The Shadow (Update) lead?

I think I might have figured out who the Shadow might be. I still have to do some confirming, but I have done a little digging. If my hunch is right, if it was a snake it would have bit me!

So my hunch is, it’s The Morrigan… But like I said still have to confirm some things and do a little more digging than I have already done.

But please if any of you work with her, I would very much like to hear fome you. Be it insight and/or info.

So please feel free to respond.

@Fallen_Angel, you actually triggered this bout of research. So… Thank you.

What exactly is going on

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Oh this is just something that has followed me around for as long as I can remember. There are other threads I have posted about it. Sould be in the archives somewhere.

Bumping this.

Ok maybe the lounge wasn’t the best place to but this… So trying here.

First born males huh?

Some say that in druidic/Celtic patrilineal descent the first born son is the one who inherits the major power potential, then his first born son, with the exception of the seventh son of the seventh son. And it usually carries the blessing of a Deity.

That comes from Older people in my area I talked to years ago who follow said path as a family bloodline thing.



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Really?. That’s very interesting!

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So has anyone here worked with The Morrigan?

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That would be me

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Are you willing to share some insight?

This is the site I keep on geting brought to when looking her up.

On what exactly. That site does have good information about her.

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Like anything they left out.

Your experience with her.

Things to keep in mind.

That kind of stuff.

honestly this makes since i am the youngest of me and my brother and so many things have happened to him that i realized recently i got most of whatever gifts came from our family line. hes seen spirits (angel, “Demon”) hes talked our our decessed father in his sleep and im sure there is more he hasnt told me

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Well the site has good information but I don’t really understand how you believe this ties into the Morrigan, as I haven’t noticed anything tied to her. You could ask for sign or do divination. I’ll take a closer look later on tonight. I apologise for the late response. I’ll return shortly

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Also it sounds like a shadow person.

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Well that is prat of the reason I was asking for opinions. Also why I am doing more research before making any rash decisions.

Divination given any clues?