The Ritual of the Neutron Star

Become a Minecraft God.

I will admit that I dislike ignorance. My life is my own, and I do what I want. I be the dark priest so that I may be with the dark priests who choose to live their lives in ways other than my own.

I assure you, I live in luxury. I take action, but I will not yank your chain and say that I toil endlessly for a dollar.

No, I accept the realities of this material world, and I use my power to manifest that which is required to be in this material world. There is no judgement in these matters, no egoicism. I take what I have to work with and I use it to be with the people who matter to me.

If we set aside all these corruptions from all these humans, we can admit to ourselves that development is development, and I am most happy to share my developments with you if you will share your developments with me. I like your developments.

I still remember the day I saw the hatred about your being and knew that you were about to fall into the ritual that I received and which you made your own.

I think I’m polyamorous.

A quick post today. This is not financial advice, don’t sue me. I am not yet wealthy, but I am not poor and I have a reasonable education and I do this sort of thing for a living.

What you need to understand is that wealthy people and people who become wealthy do not play by the same rules or align themselves to the same principles that poor and middle/upper class people do.

Wealth is in assets. The more assets you accumulate, the wealthier you will be. To get assets, you need money, cash, to buy them, or some fancy financial shenanigans to convert assets into other assets, but regardless, wealthy people and people who become wealthy buy assets.

One of those assets that people buy is money. I do not mean “money” in the sense of stocks being a type of money, I mean money, dollars and cents. That’s what a loan is. You are buying money and paying for it over time. Easy monthly payments of whatever your interest rate is. I’m gonna go buy $150k. What? Yep, you heard me right, I’m gonna go and buy some money.

You see how this infinitely loops on itself?

The reality is that you have to already have some money if you want to buy money cause if you fuck it up then you have to hand back over your stuff. If you don’t fuck it up, then you get to keep buying more money.

Poor, middle, and upper class people who overcome their money hate/fear (not too many of them) but don’t have the sense to learn how to do this get so goddamn fixated on cash flow. They hear “passive income” and go absolutely bananas.

Let’s pretend for a moment that I am already quite wealthy. You think I give a fuck about a couple extra thousand dollars a month? Do I look like I pay taxes? The reason I don’t give a fuck is because my assets shed so many dollars already as it is and I’ll actually get more lifestyle spending money by growing the pile of assets instead of making the scrubby moves that get you some extra cash today but minimal long-term growth of the entire portfolio(s).

I get it, a few extra bucks can make a big difference at a certain level, but it’s just not worth it because you will get those few extra bucks plus so much more if you focus on asset accumulation rather than cash flow.

I’ve seen a property in rentable as-is condition sell for like $800. Just fucking buy it.

Let’s say I am mega rich and like you for some reason and so I dump like $150k on your head. That amount means very little to me so whatever. What are you gonna do with it? One reason people don’t do that is because whoever they try to make immediately financially free will probably fuck it up colossally and just lose all the money. Even in something easy like real estate, you still have to know what you are doing a little bit, or else you just end up in this weird relationship where you don’t want to be a piggy bank but you also don’t want them to blow themselves up.

There is absolutely, absolutely nothing to do with “appreciating it” or “earning it” here. That’s a money-hater line, and also an ignorance line, because there is absolutely nothing fair about any of this. I think about these things and have magickal experiences concerning them because these could potentially be issues for me if I didn’t learn how to do this. If you are really good at making money, you’ll just have so much of it that you can do stuff like this and feel good about yourself, but then you run the risk of becoming a walking dollar sign. Bleeding yourself out is very unlikely, but I suppose that is also a risk.

I am very aware that not everyone is capable of doing these sorts of things, and regardless, why would I want people I love to have to do boring or soul-draining labor for no reason? Is it a weird flex if an artist creates art in the general vicinity of other people and then those people can potentially benefit from that art? For some people, everything is a weird flex, especially when it comes to money. My mind just does not work that way. Not everyone can have a casual conversation about millions of dollars worth of assets. I don’t have that many chips myself at this time, but I can have a casual conversation about financial practice with that much capital. It is a very natural thing.

Hot fucking damn I just love money so much. It feels so good to move money around and convert it into various things. Buying a $3 custom soda is one of my favorite things to do. That was nice. Thanks money.

What, did you think I’d manifest myself into this world without a pathway to enormous wealth?

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Musings for the forum

I have absolutely no idea if what I’m putting out here beyond the RotNS is in any way novel or useful to people who have access to information that I do not have. I swear no allegiances. I just share the goods.

I acknowledge that what I do here has the potential to be problematic for me. I do it anyway because I believe that I am in a unique position with an oddly specific background and set of experiences which have prepared me to receive what I have and presumably will receive from the spirits, and historically whenever I have shared what the spirits have shared with me, when I sense that they have requested that I do so, I pretty much immediately receive benefits.

From a very young age I wanted to be some sort of spiritual leader. This is not exactly what I had in mind, but it is better for me than what I was originally thinking, which would have involved spewing nonsense for the sake of pledging allegiance to someone else’s power system. I suppose this is not my platform, but this is acceptable.

All this being said, it is the reality of this world that people really have nothing better to do than to try and fuck with people they harbor jealousy towards. It is also the reality that some people can’t fucking contain themselves. I’m just some dude with a collection of interests and experiences. Why don’t you fuck off, eh? I assure you, I am well and fully aware that I am pretty fucking cool. It is not my job to say it.

Is it my problem that I am just so effective at what I do that I have to write my own content cause I literally have not seen anyone else putting out stuff like this? I’m guessing I’m not the only one with some crafty magick workings, but let’s be honest, I fuckin deliver the goods, be it magickal theory or mundane information. I try to be an inspiration for those who do something with their fucking lives, partially because I have to live here in this world with these people, but I am the one who is the spiritual one, in some cases. You do what you want. To be honest, I just couldn’t handle what some people do. I’m fuckin tired dude. I just write overly personal content and fuck around. Receiving the RotNS and this Enochian nonsense is uncalculably more involved, emotionally challenging, mentally exhausting, and just plain difficult than I may sometimes make it seem, especially because I tend to be extremely effective at enabling my long-term success and happiness, which historically has involved chopping my balls off and falling into mediocrity regarding the things that I actually give a fuck about and then having magick tell me ARENT YOU FUCKING GRATEFUL. Yeah, I am, despite my ego’s whinings. I don’t really want to come out of retirement or un-rust myself just to gain the ability to fucking be. Do you know how many years I spent as a grey rock? It sucks the life out of you. Maybe some people enjoy it - I do not. I didn’t choose this life, I just want my merch.

Ah who am I kidding, I’ve only experienced malice and nothing else since my first shit flowed out of my butthole (assuming it made it out that way and not out the way it came in). Clearly my experience is limited to exclusively this and no other emotions.

Well at the very least, I don’t have to pass out the collection basket.

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Nyeh nyeh nyeh bla bla bla nyeh blah

This is a dream; I am in control.

No you’re not slkldjlsdfjlk come down into my misery

[Phases through the walls and flies away]

This is very natural. [Rubs the dirt and stones] [Soars up to the mountaintop]

For her heart is full of sweetness,
a tender scent escapes her blossom-gown.
When the heather blooms in a reddish purple,
I sing her this song in greeting.
Back at home, a maiden weeps for you
and she’s called

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Would you like to know the story of my life?

