The Sigil Game! Share Your Sigils and Test Out Others' Sigils

Okay, this is the Sigil Game.

It’s simple, when you post a sigil, the next person to post has to activate the sigil you post. You have to activate the sigil of the person who posted before you before you can post.

As for posting a sigil, if it’s a spirit’s sigil, give a short descriptor of the spirit and a name, if it’s not a spirit sigil, explain what it does. (No malicious sigils please)

You cannot post a sigil without casting the sigil that the previous poster posted.

Revaticus the Appraiser, he judges people who could potentially be good in the communities his chosen are a part of, and draws those people to the communities. When invoked, he should help you to judge the pros and cons of associating with a person.


Revaticus the Appraiser …
Drawn, charged and invoked.


These three genii out of the Black Pullet, Sages of the Pyramid. From their names and the rose is the origin of the sigils.



@Anziel_Merkaba, @Serpent, @Lady_Eva,
Any thoughts on these three?

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@AlphaC, care to give any or all of these three sigils a shot?


They Feel Angelic
But Earthy at the same time.
Old but not Ancient
perhaps forgotten is the word.


At work right now, not in sigil-opening mode, soz. :smiley:


Honestly feel your reply on a spiritual level !


I tried Invoking Thomatos, and felt a comforting and inquisitive feeling. I know these three are Geniis.

Be careful with these three.
I tried a power sensing of the first name, and had a lot of odd visions, potentially dangerous. A flame of sorts, Cross hatch movement like antenna. Then an odd face and I pulled back.

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“Thomatos, appear and speak to me in my minds eye, that I may behold you and know you”

Eyes closed, A brilliant cascade of light, as if a starburst or flame of white and yellow, amidst darkness bursts forth. A wrinkled face, terrible to behold appears. There is no speech as of yet. It is as if he is somehow bound.

Eyes open, and looking around in the dark overcast sky, white clouds appear in the northeast-east sky, low hanging to the treetops.
The clouds appear as I saw him, wings or arms outstretched, as if freed…or saying “what the heck?”


"Benesser, second genii of The Old Man of the Pyramids, appear in my minds eye, that I may behold and know you."
6:17 am … Initial sensing of Benesser, second genii of The Old Man of The Pyramids…
First eyes shut call to Benesser spiked a wind, short and small burst which rotated the sigil 90 degrees.
My skin is prickly, as if wrapped in ash and sackcloth. I see a swirling array of white light amidst darkness, as if an electrical storm. A face appears and quickly vanishes. A frog croaks amidst chatter of squirrels and birds.

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Check these out. They were made several months ago, hidden, and I just got them back out. My wife did most of the handiwork, but we both poured ourselves into these. The wood comes from an image she made, then destroyed with a claw hammer. She’s kinda dark, I love it😍

She picked the three demons and drew their sigils. I did the other two.



Awww, I flubbed Byleth’s.
Maybe it’s cause this one’s special😀

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a spirit I’ve been working with that calls itself aule-raspu (ah-oo-lay rah-spew)



hold up.

I have him in my files of sigils!

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For grounding myself.

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Krona Aion for time travel.


Nice Time Travel Rune,
let me add on to that! xD


Time Manipulation Sigil

Yberion - Oberon currently living - Sigil

I figured i should add them here.



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