The Unfolding Three and Mechanical Tentacular Abyss:

I was visiting my parents house in Maricopa, Arizona. This was about nine-ten years ago, so the year was around 2009… I know it was 2009 because the film “The Fourth Kind” had come out, and that movie had some interesting similarities to this story. Since the story is so strange, I feel the need to explain the fact that I was sober the night of the event. I was also sober for at least a week prior to the event.

Everyone had gone to their own rooms a bit early this night, so I was alone in the living room. I decided I would retire to the guest bedroom and relax behind a closed and locked door. I always feel more comforable behind a closed and locked door when I am trying to relax completely…

I was watching tv, relaxing on the futon in the guestroom now. It was around 8:00 PM. I remember feeling oddly tired for how early it was. Normally, I am a night owl, and 8:00 PM is like Morning still. But, on this particular night, I feel tired enough to turn the tv off and fold the futon down with the intent to go to sleep. In the darkness, I lie down. I am lying on my back, head on pillow, and under the blanket. I normally sleep on my side, but remember feeling very comfortable. Comfortable enough to feel like I could fall asleep. I remember thinking:

“How weird… I could actually fall asleep like this right now…”

I started to drift off, but did not fall asleep completely. In a state in-between asleep and awake, I felt a sensation that shook me to my core…

I felt the distinct sensation of two hands pressing lightly against my shoulders as I lay. Like a person was standing at my head, placing two hands on each of my shoulders…

I freaked. Jumping out of bed, I flicked the light on quickly, searching for an explaination. For some reason, I thought the most likely explaination would be insects in the bed… But, there were none, and I looked around the room for something else… But there was nothing…

Reluctantly, I decided to turn the light off and lie down again. Again, on my back, I felt very comfortable, even though I was on the edge of panic. I started to drift off. In the same state in-between asleep and awake, I felt a sensation that again shook me…

I felt the distinct sensation of two fingertips pressing lightly against my eyelids as they were closed. Like a person was standing at my head, placing two fingers on each of my eyes…

Again, I jumped out of the bed, turned the lights on, and searched for an explanation… But there was nothing… Heart racing, some sweat now collecting on my skin, I decided to lie down once more, in the darkness…

This time, it was instant. As I lied down, I was immediately taken Up, Up, Up, out of my body, but still as myself. Who knows… The vision of myself being lifted was so clear, it may have been my physical self being lifted through the ceiling, and up into this other world…

The place I was brought to was black, vast, deep, dark, and endless. I call it the Abyss.

I was lifted into this endless black and encountered a being just as vast as the blackness. The being was this other realm. He inhabited this abyss, but he also WAS the abyss…

He pulled me up into this place, and I was connected to him by what I can describe as Biomechanical Tendrils or Tentacles surrounded by a black fog, or black hazey light… They were connected to me and held me in his realm, connected to him.

As I was connected to him, he communicated with me. He spoke a very old, deep, dark language. His voice was deep, gurgled, and echoed in my mind. He did not speak out loud, but since we were connected I could hear his voice and what he wanted me to hear.

During the time that I was connected to him, I could understand the language he spoke. There was the feeling of being downloaded to. Or briefed about something. Reminded of something… Something…

When he disconnected from me, and let me down into my bed, I could not remember anything he said. I could just remember what I saw, the feeling of being lifted and connected to him, and the appearance of him and this Abyss…

I was left with a feeling of absolute calm. Like “Everything is okay, and will be just fine…” I couldn’t help but smile and take a deep breath…

I fell asleep, and had some of the best sleep I’ve ever had.

I call this “The Unfolding Three” because of the sequence of events leading up to me leaving my bed…

  1. The Touch on my Shoulders.
  2. The Touch on my Eyelids.
  3. Liftoff.

I brought up “The Fourth Kind” because the E.T.'s in that movie had a very very similar voice to the being of the Abyss in my experience. They spoke Sumerian in the film. Just an interesting thing I thought about.


What you call the Abyss I call the The vast dark expance or simply, the void. I also refer to that place sometimes as The realm of sorcerers. Anything you can imagine, you can create. From simple things to vast scapes. Create a whole universe if you think you can handle it.

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That film really struck me and gave me a lot to analyze. Even if it was dramatized I relate to that movie a lot. I think it was possibly a black ops that was being tested out on the town. The super bright lights, strange disappearances, and multiple people seeing the same owl seems to indicate to me some serious black magick was being done. Obviously that lady had been through a lot. Just looking at her you can tell she had been through a very great deal.

I’ve exposed myself to occult mediums before that were able to compel phenomena. One I read a story typed by a skilled sorcerer and the sequence of elements in the story spoke to my brain causing me to hallucinate later on that day. What I saw was unrelated to the medium but I knew having read that story is what triggered the experience to happen. In the experience, I saw a huge locust appear to me while I was painting. I saw it with my own two eyes. It was about four feet tall and presented it’s wings to me flapping them and jittering about to get my attention. It also had a tail like a scorpion. It appeared before my physical eyes and almost terrified me but I am somewhat used to experiences like that these days.