Drafted, convinced them to let me go to the airborne cause I’ve always wanted to fly.

Fallschirmjäger, 1st Parachute Division. Rifleman. Fought in Belgium. Became a machine gunner after my squadmates (shooter and ammo) were killed. Thank fuck cause bolt-action is a sad fuckin time. Fucked a local girl. She didn’t speak my language, but at least I got my dick wet and had some respite after heavy casualties. It would be the last time. Fought in Greece. Fought in northern Russia with Army Group North.

Near Leningrad, filled in for a Sturmgeschütz III (StuG) gunner after he was killed. Desperate times. I’m a fast learner. Now in the 8th Panzer Division. Learned how to drive after the rest of the crew was killed and I had to dip. Got a new crew. After they were killed I fled into the Polish countryside. Was picked up by Einsatzgruppen, sent back to Germany, and deemed too combat effective to waste the manpower. I have no problem with Juden, Hitler does, and he drafted me. Desperate times indeed. I didn’t even get to parade about in my new clothes and find a nice girl. I don’t know what happened to my Erika.

Then assigned to the 116th Panzer Division and given a Panzerkampfwagen IV ( Pz.Kpfw. IV ) to drive. Escaped the Falais pocket.

Would you like to know how I died? Killed in the Hürtgen Forest, swarmed by infanterie rats.

I didn’t choose the StuG life, I was drafted into the Wehrmacht. Am I even real? I’m real to me, and all these synchronicities are real. Maybe after I know my life once again I’ll just fuckin join up in the next playthrough and handle myself a battalion. Maybe once I’m in charge we’ll actually fuckin win. I’ll keep some spare maps in the Alps. Maybe we wouldn’t have so many manpower issues if we drafted those fucks instead of killing them. I mean come on, Esperanto speakers, really? I don’t care how good his films are, we need better propaganda. Nah, you know what we really need? More flak and pak 36s. I’d say then maybe we wouldn’t have lost Carentan, but that would imply they got past the beaches. Yeah, I’d listen to Rommel, you dipshits. Just build the goddamn Porsches and realize what is going to happen to your airplanes when the enemies are two islands and a massive fuckin blob of landmass. Maybe actually collaborate with the fucks on our team and copy their navy. I sure do love looking at maps and drawing arrows.

Now I know why I never thought I’d make it this far. It seems the boundary has been crossed. New record!

I’m thinking play as the Americans in the revolution cause fuck yeah side with the rebels, the Russians in Napoleonic-ish times (URRRRRRAAAAAA), the French against the British navy (just like the good ole days), Vikings against the Anglo-Saxons, maybe Carthaginians against the Romans, but probably Romans cause random Iberian tribesmen, the Japanese against themselves (no guns that’s cheating), and then you always play both sides cause why not and I’m not trying to get bogged down in nationalism.

Don’t think this is possible? I dream about military situations almost every day. With better dream skills you can induce narrative experiences. I don’t particularly care if (at first sometimes) it’s not all technically 100% accurate. Yeah you gotta drive stick but in terms of anatomy close enough is fine so long as it all functions properly. I call driver.

You know how many dreams I recorded two days ago? 10. Usually it’s ~4-6. So after some combat operations or driving/flying (imagine hoofin it with the infanterie - ha!) or sitting in a hole watching the line, Ima grow an extra dick and put it to good use. Or maybe grow a dick to go along with my huge bouncy boobies. Maybe manifest myself into everyone at the orgy. Or just, like, vibe and spelunk around the dream magic mushroom forest. Or try and seduce a Vulcan. Or begin the ancient Sith tradition of the rule of 2. Bzzzzzzzt. Ironic.

Insight into the nature of the mind and reality? Hardcore dream yoga? Bruh I just want to get road head in my Panzer.

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Hey fam. Your experience here resonates in some ways. I had to think about your story throughout the day because its really detailed and another proof that dreams aren’t just a playground for suppressed penchants or daily frustrations. More often than not this shit is far too real.

It wasn’t until last year, when I’ve found my great grandfather through dream workings (or rather, he found me). Didn’t know shit about him or what happened, nobody really talked about anything much.

They only told me that he was taken away by the Soviets when they took over the place where his family lived.
That wasn’t true. He was actually drafted by the Wehrmacht to defend Königsberg against the Red Army, while east prussian civilians tried to get away via ships. I’ve met him for the first time last year in one of my dreams in a city I wasn’t familiar with (He didn’t introduce himself to me as “Yo, I’m your great grandfather”, by the way. Back then he was a random stranger).

The dream stuck with me for whatever reason and I tried to match the places in my dream with something that would exist right here and now. My researches led me to the russian exclave of Baltiysk; the city had a strong resemblance to the place in my dream, especially the port and a church made out of red bricks. I’ve educated myself about the history of Baltiysk and I’ve learned about the german memorial cemetery. That shit didn’t leave me alone anymore.

I found it weird that I couldn’t find my great grandfather in any kind of Red Cross missing persons list for soldiers and civilians although he was “missing”, according to my grandmother and her sisters. I’ve contacted an organization that is keeping records about soldier graves throughout Europe and gave them the name of my great grandfather with the little information I had about him (date of birth, last place of residence).
And now things get way too fucking real.

Apparently his wife lied to her children the entire time about what happened to him, she received his death certificate already in 1956 but must have decided to keep it to herself for whatever reason.

He died in a field hospital (according to the papers I’ve received from the Bundesarchiv he succumbed to a head injury) in Pillau, the place that is now called Baltiysk. He shares the cemetery with 204 drowned civilians from the ship Wilhelm Gustloff, which is a bit ironic when I think about his task to protect these people in the first place.

I’ve met my fucking great grandfather in a city that would be his final resting place. In his fucking Wehrmacht attire (or whatever has been left from it, he didn’t look too healthy anymore when our paths crossed). In my fucking dream.

I might be able to get my ass to Baltiysk in 2023, I need to see this place with my own eyes. The port, the buildings, the seaside, the graveyard, everything. (and I think that submarines are neat, which is a nice side benefit to this trip)

Dreams are no joke. I’d like to thank you for the reminder and for sharing this story. Have a great one, whatever you’re doing on the last day of the year (sorry for typos etc, I’m not accustomed to lengthy ramblings in other languages while typing on my phone).

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It would be very possible for a German speaker/reader with access to the Bundesarchiv to reality check all of this, but this is not particularly concerning to me because of how thoroughly the timeline synchronizes with my life. Getting drafted is when I was off to university. Belgium lasted until a bit into sophomore year, then Greece, then Russia was about junior year until I graduated, and then France was what came after that. I believe that the events in my life now are beyond the timeline of this person’s life.

It does not particularly matter if there is a historical record of this person because all of this could have feasibly happened, and I see very little to no difference between the validity of this person’s existence and the existence of any of the soldiers who are present in the archives. What matters to me are the synchronicities and emotional resonances.

It was not intentional when I heard the salutes and pledges of allegiance to the führer and felt something deep within me triggered. It had nothing to do with the man and everything to do with such military power assembled together conjoining their existences. Can you imagine if that was you?

