THE TUNNEL OF DARKNESS (Ensouling Star door) - all I know from studying and having my own experience with it)

The Tunnel of Darkness
The Tunnel of darkness is an interesting spiritual phenomenon, many people including myself claim to see before them, a tunnel of darkness. The Egyptian book of the dead speaks of a “Tunnel opening spell for not dying a second time in the realm of the dead” or also known “Ensouling star door”. It is clear for me to say that this phenomenon ha two things happening. First is the tunnel of darkness and later there’s the manifestation of a star, appearing before the horizon. It is a spell for not dying a second time in du’at the Egyptian underworld, but what dies in the underworld and what is immortal, which part of the soul are we talking about? Here seems that ren (Name, Identity) and akh (Intellect) Ka (Vital energy, prana) and Ba (Soul, psyche) are the most affected by a second death and are most important parts of the soul. The star makes itself known by attaining deeper level of meditations, sort of allowing that tunnel which is the result of the pulsations of the dragon’s eye to get gradually more and more intense, ancient Egyptians believed that are true form is just like the gods, appearing in the form of a star.
thus, the great king Unas who became immortal speaks:

“My tunnel is opened, my tunnel is opened1. Spirits fall inside the darkness2, but the eye of heru3, will set me apart from destruction4. It is because the opener of paths5 that reared me, that I learned how to hide myself amidst you6, o you Ensouling stars who Know not to sweeping7”
And here, I wish to first dissect the passage spoken by the king and then give my word and person experience with the tunnel of darkness, in so doing here is my purport.
1.” My tunnel is opened, my tunnel is opened”: here the indicates that his spiritual eye is opened in so doing the tunnel is opened because only who has his spiritual eye can see the tunnel. Which is rather a reflection of his own spiritual eye appearing before him in his meditation sessions.
2.” Spirits fall inside the darkness”: the meaning here is that all of creation including the gods and the spirits are dissolved and return to the primordial state of pure unformed darkness (Nu), the original state. The spell then becomes some sort of short dissolution which Vedic scholars would recognize as “Maha Pralaya” because by saying spirits and then following saying “learned to hide myself amidst you” indicates he becomes one with the hidden god Amun, Atum which is a creator god predating the universe.
3 “But the eye of heru” The eye of horus, the dragon’s eye, the void’s eye, one’s spiritual eye.
4.” Will set me apart from destruction”: here the passages references to the powers of creation, preservation and destruction which the theme has close connections to Hinduism. Here the king claims he will be saved from the dissolution of the universe which is a thing that only a god can do, he is more powerful than a spirit or a soul here the king speaks to us of his godhood and spiritual enlighstment which he achieved during his lifetime. King unas was very serious for his spiritual goals and evolution which is evident in the pyramid text, he is found saying “My Abomination is death before I grown old and before I attained honor.” It is evident that he wanted to enjoy his time in the throne but also his attainment of “Honor” which I personally think is a mistake in the translation. my intuition says that honor means spiritual glory, Enlightment and godhood. Unas says he will be saved from the dissolution of the universe because the eye of the great god Horus looks upon him in my knowledge its not that he is chosen by him but everyone is the wielder of the eye of Horus if you meditate for long enough, if you renounce everything and seek true spiritual liberation in so doing the very action of “Horus, looks upon me in so doing I am saved from destruction” is an reflection of his very own power apparent in meditation because I know the tunnel that I see before me every time that I meditate is indeed a reflection of my dragon’s eye.
5. “It is the opener of paths”: The Words refer to the grey jackal headed god Wepwawet for he is the one who opens the gate of duat for the soul’s ascend.Wepwawet is aslo called Ra. This shows us that most gods are “Faces” of more primordial gods, indeed some divine acts are godyfied and made into entities. When ptah spoke he became atum. The significance of the “Opener” is aslo shared within Ra’s role as the rising sun thus Opening the sky.
6. “that reared me, that I learned how to hide myself admist you”: reared generally means something like “Ascended” or “Exalted” this meaning it is by the help gods the pharaoh ascended beyond death and became immortal. We lated in the sentace which god helped to exalt him to glory. By saying I learned to how to hide myself admist you this defenetly speaks of amun the hidden god, by his help unas became a god like him.
7. “o you Ensouling stars who Know not to sweeping”: Definitely speaks of gods because except from gods taking animal and animal headed human forms, the true form of gods is that of a star. This is a common shared belief with the nabateans and pretty much every culture of the world. Not to Sweeping means not perishing thus, immortal and imperishable.

