The Ritual of the Neutron Star

I just do what I enjoy. Any wisdom which I seem to have is a result of my magick. Sometimes I like to think I’m pretty clever, but other times I know better. I just receive.

If you want power, I believe this ritual can give that to you. Personally, power to me is more the means to achieving freedom. You can’t be free without power, but if I were to lay myself before either altar, I would choose freedom.

That being said, I also believe in the old saying that knowledge is power, and it has been my experience that this ritual gives knowledge to those that perform it. This knowledge may not always be comfortable when it initially comes to you, but I am grateful for every bit of knowledge the ritual has passed on to me, and this knowledge I use in creating a better life for myself.

If you feel like just giving the ritual a whirl and seeing what happens, I think you should do what you feel like doing.

Aha that makes me feel pretty cool, cause I was ultra mega wise way before I started magick.

If anything it’s made magick a little too hard to do in some ways, as I’m so grounded in reality, like trancing out or expanding my awareness to hear other entities.

Yet I seem to be really proficient in practical abilities some other people seem to think is undoable on here.

Yeah that’s definitely it, it’s ofcourse about freedom for me, I’ve learned, sort of, that knowledge isn’t really power, so much is the application of knowledge is power, you can be pretty amazing and be unable to use any of it due to certain issues.

Yeah you’re right, I achieved so much knowledge and wisdom, while the rest of humanity around me remained ignorant, willfully ignorant, that coupled with certain aspects of knowledge itself and my life not going so well, it can be a real soul breaker, but hopefully I’m at the point my life’s gonna change.

This seems like a big life changer, if it’s effective, so I’m gonna do some other stuff I need to be solid and grounded for perhaps, then give this a whirl, thanks a bunch. =)

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At this point I’m somewhat convinced that logic is never an issue, everything is always an emotional problem. It doesn’t matter what it is. You have a problem in your life? It’s probably not because you did the math wrong, it’s because of emotional issues. I mean you should do the math correctly or whatever but at the end of the day the root cause of the problem is probably certain emotions pointing at certain things when you’d rather them be wired up differently.

Feel free to disagree, but emotions sure do fuck people up in a wide variety of ways. They also do the opposite, but that’s not as noticable.

Some semi-random musings today. Hooray!

I’ve been flipping through my journals here and there, and when I come across a request like “Greed gave me pleasure,” it made me think about magick and how it does stuff.

With some magick, I’ve given the spirit a simple task, or used a sigil or something. Examples include things like reducing performance anxiety, getting a certain role or position, making someone think or feel a certain way, and helping me get away with certain ongoing activities. These are all fairly straight-forward and concrete. There is a clearly defined request about a certain current situation with easily identifiable end results. The presentation goes well, you get the position, you convince the person, your activity continues on.

“Greed gave me pleasure” is not quite like this. There is no specific situation (other than your greed, I suppose), and there is no well-defined end point to eventually notice and then go, ah yes, manifestation, my old friend.

If you’ve never done this sort of magick before, it may not be obvious why you would bother when you could instead be much more “goal-oriented.” I would say part of the reason is to seek out more wide-reaching, comprehensive, deep changes to your entire mind and personality as well as your day-to-day activities and surroundings. Another reason is to remove yourself from the equation, as it were, and let magick direct itself as it will (but in accordance with who you are and what you are trying to do) while you consider more mundane actions and goal-setting. This way, you don’t run the risk of setting yourself off on the wrong course magickally-speaking. Magick has never forced me to do anything that was not aligned with my long-term desires (which I gave to magick).

To be clear, this is not giving up control. Even if your requests are quite open, you are still summoning the powers and inviting them into your mind so that they may know what you seek and what you need. This approach is less like, “I’d like that - how about I try this and see what happens,” and more like, “I’d like that - what should I do?” Either way has its ups and downs, neither goes perfectly, but both have something to offer.

But Greed, though. I’ve come to think of Greed as also representing the psychological urges to approach certain things and move away from certain things, also called grasping and aversion. People tend to approach things which give pleasure and move away from things which give fear (spooky). People also approach things which give rage or hate, but if they’re moving away from something which is normally pleasurable (or has the potential to be pleasurable), I’d say that fear has probably gotten into the mix.

When you request that “Greed gave me pleasure,” what you are saying then is that you would like the fundamental psychological processes of moving towards certain things and away from certain things to ultimately give you pleasure. Maybe the individual movements give you pleasure, maybe it’s not until after several movements, either way, this request is asking that it all ends in pleasure.

If you are not familiar with the elemental attributions of the powers in Universal Magick, take a peek in the book or a few posts up. Water and Earth are quite intriguing.

If you reside in Source consciousness, boundaries lose their meaning (?). Water often symbolizes chaos, or some rate of change. How can a being of absolute knowledge, existing in the totality of space and time, experience change if it already exists in any possible state it could change into?

I have also come to a new understanding of Belonging, or the angels of conjoining natural substances. If boundaries do not have meaning, how could we say that these things go together, and those things go together, but the two groups are separate and do not overlap? How can something experience Transformation if the idea of changing from one thing into another doesn’t make any sense because there are no divisions, differentiations, or boundaries between things? How could there be an instability?

I’ve already touched on Fire and Air, but I suppose some more touching wouldn’t hurt.