I have had only minimal encounters with this spirit, as I want to do his life justice. This is why I intend to progress towards 6 days per week of seriously doing the dream practices, throughout the turning of the wheel. My dream combat experiences are currently often a little too uncontrolled for my liking. The situations are usually fairly reasonable, but how I experience myself in those situations is usually a bit too first-person shooter-y or sometimes third-person cinematic. Usually it’s at least an fps for me now, where the weapon handling is kind of weird because I am used to using different controls to do those actions, so once I get a handle on basic lucid dream control it seems that will allow me to easily transport myself to/create a training environment where I can get a feel for the equipment and strengthen the presence of the intentions I have for that particular dream scenario.

I think that is worth elaborating on a bit more. If you’ve read Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming and The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep and have practiced to an upper novice level, then you probably have an idea for how this goes, but I enjoy this topic rather thoroughly and this is helpful for me too to accomplish Stage 1, doing the practice (that’s a The Mind Illuminated reference - 1 hour daily sits).

I will have to see how it goes, but I suspect that running some simulations will be immensely helpful. I already study and practice tactics and strategy, which I can only do with my expanding understanding of the equipment that is available. There are also issues of organization, although I make the effort (it’s not really effort, it is very easy for me to involve myself in all of this, but I go out of my way to) to understand the equipment and general tactical scenarios that result from the equipment (weapons, transport, support equipment, etc) so that I don’t get bottlenecked into limited thinking by dogmatic doctrine. Indeed, the German culture of “doctrine” not really being the proper translation, but more “general principles which are flexible” rather than dogma, is a point of pride. How motivating defeat can be.

I already read and consume plenty of educational materials (not grossly biased documentaries, educational materials, numbers, accurate diagrams, maps), but one fun fact I found out is that the US army puts out some field manuals available for free as pdfs. Tactics, Offense and Defense, is obviously appealing, as are Strategy and Operations, and also things like the medic field manual. I’d like to get my hands on some translated German wwii manuals, which I have, but I will probably learn German. As an English speaker, this will probably be easier than Japanese. Shit I knew someone who learned like 8 languages in grad school, at least one of them with kanji-type writing. Guten Tag. I did a little duolingo one time. I recommend the app Anki. It should be your religion. Also, map reading and land navigation.

[chuckles in going deep]

I didn’t ask to learn geography and urban design, I was drafted into the Wehrmacht. I am fairly confident in the idea that with enough studying of maps and practice playing out military situations on those maps, the subconscious mind will become capable of generating good terrain and simulating tactical actions by soldiers. I believe a good approach is to study a map enough to know it well and to then move about the terrain and ensure it all is lining-up and well-generated. I don’t think it has to be exactly the same every single time, but all significant features should be accurately generated. If you do this with enough different maps it should all be sinking in, presumably even to the point where you can dream up a map and then load it in. Eventually you can probably just receive/generate one near instantly, but before that I don’t see why you couldn’t put in a little creative and logical work yourself to create a reasonable map on dream state paper and to then Minecraft on in there. Some cartographic practice is almost certainly required to enable the possibility of smooth and quick auto-generation. I do this with music whenever I want to, and I can see the limitations of what I generate, and I can see how I could push through those limitation.

I believe that adjusting the settings to combat mode should be quite simple. You have a master switch that turns it on/off. When on, you automatically intend to be limited to material physics and whatnot. No flying without airplanes, no Godmode. Your guns have ammo. At any time you can turn Godmode back on. I imagine that this takes some practice but overall doesn’t seem too bad. I am rarely not amazed by what the subconscious mind is capable of doing when the conscious mind does not interfere.

In terms of length of the dreams, it is apparently possible with practice to pretty much always WILD in and to very quickly return back to the dream state with good memory and awareness between awakenings. It is apparently also possible to extend how much time there is within a period of dreaming. I’ll probably create a lifestyle balance with the academy, the terrain, weapons handling, body conditioning, and combat. Somedays I’ll probably want to do more involved training maneuvers or combat situations and will use most all of the dream time for that. I want to usually make sure the situation reaches a good point to leave it at, so a little extra time at the end is good for chillin or maybe reviewing what happened sometimes.

At first, English with jawohl thrown in is fine. I intend to speak with my samurai in Japanese, and so it seems only reasonable that I complain up the chain in German. There’s not a bunch of German anime but there’s probably some good stuff. I don’t really want to just learn every language but I can put the clothes on and roleplay. This weapon was cursed by death, and so death is mine to give.

I am clearly putting a lot of dream time (and awake time) into this, and I feel that this is time well spent. I find all of this to be extraordinarily compelling. I have long wanted to be a skilled lucid dreamer, but all too often this material world has held me down. I know that I only have to engage in the practices, and then my desire will come true, and what may occur as a result of being a skilled lucid dreamer will be my reality.

I dislike being bogged down, even while enjoying the pleasures of this material world. This is why I have broken my chains, and why I will not stop until all my chains are broken.

It is all so simple to me now. I see the path before me, and it is not complicated. I have always faced adversaries, but never before has it all been so clear as it is to me now. Being with strength causes obstacles to arise, but without strength nothing may give way. I see the path to peace, and I see the encroachments of this material world. I see what I must do to control the corruption.

There are things that I want to do to this place, but I will admit that my concerns for what to do with my life revolve around me, and there are no exceptions to this. I have spent too long living my life for other people and conforming to other people’s expectations for me. I do not want that to be a phrase laced with contempt because of my lifestyle. I fully expect and require the world around me to adapt to how I would like to live my life. I am not unreasonable, and I understand that it can take some adjustment for some people to change out of their imo shitty habits, at least when they deal with me. I cannot fathom the level of distraction that many people live their entire life in. The only time I ever turn my phone off of mute is when I am expecting a phone call at a scheduled time, and I think I will be turning off text message and email notifications and just check them at pre-determined times. It amuses me the length people go to to defend an awful way of being, but I don’t let it infect my lifestyle design. I think usually people will not be hateful about this, but it’s not like I’m not used to dealing with hateful people.

If someone gets all bent out of shape about you “not taking their call,” just realize that they are only trying to get money out of you. Look, I’ll give you my money, and I will talk to you at these times. Perhaps the amount of money I will be giving you is acceptable in order for us to communicate and operate efficiently. Some will not see this because they are used to scamming fools to make money and can’t wrap their minds around a different situation. Not everyone is a goddamn terrible businessperson though, and not everyone is extremely rigidly locked in their thinking.

It truly is amazing what lifestyles can be unlocked in this life, and I find these things to be very worth doing. Most people have truly terrible lives, and many have absolutely no idea. I am very grateful that magick has given me a way out of that. Being “in society” is not really appealing to me. I do not wish to conform to society’s patterns. The 8am-8pm and beyond work lifestyle with awful commutes and then not enough time with your kids sounds incredibly shitty. Not only do I have to slave away for a wage, I can’t even do anything for myself. Fuck that. I hate, hate hate hate hate being drafted. I hate the thought of being in corporate America. That is nothing against anyone except those who try to draft me or get me drafted. Fuck that. I am not marching with the infanterie.

