The Royalty Obsession

If people can’t prove what they speak don’t tell others things they’d find very personal and obviously outlandish. From conversation with the likes of Lucifer, Baal, Enlil, etc, royalty isn’t fun and games, and it isn’t (well, SHOULDN’T be) a power trip either. If you’re not responsible enough to explain how your claim rings true you are not responsible enough to be in any realm of importance like that. I don’t understand how people can go straight to professionals and think they can fool them for whatever they want. Incredibly disrespectful to the professional and the entity that they’re attempting to impersonate (if said entity exists). Power is NOT a game, and it never will be.


Precisely. And the super newbie occult people who usual say such things, never bothered to research it before even claiming it.

It is indeed insulting. And I definitely let them know as diplomatically as I can not to claim such fantasties. Hell on client told me she was a witch of 5 yrs and never heard of Bucklands book of magic…

Sadly, it is SUPER trendy to claim you’re a witch these days. People online use it for novelty and haven’t even cracked an occult book.

So we just roll our eyes and move along like @DarkestKnight said.

Mind you, if someone was willing to look at it in the way we do when confronted with an answer they don’t like, if they were open to learning and studying and hearing my opinion I’d happily teach them.

But I think with most of them, sadly enough, I will roll my eyes and move along. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::black_heart:


It is a control tactic. It is commonly found in cults where the leader is a powerful spirit and anyone who listens to him is a powerful spirit but just not as powerful as he is. What it does is give the person falling into the cult a sense of power and strength that they most likely did not have. Yet, it also contains that sense of power to an more powerful affirming person/leader.



It is definitely possible with the assistance of certain spirits and a willingness to do what is needed. All she needs to do is to enter into a state of complete channeling and align to one or more that she is interested in.


As others have said when people claim to be the incarnation of Lilith, Set, Ra, Yahweh, Allah, Lucifer etc or the one true consort of the aforementioned I also just roll my eyes. I do think this is where people often mistake real magic with LARPing.

In any event I will repeat a quote I use in the mundane which is “If you are truly great then people will talk about what you have accomplished without being prompted. If you’re just average you yourself will be the only one talking about your accomplishments”

I see nothing wrong with just being an unknown magician who does magic without needing to boast about it. In fact I suspect the most powerful magicians have no need to boast about their power.

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My view is if your claiming you were royal x or mage y (like Merlin or Morgan le Feye) or mythical powerful monster z (like a dragon or a sphinx) it kind of shows you have poor self esteem in that you have to claim to be something more wonderful then your current life position.

As to claiming your soul was x (let’s say a dragon) or y (let’s say a cute little white bunny) even if it was what does it matter. Whether by choice or accident your a human in your current life so why should I care what you were before know what I mean?

If I see stuff like that I usually just tune out and go to a different thread cuz chances are there’s not gonna be anything pertinent to me in a thread where someone’s claiming they were Merlin or Queen Nefertiti or a dragon or a dwarf in a previous life.

Whether true or false I don’t care. I just figure nothing of interest to me in that so I just do a bye bye to the thread.

Add: it’s because hearing what they were won’t help me figure out what I was in a past life and hearing they were x, y or z in a previous life isn’t gonna teach me anything about how to be a better magickian that’s why I tune out . Likewise hearing they know the spirit of king x mage y or monster z. So in those cases.

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Excatly. Well put, it’s best to just move if they don’t listen to reason.

Like some who says she’s the Queen of the Faeries, if I say, you’re not this is why a, b, c I’m honestly wasting my breath.

I think this thread has helped me see that some people are who interested in “non-normal” subjects and beliefs gravatate towards the occult in hopes they find people to support their delusions. Those willing to learn will take a step back and re-evaluate. And those who won’t, as said prior by another, it’s best to roll our eyes and move along.

I just find it so weird to claim such grandiosity. Even when I began in the occult I never assumed such things about myself. So to see it become more & more prevalent in beginners is mind boggling.

I didn’t say whether I think they’re delusional or their not. I said I don’t care either way cuz their soul being or knowing x or y or z won’t help me advance myself magickally and won’t benefit me irl either. Neither will their delusions if they’re delusional.

So I can’t be bothered to even get into it with them let alone to talk sense into them if they need sense talked into them. Cuz talking sense with someone won’t advance me either.