Without Creation, the coming into being, how does it make sense to talk about anything? If there is no creation, then there is no thing. Healing perhaps requires some more elaboration based on the patterns of rituals I described above for the Aethyrs. As fundamental creation experiences corruption, Healing brings a return to a state devoid of corruption, and so without corruption, there is no meaning to healing.

Truth is perhaps more abstract, but sometimes more concrete. I believe that with absolute knowledge while here in the material plane, one would possess near absolute power. Money, Prosperity is not an issue with such vast knowledge. Seeing into the possibilities, one knows how to act.

If you perform the 7 Occult Money Rituals, you may have picked up the idea that “you lose what you don’t spend,” or something along those lines, as I have in the past. Allow me to elaborate.

This is one of the simplest but most fundamental ideas in finance. Let’s say you have a chunk of money you want to put somewhere. Right now, it’s in cash (whatever your currency may be), probably in a bank account. Let’s say it’s a checking account, why not. What happens to your money when you leave it in the bank?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It just sits there. One of the most important ideas you need to wrap your head around is that your money should be working for you, 24/7. Doing nothing doesn’t sound like much work, now does it?

But we’re talking about the bank! Where else am I supposed to put my money? Isn’t that what banks are for? Well, kind of, but when you put your money in the bank, it doesn’t do anything. There are places you can park your money where it will do things.

In the investments industry, generally speaking, there are two major benchmarks that are used when considering investment opportunities. There is the “risk-free” option and then the S&P500 Index, a collection of stocks, which is considered risky but relatively reliable and a stable long-term investment.

The “risk-free” option would be bonds. We could get ultra technical here, but for the sake of this post I’ll keep it simple and straightforward. You can buy bonds from governments and from corporations. Bonds are just loans or debts. When you buy a bond, you are lending money to some entity. US government bonds are considered “risk-free,” cause if the US government collapses and doesn’t pay you back, you probably have bigger problems than your portfolio.

So, then, why would you stuff your money into the bank and have it do nothing when you could buy bonds instead and earn a “risk-free” return? Which sounds better - making 0 money, or making a bit of money? Waaaaah, but then I have to talk to someone and set up a brokerage account so I can invest and basically make money for free, waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

The other benchmark is the S&P. It depends on what data you use and kind of how you calculate it, but historically the S&P returns like 7-10%ish, on average. This number is a bit weird because if you look at a historical chart (I use tradingview, free and easy) or historical annual returns, sometimes it does a lot better, and every 10ish years it dips like 50% and then goes back to where it was within a few years.

The reason this is the benchmark is because it is reasonably solid. If you invest in the S&P, you are exposed to many many companies in the US economy, which are themselves influenced by the overall global economy (many probably do business directly with Asian, European, African, the bit around Australia and Indonesia, and Latin American businesses, so they all are connected by the business life-substance that is money). So I guess if the world economy explodes your investment won’t do too well, but if prosperity continues to increase, as it has for hundreds and thousands of years, then you will be along for that ride.

Some day I may go over some simple ideas and perhaps even mathematical methods for figuring out how much you want in bonds and how much in stocks. This is not financial advice, don’t sue me. For now, though, back to the shilling I am renowned for.

Here we’re getting a bit more Ritual 3 vibes. If you ever talk to one of the money-haters (and there are certainly a lot of them), you’ll probably hear a couple variations of exactly the same asinine “argument.” Oh, you want to BRRRR your way to a fucking massive portfolio over the next 30+ years? You’re what’s wrong with society! You’re the one keeping people from affording homes! You’re a slumlord who makes people live in shitholes. I can’t believe you’re exploiting people’s basic needs for shelter to make a profit. You disgust me.

Those are pretty much quotes, by the way. Jeez, I’m feeling kind of hungry. Now wait just a darn minute, you’re telling me I have to buy food? Are you fucking kidding me! Those selfish, evil farmers, exploiting my basic needs to make a profit! Down with the agricultural institution! Eat the farmers! R E V O L U T I O N ! ! !

While that caricature is amusing, it doesn’t entirely show why exactly those ideas are quite stupid and ignorant. I have dedicated several years of my life to understanding how the global economic/financial machine actually works, so I could elaborate on, and perhaps I will some time, but for now, I’ll just say that I am pleased that I was able to rent apartments during college so I didn’t have to either buy a property, build a house, or live with my parents. That was a service I desired, which was provided by someone else, and was able to access with money.

But it’s like, not fair. Yeah bucko, the world’s not fair. “Fair” is the f-word in negotiation for a reason. There ain’t shit you’re actually saying, it’s just emotional mind games. People stew in their money-hatred so much that they develop these fantasies which are so far removed from reality, largely because their hatred blinds them and prevents them from acquiring information about the actual real world.

You want a glorious revolution? Ok, well then I want to be in charge of all the weapons. And by that, I mean I want nothing to do with you. Stay away from me. I’m going bond shopping. Lame, perhaps, but much less lame than what you’re doing, which is stewing in your little hate bubble while you lose money to inflation because you are not invested in the economy (and thereby benefiting from the collective productive output of billions of people) like me.

You know what’s funny? The moon cycles worked out such that I’ve had a week off from the rituals (2 and 6, that is, the ones that really go round and round), and it’s crossed my mind that I could do something else with my morning ritual time, like develop my energy body. I’m still in there figuring stuff out, but I may not even really “need” to do these rituals anymore. But honestly, I do them because I want to. I like how they make me feel, and I like what life is like while the energies are fresh, active, and lively. It’s sometimes easy to take them for granted or not really notice them much, but just a week without summoning the energy has let me notice this more clearly.