I try not to hold onto contempt for the mass of humanity, but I do not want to be like them. Can you imagine your relationship falling apart because one person wanted to be sexual and intimate with someone else, and the only reason they wanted to do that was because the rules of their relationship lead them to a point where they were not satisfied with what they were allowed to experience with the other person? Can you imagine denying someone the freedom to experience and have love with someone? It’s fine if you want to do this in your relationships, but I certainly don’t, and I am not insecure about my ability to provide emotional, mental, and physical satisfaction. If they’d rather not be with me, why would I want to force that to happen? How could that possibly benefit me in ways that a compatible person would not?

Do you know how much dream state sex I’m about to have? Do you know how many people I have on my list right now? It’s more than one, I’ll tell you that. I had a pretty good time with someone who’s been on my list for a while last night (this morning, last collection of dreaming periods, whatever), even though it was a little intimidating cause I know for a solid tangible fact she’s imperceivably better at sex than I am at this time.

I just can’t help myself, all that magick worked and now I’m here. It could have worked all those other ways, but those would have actually involved more pain for me. I’ll try not to neglect the academy, but this counts as terrain and body conditioning, right? I thought I had a lot of sex in college - ha! Don’t worry about it, it’s anatomy study and investigations into the nature of the mind and reality.

I’m gonna guess that once I’m in the swing of 6 days per week that development will occur much more rapidly and this will all be much easier than I’ve considered before. Once I found the yogic techniques the overall practice got way better anyways so regardless it should be a good time. It seems like meditation is just how to do it and trying to MILD yourself there just won’t work anyways. I like how the visualizations control the dream content now, but I’d like to gain control while keeping these power symbols and using them to WILD in.

On that note, this has been sort of my idea of how to do dream induction. I’ll probably make “sigils” for different dream scenarios and use them as intention-setters and as direct gateways. Dream control will make the dream state very manipulable, and intention doesn’t take much, but I could see this being a useful bridge to that level. Notecards have served me well thus far, as have sigil books. I don’t want to make it too cumbersome but a physical object seems useful, and a sigil is appealing as it allows the essence of a place or character to be stored or represented by a simple image, which allows for greater flexibility in the manifestation of what that sigil is.

This is all a bit “heady,” but that’s just dream practice. I believe that my greatest barrier to my practice has been my reservations towards taking the practices as seriously as I do the other things in my life. Sleepiness and the laxity which can arise from a time usually used for pure relaxation and rest also present a challenge, but I think that if I approach dream practice like I approach ritual magick then things will go very differently. A big issue I have encountered is not seeing frequent feedback from results. The yogic techniques take care of this pretty handily, and diligent meditation makes lucidity much easier. I think that I will also read EWLD again after TYDS. Dream induction seems good to practice alongside the visualizations, perhaps at first with a single intention that could manifest in any dream, and you try and keep that intention until it manifests. Previously I just did the visualizations and let the magick produce interesting dreams, but I have things I want to do, so may as well start practicing this.

I think that it will be a good year for me. Getting rich, getting sexy, and getting good. Not bad, magick, not bad.

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Sometimes when I am so deep into a certain working, especially general long-term workings, it can be a very pleasant reminder of the power of magick when some good ole practical magick manifests. Truly, it is amazing. That one sigil, which I suppose is related to this other sigil in this working, which is related to this other working, worked beautifully, as though manipulating the very fabric of reality itself.

How do you explain “convenience magick”? I mean wow, that is just so convenient.

Also, I am pleased to report that the dream induction sigil worked like a charm. I was expecting no dreams, but I had an awakening and got up to pee so I figured why not let’s slide it under the pillow. Boom, immediate sexy times with a sexy sexy girl.

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Sometimes, after investigating the other possibilities, there really is no other reasonable explanation than that you witnessed your magickal power being made manifest in the material world. This is something that I think all Enochian practitioners should keep in mind.

I dislike holding on to hatred for hatred’s sake, but I will admit that some of my greatest personal transformations have been powered by the energy of hatred. There is the moment of cathartic release when hatred becomes pleasure, and there is pleasure itself, but the energy of hatred is also an important component in that three-part system.

I despise mediocrity. There is perhaps nothing which disgusts me more than a mediocre person. If I set aside all the usual labelling which I do, I see that I am better than these people, and it is all my fault.

Do I care if someone else is better than me? No, I don’t. Well, I care in the sense of wanting to emulate them and copy their success. Why would I hate someone who is like what I want to be?

It is undeniable that my personality is such that I often feel compelled to try and help other people. I enjoy this. But then along comes the mediocre people, and my attempt fails. I am no stranger to failure. I dislike failure. And so I realized that it is a complete and absolute waste of my time to try and help mediocre people.

Yes, I know exactly what the problem is. It is weakness. Yes, I probably know more or less how to alleviate that weakness and can give instructions on how to do that. The thing is, people are so weak that if you spell out step by step instructions on exactly how to get exactly what they want, they just fuckin ignore you. And then another failure is added to my pile of failures, and all I learned is that people are so often weak and mediocre. Wow, what a surprise.

This is how I choose to spend my time. Am I supposed to reserve my judgement when I accurately assess that my accumulated knowledge and abilities are both greater in quantity, superior in individual depth, and with an overall greater connectedness and layering which creates self-actualization? As it turns out, people do not usually like it when you display to them behaviors which signal condescension, surprise surprise, but people also do not usually like it when your success contrasts with their weakness.

So what do you do when this happens to you? Thank them for being the sensory objects which revealed to you your hidden weakness? This is not a terrible approach. You don’t have to like someone to be grateful for their function in your life.

Hatred usually signals that there is something about the situation which is not agreeable to you, and this is a useful indicator for the future situations which you seek out. If they have a job to do, then you can just minimize your exposure to them and make someone else deal with it. Sometimes, though, it just means that they belong to the category of mediocrity, and it would be wise to connect with alternatives who do not force you into such mediocrity.

It doesn’t matter to what extent this occurs, the people you interact with will influence you. You can consciously negate that influence, but that is fighting against a flowing river, and it is better to find a river which you can flow with and are pleased to accept the influences which occur.

Perhaps this is just me putting unneeded pressure upon myself, but I do not really feel that way. I in-part believe that I am all around pretty great because of the weight of my knowledge and abilities. A huge reason I care about my knowledge and abilities is because of the pleasures these allow me to experience, and the displeasures which are removed from my experience. I used to feel more pressure, but now that I know for a simple fact that I am extremely effective at learning, this pressure is largely gone.

When people have power over you, and these people are very willing and quick to exercise this power, it can cause immense hatred if there is no respect towards you. Knowledge and abilities give you the power to remove such chains, and with these chains removed, hatred easily dissipates because you are free to do what you want and to not do what you do not want to do.

The deeper I go into financial magick, the more I realize why the wealthy largely keep to themselves and erect boundaries around their spaces and properties. I’d build ditches with pointy sticks and great walls with plenty of mrder holes if I could. Even if it is bolt-action, it still gets the job done just fine. I’d pay people to do that, just to be clear. Do these hands look like they are for digging holes in the frozen ground? No, you cannot burn my oil to keep yourself warm, you should have thought a bit more about your life choices, like at least 10 links back in the chain. Oh, you are trying to assault me and take my stuff now? See, that’s why we make sure the sticks are nice and pointy. You really can’t have too many ditches.

