The secret of clairaudience

a few days ago i go to trance by self hypnotisis and try to talk to spirits but heard nothing,then when i want to get out of trance i move and stretch my legs and say in my mind:i love you(spirit name) and sodenly i hear a voice said:i love you too,after that i try 4 evokation of spirit with full trance but did not hear anything.what happend in that moment that i hear the voice?what is the secret?

Probably because you just did the steps, you could say ‘you let go’. If the hold is too tight too ridid it will not happen.

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I know that,and i test that too,but it seems the only way for me is that a spirit tell us the secret,oh man that would be awesome

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This is normal, when you’re starting out it takes time to build up your energy and learn the skills. I recommend browsing through topics based on a search of "develop psychic/astral skills/senses etc, and you will notice this is something everybody works on to start will.

We have our favourites here:

And I really recommend the entire Notables thread as a one stop orientation when you’re new. It has everything, all the best tutorials linked, all the beginner FAQs and the entire library of E.A. Koetting’s instructional newsletters.

The secret is hard work and perseverance :slight_smile:
Some techniques will be better for you personally than others, you have to try a few to find out, then stick to it and practice every day.


I read all ea books and read all post’s in balg in last year(without having account),it seems something wrong with me,i know if i practice hard everyday i finally be succesful,but i think if we have ask directly from a very smart person like lucifer we can save a lot of time and energy