The Thrice Born


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If you buy cheap now be prepared youll be somehow paying expensively later…


It really do be like that sometimes,it reaaaally do…

Hallowed be thy name

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The last three months or so especially now i am now in one of the deepest dark periods in my initiation phases .Deep inside of myself i know it is just the begining and a preperation for something greater than i have now. Ife done all the deeds and practices my inner daimon and guidance has shown me what i should do to complete the previous stages and level of my spiritual development and counciousness.

Let me tell you it is sobriety to the next level with a mixture of moody blues, depression and mental breakdowns with a fine litle big breezes of Inner as of outer sacrifices youll must make to progress on this path of true Magic arte.

It isnt the bad kind but the kind that will make you a stronger Being at the overcoming stages. A Being that is truly masterfull in his life by soul, spirit and body thus a own version of God a architect of this and his own reality.

Man let me tell you i have two car accidents behind me.

A mental breackdown and ego death.

Lost of friendships .

Changing of jobs.

Lost of false self images.

Breaking out of stagnating habbits replac7ng them with bether ones.

Unifying and transforming my chakras into a left hand path tool of power.

Desillusionment on so many damn topics.

Biger desire to achieve my spiritual mastery as of material and mental ones.

Empowerment of my Daimon.

Achieving my true will.

My psychic vision and insights / clearvoyance into energys and frequenzis got much more elevated.

Bether physical aesthateic you get the gist.

It isnt only bad and dark it has beneficial thinks to it but only with hard work and determination as of a healthy understanding when you must stop and take deep meditative breaths to recolect and earth yourself and let the energys settle also important otherwhise youll get fletched out alike if you where amidst in a atomic bomb explosion. Be sure afterwards you are nonexistand .

Ill be updating when i have time to breathe.
Much Dark Blessings!
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And i quote

“This will be the only reason people cry at my funeral”

Huu i cant :rofl::face_exhaling::joy:


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For real…

Advice solid though🤙

Been doin that shii since first class nearly multitrillionaire alpha sigma real grindset…

Off the LEASH!!