Would you like to know, a fun fact? This is how a great many people spend their life (no magick, no dream state afterlife). Wake up, exhausted. Argue with spouse. Commute to work. Stay for like 10 hours, work for like 5 or 6 maybe. Commute to their possibly owned, possibly debt-financed residence. Argue with spouse. Say something to some of the kids. Watch boring TV. Don’t have sex. Sleep. Wake up, exhausted.

Would you like to know, a fun fact? These people do it to themselves. My life is what it is precisely because I have made it so. Tell that to a mediocre, weak person, and they will try to attack you because their weakness evolves into avarice or self-disgust and this is then projected onto you as aggression or malice, or both, and then if it was me they were attacking they become impaled on a pointy stick and I laugh. I didn’t even do anything, they just ran right into it. I’m not sure what they were expecting to happen.

The reason I chose to align myself with the Left Hand Path is because those who work with demons tend to sense at a deep level the potential of demonic power. Obviously I also summon angels, but that’s not the point. All enemies in my life have been obliterated. I have manifested more and better sex for myself, more love for myself, more money for myself, more happiness for myself, more power for myself, more ease and fluidity, so many things, all for me. It is not that I do not care about others, but I put myself first.


Every act is an act of manipulation.

Good and evil are illusions. What there is is choice, and the natural consequences of our actions.

What choices do you make, dear readers?

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My personal research interests currently mainly lie in doctrinal development and training issues.

Do the preliminary practices, then go to sleep with the intention to accomplish dream yoga. Jawohl panzerführer.

I like to remind myself that the idea is that you have to maintain awareness as you pass into death like you do in sleep yoga in order to control what presumably happens after that, or else you get reincarnated once more into samsara, reborn into Hell, which is to say, the material world, with the traces of the karma which you have sown influencing what it is you are to experience, quite literally trapped in a hell of your own creation. Good thing I’m on good terms with the management. Todesverachtung, dear readers, Todesverachtun

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What do you do for your morning ritual? At what altar do you pray?

Oh-h-h, you only have one morning ritual.

Dear readers, would you like to know how the narcissistic mind works? This is, of course, purely for entertainment purposes, and all of my words should be taken at face value. Just to be clear, I only use the words “narcissist” and “psychopath” loosely to mainly describe those who are toxic. I like the word “egoic” for one who is kind of narcissistic but not a complete utter shitbag, or generally a shitbag.

First, we have the overt narcissist. These ones are not exactly known for the subtlety, uniqueness, or individuality. As with all dark personality types which are toxic, the root of the problem is fear in its most base form, weakness. The weaknesses that are present evolve into rage and/or hatred.

The overt narcissists tend to mostly reside in hatred, and if not hatred then rage. This emotion is so prevalent in their experience that it becomes associated with most everything they interact with, meaning that they are almost always emotionally compelled to attack anyone they interact with at any time for any and all and no reasons.

Fear is also present, but the overt narcissist usually tries to hide this. They have so much weakness within their mind that they become extremely and exclusively self-absorbed, as they come to fear everyone. They are weak and afraid of all people. They are unable, lacking in the ability to let go of this weakness, and so the only options are for them to continue to reside in fear or for the fear to evolve into rage and/or hatred.

With the overt narcissist, evolution into hatred is usually what happens. These people have 0 self-awareness and so completely believe without question whatever thoughts arise within their mind, meaning that they are 100% controlled by their weakness, as weakness is the root of their most predominant emotional experience.

Weak men create hard times.

Oftentimes, weak men even create hard times in the sense of their dick getting hard and subsequently wet from vaginal fluids. They will hate whomever (whoever?) it is that is allowing them to put their dick in.

Why would you let someone who hates you put their dick in you? Because hatred is all you know and is what you expect to human relationships to be.

Imagine if two overt narcissists tried to have a relationship. Maybe that “works out” for some, but that seems like an unsustainable dynamic, like two tops trying to bend the other one over.

There are also covert narcissists. Despite what they may initially appear to be, they are narcissists all the same. These types emotionally function basically the exact same as overt narcissists, but their manipulation tactics are very different.

Overt narcissists don’t really “manipulate” so much as constantly attack. Covert narcissists will often use guilt as their means of attack. Sometimes this manifests as playing the victim, other times they just try to undermine your sense of pleasure in who you are and what you do with your life.

Why do they do this? Because they feel threatened because of the intensity and strength of their weakness. They also usually literally do not know any other way to behave. This is not a choice that they are making after contemplation and pre-meditation. They literally could not have behaved in any other way because they cannot imagine any other way to behave.

This is the reality of more people than you may initially think. When you hear someone (who probably does not know what they are talking about) say that “narcissists and psychopaths have no empathy,” the truth of the situation is that narcissists are so completely self-absorbed that they somehow manage to learn what usually happens when they behave in certain ways around people, and that they do not care about what other people experience so long as their hatred is released or their fear smothered for the moment.

I choose to steer my life in ways to absolutely minimize exposure to these types of people as much as is absolutely possible. I have great patience, generally speaking, but there is only so much adult diaper changing I can take before I want to enter the dream state and pay a visit to my wheel.

I would say “the sheer gall and impudence” of these people, but again that would imply choice. Do toddlers choose to cry? No. They whine to get attention.

I will admit, however, that I find it rather amusing how deeply this people become rooted in their toxic delusions of weakness. I’ve been training as an actor ever since I was told to turn my emotions off while looking up at the trash can next to me, but it can be difficult to keep a straight face when someone whose ignorance about a subject you know a pretty reasonable amount about is incredibly vast tries to condescend to you and provide you with their “aged wisdom.”

I mean really, let’s all just take a moment and feel ourselves for a bit. How would you feel when someone who doesn’t know what a perpetuity is tries to condescend to you and give you financial advice? Personally, I find it hilarious. Could you briefly describe to me the various aspects of the Efficient Market Hypothesis? ThAtS jUsT a ThEoRy MaN. Well you’re just a stupid, ignorant narcissist, but you don’t see me breathing that * menacingly * into your ear. Loudly exhaling is not very menacing, especially when it is tinged with fear, neither is trying to copy a powerful stride when you walk with weakness.

What’s that, you mean not everyone grows up under the constant threat of violence? Well I realize that. Do you think that the individual who received the Ritual of the Neutron Star is any stranger to hatred?

Some more fun facts about overt narcissism, if you tell the overt narcissist to fuck off, they will usually just double-down on their attacks against you. This has happened to me with multiple people. They crave attention and affection so badly and are so weak that they are compelled and controlled by their emotions to try and make others weaker than them so that their own weakness is not triggered and they feel secure enough to interact with this person. They can’t just, say, have a wife with whom they have a relationship built on a foundation of respect. They have to attack their wife and try to make her weak so that they are not afraid of their wife because they do not understand the concept of respect.