Personal experience within The tunnel of darkness.
The Tunnel of darkness always appears when the dragon’s eye is activated during meditation this can be enhanced by prelimary rituals or breathing techniques before you actually sit down and meditate. like said before I like to have my little own preparation. Without letting go and forgetting your mind without actually having peace of mind which is a clear indication of spiritual progress and success dedication is useless before discipline you have to get results, in so doing relaxation is very importated because when you are relaxed you are allowed to travel within the tunnel of darkness.
The dragon’s eye pulsation and the manifestation of the rings are interconnected. like explained in the tunnel opening spell, the tunnel is actually a reflection of the dragon’s eye not an manifestation before you even if its appear so its really best described (and really is) a absence of sight and of senses, all absorbed into complete silent nothingness. The more relaxed you are, the more you allow yourself to be transported into the crossroads of the worlds in whatever world you wish to travel none of them are worth it, its better to let them dissolve.
After my travel within the tunnel of darkness, I observed a red star apperating before the horizon. I been surprised to know that this is aslo a phenomeon appearing in shaivitic text called “Spanda Karikas” Jaideva singh in his translations of the text tells of “From it (Unmesa- opening of the eye) which is being practied appear in a short time experience of like the light of a star in the middle of the two eyebrows…” such of an experience happens in the disherritence of all things, the dissolution of mind and now you are of no care of material things, loss of concepts and goals even your greatest endeveour that takes beyond your material life that is enlinghtment is lost for it is a trap.
The Essence of our spiritual evolution is found within the reflection of our inner framework, it seems when we are getting into states of inner peace the mind reflects our inner thoughts and impressions which were attached to the outer world. the things that we fought in our entire life were only inner impressions and through the power of meditation we sort of Exorcised those imprssions out. True power is effortless, true spiritual power is effortless and we really should not push ourselves to extreme spiritual experience even if that’s possible instead you must focus in the exorcism of your inner evil, cleaning your mental headspace and for me, being a stable human being is basic for spiritual growth.
The Power of reflections is spreaded out to our spiritual experience, the whole spiritual experience of the tunnel of darkness and the star gate is no more than a reflection of your dragon’s eye growing in power.
And to further progress in your visions of the tunnel bondage must be dropped, tension must be dropped, mind must be dropped in order to open the dragon’s eye. There in the crossroads of power, between the effort of staying still during meditation and being still one must let go, this is done by seeing what the contents of your mind during meditation are and letting them go one by one.

The Star Gate.
Not much of gate in my sight, but defenetly revealing of the functions of the human soul. I had seen the tunnel of darkness making itself known to me, I had the the dragon’s eye pulsating intense spiritual energy that felt like waves, and I had saw the star.
The star that is reflected during your meditation is your very soul, it is the light of consciousness and once you unite with it, your place within the imperishable stars is acquired. The ancient Egyptians believed that we were gods, specifically theres a passage saying These gods are just like us. But only if you are an activator of the power eye.
The Door of the ensouling star is aslo an another name of the dragon’s eye which is the rapture between the material and spiritiual worlds. Upon its activation one enters the spirit world, it is making yourself known to the gods.
The powerful phenomeon of observation to be observed is made by the activation, such powerful phenomon makes the activator immortal for in the present moment one actualizes himself. Before the event one was only a ghost, not seen by the gods or yet somebody with his eye closed, not possible to see the spiritual realily. It seems that the power eye dynamic is that of perceived perception, of simultaneously observation and commanding just the like pulsations of the eye creating the tunnel of so doing to give birth to the gods, to give birth to the stars so that a netjer will take your place.
“sen ef Net qema netjer
so that he will kiss the Red Crown, so that created will be a god.”
Aker-Sphinx text, utterance: 261

I had not saw a red crown in my experience but instead a red star, so for me theres a possible mistranslation in the pyramid texts but it is evident that one must pass and through the star in so doing there must be a deeper level of meditation to be attained. By saying kissing, this might mean to touch, to bring that star or go into that star so close that it almost looks like kissing. In my experience till now, the red star was afar in the void.
The void that we observe is an absence of activity and sense meaning an absence of mind and the star is the creation of a soul, the star is the divine spark of creation, the birth of a netjer (god). The theme of stars being actualized souls and gods is evident in egyptian mythology. Stars not our literal material object, not balls of plasma in space but spiritual stars, or better yet: starlike manifestations of the gods.
They are starlike because they are not actual stars, the light we see in meditation is not of this world the light is not something that our mind can decide if its true or not but during the moment of the sensual absence these spiritual realities converge inside our power eye and for a moment we see a glimpse of other worlds, for a moment we let go of our lenses and see the pure reality, the real reality without the decision of what is true and what is imagination by our conscious mind.
In so doing the primal manifestation of the gods and the human soul is that of a star manifesting infront of you, only if you have activated the power eye because if not these realities of spirit are semen in outer darkness. Unfertilized, unrealized potential, that is the dark void but since you see it with your eye then this abyss illuminates. The star door opens in the observation of observation, thus the outer world turns inwards in so doing one attains divine identity like the gods.
Now you could use this energy and bliss to manifest anything that you want in this world because through the star gate, one enters a world more solid than rock, one enters a world more tangible than clay. The pharaohs commanded for health and longevity to see their empire and offspring to rise, they shall not pass without glory from this world. yet even after the commands and summoning of wishes theres still incompleteness that just wont wither away. Relief the tension of desire, because this world cannot be any better or harmonic but put your divine hand where you feel that it needs to be placed. Someone did a good deed to you or Others? Think good of him, feel love for him. Someone did evil to you or others? Cut the sword that is hanging above him. Act as a divine judge, a overseer of the world, a magnifier because what ever now you hold not dear, not needed but as a simple vision will manifest, the secret for this is disregarding and detachment.
In your silence be not even moved by your spiritual progress which the clear indications of this are peace of mind and the mind often seems to be double sided but in reality your consciousness is peaceful and your mind follows but sometimes the mind falls back into turmoil and as a result your entire progress may seem destroyed. Do not get moved nor shaken by this, you fall back to attachment. Remember you must live like a dog and die like one, and its going to be hard along the way and this turmoil is no different, sit and observe it, devour it and forget it soon your eye is going to be healed till your next fruitful meditating and there djehuty will rise from your eye to heal you. Just like this passage describing how thoth healed Ra’s eye from the temple of Khnum at Esna:

Thoth came forth from his heart in a moment of suffering/distress
Thus one called him djehuty.