The Universal Core

The next message was a revelation by Metatron on the astral realm:

Every universe has an internal core [like a blue hologram] located far away on the astral plane, if you control the core then you gain full access to the entire universe knowledge.

However, right now the core of our universe is controlled by powerful archons on the lower astral realms, they want the core away from us so they could continue controlling our universe forever.

Metatron found a way advance astral travelers could get access to the core of this universe, it won’t be easy since Archons will do anything to stop us, the location of the core and the teachings are taking place on the astral realm right now.

-Does anyone has a similar experience?-


what the fuck is an archon


and is there such a thing as location in the astral? I thought it was kind of subjective

Every time I hear the term archon I think of the primordial archons but then people actually mean the gnostic ones that they believe actually care about humanity enough to feed on them, or in new age the archons are the Greys and reptilians.

Astral locations are often ever changing, the areas where the density is slower take “longer” to change but they eventually do change. There however, are places a protector, egregore, what have you can carve out as their own space and make that not so for that space.


In this case, the Archons are powerful black archangels that observe every move an astral traveler does in the lower astral realms.

They camouflage and often acquire many diferent forms, they don’t like to be found, however the advance traveler could detect them since they are always following and observing us.

If you encounter an archon don’t be afraid or you’ll be back to your physical body instantly.

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metatron is an archon


The Metatron I observe has a multiple color aura with all types of sacred geometry in between, the main color is golden intense light.

That’s kind of like the guy I saw.
He identified himself as Metatron.

What’s the difference between this as the akashic records? :thinking:

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The Akhasic records are information to any question, but not control/manipulation. Anyone has access.
If you ask the Akhasic records how to control the universe the answer will be the universal core.


It made sense to me, up until archons was mentioned. If you mean the new age version of archons then I can’t relate. Tend to be iffy of alot of new age stuff.

However my two sense is everything has a core, for a cell it’s the nucleas/dna. Just like you can expand, you can go within. That type of thing. Macro vs micro. That’s how I understand it.

There is permanent conflict/war on the lower astral realms, what we called advance artificial intelligence is there too, we are not the only intelligent beings. Archons technology control the lower realms, they usually implant chips on our non-physical bodies.

if you have doubts the only way to understand what is happening is to actually go there and explore by yourself the different hells.


Okay. The astral is kinda like a collective imagination realm… But okay. Astral and spiritual/etheric are different.

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I’ve been to the “lower” astral never seen any wars but then again I don’t touch other people’s astral spaces much.


This was my takeaway as well, it’s certainly an interesting idea. I myself removed Archons from my personal shard of the universe, so I’m curious as to whether I’d see any, assuming I can find this “core”.

I don’t actually buy into the ‘war in heaven’ idea as a fundamental characteristic of reality… this is a thoughtform created by the controllers themselves to fool you.

War on Earth, for sure, where ‘heaven’ refers to parts of the solar system, ‘lower realms’ refers to regions on Earth, and what humans have codified as gods in historical holy texts, actually weren’t, they were people with the power to write this crap into history.

The war for humanity is real, is physical including some higher dimensional incarnate, astral/mental and emotional and largely mythologized. The chips are alien, the Archons don’t control all of he lower dimensions - they don’t control anything, they are the minions of the controllers, and a lot of it is physical attack in forms including radio wave pollution, religion, subliminals and societal infiltration… they do have Earth under siege, hence the prison planet idea, but they’re not that hard to escape, because of free will - if you Know you know, and you can’t be fooled or fall into the reincarnation trap.

That’s the power of religion and why it’s so insidiously evil, it’s all and only about mind control “for the sheeples own good”. It’s simply a tool in the wrong hands today. It doesn’t have to be that way, the Norse religions were not, which was why they were destroyed.


Every traveler has a different vibrational state, many people can’t see any paranormal activity, that doesn’t mean it is not real.

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You missed the point, the point was the war concept is very real if someone were to manifest it into their own astral space. However, I avoid other people’s astral spaces because many people’s minds tend to create so much garbage lol.

Do you know who are the controllers? My brother and I had an alien abduction that caused we missed 7 hours after observing at night a big UFO, I think the aliens are interdimensional astral travelers, but I need hypnosis to test my theory, since the abduction somehow deleted our memories.

Mainly Non-Galactic Federation Orions and some of the Tall greys who are under their control.

Until disclosure, which should be soon, information is garbled enough that there is still dispute over whether the Annunaki were reptilian or humanoid, and even whether some of the hundered of species in military whistleblower accounts is true.
Personally, judging by the clues left in the documents such as the Summerian tablets, which are about as good as we get for unbastardised info, “god” (that’s the Annunaki, and it’s a plural) made man (Adamu, humankind, GMO apes) in his (thier) image (via genetic engneering). Humans are “genetic royalty” (a term given by aliens to the generals fighting the reptilian infiltration) by design, and children of higher beings, hence our value. Not to reptilians of course, they just like to hunt and eat, they’re incredibly limited like that, smart but basically psycopathic. We mimick them too - in the way we control farm animals, so they think want to treat us, we learned it off them. They also have a very hierachical caste based society where a tiny few control the rest. This works for them, it doesn’t work for higher beings, and technological ability does not a higher being make, any more than a scientist is automatically enlightened.

We are a step on from mammals, a much evolved form of life compared to replilians capable of higher levels of creativity, higher vibration and emotions that work directing with the energy of source, especially love and compassion. You can see this in the structure of the brain, where we have three brains kind of - the reptilian part is tiny and focused on primal needs, the mammalian and higher brains are larger and control more complex emotions and functions.

My brother and I had an alien abduction that caused we missed 7 hours after observing at night a big UFO, I think the aliens are interdimensional astral travelers, but I need hypnosis to test my theory, since the abduction somehow deleted our memories.

Abductions seem to have a couple of main sources. Some are false flags by what amounts to infiltrated private companies, with the aim of building disinfo for a planned false ‘alien invasion’ - this is humans using stolen alien tech for a psyop. The cattle mutations, imo, are human testing stolen tech combined with fear porn for example. The other is experimentation programs with agreements from bought and paid for people in governments going back at least 200 years.
The memory deletion is old tech now, and hence just coming to mass media publication. All the tech we have been allowed to see is decades behind. They also make memories that are favourable compared to what happened, and can control what is experienced the same way - if they bother, sometimes the human has to start complaining of pain and fear before they implement these as a form of control. Memories retrieved may not be genuine.

It’s one of those where it’s worth doing a lot of reading. Forming a framework for understanding will make disclosure that much easier. It’s starting now as finally mainstream news including CNN are interviewing officials that admit UAPs are exactly what we know they are (see Black Vault ref below latest vids), and the sheeple are getting the green light to believe their senses.

For those reading this going “WTF? Prove it” - been done.
As occultists doing CE5 (close encounters of the 5th kind is basically summoning aliens) is a piece of cake you can just go and ask for yourself.

Non new-age/fluff bunny sources of intelligence that I like:
The Black Vault were John Greenwald has been submitting Freedom of Information act docs for years and publishing the results, we also has a yt where he goes over the docs and current affairs, Michael Salla PhD at, Dr Steven Greer, ok, bit kumbaya for me, but good info on the psyops. That’s a good start for this rabbit hole. :slight_smile:


What do you think about Corey Goode?