“Respect” to an overt narcissist means complete and unquestioned obedience, and really beyond that, worship and devotion, with the needs of the other person being non-existent and the other person existing solely to serve the narcissist. I’ve seen a narcissist develop a thrall before, and it is not a pretty sight. This is one reason why they often seek things like corporate management positions, so that they can boss people around and gain narcissistic pleasure from inflicting fear and dominating people. I’m not saying that this is an effective leadership doctrine, but it can work temporarily under limited conditions until they get French Revolutioned and beheaded by those they inspired deep, deep hatred within. And then they cry and cry when their small amount of power is taken away from them. If they had seized power and done so effectively, then they would have enjoyed the fruits of power for their entire life. But that would require them to challenge others with similar or greater amounts of power than them, something that they extremely weak overt narcissists usually do not do because they would rather be the heavy weight (mostly fat, but a little muscle) going against the light weight who’s taken classes for like a week. It’s like the person who plays call of duty against the ai on easy mode and then fantasizes about killing lots of people while wearing camo and sunglasses.

Why do you think rapes happen? Turns out psychologists have actually studied this, and last I heard there were around four different types of rapists. At least one group believed they were so weak that they would not be able to have sex any other way. I’m guessing they’ve never heard of prostitutes. Or they are so broke that they can’t afford a prostitute, and they are so weak that they cannot develop their personality and sex appeal to attract a partner normally, just like everyone else.

I have accepted the semi-public nature of my writing here, but I will continue to share the secrets of power and magickal practice as I enjoy doing this and the spirits tend to reward me for doing it.

Clearly, though, some people really need some martial arts training. Good sensei will usually knock the violent fantasies out of you pretty quickly. Some really need the humbling experience of knowing that they are surrounded by people who could easily kill them with their bare hands or the training weapon. This tends to alleviate the toxic weakness which makes overt narcissists so defensive and needy.

Weak men create hard times.

Overt narcissists also rarely even vaguely comprehend the value of flanking maneuvers.

In the course of my studies of the histories, it has become known to me that the medieval nobility would often whine about archers. This is precisely because archers were so effective. An enemy knight may realize they can get rich by ransoming you off, but archers do not discriminate. They do what is effective. They care not for some ridiculous notion of “honor and glory,” only for military effectiveness. Did the archer choose to become engaged in combat? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I wonder, does the archer choose to turn on their own teammates? Does the archer choose to fire on their friendly forces, helping the enemy? If the archer’s team wins, the archer will gain plunder and booty alongside their friendly forces. If the archer fires on their friendly forces, they will be immediately killed, or alternatively, if all their friendly forces have already been killed, then they will be killed by the enemy. And yet, some archers, when faced against the enemy legions, choose to fire on those who are attempting to defeat their mutual enemy legions. As a commander, it is most wise to kill such treacherous betrayers immediately before they can kill more of your forces or infect the rest of your friendlies with stupidity.

Well now I just want you to be successful. Oh, really? You remember that piece of great advice, to listen to people who know more than I do? Yeah, why don’t you shut the fuck up.

If, in my older years, I am not having sex more days than not with fit, attractive people, just like myself, if I am not so rich that I can pull the trigger on any starter deal any burgeoning investor brings to me, if I am not still actively engaged in work that nourishes me, benefits others, and gives me happiness and self-actualization, then something will have gone horribly wrong, and by that I mean that I must have somehow turned extremely toxic and stupid because I cannot see how such immense self-sabotage could otherwise occur for me now at this point after having done so much difficult emotional labor and coming to know myself and cultivating self-awareness.

The stupidity of some people is really quite amusing. No, no, you’re definitely smarter than me my dude, you have barely surface knowledge of like one fun fact about one of my passions. Wow, you’re just so big and strong! Don’t mind me and my life of freedom, riches, power, sex, and happiness, why don’t you go back to your dead-end crappy job? Ah jeez, you’re just so much smarter than me, thanks for all the great advice.

Ohhh that’s right, not only are you smarter than me, I’m just “book smart.” I probably don’t have any common sense either, do I? Nope, I just go around getting bent over by short-sighted, stupid men. I am definitely not a master of influence with an understanding of the concept of power dynamics and leverage.

Jesus Christ. To think that I’m not capable of arching my own back.

Morning, afternoon, evening, night, late night, it does not matter. If there is to be an attack, there is to be an attack. I am quite satisfied with my current position and the resources I have access to for the purposes of strengthening my empire, and therefore the empires of those emperors who see the wisdom in aligning with me under common cause. Maybe if some of the infantry dogs weren’t so poorly trained we could all go back to regulated free market trade and expect to die with bellies full of wine and mouths around our cocks instead of bellies full of lead and empty coffers.


I wonder what it means when the only time you see pleasure being displayed is when they perceive that they have inflicted malice upon you, and in the times when pleasure or perhaps even pride could be the reaction, all you see is weakness?

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Maybe they are just that skilled in manipulation!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

If you ever find yourself in the situation, dear readers, where you have chosen to interact with someone for the purposes of advancing your agenda, and they literally do nothing but display and act upon malice towards you, literally that is all they do, just display the stank face to them, like how you feel when listening to some heavy metal or real dirty jazz. Resting stank face is sort of amusing to execute, but is an effective counter against the hate automaton.

Yes indeed, I am the source of all evil in this world, and so this (not financial advice don’t sue me) should be seen as a way to evilly manipulate all the people around you who genuinely respect, love, and care for you. Why would you do this? Does evil need a reason? All I need are cookies and lemons.

What, don’t get that reference. Why don’t you eat za armpit, huh? Don’t get that reference either? Why don’t you add that to the enormous and only growing pile of your ignorance. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your ignorance. Fuck Hitler dude, I think we can all agree on that.

Oof, better be careful or else my writing will devolve into only references cause we gotta crank out this season. Nothin on yah, my dudes. Ahhh, self-hypnosis.

Wowzers do I love therapy. What do you mean therapy isn’t me paying a shrink I’m smarter than to tell me I’m right and force all the people around me to cater to my every need cause I’m too incompetent to take proactive action to know myself and learn how to get what I want? Waaaaahhh.

Unlike infant children, who are not expressing malice when they vomit on you, elderly people with the emotional maturity of five year olds are capable of expressing hatred, so that’s just a swell and dandy fuckin time.

No, I can’t just say “hey fuck you that’s a pretty shitty thing to do” cause that triggers the weak, insecure narcissist’s weakness, and that is usually more of a pain to deal with than letting them believe whatever delusions of grandeur they want to believe, although there is the disadvantage that these delusions only fuel their weakness even farther.

I sure do love a nice, casual game of catch inside the cage. You are lucky that law enforcement is as effective as it is nowadays, despite the judicial system’s incompetence in dealing with children.

Violence, hooray!!! Truly the best way to express unconditional love.

I sure am glad that I have my guardian angel to give me love. I think there’s like one person I kinda got that from, although that wasn’t exactly free of corruption.

I wonder what it means when the kindergartener has to be the one to say “I love you.”

:thinking: :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Oh no, I have to do what I’ve done my entire life minus like one year to gain freedom, sex, money, power, and success. Whatever will I do without the love and support from the man who has always laced every. single. one of my passions, hell even just interests, with disdain?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That’s not misery crying, that’s delight crying, BY THE WAY. Not that I’m not wasting my words, though, as if you have any fucking clue what that means.

I wonder if Hitler ever cried to the Jews about how hard his life was. Ugh oh, better watch my words! Wouldn’t want to display anything other than fear!