I suggest if their claims bother you, if you can’t stand someone claiming to be a faery or a zombie or a purple people eater, maybe do what I do, tune out and leave them to their fancies and then go to a thread that’s more to your liking where you might learn something that helps you magickly, a different thread where people aren’t claiming to know Merlin or be Queen Elizabeth the first or to be king of the orcs.

Stick to threads where people aren’t saying stuff you find ridiculously larpy. Threads that are about stuff that interests you. If the content of the thread rubs you wrong go on and move on to a different thread.

Me I stick mainly to what will further me or sometimes (rarely) to where my experiences may be of help to the other person.

If something isn’t to my liking I remove myself as much as possible rather then try and change the other person to make them think as I do or even accept what I’m saying.

There’s better things to spend my energy on like magick, sorts, work, hobbies or cooking dinner rather then spend it trying to convince someone of something, and if they won’t listen I throw in the towel and their them to their opinions even if I think their crazy or wrong or just going about it ass backwards cuz In the end it’s on them. Like I said I have better things to do then flog a dead horse (as the saying goes).

Add: like when someone (not gonna name names or threads) said they wanted to be possessed (to paraphrase it: by any random spirit cuz they said they invited any nearby spirit that was willing to to enter into them and possess them ) I told why not and then when they seemed not to listen I left the thread ( like the ol cliche “Elvis has left the building”) not worth my time to get into a knock down drag down fight with someone who’s minds made up already.

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Positive change can only happen when both you and your client feel respected and when they feel that you are really interested in their well being. There needs to be some sort of feeling of working together.
So if you blatantly tell them what you think, they will not feel respected anymore, since being a faerie queen is what they build their confidence on.

There is a technique called Active Listening which can give you the opportunity to find out more about their views and their inner reasons why they feel the need to be a queen. And it can give you opportunity to voice your concern, in a good moment.
It is all about asking the right questions.

Also, never say “You need to do/change/stop …” but rather tell them stuff like “What you’ve just said makes me feel uncomfortable because …”


Love that🖤 @Helena

Yes I think I definitely was diplomatic in my response, as she is coming back for another session. And I will be sure to address it more in depth if she is indeed serious about her path. Time will tell. Thank you for the diplomatic advice🥰

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These posts seem perfectly on topic to me :thinking:

The question was “why do people claim high status past lives or godselves?”
And the answers were:
!) Might be legit, ask the deity … or otherwise attempt to verify UPG
2) Dunno, best practice idea to always do do divination … or otherwise attempt to verify UPG
3) Doesn’t matter … but seems unlikely to be true
4) The sense something but are largely blocked, and extrapolating too far. Too many variables to say… so attempt to verify UPG.

Nobody claimed to be any entities.

Attempting to verify or deny the UPG is a valid and respectful response to the client.

If they actually are the entity, while being the 5th Cleopatra you’ve met means they probably aren’t, it’s not impossible, and then that’s literally why they say they’re that person, because they are.

So she trusted you as a client with something very personal and allowed herself to be vulnerable to do so, and this is how you respond? You just assume she’s larping?

The Fey have many many “queens”, there’s really no reason she couldn’t have been one, and your lack of knowledge of the Fae realm doesn’t really discredit your client exactly. neither does it verify thier UPG.

The question is, why do you assume without looking into what the root cause of what this energy is? That seems to be good advice to me.


If you want to be diplomatic to newbies/clients isn’t it mandatory to find out whether their claims could be true or not? Or did you already find out everything about your client?
I don’t see how this is off topic.

Being diplomatic also means not to only stick to your own opinion, but be open about what the other has to say, this is why I adviced you to use the Active Listening technique.
Even if you are pretty sure about it, you should stay respectful, and that does not mean only “acting” respectfully, but to really respect that person and their views, and not see them as inferior to you.

I work with families and of course I have my opinion on some of them, but I have to view them in a positive light always, and never see them as below me in any way. My opinion has been proven wrong many times. And that is a good thing, isn’t it.

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I have stayed respectful. She’s coming back for another session…so?

Never said anyone was inferior. That’s you saying that about me. I apologize if you think I feel that way. It’s incredibly inaccurate and unesscary to attack me personally with assumptions when eyeverone is telling me not to assume. When I’m trying to gather information on how to make this newbie do the work, so we can find out.

But if she won’t do the work, we’ll never know tbh. I’m not here to feel superior. If I felt superior I would not ask how to make a client comfortable.

As you can see, I did take your advice last night.

I was simply extending it.

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