The Ancient Vampire Observes me from his Psychic Cavern as I taste the Toad's Sacrament

(Spending time tonight writing out experiences with encountering other worldy beings. Decided to share this one. if this fits a better category other than “General Discussion” please let me know for the future :slight_smile: )

This tale takes place during the monsoon season in the Sonoran Desert during the year of either 2012 or 2013… The Sonoran Desert Bufo Toad breeds in puddles left by monsoons out here in the desert. The Monsoons come during the Summer, so this took place during June or July… This was the last time I tasted of the Toad’s magic. I, as well as one or two close friends, would harvest the magical toad venom every year during the monsoon season… The breeding time for our amphibious friends. This time, since I was a bit more seasoned or experienced with the venom, the magical crystals of psychedelic venom did not make me vomit, or “purge” to use the language of those who are experienced in the ways of spiritual expansion through psychedelic sacrament…

The venom had been harvested from multiple beautiful adult Bufo Toads just a day or two earlier, so it was fresh. The venom was extracted onto a plate and then scraped by a new razor blade into a clean Tupperware container with a tight lid and stored in the freezer. I took some of the yellow crystalline venoms and packed a bowl just like one would pack a bowl of Mary Jane in her Flower form. I then took my lighter and put the flame to the freshly harvested Toad wisdom. I was standing in my living room. I wasn’t afraid. I confidently inhaled and tried to take the whole bowl in one hit, just as you would with DMT or Salvia… It is best to dive straight in. Dipping your toes is counterproductive, and wastes the magic and your time…

Like I said… This time, I did not “purge”. Normally the intense taste of the medicine would cause me to gag and eventually vomit. But I have been through this many times, and in a sense “paid my dues”. Oddly enough, the trip itself was like nothing I have experienced, and I have really experienced a LOT of psychedelics. The trip was as if I was faaaarrrr out on DMT, out of the body, out of mind, just OUT!

But! At the same time, I was more in my body than ever before. I inhabited both realms of experience simultaneously. I was Out of Body, yet firmly planted in my Body, and experiencing both in perfect balance. Far out, but able to observe the trip and experience it as “Blake” rather than “Blake” being nonexistent during its duration. I became the center of my universe, or solar system, or whatever it was. The “outside” world, or universe, or what have you, became a sphere that orbited me perfectly. I was omniscient, yet human. A God in the Cosmos, being the center and seeing everything spin around me, yet firmly human.

The spherical universe swirling around be looked like Earth.

So, as many would do, I danced. I danced at the center of everything. As I moved, the swirling sphere orbiting me moved with me. This lasted for a while. I did not think, I just danced and witnessed this beauty.

As the medicine started to “wear off” and become less intense, and I became more rooted in this physical realm… I was made aware of a strange feeling and presence that was lurking in the living room… The feeling was like this… It felt Red, like torch or candlelight, flickering against ancient castle stones. Red like Blood. Ancient and powerful blood. I focused more on this feeling… this presence. I felt, saw, experienced a sort of glimpse into another dimension. A dimension that existed in the same space I was standing in, just in a parallel “world”. I saw, felt, sensed a rocky cave. Red fire light and blood red banners and draperies with golden light and golden details. Ancient feelings. A being was watching me from this cavern. In a way, the being felt separate from me, yet at the same time he felt like he was a part of me. The cave seemed to be in the living room i was in, but also took up a place in my body. This ancent vampiric king watched me. I felt great wisdom from him, as well as a feeling of “powerful emptiness”. No good, no evil. Just empty, lustful, hungry, ancient power. We acknowledged one another. Just experiencing this being made me want to show my fangs… To drink the whole sky. Then, our cat Rufio came creeping around the corner into the living room. His eyes big, his hair standing up, and he hissed and stared into the room. He took on the feeling of the being in the cave. We were all vampires in this moment, and basked in its ancient awesomeness.

The toad venom wore off, and I was left with the lingering greatness and infinite wisdom of being everything and nothing at the center of infinity, and left with the lingering haze brought on by feeling the awesome power of The Ancient Vampire who Observed me from his Psychic Cavern as I tasted the Toad’s Sacrament…

-Blake S.