The Unseelie Path

I’m going to slowly start dripping a portion of my work from the begining of my path, and forming this tradition I am working on, into this journal. Starting from the very beginning, this is the entry I wrote down and I will only edit it to hide personal work or things only for me.

The first time I went into the mounds:

July 8, 2020

I journeyed to the Mound to find a spirit ally to help me begin this journey to establish my own tradition.

I used the mound ritual meditation in Storm Faerywolfs book Betwixt&Between and tweaked it to better suit me.

The Star Goddess candle of the Feri Tradition has become the Candle of Tiamat.

The red candle is that of the Great Phoenix.

The Blue is Leviathan.

When the waters of Leviathan cool the fires of the Phoenix, Melek Taus arises.

I digress, back to the Mound.

I aligned the three souls of the Feri and sat in the Universal Circle after running the Iron Pentacle. Gazing at the Tiamat Candle I recited a mantra until I fell into trance.

I found my way to a great tree and found a burrow into the ground between its roots. Following the details of the ritual until I made it to the mound.

Once I made it to the mound I slipped in through a fissure in the earth on the side and met the guard in the inner chamber. A trollish figure. My mind didn’t want to comprehend it’s form, but troll was the closest I could catch in the blurred glimpses of my mind’s eye.

I didn’t so much request entrance…I projected my desire and reason for being there. The guard immediately stepped aside as I passed through the door into a torch lit hall.

Once again, the torch lit hall was all I could loosely process it as. It was simultaneously the hall, but also an abyssal darkness with flashes of neon light. All superimposed and switching in my field of vision.

I traveled down the hall for a while before coming to a grand gilded door. Bordered and accented with vines of gold, the colors under it undulating and moving like a constantly changing mood ring.

I once again projected my intention of finding an ally at the door and it opened to an expanse of contradiction. Pure black, but filled with color. A void teeming with life. I called out once more, calling for one willing to help me create this path and teach me along the way.

A few creatures started to appear, but one made her way to the front and stood directly in front of me.

She claimed she was waiting for me, and that she inspired a drawing I had done not long ago that was indeed in the likeness of the creature I saw before me.

She is what most would call a goblin, but what is traditionally known as a kobold. Dressed in simple loose cream colored linen, long black hair, and a few rings and studs scattered about her face. Her rows of sharp teeth grinning at me, but no hint of malicious intent.

I called my Higher Self forward in the alignment and waited for an assessment. Once my Daemon gave me a nod of approval I proceeded to talk more with the female goblin before me.

Her name is ****** which I thought was odd, but it was very clearly the name she stated in what sounded like a cockney accent. I asked for a sigil , and she smiled and kneeled on a dirt floor that was suddenly there and used her clawed finger to draw one out. She seemingly came up with it on the spot, but we agreed it was to be her “calling card” so to speak, along with a gesture to perform while speaking her name.

I was about to turn and leave back the way I came before she told me, “Best be leaving quicker than that from here. You are on Unseelie Grounds and still have work to do.” Before what looked like she was blowing a kiss, but what came from her mouth was a rush of wind that forced me in an instant back the way I came.


No date recorded. Experienced and written down likely within a month of the first mound journey where I met my guide. I underwent an astral initiation of sorts. I encountered The Black Tree.

After meditation in my circle simply to commune with ****** in the Unseelie Forest, she took my hand and we flew, her leading the way, to a great gnarled black tree, surrounded by stones and mushrooms. She said it was the darker aspect of the same tree that many use as a home base in Feri. This was the Unseelie Tree. I sat under it next to ******. Nestled between two large roots. It’s bark strangely smooth. I picked up one of the Fly Agaric growing nearby and ****** began to speak again.

“This is the tree on the night side. The tree of the Winter Court. This is the Faery lands still and when you touch the tree and eat of our food, there is no going back. You will forever be one of us. The power of our ancient people will flow through your veins. So seize your power and become more.”

