Sigil Encyclopedia and info site

I am curious, I may have missed it. but a lot of times I come to this site and go through the search for sigils with various other info. I am wondering if there is not a way to create a new spot on this site where we could have a sort of " wikiDemonnsigilinfo " so instead of going through the kinda indirect search bar; one could go to the ‘wiki’ and go through an alphabetical listing of Entities, which would have their sigils, where and how they were developed [goetic, Dukante etc.] Enns, calls, and any other pertainent info. Or is that already done and I am just missing it somehow. This place is such a Treasure trove… just thinking.

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I think there is one, somewhere… or it was started, but never finished. Lemme take a look.

Hi James,

That’s an excellent Idea, There are a lot of threads on here that show sigils but I don’t believe there is one central place for it. It’s not hard for you to find one if you search, but if you feel a central database would help others, I say go ahead and start one :slight_smile: After all this forum is run by members for members.

It could get messy with double posts and conversations in between so keep that in mind, since it’s a public forum

Good luck with that project sir!

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Sorry, @James_Staples_V, I can’t find the one I was thinking of. If I do in the future, I’ll link it.