The Unholy Saint Herodias, Patroness of Vengeance

“Ask for the head of John The Baptist”

Herodias, Princess of the Herodian Dynasty of Judaea, mother of the dancing maiden Salome and along with Jezebel, another daughter of Lilith.

The Unholy Saint Herodias, Patroness of domineering mothers, those slandered by the pious, controlling wives, political warfare, pride, revenge, destruction of enemies, endings, social-climbing and attaining power/control over others, empowerment, victory, strength, ambition. The spirit of Herodias can be called upon to aid and assist in any magical work associated with what I’ve listed.

Planets: Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune.
Colors: violet/purple and grey.
Tarot: The Chariot, The Empress, The Queen of Swords.
Sacred animals: black horses, lions, ravens.
Items to place on altar/offerings: incense/herbs related to Saturn, silver platter, jewellery, skull, sword, tiara.


nice info, can i evoke her if i´m just a beginner? i mean does she like to work with beginners in general?

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This is great! :+1:

In Her honour, I will repost something I wrote on this back in 2014, the question was how to increase charisma and become a leader, and the first post verged on politics so it’s now Unlisted:

People don’t always remember every word you say to them but they will always remember how you made them feel, and one short-cut to charisma is to give the person you’re talking to 100% of your attention while you speak to them.

That may sound the reverse, like you should be cold and aloof and put them in their place, but in fact if that person’s basking in your attention, they temporarily feel like the most important person round and they WILL remember you gave them that feeling, associate it with you, and so on.

Look at any really skilled politician or public figure, they turn their face 100% to the people they’re addressing, and give them full-beam interest, there’s a warmth and a focus there - it’s not what people expect from anyone in power and authority and it leaves a very positive impression.

Most average people have fairly low self-esteem and a lot of self-doubts and pain, and if you make them feel small, since they feel that way anyway, they’ll begrudge you for what they perceive as seeing their secret shameful selves.

I’ve seen too many people who aspire to leadership in any field be distracted, doing that thing of looking over someone’s shoulder to see if someone more interesting is out there, and it leaves a bad feeling and doesn’t make that person seem charismatic or magnetic, they just seem distractible, rude, and weird.

Also, develop a good firm handshake, NEVER look at a woman’s breasts while you’re talking to her if you want to be taken seriously (save that for off-duty!) and make sure the palms of your hands are always dry, people remember a sweaty palm and it sends all the wrong signals.

If your teeth are dodgy, either fix them or work out a friendly smile that doesn’t show too much, and also develop the ability to fake-smile in a way that looks sincere, you have to kind of crinkle your eyes a bit, maybe think of someone or something you’re fond of to get some warmth in your eyes. You shouldn’t need it often, but it’ll be invaluable if you can master it.

Source of my opinion: working in media & related things in London for several years, meeting people (including politicians) who got it right and far more who got it wrong, and talking to people who coach others to be professional & charismatic. None of this is magickal as such, but it IS really simple, and means you can save your big guns (godforms, demons, spells etc.) for the important stuff.

I will also add this link: 2 Little Tricks To Look Cool On Video & Meetings.


Thank you, I enjoyed reading your post, I hoped to go into more detail on Herodias but time constraints on writing my post made me rush, so there’s more to add. Hopefully I’ll follow this up with a post on the Unholy Saint Athaliah and Salome. @Lady_Eva

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Yes, you can try, if I was you I’d read my post on Jezebel and attempt to evoke her first as there’s more information on that post about Jezebel.


Other sacred animals include: the scarab beetle, dragon fly, the peacock.

Prayer to Herodias:

“Queen of Galilee, fearless hellcat of Lilith’s, Herodias, charming and calculating wife of Herod Antipas, cunning mother of the dancing maiden, be present, I ask of thee!”
“Dark spirit of despair, Lioness who devoured the Lamb, ride forth through the whistling wind in your golden chariot pulled by beautiful black horses, with your voluptuous body wrapped in purple silk and a sparkling diamond tiara sitting upon your cascades of dark curls.”
“Let the Saints up above weep at your presence, as you, wrathful princess let no man slander your cherished name & you strike down those who dare try like a blade of screeching thunder!”
“Unholy Patroness of Murderous Rage, Queen of Swords, feared Harpy who brought forth the starry-eyed siren, hear my call! Herodias, chaotic enigma, Lucifer’s champion, Daughter of Lilith, Sister of Jezebel, I evoke thee”

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Another sigil for Herodias

Other Tarot cards that can be used as a representative and in other ways are: 7 of swords, 4 of pentacles and the 9 of pentacles.

Other sacred animals:
*Baboon- wisdom, strength, family union, defending against danger and/or the judgements of others.
*Honey Bee-personal power, love, wealth, accomplishing the impossible (she played her role in orchestrating the death of John the Baptist very well, even Jezebel never got to slay Elijaah), and finally, the honey bee strikes only when threatened.

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Prayer of Praise:

“O’ beautiful Herodias, born into a chaotic pack of blood-thirsty hyena’s, your own beloved father slayed by the might Herod The Great whose mind was enveloped in the darkness of depression and tormented by paranoid delusions, hear me Princess of the savage Herodian Dynasty of Judae, I praise you”
“Graceful Herodias, who lost in the flames of love, which you allowed to consume thee, failed to conform to the beliefs of the pious! Rebelious Herodias, how glorious you were when you escaped from the arms of your first husband and embraced the arms of another, hail to thee!”
“You whose heart sang with joy, who found bliss at the side of the cunning fox, loyal and devoted wife of Herod Antipas, the true power behind the ruler of Galilee, Herodias, I ask for you to accept these humble offerings i place on my altar for thee”

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Damn that’s Savage :love_you_gesture:

Haha it wasnt an insult, it was to a link to how cunning and ruthless they were


Oh I know :joy:
Beautiful prayer/hymn tho