I ate the mushroom, and was overtaken by the dark loamy bitterness. Darkness poured through me and then ignited like an oil spill caught fire. The Blue Flame roared to life inside of me. My eyes blackened completely. I have been transformed.

****** lead my back through the gate and back to my body.


Amazing stuff, my friend :slight_smile:


What is The Goblin Key?

Simply put, it’s a backdoor into the Fairy Lands. It’s a sigil, a bindrune, and as the name implies, a key.

Now I am trying to recall this to the best of my knowledge, but the beginnings of TGK are a bit jumbled in my head. If I have written anything contradictory to what I write here, I encourage you to tell me and I will amend this to fit the truth of the matter.

But anyway…In the early days of taking this creation of a new way seriously, after undergoing the mound journey but before the Tree, there was a knocking in my head that there was something I needed to find or make. My Guide appeared to me shortly thereafter and took my hand, guiding it and specifically drawing out runes. Not the elder futhark, but an interpretation of it that was shown to me years ago by an old shaman who also walked the path of Faeries before I was so strongly drawn to it.

As she guided my hand over these runes she began aligning them into the shape we have now, minus one thing. Now, the first version of this is just as effective, as @DarkestKnight knows, but I felt it was still incomplete.

Inside of a few days it struck me. So I took a sigil that was previously given to me, the sigil of the Amanita Muscaria, and placed it on top of the Key. Instantly I felt my guide over my shoulder smiling with a toothy grin, saying “perfect”.

This change also helped complete a ritual circle I has been working on, using the Amanita Sigil to create a Fairy Ring. I then used the key inside of the circle, meeting in the center, extending from the four Amanita sigils.

And there we have what we have today. In something reminiscent of Lovecraft…the symbol is the key, the symbol is the gate, the symbol is the key and the gate.


One more step in furthering this path is nearly complete thanks to my guide. Out of the blue while driving this morning she comes in to my head saying she found a friend.

In my mind’s eye I can see her step to the side and forward steps what I immediately recognize as a Redcap. His body is aged and stooped, but clearly defined lean muscle. No shirt, but dirty linen pants tucked into scuffed iron boots. A spear in his clawed hands. His face angular and heavily lined, grinning with sharp bloody teeth under his bulbous ruddy nose. His hair long white and stringy under his signature crimson cap.

He introduced himself as Bartholomew, and tapped the butt of his spear on the ground, and a sigil appeared in the air infront of him. He then told me that my Guide had sought him out and he agreed to be a part of this journey. He can be summoned for violent curses or to help with personal physical strength.

In summoning him he requests offerings of the usual variety. Dairy, honey, bread, alcohol. But if you want his favor a drop of blood on the center of the spiral in his sigil will be most appreciated.

I haven’t had the chance to work with him yet, but I will be doing so tonight and will report on the results of summoning him for a curse on my intended target as results begin to show themselves.


Very cool! :slight_smile:

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I’ve just completed the curse and have grounded myself. It was a rather strong experience. When summoned, Bartholomew gives a very…ominous energy. Looming over me.

I laid out my circle, in front of it the Black Candle of Tiamat. To the right of the candle a small iron cauldron filled with dragons blood ink. To it’s left a bowl that I use as an Idol for my Guide.

I began in my circle, inside the fairy ring. I did the alignment of the three souls and ran the iron pentacle as I do before every ritual. Igniting the Blue Fire of Feri inside me.

I lit the Black Candle of Tiamat focused on The Black Flame inside myself, stoking it along side the Blue Fire until I felt like I had become an unstoppable inferno of energy.

Using my tattoo of The Goblin Key to open the gateway, I went into deep meditation with my eyes focused on his sigil.

The sigil itself was written on a special card I use for ritual, made of sturdy thick paper and dipped in dragon’s blood ink. Also on this card the name of the one I am cursing.

I called on him by name until I could feel him. Appearing to my left and grinning again, his presence powerful and malevolent. Though not towards me. He was waiting for his target.

Using my own DUME oil, I paint over my targets name using a dried piece of mushroom and through the piece into the cauldron.