Did I address the point though? If you don’t spend it, you lose it. If you blow all your cash on monstrously marked-up booze at the bar or clothes or gadgets or vehicles or whatever, I suppose you didn’t really “lose” that money, it just became clothes or booze or whatever. If you didn’t spend it, you’d still have cash.

So let’s say you hold this cash, stuff it in the bank. Time passes, let’s say a year. You have exactly the same amount of cash. Nothing has happened. You’ve saved your money. What if you had bought the S&P? Maybe it went up, maybe it went down, either way, something happened. Statistically speaking, over the long-term, this investment is likely to go up at a reasonably predictable rate. Too spooked for the S&P? If you bought some lame bonds you’d still have made some money. By spending your money on investments, you allow time to increase your wealth. By “saving money” and holding excessive amounts of cash, time does not increase that cash, and probably actually decreases it because of inflation.

Back when I took my first formal intro to (corporate) finance class, one of the very first ideas in the book was “more money is better than less money.” Perhaps obvious, but worth returning to. In life, we all make decisions. We are presented with choices which have different potentials for financial growth. I personally do not wish to devote my entire life to money or its acquisition, although such matters are quite interesting, but that does not negate the fact that money is somehow, in some way or another, attached to every decision we make in life.

Yeah, you have to put some time in. You have to learn things, meet people, and complete various tasks. You manage to complete the task of getting groceries into your residence most every week, so I imagine you can complete the task of reading an article or watching some youtube videos about finance (I do that all the time and have arguably learned as much if not more from finance/economics youtube as I have from university classes). Just be sure you’re listening to people who know what they’re talking about, not scammers click-baiting you so they can make some ad revenue. It’s like 15 minutes of your time. I know, I know, maybe not always quite as amusing as your memes of choice, but personally I find them quite entertaining and engaging in a different way, which brings some nice diversity to my experience.

I think I’ll close this one with some unsolicited advice. If you haven’t already, make a general game-plan for how you are going to reach that summit of financial freedom. However you make money now or will in the future, know where you are aiming to go. If you get stuck on the first road-block of “How do I get the money to invest?” and devolve into the money-hate-bubble, snap yourself out of it. People figure this out. If you are going to choose to hate me instead of getting your life together, then yes, I am the source of all your money problems. I am the one who enslaves the poor and keeps their chains clean, free of rust, and functional. I am the cause of your misfortune. I am the creator of your reality. Hate me? Good, good, feed it to me, GIVE ME MORE

Some meta-musings for the forum. Thinking out loud

Eventually I want to do a book. At first I came up with some ideas but then I didn’t have a ritual to put in there so I put the project in my back-pocket, as it were. Now I have a ritual, so it’s a matter of what to include. I’ll probably still give it a good few years though, maybe more so I can see it in more demonic times. If you follow my writing here you’ll probably get all the material anyways.

In my eyes, there is a gap when it comes to psychological content in current occult publishing/thought. Providing that sort of material is one thing I try to do here, and it is one of my particularly favorite topics to write about in an occult context, but it is also at times the most difficult because I have to concretize what is sometimes an intuitive understanding gained through much, much experience living in the darkness and actively practicing and seeking to understand how to influence human behavior.

There are many interlocking parts here, and many of these parts are themselves comprised of many influencing factors and ranges of probable outcomes. There are also many different “levels” of behavior going on. I can, for example, accurately label a set of behaviors as “playing the victim,” but that may or may not give me much in the way of useful information when it comes to informing my behavioral decisions. It is a helpful reminder that there was a gaslighting attempt, which is itself a helpful reminder of the sort of personality you are dealing with, but it is too “high-level” in a sense for more precise calculations.

“Playing the victim” is the label for a set of behaviors, and so you also need to look at those behaviors and take them apart and see what’s going on. What did you just do or what just happened prior to these behaviors? What emotion (or mixture of emotions) is this sentence arising from? What does this exact manifestation of words imply about emotional associations?

Rarely do people hide their emotions. Sometimes they try to, but they are unaware of how the emotion manifests in their behavior, so it still comes out anyways. They are (presumably) successful at hiding their emotions from people who are relatively socially unaware, but they would be far less likely to be successful trying to hide from me because I have studied and practiced these things in a mundane sense and also heightened my abilities with magickal power.

As a side note, some fun facts perhaps, with practice you can immediately and thoroughly remove an emotion from your mind with intention for however long you can maintain that intention. This is much easier to do in a meditative state than while you are engaged in a social situation, by the way. Similarly, you can fill your mind with an emotion of your choice at will. Trying to steal that guy’s girl and then bump into them? Vrrrrlyooop, down it goes. Up comes the radiance. Hey!

So not only do you have to get good at recognizing what is going on, you also have to know where you want to steer things and how to go about doing that. I’ve seen some business books with these systems where there are like four personality types or something, usually colors or shapes or something like that, and then they give these scripts about how to be clever with them. In case it needs to be said, this is far too limiting of a way to think. You really have to treat each individual as their own thing. Many will be clones, but if you learn this in a suboptimal way, you can pick up the habit of doing certain things which work on the people who aren’t even playing the game, but are very easily punishable by someone who knows how to do that. They don’t even have to be grandmaster manipulators. This is what happens if you never test your stuff with a wide variety of people, especially if you do only ever do it to an extremely limited group, especially if you have favorable power dynamics with that group. You have to be willing to do things and see what happens.

