The Royalty Obsession

So, ever since I started interacting with occultist and those interested in the occult, I have encountered a consistent obsession with personal Royalty Spirit Companions/Guides. And claims of being a Royal in some other realm themselves.

Today for example, I was on a call with a client who was telling me her background in the occult. She couldn’t tell me how she Astral projected, just “That she could.” And had been to the astral often. And had somehow found herself tied up in the Astral Realm about to be sacrificed and freed herself. Which of course raised flags in my mind. When I asked about her meditation schedule she expressed her dislike for it and complained about my directions to meditate everyday for at least 15 minutes. So you can imagine my thoughts on the matter she claimed.

When I suggested my personal beginner Faerie “bible” The Faerie Way: A Healing Journey to Other Worlds
My client had a very interesting confession and wanted to know, “if it resonated with me.”

She informed me she was The Queen of the Faeries…

As someone who walks closely with Bridged and has since I was a child, you can imagine how this sounded to me. After a pause of surprise, I told her it’s certainly possible to be in touch with a group of Faerie that work only with you, and see you as a solid leader. But added that I had only accomplished that specific feat (of discovering an undoucmented group of fae) after over 12 years of intense practice. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m saying it’s improbable without much practice. Even then, nobody is going to give up Bridged’s thone away in the faerie realm. This client also had no idea what the process was to get to the watch towers in the faerie realm.

This isn’t the first time I gave had a client approach me about summoning a Prince/Princess, King or Queen guardian etc. Faerie or otherwise. It has gotten to the point where I will not promise Royal conjures to anyone, simply because novice practiconers don’t seem to understand that not ALL entities are human friendly, and the ones that are (more often than not,) are not “royals” whether it’s by blood or ties.

I get it it’s shiney, it’s fun, a lot of people want to feel “special” in the occult and get told by other practiconers they are correct simply to make them happy and keep them coming back. I’m not that kind of magician, I like to be honest and candid but also I try not discourage anyone.

To those who have also encountered this situation, how do you all handle this sensitive subject?

It just is very reminiscent of the joke, “I was Joan of Arch in my Former life…”

Most dabblers get a past life reading at some point and they are always someone “important.” Such as Julius Ceasar, Cleopatra, Marilyn Monrone, King Tutankhamun etc etc.

I think I approached her question diplomatically, and indeed there are rare occasions I find Royals, but why are they given such prestige in the eyes of beginners? I get it, crowns, subjects, castles, etc pop in their heads. But I find this is more for those who want to play “make believe” rather than study the occult in depth.

How have those of you who encountered this situation handle it? Yes we work with Kings and Queens of the Infernal Empire. But not once on here have I heard anyone mention they are a Demonic Royal. On other forums (that I refuse to participate in any longer because of the madness,) it has been said so often that I eventually showed myself out, respectfully.

But…why? To feel “important” or…? It’s as if they want all the perks with zero work.
Would love everyone’s input. :black_heart:

Hail the Infernal Empire and hail thyself🔥



Its actully not just something that is in the occult.

The claim of royalty has diffrent “relatives” in diffrent fields and is more related to people living in a bit of a fantasy where they hold power over something. For some it is actully a deep insecurity and that they don’t feel that they are “good” just as they are.
For others its that they end up with megolomania.

A part of it is also that we currently have echo chambers where people only hear what they want to hear and shut out everything else.

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So true, and well put. I just don’t know how to handle such newbies who are often displeased when I clue them into the reality. As an empath, I feel their displeasure when confronted with the truth.
But as you said, Echo chambers and the need to feel important is not just in the occult but in everyday life as. So on point🖤

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I recall reading a past discussion here on BALGforum about how spirits seemed to say such things (You have great power/destined for greatness/etc) to nearly everybody; the conclusion was that it WAS typical, the entities referring to the actual “great power/destiny” inherent in any individual, rather than any kind of Chosen “One” business. The more trickstery types (Spirit OR work-conjurer!) would, of course, be more than happy to exploit any over-inflated egos which interpreted it in that more personally-flattering way…

As an aside, I’m quite interested to see you mention The Faerie Way. It was one of the earliest books that jumped out at me in my occult reading, though I never really did anything with it. Do you have any particular thoughts/commentary written down about it somewhere? I would be very interested in reading such.


This shit! Yeah I’m told dumb shit like that too, less so nowadays. I never once believed it, and to be honest, at this point I just want to help others. That’s my greatness

I could just have an overinflated ego. Entirely possible. I don’t know what the fixation with royalty is. For me it’s usually of being of a certain birth, like spiritual genes or whatever.