In the movie, you see the disturbia the normal persona experiences when faced with the phenomenal unfamiliar. The way I see it, human consciousness if fundamentally social. Whereas many alien consciousness are in fact anti social. That difference in consciousness causes massive spikes in our awareness triggering sensations of fear and dread. I’ve felt that same mindless dread and woken up in screaming paranoia clawing at my walls. I’ve also felt what’s it’s like to be on the other side, something inhuman, part of a true anti social consciousness.

We but step out side and life is all around us. We subconsciously expect to see life. Out in space there is no life nor even hope of life. Imagine being a demigod and dwelling in the depths of space beyond all life, even light itself. It might be eons before you encounter life again. You might not even visit a plane for millennia but fly through space at light speed traveling divine distances

Consider also the possibility that there are in fact alien consciousness with agendas of their own. Humans have dormant psychic powers. We can feel things around us and experience intuitive knowing. What if in our mundane family mind we were able to draw a sense of some unfathomable alien agenda? What dilemma would be invoked before our consciousness? In the mundane world we face bills and sometimes philosophers tackle such things’ as human nature. But humans don’t often consider things like world or interplanetary conflict. What if suddenly you were able to perceive into a higher world and saw the alien agendas moving on Earth.

Once I had a reoccurring dream\vision I was a kid in Nazi Germany during ww2. I lived in an secret occupied concrete building underground that did Nazi occult research. In the deepest basement am ss office would lead me by the hand to a dark room. In the room was a tall grey alien. They would sit me in front of the grey and then me and the grey would commune psychically. Sidenote, I often have found myself part of some strange astral ceremony. I’m generally “the boy”. The Boy is the one’s who takes on the full phenomenal front. Adepts like the ss office led me to the grey but then the grey and I communed. The grey’s tricked the Nazi’s into thinking they could torture people and send the psychic energy like a weapon upon their enemies. However, all the greys were doing was feeding from the suffering.

Back on the movie. I think we all can awaken memories from our dna or something within us. I don’t know the terms but I’ve done it myself. I’ve awaken ancient primal consciousness within my own body and it’s a far out trip. We are so dumbed down in this age. We are like knives which have become completely dull. When I was in primal consciousness everything was enhanced. My mind thought extremely swiftly and I understand ancient politics. That is key. Just like events in the world today shape our thoughts and emotions, if we awaken past memories within us, the associated consciousness will still be tethered to that old mind.

In my experiences, everyone on Earth can be divided into two basic factions, The Universalist Continuum and the Independent Tribes. One power has ruled the Earth for over ten thousand years, that power, The Continuum. However, before the Continuum, nations and tribes were independent. The Universalists sought to create a global society with one culture and one lord. The Tribes, later referred to as demons by the Continuum, fought against the globalist Universalists.

Eventually a champion rose up to represent the demon nations. he was called “The Sorcerer”. During a conflict between the lord of the Continuum and the Sorcerer, the lord of the Continuum asserted himself as the lord of all light and banished the Sorcerer into the outer darkness shunning the Sorcerer from all society and future hope to ever live as part of their globalist vision. In that conflict the Sorcerer saw the scope of the lord of light’s vision. Then the Sorcerer was stricken with a deep bitterness and depression and fled into the wilderness never to be seen or heard from again. However, inspired by their martyr, the demon kings rose up to fight against the Continuum. Every age they battle on. Every time theres a global cataclysm, the tables reset and they race again to fight over control of the Earth. The Continuum usually wins every age.

I myself would like to see a return of primal consciousness, our true being. I also hope for the return of the Sorcerer that one day magick might be realized and our will again be the power of the universe. In the last many ages the Continuum empowers their sigils to dominate the world through currency. The Continuum always controls all the money, they always set themselves up as the deliverer and thus steal positions of power taking advantage of those in need. Imagine for a moment stepping on that other side, the demon side… Imagine facing giving up all you have, even who you think you are, to face a new world. All that is would have to be stripped away and there would be massive culling. Many of the alien races don’t cuddle excess like Western countries do. Most of the alien races are hardline functionalists. But they have to become that way. Through millennia of evolution they became what they are eventually living amongst the stars. But what did they sacrifice to achieve that power? Perhaps greys too were not so far from human. Perhaps many of the alien races used to be social and more human but through adaptation and modification over millennia they became these other forms.

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I have experienced this very thing… It caused some severe psychological suffering for me for many years. I witnessed an intergalactic council in some far away place in space… There were beings of many species, even humans. There also existed a group I called “The Thought Police” in charge of monitoring our levels of consciousness and alerting the council and whoever else needs the information that a human has become aware of their existence. The Thought Police are also in charge of mental manipulation, controlling the flow of your thought in order to harvest thoughts or memories…

Among the groups of beings at this council gathering at this space station there were many intentions present having to do specifically with me. Some beings sought to aid me and protect me… Some beings sought to recruit me into their organization… Other beings desired my death and seemed to harbor deep dark hatred for me.

There is much more to the story and I will share it in full detail when I get the chance today to type it all out.

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Here is another story I shared the same time I shared this one.

seems like an interesting triptych of events :wink:

I have seen something that looks like a giant mechanical thing similar to what you describe made of copper or brass. I recall at least one large eye. Dont know what it was.

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