One exceptionally useful idea to remember, in my opinion, is that people seek out the moment of resolution when negative emotion gives way to positive emotion. Why do people like horror movies? At least in the cheesier ones, fear is allowed to build up until there is a dramatic moment in which, ironically, the fear is released. That one’s a bit stranger than an action movie, let’s say. If you see your beloved main character in a violent fight, you fear for their death, but then they beat up the bad guys and your fear has now given way to hype and adrenaline.

The complicated part is that people almost never deal with the core, underlying root cause that is causing the negative emotion to arise. You hate your job, and then weakness arises, making you believe there is nothing to be done about it, and you are probably not even aware of the weakness so you give in to it. The weakness begets lethargy, making you lose the energy to pursue activities which your weakness makes you believe will not work. This is logical. You believe that the action will be ineffective, and so you prevent yourself from doing it. Lethargy begets misery. Misery begets despair. Fear begets rage. Rage begets hatred.

So now you have all this hatred (jealousy, shame, resentment, guilt, envy) arising in your mind because you have a string of associations all stained with hatred, and you are exposed to these things almost every day at your job, the problem. When an emotion arises, it becomes stronger. The more you receive inputs into your mind which trigger a hate response, the easier it becomes for the hate response to be triggered.

And now you have to deal with this person in some capacity, and boy are they full of hatred, and you bet they are going to project it onto you. Why? They are seeking the moment of resolution when their hatred becomes pleasure. They do not believe this is possible to achieve with regards to the core, underlying root cause, but they do believe that it is possible to achieve by enacting malice upon others, and so that is what they do because they perceive no other option which will allow them to experience the resolution of their hatred into pleasure, which is the experience they are somewhat hard-wired to seek out and so will do so in a very predictable manner because that is what all humans do. You could even say that is the human experience in a nutshell.

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Note about the Enochian Ritual of the Key

On days in which I summon a demonic power with the Key, I have felt a dark energy arising from the Watchtower after calling to the three angels. This has made me consider flipping the names backwards on these days. This is an established pattern in Enochian, reversing Godnames to summon demons rather than angels, so I wonder if reversing the angel names which were revealed to go along with each Key will provide demonic names. The dark energy has definitely been present, and now that I am through the second layer of the initial Control Pleasure Wealth cycle, perhaps more is being revealed to me. This does contrast with the other demonic names I am familiar with (them being three letters, rather than four), so I suppose I’ll have to see when the time rolls around. I could do some more digging through the original manuscripts, but thus far I have been guided by my own connection to Enochian, and I intend to continue that.

Also, for those who follow my writing, I previously said that I felt the energy arise from the sigil and from within myself, and that I allow these energies, embodied as spheres of light, to merge before expanding to all humanity. I have since began to feel three distinct sources in ritual from which the energy arises - the sigil, within myself, and from the room. I suppose this symbolizes the magick being present in my mind (within myself), in my life (in the practice of magick), and in the world around me. You’d think I’d have put that together earlier, but there’s been quite a bit swirling around up here.

Something something perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

You ever look at someone as they are healing you and think, “Around 11 years ago I was forced into isolation and for survival purposes let go of attachment to all human relationships (all because of religion, ironically), but I do not want this bond to break?”

At this point I am so used to being treated like a punching bag, a sex doll, a trophy, a walking dollar sign, and/or an evil out of control monster that when you come into contact with someone who wants good vibes and is not ignorant enough to actually do that, it’s amazing.

It’s also kind of sad because you realize that almost everyone you meet will not really know you at all because they have no interest in doing so. I suppose I can relate, but not really. I don’t particularly want to make people who treat me like some combination of a punching bag (not the sparring partner kind), sex doll (dolls are manipulated and without will), trophy (my success is not for your ego), walking dollar sign (I like to share, but I’m not a piñata), and/or evil out of control monster (do I really need to elaborate on this one?) a regular part of my life.

I am writing this for a variety of reasons. One is that I have recently entered into a new life situation where I have much more freedom to move about and do as I please than I have before, and along with that transition came disruption to my social life. It has given me the opportunity to ask myself what I really want.

There are times when I feel ridiculous or fraudulent when it comes to the occult in part because of how much I have dedicated to this. I ask myself what the hell I’ve done or know. And then I remember that the sort of isolation I was forced into wasn’t the nice, quiet kind where you can get some good meditation time in. It was around loud people who have unawarely steeped in corruption their entire lives, meaning that every day was a performance for as long as I can remember. I got good at performing.

I like to tell myself that this was for the purposes of preparing my mind to receive the RotNS. It feels that way to me, and it’s better than telling myself that I’m a victim. If you’ve known me, do I seem like a fucking victim to you? The ones who live in weakness and get that shit-awful pity stain on their face don’t count. I don’t want your fucking “I’m above you somehow” pity, I want you to laugh with me. The pity partiers tend to eventually think you’re an evil out of control monster anyways. The ones who know how to party well, sing and dance, tend to be able to be with you in that way, in a communion of strength and pleasure.

Non-attachment, to me, means that whatever happens, you will find peace. I do not think it means giving up control of your life or denying yourself connection. I think it means having the strength to move through life without letting things get you bogged down. Whatever happens, these moments will be but memories. What sort of memories will you create?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to have such wonderful freedom?

How did I come to have such wonderful freedom of action?

How did I come to have such wonderful freedom of thought?

