A lot of witches talk about "the Fey", but I wasn't ever truly sure if I believed in them or not. I'd like to know more, especially how the genuine Occult Fey compare to fairy-type creatures in popular fiction. Please feel free to share whatever you know

So, to give a little more background on this, I’ve mostly heard of Fey stuff from Witchcraft related TikToks and such. It seems very in-line with that domestic hearth-fire “kitchen witch” kind of stuff. I don’t want to belittle anyone who practices that kind of Magick, it’s just not my usual area of interest/expertise. What I do know is that there are certain risks and benefits to working with Fey and that you should never accept gifts from them, but that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge. I don’t even know why one should not accept gifts from the Fey.

Also, I’m in the process of developing a homebrew D&D setting and I want to incorporate at much real life Occult lore as possible. I’ve already used the setting as an outlet to explain my theories on Quantum Magick, and I’ve also incorporated ancient Pagan deities, and various Demons and Fallen Angels listed in the Ars Goetia and other similar sources.
I want to include a more “realistic” Occult-accurate depiction of the Fey as well, I just feel like I don’t know enough about the topic.

There are fae. I personally haven’t met them, but a lot of us can agree that they can be unpredictable and dangerous.

I work with the Unseelie Fae through the Goblin Key of @UnseelieDiabolus. They can be alluring, seductive, and very dangerous. Approaching them generally involves offerings, or an invitation.


Depends on the fae. There’s a lot of different types. Nature intelligence are the spirits of plants, of place and the spirits of entire species of plants, insects and animals. They are usually happy to work with humans for gardening and and co creative projects like Perelandra and Findhorn.
Thee are not so much like the fae of folklore. They have been called Devas, borrowing from the Hindu word for shining one by one author I read. I lost the book but he was Polish and it was something like Marc Polzac.

To get on thier good side, leave them bread and milk at night, but, there are stories of people being cursed if they missed nights, so it might be best not to start. I leave out gifts an as one offs that seems to be fine. I suggest giving them natural things, biodegradeable things, no plastic or anything toxic like alcohol, nothing an animal could get hurt by or stuck in.

In The Elves of Lily Hill Farm, you start to meet the more folklorish fae. These and other friendly fae like hearth goblins (I know nothing about the new stuff from E.A., but I’m skeptical it’s just an anime egregoric thing, hearth goblins aka brownies are a very different thing, and solitary, and it’s amazingly good luck to have one in your house protecting it), your larger spirits of place, forest guardians, spirits of streams and wells and trees, pixies, nyads and dryads.

If you work the Norse pathworking by E.A. you should meet light and dark elves, I don’t remember if he goes into meeting land wights and trolls. But the book Elves, Wights and Trolls is rather good for that.

And after all that there are the unseelie fae. Those are the ones you can feel at night when you walk out by yourself camping, and notice a hostile presence watching you from the dark. The ones that will pretend to be a friendly light and lead you to get lost in the woods, changing the path under your feet so you think you’re on the right way, until you’re not. Some just think it’s funny to mess with you, some want you dead. Just stay away.

How they look to your inner vision is between you and them. I’m not that visual, and I get impressions of moving light, or more often just a presence with thoughts and emotions. The nasty ones can look like monsters rushing at you in the night.

Some say that some of the fae are higher dimensional beings that literally now live in deep cities underground, hence the old album “The Hills They Are Hollow” by druidry folksinger Damh the Bard. A lot of Celtic tales and some Germanic talk about finding the fae underground, lit by crystals that shine with a light of thier own. You can use the imagery to journey shamanically to these places for spirit quests.


@Mulberry wrote an amazing post here. I work with all kinds of Fae and nature sports and Deities. They are as @DarkestKnight said very dangerous. Like can kill you dangerous. If they leave gifts and your take them they might “fairy” borrow important things because they think they need them. You might not see the item again. You have to be very respectful to them. My yard is pretty much offered to them and I have a Alastair at my front door for them. I like working with Fairies and Gnomes but the Celtic gods and goddesses are know as fae too.

Some look like you see in fictions others are out of this world looking. I seen some elves that I didn’t know what they were until they trusted me to come to me.

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I wanted to add to this. They feel like they rush you. Like you are going to be tackled.

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They’re not often around residences and not much at all in urban areas, but I have literally run in to my house when one was coming across the lawn. Once over your threshold you’re good.

It wasn’t even local to my garden. Not much scares me but it had that emotional fear output thing that some ghosts have when they don’t want you in thier space. They’re a lot bigger than little five foot and not much me too. (Doesn’t matter that it’s your yard, at night it’s all thier space.)

I call them “a one of them”,since I don’t know what they’re called. I mentioned it to E.A. at my bootcamp yonks ago and he knew them, and at that time he said, don’t hang about waiting to see if you can face it, those ones can kill you. No name there either. Whelp, glad I didn’t try that then. :smiley:

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It really is an unpleasant feeling. I got to a lot when I was at the apartments. With all the new building there I don’t blame them. It’s funny because a tornado just hit there not to long ago doing a lot of damage to brand new homes.

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Reminds me of the tales of Agartha

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I’ve seen some a few times. They look like little orbs of light. They’re often among the plants. They’re rather helpful but not very friendly and so mischievous. You could place an offering for them to gain their trust. They like shiny things and milk. But if that trust is abused or you offend them, they will mess you up.
I’ve seen 2 others that look like light forming the shape of a tiny human and another that looked like a humanoid with dragonfly wings, but im not sure if those are fae or elemental beings. They seemed friendlier and prefered strongly scented flowers aswell along with the offerings.

I can recommend some resources that have helped me greatly, in the 11 years I have been reading about the Fae, both fiction and non-fiction.

Morgan Daimler is a priestess of the Fair Folk, and is NOT wishy-washy or new age. She studies the lore and has written books (you can find them on Amazon) and a blog, where you can just type what you’re looking for in the search function:

Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince trilogy, along with Tithe, Valiant and Ironside young adult novels depict them very well, in my experience. I am a big fan of her writing, when she describes the Fae she nails it spot on.

I have some experience with the Fae, but they are a private people and don’t really being talked about. I have been frightened in the past, but that’s because I didn’t know who or what They were, and now I do, but I am wary, respectful and cautious.

Here’s another helpful blog, that gets updated every so often:

Lora O’Brien also has many videos on Youtube:

Take care.

Following up on what @DarkestKnight said, you can find my work on the fair folk here:

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