I was born in the darkness dear readers, this is not difficult for me.

No, you see, Hitler was just using tough love. That’s why all the survivors didn’t have any traumatic baggage at all! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? I almost said a sarcastic phrase, but I’ll actually be careful about that one.

Imagine deflecting someone’s attention somewhere else after they try and make you feel guilty or silly about how they caused you C-PTSD. No, I have no problems with saying that. I can be scared, but I cannot be scared off.

I hope you enjoy the Hell of your own creation.

My dear readers, you can expect the empowerments for the remaining Rituals of the Angels and then for the Aethyrs likely within a couple months. This Tolerance Key sure is quite the persistent energy state. Progress to at least one hour daily sits, anapanasati. Fire kasina is extra that can be added onto that.

Whenever you’ve been with the insight of not-self for a pretty reasonable amount of time, it can be jolting when you have to deal with people who are really, really the exact opposite of that. Like, damn dude, fuckin chill, they’re just appearances. They really don’t know that, though, nor can they control their attention. Such a noisy, painful existence. I am grateful for this great and precious gift of the teachings.

Oh-ho, you only energy bend in the dream state, huh? Leaps backwards, spiraling.

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You want some not financial advice (don’t sue me) (don’t hate me)?

You ever just take a little peek-a-boo in the market? Yeah, I can’t afford that building either, whatever.

I have literally seen a house sell for ~$1,000 that looked to me aesthetically to be in livable condition. Maybe there were some functional repairs that needed doing, but regardless. I don’t personally recommend this approach (nor do I recommend anything this is not financial advice) for every level of capital availability, but if you buy that place for a grand and rent it out for like $400-500 per month it pays for itself pretty quickly and then just keeps spewing out cash for you. Perhaps more importantly, it means that you join the ranks of investors.

I wonder how the Roman aristocrats were so wealthy. Oh yeah, they owned land/property! People have been doing this longer than chess has existed. Truly a classic move.

You ever pray at the altar of easy money? It’s not a bad altar. Option A - easy money. Option B - difficult money. Uggghh, option A? Wait, why is it raining money now? You ever open to financial growth and break through financial barriers? That does by far most of it. Rejecting personal poverty is also a good idea. It’s prosperity magick, what exactly did you expect to happen? That you’d stay at your current financial plane forever?

Something to keep in mind is that different markets look very, very different. The thing about the United States of America is that it is pretty huge. Unless you’re in, like, California (is that one of the ones that will be underwater?), there’s a whole shitton of land and not too many people looking to live on that land. You see this dirt? That’s my dirt bruh. Don’t touch my dirt. Maybe I should dig a moat. What’re they gonna do? It’s my dirt bruh.

If you see anyone on the internet saying, now is the time to buy/sell!, you should ignore them completely. They probably are hilariously ignorant or trying to make money off of you.

If it’s so easy, then everyone would do it? Really, do you really believe that? Have you talked to the average person? Do they seem like the financially brightest bulbs in the box? Do they seem like money-haters?

I’d suggest house hacking as well, and that’s not a bad strategy, but if you are concerned about taking on debt then you can pay cash for a basically a studio apartment but in house form. It’s even got a lawn! Welcome to America, land of lots of land, even if the president is kinda doin landlords a bit dirty right now. Are the landlords, landladies, land-gender-neutral-noble-people still richer than you? I’d bet so.

Do I need to address the money-hater reaction of “that’s not fair!”? Life’s not fair bucko, you gonna reject personal poverty or work till your bones rot and go to sleep every night wondering how you’re gonna pay for that? Yep, there are still serfs and merchants, only everyone’s got it better now and is more prosperous.

I can understand the desire to make life better for the workers. I think that is good. You gotta hand it to the mustache man, not a bad ideology, even if no one understands the book, including me, but if I recall correctly from a former?/present? card-carrying communist, true communism doesn’t work at the level of actual society. I mean, if you want to go back to trading cows for beans, you feel free to do that. I’ll just buy a hamburger.

How do I scrape together the cash to invest though? I don’t know your life my dude, do some money magick. That’s what I did, and it didn’t work out too bad. I don’t do what I do for money because it tickles my big intellectual brain or gets my creative juices flowing. I do it because it is option A. I see no difference between myself and a prostitute in that regard. We’re just pushing the option A button. Why wouldn’t I do that?

Before I say this, I will say that this is in no way an endorsement for any state. English is simply my native language.

This is a quote from a US army doctrine publication. “Artful tactics require commanders to accept risk when formulating and executing plans. Success during operations depends on a willingness to embrace risk as opportunity rather than treating it as something to avoid. The best course of action may be the one with the greatest risk. Successful commanders balance the tension between protecting their force (capital) and accepting risks to accomplish their mission (maximization of return on investments).”

See, even the fuckin army is gender-neutral. Jesus Christ they’re shooting at us.

Much like a good field officer, I aim to cultivate aggression and independent thought while managing risk and maintaining an awareness of the psychological conditions of my friendly forces, as well as enemy forces, which I aim to defeat. Poverty is an enemy to be defeated. I create abundance.

In magick, particularly Enochian Sex Magick and Enochian Power Magick, there is a great deal of flexibility with regards to how general requests can be. I believe one argument for the title Success Magick is that the requests are formulated to essentially guarantee success if you engage with the magick.

However, I think any practicing occultist has almost certainly experienced the failure of a request. I believe magick is always effective generally speaking, but the more specific you get, the more you invite the possibility of failure. I have been shying away from overly specific requests in recent times as I have been exploring this more general approach to crafting my requests, and I have indeed experienced good results from this approach, but what I do not want is to become afraid of magickal failure.

In case this is of interest, I can recall at least a couple performances of early versions of the RotNS in which “lack” was used for fear rather than “ignorance.” This was changed as I believe that ignorance is ultimately the root of fear, not lack. With knowledge, I believe fear easily dissipates. I may lack the capital to afford a skyscraper, but this is no cause for fear for me because it does not matter to me. If I wanted to buy a skyscraper, lack of capital should still be no cause for fear as knowledge is what allows one to remedy such lack.

You want money? You can get what you want with magick.

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What follows will be elaborations on the various aspects of the Ritual of the Neutron Star. Drippity drip drip, dear readers.

Perhaps controversially, I will begin at this point.

This is a dream.

Understand that your experience is of the nature of the dream state.

Reality is highly malleable to intention. This is the fundamental of all ritual magick.

When you dream, do you go to the theatre, or do you play a video game? If you are playing video games, how linear is the experience, or how sandboxy is the experience? Is it, “press A to begin the cutscene,” or is it a fully immersive VR experience?

If, in a dream, you intend for a leprechaun to appear with a deep pot of gold, and you are not in confusion or doubt about the reality of your experience, then that will happen. If you intend for someone to spontaneously (I suppose not so spontaneously, really) combust, that will happen. If you intend to summon a person for the purposes of sex, that will happen. If you intend to travel to a specific or a certain kind of destination, then that will happen.

The difference between the material world and the dream world is that the material world is more heavy in the Earth element, and so more stable in its constructions/fabrications. Anything may fall through the cracks with a snap of your fingers in the dream state. Allegorically, this is also possible in the waking material world.

I am in control.