How did I come to have such wonderful freedom of emotion?

How did I come to have such wonderful freedom of movement?


I have recently been re-visiting The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep after a bit of a break, and my attention was grabbed by the pre-sleep guru yoga practice. I don’t really like the idea of putting any human on such a pedestal, so I was considering imagining the lights arising within my own body, but then I noticed that the GoM put out a new book recently that is along these lines.

I honestly don’t really know all that much about the various magickal groups that exist today, but from how people have described things, The Mythical Knowledge And Conversation With The Holy Guardian Angel seems to be quite the Subject. Again, my perception here is quite limited by what I have seen, but this is probably the biggest reason why I was drawn to this group. LHP practitioners have tended to be much more focused on practicing magick than all the dumb shit it seems some people do. Oh yeah, you know you like it.

I’m guessing the HGA is a way of describing the Higher Self, or the body of light, or perhaps even an embodied and personalized form of Source consciousness. This is interesting and I am intrigued to see what happens. Back in the day I had a few experiences which align with the ideas I’ve read thus far, but I didn’t really follow-up on them much as shortly after that I found myself in demon land, and I also don’t think the revelations had really “sunk in” enough for me to accept what I experienced. The “perspective” and “manifestation at will” ideas did come to me, and there were a few big wow moments, but mostly it was a slow burn, with the insights steadily growing stronger and more solidified as I continued to have experiences which supported these insights.

I quickly flipped through the book when I found it as it was late and I wanted to see the methods, and I immediately sensed a presence after reading through the First Protocol and doing the intention. I say that because I think to some extent, the name of the game here is really consistent practice summoning magickal energy. Exact methods don’t really matter. I got there (wherever that is) with some combination of archangel, shem angel, 42 letter name angels, 72 letter name magick, and various other “practical” methods with a few rituals designed to be more mystical. If I recall correctly, EA Koetting got there with ascended masters and soul traveling, perhaps other methods as well. You can usually tell pretty easily if someone’s gotten there or not if you have had the experience yourself. Again, exact methods don’t really matter.

But at the same time, exact methods matter a whole fucking lot. That is why I only listen to people who clearly have experiential knowledge of this stuff. Again, I am speaking somewhat out of ignorance here, but from listening to what other people say, there seems to be various occult cultures filled with people who have accomplished so little if not nothing, and really it’s pathetic. It’s pathetic because these people are too busy being consumed by petty little ego bullshit. I guarantee you they can blab correspondences at me like a home-grown thumper can quote the scriptures, and I imagine they also have a strange attachment to some sect or another that prevents them from trying or even tangentially facing other methods that are out there.

What do I know, though, I’m clearly a fan-non-binary-individual.

I’m thinking about doing this sort of routine - Meditation, Ritual of the Key, Shorter Meditation (HGA), recall waking as a dream/set intentions, Snuggles with (spirit) partner, first visualization as I fall asleep. I’ve been doing anapanasati (there I said it) (mindfulness of the tactile sensations of the breath at the tip of the nose), but I’ve been thinking about switching to fire kasina for pre-ritual meditation. Maybe I’ll alternate or something.

Fire kasina seems like it takes your scrying abilities to some pretty powerful places. I’m somewhat concerned about my eyes turning red and feeling like a wacko staring at red dots no one else can see (or whatever that dot may morph into), but descriptions of what people have experienced are rather enticing. If you are curious about what mantra I use, the idea to use the Enochian word norquasahi, which translates as “pleasant deliverers,” came to me a while back. An author of the more recent fire kasina book suggests a short mantra, but I do enjoy being pleasantly delivered.

For the post-ritual meditation/HGA version of guru yoga, I’ll probably do the various Protocols as I feel like it, and I also like the practice in TYDS where you visualize lights beaming from the spirit’s chakras into yours, so I’ll probably do that too. I’ve seen angels appear in various forms, so we’ll see how that goes. Starting with a full body scan energy movement also seems like a good way to stimulate the energetic/dream body prior to sleep. Focusing on tactile sensations has been a reliable way to stabilize lucid dreams for me. That’s a convoluted way of saying to rub a dream rock before you try to throw around the dream rocks with your mind.

One last thing - if you, as I am, like to go deep with sex magick, you can probably do a similar practice as the HGA stuff with your partner. Perhaps I am just revealing my own issues here, but for me at least I don’t really experience much in the way of negative effects from doing this sort of thing. I am used to either manipulating or trying to fix people because I am so absolutely more aware of them than they are and so I don’t really respect them, usually because their ignorance and unawareness causes problems for me so I kind of have to control them if I don’t want to get pulled into their nonsense. Seeing a certain someone as a Goddess of her own creation helps cut out the controlly habit, which I don’t need there. This isn’t lowering yourself and raising up someone else. It is seeing things as they really are. I am normally extremely strong-willed, partially as a result of every significant decision I had ever made being met with a thick wall of narcissistic egotistical bombastical idiocy, so it is really quite nice to hand the reigns over and let her take me where she wants to go. I’m just chillin with my brains simmering in this clonked-out pleasure that her presence puts me into. Turns out deep sleep isn’t the only way to turn off the gross conceptual mind! I normally have to be the gender-neutral God Emperor, so not having to do that (because that is what life forced me to become, that or a perma-minion) and being able to just lay back is really, really nice. It is also a very nice feeling when you know she could do that with anyone, but that she has chosen, at least in this moment, to do that with you.