I swear to God for all the people who claim they’re some demon or whatnot it’s kind of baffling. Even my friends are getting this feeling that they’re some specific entity.


Right, it’s normal to be told by an entity at first encounter that you have power. That’s a givin. But this individual told me she was The Queen of Faeries. Not that and entity said she had power. I would believe someone who told me an entity approached them. I do not believe ppl who claim they are a god/goddess.

This is my point a lot of ppl are missing. People claiming to be at a god/goddess level.

I remember on one forum I showed myself out of, this one person said that they had the ability to go to different dimensions. That in and of itself is not weird, the weird part was they claimed to be this dimension hopping demigod who could go to any dimension and find the person you’re in love with on another dimension and bind you to them. He was binding things like Sailor moon characters, anime characters, video game characters, fictional characters etc. He literally has been making money scamming off of peoples need to play make believe. He feeds of the echo chamber. We all know anyone capable of hoping from one dimension to the next, than the next, and another and another would not make it public. They also wouldn’t claim they can do it repeatedly until they find a Sailor Moon that agrees to marry a client. I hope that makes sense. Sake oil salesmen are making hand over fist exploiting ppls fantasies and also are making the occult look bad.

On another post on a different forum, one person claimed to have access to a special race of dragons only they were granted access to. When somebody else on the forums said that they accessed it successfully, obviously an argument ensued.

I am not talking about entities coming to you and telling you have power, I am not talking about trickster spirits that say their royals. My main point of this post is why the grandiosity from beginners with no knowledge. And how one can handle such grandiosity diplomatically so they do not go on to a forum and start role playing with people who have slime girls made of ice cream. Yes…I have heard of somebody with a servator slime girl made of ice cream…this forum I no longer frequent was taken over by incel types who had anime Servators. Sometimes super hero Servators. And honestly the whole Servator thing I don’t and won’t engage in for this very reason.

Also, my client told me she was The Queen of the fairies not that a faerie approached her. And there is no doubt in my mind she is not the Queen of fairies.

As far as The Faerie Way book, I will make a separate post on that as it would be off topic for me to talk about it here :black_heart: but but I think if everybody studied my original post a little more they would see some of these answers are not regarding my original query. But I still am very much enjoying everybody’s input. It’s much appreciated and I love that we have this conversation going.

I just wish that so many delusional people didn’t try to make the occult into a fantasy game that’s what D and D is for. And I love DND. Lol!



On the topic of the thread, it used to seem awfully grandiose of me to pursue that. Not like I have anything else to do. At this point, I am ignoring it. We’ll see

I see no reason why she couldn’t become a queen of fairies if she really wanted to. There is more than a few spirits that will help her achieve such as long as the dues are paid.


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There is a subset of the occult called Otherkin. These are people that believe their souls are non-human. They claim to spiritually be things like elves, dragons, demons, angels, fairies, etc. It’s kind of like spiritual cosplay.

The thing is, though, even if it’s true, they’re still in a human meat suit, which makes them just as human as everyone else. Having a non-human soul, royalty or not, doesn’t really matter at all in the physical realm. As one enlightened member of this forum once said, no matter what you think you are, a bullet to the head will end you just as surely as anyone else.

When someone claims to be a god, goddess, demon or angel, I always ask, “Okay, but what has it done for you down here? How has it improved your actual life?” The astral is the realm of the imagination, so you can literally be anything you can dream up there, so being royalty there means absolutely diddly-squat. However, if you seek an escape, the astral is the perfect place to go. If you’re lonely, you can have a harem of nubile succubi to keep you company in there, or if you feel insignificant, you can be a king of infinite space. The downside, though, is that it is really just all in your head, and it rarely, if ever, helps you in the material world.

In my time on this forum, I have seen a lot of people join up, proclaiming themselves to be this demonic king or that one, or this god or goddess, and they all seem to expect everyone to just accept it, and treat them with deference. They tend not to last too long here, though, because we generally laugh at them. Most of them can’t even answer basic questions, and they get offended that we dared to question them at all. And they always claim to be the Big Names, like Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, Satan, Set, Lilith, Hecate, etc. No one ever claims to be some obscure god from an obscure pantheon, it’s always one of the most popular figures, and after the twelfth Lucifer shows up and declares some fantasy novel nonsense, you pretty much just roll your eyes at it all.


This. Perfectly put, brother :black_heart:

Excatly she claimed to be a Faerie Queen and she hadn’t pickup an occult book, done regular meditation, and when I asked her the questions you mentioned she couldn’t answer them. She just kept saying, “I just am!”

