenesis: ZARO

I’ve posted details about my godform, configured from various different aspects several years ago. If anyone has explored deep enough into that being, they will notice that it has grown out of the shell, as the cycles of time have switched continuously.

The following is a form of mine which I have been pushed by my spirits, and the shifts of the Samhain period to share with all of you. Many of you know me through my pact with King Paimon. That was truly a wild ride three years ago, and this mask is an expansion of the power and knowledge, achieved from that pact.

Many people have asked me how that went, what I have gained from it, but I would like to highlight that this pact went far beyond King Paimon, and past the simple topic of mind control, into a deeper study of the universe, the nature of knowledge, and the mechanics of power.

The form I will present, is a culmination of this work, which has made itself known and available for all the members of this forum, out of respect for this forum, which has brought me into contact with so many of my “invisible friends”, as well, so that I too may guide others in the same way I have been guided.

ZARO is the name of the deity in question. He is a dark god, and is ready to teach all manners of science, art, and sorcery. His key elements are air, water, and blood. His colors include white, violet, green, and red. His animal symbols are snakes, chameleons, praying mantises, platypi and hammerhead sharks. His planets are Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Mercury. All of these correspondences represent

His most powerful feature, however, is one of manipulation.

This god has a very deep understanding of the mind, and all its mechanics. He can bend the minds of both men and spirits, as well as much more, reaching into the very fabric of nature just by taking control of the forces governing it. With this mental control, he may aid the magician in exploration of his own subconscious, as well as teach him the ways by which the will of others may be altered. If needed, he will help provide that one push that’s needed, to make all the pieces fall into place.

If there are any interested, I have stories of all three of the above being used, with this form. As I have stated, this form has come to aid all magicians who want to have control of their lives, and the signs have pointed me towards showing this face to the rest of you.

So, what do you think? :slight_smile:


How did I miss this? Awesome!
Yes please, I’d be very interested in the stories. Particularly in the ‘bending the minds of men’ aspect. Getting that to work could save a life.


Something interesting to note, is that he can remove the filters and blinds you experience energy with.

I have seen both approaches, the quick and cheap, and the slow and thorough. Depending on what you need, you can see how one may be more applicable than the other.

A week or so ago, a friend of mine had her dog run away. The area she lives in is populated by a lot of strays, the dog did not have any collars, and the streets themselves were a convoluted maze, where few people who did not live there could make their way back or remember what it looked like. After the whole series of alerts, and a search through the entire area, the entire case was deemed hopeless, as the dog was nowhere to be found in the area. However, he did make an immediate comeback, the next day, barking at the door.

This was less of a manipulation of men, however, and more of circumstances.

The instant reaction happened when I evoked ZARO to help a friend, who needed to get out of the friendzone. The guy she was interested in had just broken up with his girlfriend, and was not even remotely interested in her, at the time. He didn’t dislike her, or anything similar, but was genuinely unable to even consider her, in that way. I instructed her to trust me, leave a glass of red wine, and dedicate it to the name ZARO. As she is aware of me having strange deities, this was nothing new for her.

She did this on a Tuesday. Due to strange circumstances (only just starting high school, losing almost all of her friends, bad relationship history, et cetera), she did not exactly have much confidence in either herself or the situation. By Thursday, she started feeling strangely emboldened to make a move on him, quite literally waking up with confidence. They went out on Friday, which was also when he felt strangely pushed to make a move on her, something which I myself could confirm was not present a few days, let alone a week, prior. He was also not aware of her feelings, so the entire thing was entirely spontaneous.

The last story, which is the slow and thorough one, is a bit darker, as it concerns rivaling gangs when it comes to drug dealers and some unpaid debts. A friend was essentially interrogated by police, after cocaine had been found on the inside of his nostrils, on a rave, in a different city, on the identity of his drug dealers, and given that there was use of force, he caved. Given that this friend is also connected to a lot of people I am close with, the fact that there was more than one angry drug dealer gunning on him was bad news for everyone.

I did not hear about the situation for around three months. On the fourth one, I found out what happened. Of the three drug dealers, he had, one of them killed the other, by pushing him into a river. While it looked like an accident, it was a deliberate result of a lot of tension that had been rising in the past months. Given how suspicious his very existence was at this point, he’s had no choice but to go underground, thus focusing on other worries instead of some kid that telling the police his name, in another city might I add.

The third one was initially angry, and in the past has “covered his tracks” when this kind of thing has happened. It’s that kind of thing which enforces his reputation as someone you “shouldn’t mess with”. However, in this instance, he was surprisingly amicable, holding no grudges, and maintaining not only the business partnership, but the personal friendship which they had had. If anything, after going through something this extreme, the two are much closer, and to my knowledge, he is not even paying for some of his drugs most of the time, at this point. An enemy turned into a best friend in the span of a month, one enemy manslaughtered by the othr in the span of another month, and the third being forced to disappear and having bigger fish to fry.

These were some instances with this particular configuration of my godform, when overt manipulation of situations and people are necessary. There have also been some very interesting results on what the godform has to teach, but I can only discuss these with individuals who have evoked the being, and had their own experiences, since he prefers to share knowledge and spread information himself, which isn’t to say we cannot discuss it.


That’s so interesting, and fantastic results, you must be so proud, I think I would be. :smile:
If you don’t mind I would love to evoke and discuss a thing or two. Hopefully I’ll have time this week.

Feel free to do so! And do share results, if appropriate!

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Amazinggg :heart_eyes:

Is it possible to pm regarding your Godform’s help with a tricky and time sensitive issue?
Please let me know

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Sure, but you’re free to cut the middleman and open my avatar like a sigil.

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How long did you have to practice and study to be able to do these things?

Which ones exactly?

A lot of these have been practiced since I was a child, consciously or unconsciously. This post was made five years since I’ve been in this community though.

I’m not exactly sure how :sweat_smile:

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Is there any ritual you do, offerings to be made, etc.?

You experienced this? How did it go for you?