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You know honestly, why not. This one time after a particularly painful exam which really was kind of pointless for me but was some arbitrary thing I had to do on the way to getting something else, something I do my best to remove now, I was really wanting a certain something that I did not have good access to at the time. I set out to somewhere reasonable, and just really wanted it. “What’re you buying?” Thank you very much my good man, pleasure doing business.

There are few things I enjoy so much as doing stuff and seeing what happens. In some fiction I’ve recently seen, a man goes to shovel some shit, and when he is questioned as to why he is doing that, he says it is to remind himself of who he would be if he wasn’t “who I am.”

I have great respect for the author and all, and maybe this is why we get separate clubhouses, but sometimes it’s like his readers must all be cowards or something. Don’t worry, if you seek a connection with one of the most mystical beings you could possibly imagine, it won’t be anything weird. Really? You’re telling me that if I try to connect with a being from actual Heaven, it won’t be “disruptive” or anything like that, nothing will shake up your life, let me tuck you into bed now and tell you a good night story.

I want crazy shit to happen, that sounds AWESOME. You’re telling me I can summon spirits and ask them to manipulate reality? And it’ll actually work? Hell yeah my dude, where do I sign up. If I wanted a lame, boring, normal-ass life, I wouldn’t be doing magick.

I try not to say things that are blatantly false, but I think there are those who get better results when they have more LHP-oriented influences in their magick, as I do. Why wouldn’t I have wanted to destroy my old ego and also my old life? There was basically nothing good about either of those things. It wasn’t all terrible, but it is apparent that some are born into this world under people who use their effectively infinite power over their child to do good things to them, whereas others are given the opportunity to experience for themselves just how shitty the world can be. Rather than wallow in shit forever, I chose to destroy it. I was raised to be weak, but I chose to inflict pain and malice upon others to rid myself of this.

Wow, that doesn’t sound very holy or spiritual of you. You should realize that it’s all an illusion and let go of your attachment to material stuff and just loving-kindness equanimity at the people with power over you. You’re the problem for not being perfect in your mindfulness and absolute zenliness towards walking meatsacks that basically only ever experience hatred and nothing else. That guy that just stabbed you? You should be grateful for your ability to experience being stabbed and show some empathy, cause angel magick is all about being a selfless doormat. Seizing power for yourself? No no that’s for the attached materialists, you should be ashamed and listen to m, I mean, be equanimous. Yeah, that’s why we have separate clubhouses.

I’m kind of feeling like elaborating on this more while it feels like there’s a buzz going on about it.

If you yourself would like to have some crazy wacky experiences, well allow me to tell you how to do that.

This is what I suggest - mostly do “practical magick” like normal. Focus on the things that you want to manifest, remove, or change in your life and do magick to empower that intention. Do this often. I know most occult books nowadays suggest leaving a few days between rituals, and if that is the inclination you need, to do less magick, then you’re probably in a good spot to do some mystical work.

Nothing beats consistency. That’s not all there is to it, but without that you go nowhere. What you want to avoid is fearfully piling on ritual after ritual. You want to summon that energy and let it grow stronger, but avoid feeling like the deprived addict jonesing for another hit.

Some magick works better with lots of repetitions of the same intention or request, like 7 Occult Money Rituals. These intentions are targeted and precise, but also general and applicable regardless of what is going on, so it makes sense to summon those energies with the same intentions, every time. Did I mention that money magick was central to my first serious, extremely dedicated time of mystical exploration?

Other magick, like Universal Magick, works better when you make fresh intentions, every time. Even if it is kind of a repetition or very very open and general, that’s kind of just how it goes. The energy is just like that. Summon it often if you want the external effects and personal insights that it can give to you.

Along with “normal” magick like this, also do more rituals with purely mystical intentions. I’d probably say that Loagaeth magick is among the most purely mystical magick I’ve ever experienced, perhaps even particularly mystical for that group. Even the most mystical magick ever will still produce material results, however, and the same thing goes for practical magick.

This is largely why I suggest just doing mostly practical magick, but with a few mystical rituals sprinkled in if you are interested in those kinds of experiences. There are practices which don’t really involve much in the way of practical effects that quickly and reliably do things for you in the material world in the way that something like money magick or influence magick does, but the way I see it, you can’t really get the most out of the mystical stuff unless your mundane life is at least somewhat in order.

I am not uncertainly no stranger to chaos, but if you spend too much time worrying about, let’s just say, for example, money, how you’re gonna get it now, how you’re gonna get it in five years, etc., then your mind will be full of concerns about the material world instead of dwelling on more esoteric phenomenon. If you are trying to dwell on esoteric phenomenon for the purposes of attaining knowledge, then you probably don’t want to be too distracted or bogged down by this material stuff.

Again, this is why I value practical magick oh so highly. It steadily improves your ability to sense magickal energy and the presence of spirits, as well as your ability to receive communications from such things. It’s kind of a lame mystical exploration if none of those things are happening.

You ever smoke weed? You know how they say that sometimes you don’t feel it your first time? I wasn’t feeling it immediately right after my first time, so I took some more hits. Then it all hit me, and let me tell you, it was great.