I told him what I wanted done, as I pricked my finger and wiped the blood over his sigil. Rolling it up and setting it on fire, I dropped the card into the cauldron of ink which ignited immediately.

Bartholomew laughed a harsh visceral laugh that I could hear in the crackling flames as I envisioned my target burning in them, and my familiar pulling my targets essence into the flame. All the while Bartholomew vividly describing the things he wanted to do to them.

This continues until the flame had died and the ritual concluded. Now we simply wait.


So, I don’t want to go into too much detail regarding my target, but I do want to say that after a single day, results are already making themselves clear. Someone I know who has eyes on them through the day has told me the Target seemed to have one misfortune after another today, driving them to their wits end, causing them to make even more miss steps through their day.

It’s only the begining.


I will no longer be able to keep eyes on the target but this is because of Bartholomew’s continued success. I am very pleased with how precise he is and certainly does quick work. I highly endorse working with him in this manner.

I’m calling final results on this now and deem it a total success.


Just adding this tidbit in from someone who has been a mentor for me, especially when I was young, she taught and guided me in all manner of magic and lore:

Admittedly it’s something even I have a hard time remembering and frequently use them interchangeably.


So, the old Faery shaman I learned quite a bit from and myself have somehow managed to reconnect after a few years. As a refresher he was one who channeled a unique set of runes with meanings, sounds, and gematria from Faery, and describes it as a universal code. This is the same code that I used to really crack The Goblin Key when the futhark wasn’t quite matching up.

The interesting thing being that when I showed him what I had been working on and he saw the goblin key, he immediately deciphered it and confirmed that it’s absolutely what I had suspected. Though here on balg we have been using it with strong results, it was nice to get confirmation from the old code master himself.

The interesting thing being that he also linked it with Malkuth of the Qlippoth. Which has the same “faery gematria” with the Goblin Key.

It’s just strange. I’m always on the teetering edge of wondering how crazy this old shaman is. But then when I am just about to think he’s way off course he turns up information Or a demonstration of ability that I can not deny.

But his teachings and rune system also are very reminiscent of The Bach Saga, which is very hard to believe in itself. I will have to bring this up to him to see what he has to say on it. True or false, it’s bound to be interesting.


Your posts in this thread are absolutely fascinating and interesting to me. I have been reading up on Faery for about 11 years now, both fiction and non-fiction. My Guardian is from the Unseelie Court and sshe is wonderful.
I have a Goblin guardian, he was the one that encouraged me to reach out and mention to you a graphic novel I have read, that was for young adults. It’s a quick read, and shows goblins in a positive light. But it’s the symbol on the cover page, and another one of the family flag inside, that might capture your interest.

I was told this symbol, painted black on a white background, is a doorway to the Goblins.

What do you make of it?

I am not related to the author and artist of the graphic novel, but I thought I’d point this out.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.


I’m going to have to look into that just for my own interest. It seems really good lol. But as for the symbols, I’m not sure what you mean. The one on the cover as the O in goblin is a standard solar cross symbol.

I’m not saying it won’t work, especially if it has worked for you, just that it doesn’t register to me personally as a symbol of the fae or goblins in particular.

Though thank you for bringing this to my attention, and it’s good to know others have been drawn to a similar path as myself :slight_smile:

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Just something I was fiddling with, making a more aesthetically pleasing sigil for Bartholomew the Redcap. I figured if anyone was trying to summon him then it might be easier if they had this to go by instead of my scribble.


I know, I am constantly disappearing, but I have been preoccupied, and still keeping up with this work. Part of the reason I popped in was because I was just given a recipe for an Unseelie Anointing Oil in a flash of insight from the good folk.

Unseelie Oil:

Dragons Blood Oil - 3 parts

Black Henbane Oil - 1 part

Snake shed

Amanita Muscaria (or some medicinal shroom like Reishi or Lions Mane if you can’t use Amanita)

Combine and let sit for at least 24 hours. Can be used for blessing, Anointing candles, or as any other ritual oil. Do not ingest.