Understand that all effective magick is rooted in fundamental Source consciousness. This can be thought of as the ultimate supreme God-consciousness.

By performing effective magick, you connect with this consciousness and bring its reality into your experience. At the level of Source, there are no boundaries, there are no separations, there is no ignorance. There is no “you and me,” there is only being, sublime unity.

How you interpret this reality is up to you. I can say that I am aware of my experience being manifested through this body in this material world. Although there are moments of seeming psychic connection which occur between me and physical persons, these experiences occur within my experience, within my consciousness, and my mind is my own.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever seen a demonic spirit flap about someone’s mouth like a sock puppet? Have you ever experienced a female being hypnotized in a sexual trance where she clings onto you, right in front of her boyfriend (who talks weak shit and does nothing, like the sad little man that he is), while another bickers with her over who gets to have you (plenty to go around ladies, I assure you I do my kegels) (I regret nothing about the mouth/tongue stamina cultivated by my musical instrument), all right in front of your enemy?

What, did you think I would manifest myself into this rotten world without the power, grace, and energy of a Demon King? Do you really think I care about these humans? How many have been consumed by the great wave? How many have fallen into my jaws, burned alive where they stand?

No, dear readers, all the treasures of this world I put here for me to indulge myself in and enjoy. All of these humans are among my collection. So many different humans, so many shapes sizes and colors. All are my precious treasures.

FBI, behavioral sciences

I know of a man who is said to have played the guitar with uncanny ability as quite the young human. Very fascinating.

Maybe I should use the magick I receive, huh?

I let you know me, see me. I gave you a rare gift, but you didn’t want it.

Extreme acts of cruelty require a high level of empathy.

The devil has been a yoke on the neck of humanity since we first began to think and dream.

An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.

The essence of the worst in the human spirit is not found in the crazy sons of bitches. Ugliness is found in the faces of the crowd.

Better to live true to yourself for an instant than never know it.

No one can be fully aware of another human being unless we love them. By that love we see potential in our beloved. Through that love, we allow our beloved to see their potential. Expressing that love, our beloved’s potential comes true.

Morality doesn’t exist. Only morale.

God can’t save any of us because it’s, inelegant. Elegance is more important than suffering. That’s his design.

Forgiveness is too great and difficult for one person. It requires two: the betrayer and the betrayed.

We construct fairy tales and we accept them. Our minds concoct all sorts of fantasies when we don’t want to believe something.

The next time you have an instinct to help someone, you might consider crushing them instead. It might save you a great deal of trouble.

The mirrors in your mind can reflect the best of yourself, not the worst of someone else.

Must I denounce myself as a monster while you still refuse to see the one growing inside you?

When a fox hears a rabbit scream, he comes running. But not to help.

No greater love hath man than to lay down his life for a friend.

If everything that can happen happens, then you can never really do the wrong thing. You’re just doing what you’re supposed to.

You cannot control with respect to whom you fall in love.

Typhoid and swans, it all comes from the same place.

The most beautiful quality of a true friendship is to understand them. Be understood with absolute clarity.

Memory gives moments immortality, but forgetfulness promotes a healthy mind. It’s good to forget.

We don’t get wiser as we get older, but we do learn to avoid or raise a certain amount of hell, depending on which we prefer.

The traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive.

Not only is justice blind, it’s mindless and heartless.

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If you are familiar with my writing, you may be aware that I am very careful to be precise in my language. I have said that fear evolves into rage, and rage into hatred. I’m not an evolutionary psychologist, but I stand by this word choice.

If you are at a place in your spiritual practice where you are involved in what some would call more RHP practices, more leaning towards angel magick, meditation, whatever, then one of your broad goals may be to cut ignorance at its root and remove strands of fear from your mind. I’m always doing this, but there are times when I am more accepting and encouraging of hatred to arise as it is an extremely powerful emotion.

Fear is fundamental. Without fear compelling the behavior of a relatively more psychologically less complex being, its behavior would not spontaneously adjust to harmful stimuli. You ever hear of those people who can stick their hands in a fire and feel no pain? Do you see how that is problematic? Oops, rested my hand on the stove, now there’s no hand!

People really like to believe that they are in control. It has been said that voice actors are creators of life, as they breathe the essence of vitality into a drawn character.

You see, that’s one of the differences between us (loosely used here) and the non-practitioners. In all honesty, I can’t speak to what it is like to perform any sort of magick without having a significant level of insight from mindfulness meditation. It’s like living inside of a film reel vs seeing the film reel before your eyes. But, of course, there is no watcher. Dzogchen! Deal with it!

Hatred, in my opinion, is composed of two different sub-emotions, or aspects, or something like that, malice and disgust. Malice compels approach whereas disgust compels avoidance.

To understand the difference between this and rage, aggression, which compels approach, and avarice, which compels avoidance, I think you simply have to experience the emotions and observe their effects on you and on others. All humans, including myself, have been the subjects of my observation for a long time. There is no turning this off as I just know what is going on by far most of the time. They don’t let you Stanford Prison Experiment people anymore, alas, but humans are toxic enough out in the wild all on their own for things to still be interesting.

Ah, yes, here we see the humans in their natural habitat. scribbles down notes Hmm, I wonder what would happen if I introduced this stimulus into their environment. Very fascinating, would you like for me to go ahead and describe how you got to where you are, or will you rage interrupt me because you don’t like it that I can do that? I have considered many possibilities.

One reason I believe hatred is an emotion which represents more advanced development is that fear, weakness, compels complacency and submission. These are not states conducive to getting fucked nor to ensuring the survival and strength of offspring so that they all get fucked. That’s pretty much all there is to this.

Oh yes, dear reader, I am aware that you in all your sublime meditative prowess do not need such primitive compulsions to dominate your enemies and get what you want out of life. One purpose of the RotNS is to understand that corrupt mass of humanity that surrounds you.

This is one reason why the instructions include taking off the armor that you carry prior to knowing corruption. If you never take off the person suit, it is unhealthy. It is exhausting.

This ritual allows you to know these emotions, but perhaps you can see that it also encourages you to not become attached to these emotions and to allow them to become pleasure. These demons give the power to have knowledge of corruption, but that does not mean that you must become like these people.

The average person is extraordinarily ineffective, at pretty much everything, and their ignorance and delusion is so strong that they have no idea. Even if the knowledge is buried deep, deep within their subconscious mind, there is very little probability that it will come to the surface of be realized because their mind-system contorts itself and wraps itself up in various ways in a sort of pseudo-armor that “protects” them from the pain of their delusion, and so because they are so heavily shielded from their delusion, they never see it and know it, and so it remains outside of awareness but within the mind, a poisonous seed amidst the field, and this seed grows and sprouts and digs in its roots and yields progeny. For some, there is no need to deliberately imagine as their mind is nothing but a scene of corruption.

Do you know what I had to do to transform my traumatized, corrupted mind? I destroyed my ego and deliberately constructed a new one. I do this every day, really, but there was something quite powerful about just smashing it all and starting over again with a blank page. I thought I sifted through the rubble and found the good bits, but the good bits are so often buried so deep, and without a clear surface mind and cleared layers of interlocked, tightly knit weakness, nothing else is able to be perceived.