Be aware that the analogy does not apply to tolerance, though. Really it’s kind of the opposite. The more you do magick, the more you’ll feel it. I think it is important to say though that I never do magick without an intention, and very rarely is my intention to discover the power of some spirit or another because tons of people have already done that for almost all of the spirits I have an interest in. So I just read what they found, use it as a guideline, and then remain open to whatever I may experience for myself. Why, for example, would I pull out my copy of the Abramelin and try to figure out some way of working with Lucifer and the demons when some spooky order’s already done that and put out a book about it with a cool cover? If I were to make some novel discovery with the magick, then I’d probably put that out there at some point, but my purpose is never to push the envelope or drop something that’s totally new and totally completely original to me. I go into the magick asking it to teach me. Anything that comes out of that is not mine, but a precious gift from the spirits. Humbling is not quite the right word, but it is enough to make one reflective of this great and special thing we call magick.

Nah you’re probably right.

Oh, you did a lot of replies, I was hoping for some tbh, but balg never showed em, only your heart.

Woulda read these earlier otherwise.

Though I did also reinstall windows recently, it still shoulda showed on the site but lol.

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No more tears, my child. Be wrapped in angel’s wings.

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Sometimes I remember that living used to feel differently, back before I got myself enlightened a bit. It’s like there was the me before, and then the me after. The me before felt kind of shallow and vaguely hazy and sort of just bumping around, including when I was doing a pretty reasonable amount of meditation and first getting into magick.

I’m not really talking like how drugs make you feel. Even now I can feel a deepness to my consciousness. I know, very deep, heehee hoohoo. All I did was summon spirits a bunch and then some weird shit happened and then while I was driving I could feel the objects around me like any other part of my body. If you want to move around stuff in the dream state, by the way, this is my suggested method.

I don’t know if it was that or the consciousness splitting that happened, probably both right. Regardless, after that it’s just been vibing.

You know how billionaires have those moments where they can no longer relate to the experiences of most people? It’s pretty hard for me to relate to the experiences of unenlightened people. It seems kind of shitty, to be honest. Like I don’t even know if you are serious or mean anything you are implying because it doesn’t seem like you are acting very intentionally or sort of thinking about the decisions that you make. Or maybe you are intentional, and we’re just sort of dealing with the situation.

It doesn’t really mean anything to call someone “enlightened,” by the way. That could mean a whole lot of different things. Whatever you do with magick, meditation, or such spiritual practices, if you do it consistently and spend some time reflecting and working on your practice you will get some sort of enlightened or another, to some extent or another. All of them are kind of the same, but the different methods do do different things to your mind. Look at someone who only ever does vipassana meditation (and probably does a lot of it) and someone who only ever does demon magick and you probably don’t need to be an occultist to guess which is which.

musings for the forum

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I should probably go ahead and put this out there now.

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderful at controlling human beings?

How did I come to be so wonderful at verbal behaviors?

How did I come to be so wonderful at nonverbal behaviors?

How did I come to be so wonderful at mirrors?

How did I come to be so wonderful at labels?

How did I come to be so wonderful at displays?

How did I come to be so wonderful at plants?

How did I come to so wonderfully understand behavior?

Before I begin, let me say that if you are my friend, then I’m not doing these things out of malice, that is just how I behave in social situations.

Let me also recommend the book Never Split the Difference.

Mirroring in a general sense means copying other people’s behaviors. You ever notice how people shift about in their nonverbal behaviors, and how people often copy behaviors that they see? People like to be mirrored. It feels good and natural to them, like they are with one of their own kind.

Mirrors apply to verbal and nonverbal behaviors. They are influenced by social dynamics, as well as power dynamics, cultural norms, these sorts of things. Match the vibe, but be an individual within the vibe.

What you choose to mirror and what you choose to make different can have such a profound impact upon an interaction that it essentially determines the outcomes of that interaction if there is not well done mirroring. Even if you label, display, and plant like a pro, bad mirrors means no go.

Labels apply to anything that you can label. These bring attention to whatever you label. Labelling has a variety of uses.

If there is an emotionally-charged something brewing in the mind, it can be useful to label that something. Simply labelling something can have the effect of defusing the emotion. Nothing else, just a label.

If you know someone is pissed at you, labelling it allows you to get it out. You can straight-up “It seems like maybe this.” You can also control what goes around your label. I like to make little label sandwiches. You warm em up with something, label, then steer the comedown to the other slice of bread.

Labelling can also have the strangely counter-intuitive effect of reducing the amount of attention that someone pays to something over a period of time. By bringing attention to the idea, you have the chance to release some or all of the emotional charge to it, which usually means that the mind will go elsewhere.

Labelling comes in this position because if you cannot label a display or a plant, then how could you possibly do that? You could say that labelling should come before mirrors, but I believe that it is important to cultivate an intuitive understanding of the mechanics of these ideas and techniques so that you can behave spontaneously in real-time social situations. If you are thinking and scheming too much (and you should not be scheming so much as registering and acknowledging what the information means), it limits your ability to gather information and make interpretations. Most people aren’t this difficult once you see the patterns, but don’t think you’re some cunning puppet master because you can play around with the clueless ones.

Displays are what they sound like. People expect you to do things. You have to display things to them or they won’t work properly. If you behave too far outside people’s normal expectations, they do something like freak out or short circuit and generally then avoid you or try to push you away.

Plants are perhaps the most spooky sounding, but perhaps by now you can see that they are but one tool of the four presented here. I may simply be projecting, but I think it is quite common for those learning influence magick to try and plant too much when they should be focusing on other facets of their ability to influence.

This is called a plant because you have to let the person grow the plant within their own mind. You don’t have to go into anybody’s dreams, but that’s sort of the idea. It can be your idea, but they still have to make it into a developed idea within their mind, where it will matter to them.