Another thought for some other redponses: People are taking some of this as a debate, and not reading the entirety of my post. If the people who have responded had read my entire post (like Darkestknight) they wouldn’t tell me it’s possible my client is the Queen of the Fairies. :roll_eyes:

If you want to respond to a thread make sure you’re responding about the proper thing we’re not arguing about royalty blood or Royal blood ties or demonic blood ties, were talking about people who are drawn to the occult purely for fantasy. And why they choose the occult to live said fantasy


One of the weirdest types of royalty obsession I’ve encountered is the people who declare themselves to be the “one true wife/consort” of some Big Name, and think this somehow makes them important and the only authority on that spirit. While spiritual marriages are a real thing with a long history, being the wife or consort of a spirit does not, in any way, confer upon you special status in the physical world.


I don’t know about the royalty crap, except a past life regression that revealed I was a murdered druid. A duel of sorts, but not honorably.
Do I think its sorta cool? Y. Do I believe it? N.

I think avoidant personality disorder types are drawn to the occult or drugs, or RPGs, or other games or revelry, because it is an escape from reality. I am here to try to fix/repair my life but not seeing hope at the end of the tunnel. So do I believe this? Drifting toward N.

Sometimes reality taken too far is what is needed to wake some people.


If people can’t prove what they speak don’t tell others things they’d find very personal and obviously outlandish. From conversation with the likes of Lucifer, Baal, Enlil, etc, royalty isn’t fun and games, and it isn’t (well, SHOULDN’T be) a power trip either. If you’re not responsible enough to explain how your claim rings true you are not responsible enough to be in any realm of importance like that. I don’t understand how people can go straight to professionals and think they can fool them for whatever they want. Incredibly disrespectful to the professional and the entity that they’re attempting to impersonate (if said entity exists). Power is NOT a game, and it never will be.


Precisely. And the super newbie occult people who usual say such things, never bothered to research it before even claiming it.

It is indeed insulting. And I definitely let them know as diplomatically as I can not to claim such fantasties. Hell on client told me she was a witch of 5 yrs and never heard of Bucklands book of magic…

Sadly, it is SUPER trendy to claim you’re a witch these days. People online use it for novelty and haven’t even cracked an occult book.

So we just roll our eyes and move along like @DarkestKnight said.

Mind you, if someone was willing to look at it in the way we do when confronted with an answer they don’t like, if they were open to learning and studying and hearing my opinion I’d happily teach them.

But I think with most of them, sadly enough, I will roll my eyes and move along. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::black_heart:


It is a control tactic. It is commonly found in cults where the leader is a powerful spirit and anyone who listens to him is a powerful spirit but just not as powerful as he is. What it does is give the person falling into the cult a sense of power and strength that they most likely did not have. Yet, it also contains that sense of power to an more powerful affirming person/leader.



It is definitely possible with the assistance of certain spirits and a willingness to do what is needed. All she needs to do is to enter into a state of complete channeling and align to one or more that she is interested in.


As others have said when people claim to be the incarnation of Lilith, Set, Ra, Yahweh, Allah, Lucifer etc or the one true consort of the aforementioned I also just roll my eyes. I do think this is where people often mistake real magic with LARPing.

In any event I will repeat a quote I use in the mundane which is “If you are truly great then people will talk about what you have accomplished without being prompted. If you’re just average you yourself will be the only one talking about your accomplishments”

I see nothing wrong with just being an unknown magician who does magic without needing to boast about it. In fact I suspect the most powerful magicians have no need to boast about their power.

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My view is if your claiming you were royal x or mage y (like Merlin or Morgan le Feye) or mythical powerful monster z (like a dragon or a sphinx) it kind of shows you have poor self esteem in that you have to claim to be something more wonderful then your current life position.

As to claiming your soul was x (let’s say a dragon) or y (let’s say a cute little white bunny) even if it was what does it matter. Whether by choice or accident your a human in your current life so why should I care what you were before know what I mean?

If I see stuff like that I usually just tune out and go to a different thread cuz chances are there’s not gonna be anything pertinent to me in a thread where someone’s claiming they were Merlin or Queen Nefertiti or a dragon or a dwarf in a previous life.

Whether true or false I don’t care. I just figure nothing of interest to me in that so I just do a bye bye to the thread.

Add: it’s because hearing what they were won’t help me figure out what I was in a past life and hearing they were x, y or z in a previous life isn’t gonna teach me anything about how to be a better magickian that’s why I tune out . Likewise hearing they know the spirit of king x mage y or monster z. So in those cases.

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