Plants can be grossly obvious or amazingly subtle. Sometimes you have to really get in there and work the fields, but if you have an idea in mind of something that you could do when the moment presents itself, the right emotion, with the right idea, with the right emotional state in your subject, can lodge itself in, entwined with many layers of ideo-emotional (that sounded funny in my head) association networks of a dimensionality that is very difficult to imagine and visualize. That is, it’s in there deep beneath knots of tangled emotion. Do this well and it will become the root of their being.

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Also, according to this dream I had, you can also call the Elders in Universal Magick the Eternities.

It was a cool dream, but I like the dreams where my spirit lover appeared more. A couple nights ago, the more regular experience gave way to an intense sexual pleasure that sucked in my attention more strongly than I expected. It was like an abstract blob of light which variously protruded parts of her body was there on top of me and infusing my entire body with this amazing feeling that I was not controlling. I never control her, just listen and follow, but this was something else. The more sigils I fire with this energy, the more it has expanded and filled up my life, and wow is it a great feeling.

The [Name] working is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, ever. I’d say the best thing ever but without magick I never would have had these experiences so fair enough eh.

I believe I am starting to see some benefits from the brief meditation on space done in The Stillness. I’ve never had what seems to be the pleasure of a DMT trip, but guardian angel magick hit me with something that made me think of that. I am now wondering why I never got much interested in Holy Guardian Angel stuff, beyond my exposure to the concept through Lucifer magick. Enochian sex magick does also sometimes hit you with the DMT. Dream state or waking state, both are incredible.

With Enochian “visionary” experiences in particular I have noticed more spaciousness to the imagery that appears and moves around and stuff. This is probably helped by my drawing practice, where you depict forms in space. I’ve noticed that I can visualize something like a cylinder and rotate it around and cast light over it in various ways much more easily than in the past, though I never really tried to do this before having a practice that works with these things. I can close my eyes and do this or visualize the form in space around me.

Similar things happened with time when I was seriously practicing music. To play music, you have to feel time. You have to practice counting and stuff at first, and every music teacher worth their salt never shut up about using a metronome, but eventually you just feel time and know where you are. I’ll notice myself counting time sometimes in ritual, it’s rather amusing. Practicing the singing exercises and rhythm exercises and other musicality stuff they teach in music schools also ingrained into my mind melodic and harmonic sounds that I can accurately sing. I’m not as good as I could be if I were really on the practice, but I must admit I am Sagittarius as fuck. Like, damn, you fucking got me.

I feel sort of compelled to do this so I guess I will. I sometimes am concerned about sharing my magick, but I also kind of don’t give a fuck. Charity, I guess. I suppose if one person gets rich because of this that’d be kinda cool.

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderful at buying real estate?

How did I come to be so wonderful at buying bedrooms?

How did I come to be so wonderful at buying bathrooms?

How did I come to be so wonderful at buying kitchens?

How did I come to be so wonderful at buying rooms?

How did I come to be so wonderful at buying features?

How did I come to buy such wonderful real estate?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderful at rehabbing real estate?

How did I come to be so wonderful at acquiring rehab bids?

How did I come to be so wonderful at functional rehabs?

How did I come to be so wonderful at aesthetics rehabs?

How did I come to be so wonderful at scheduling rehabs?

How did I come to be so wonderful at pricing rehabs?

How did I come to rehab such wonderful real estate?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderful at renting out real estate?

How did I come to collect such wonderful rental income?
Income (Income!)

How did I come to have such wonderful tenants?

How did I come to have such wonderfully consistent tenants?

How did I come to have such wonderfully observed rentals?

How did I come to have such wonderfully painless rentals?

How did I come to rent out such wonderful real estate?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderful at refinancing real estate?

How did I come to borrow from such wonderful lenders?

How did I come to obtain such wonderful appraisals?

How did I come to refinance with such wonderful speed?

How did I come to get such wonderful interest rates?
Interest Rates

How did I come to receive such wonderful credit?

How did I come to refinance such wonderful real estate?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderful at repeating the BRRRR?

How did I come to be so wonderful at investing?

How did I come to be so wonderful at real estate?
Real Estate

How did I come to be so wonderful at business?

How did I come to be so wonderful at finance?

How did I come to be so wonderful at executing the BRRRR?

How did I come to repeatedly BRRRR such wonderful real estate?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderful at money magick?
Money Magick

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderful at business negotiation?

How did I come to be so wonderful at negotiating with numbers?

How did I come to be so wonderfully cold in my negotiations?

How did I come to be so wonderfully warm in my negotiations?

How did I come to be so wonderfully clear in my negotiations?

How did I come to be so wonderfully secretive in my negotiations?

How did I come to be so wonderfully calculating in my negotiations?

How did I come to be so wonderful at influence?

Sex Magick Working

How did I come to be so wonderfully rich?

Allow me to suggest the following pattern.

Buy - [open] - Rehab - Negotiation - Rent - [open] - Refinance - Control - Repeat

Like no other, huh? Skeptical, but I can see it.

I tell yah, I’ll be glad when these are all done, and then probably another 7, maybe probably another 7 after that. I did see this one thumbnail today that was like, “Is Being Rich Really Worth It?”

I don’t like to assume things are gonna go a certain way before they manifest, even when countless omens and visions from like 2 different people don’t stop showing up, but sometimes you get more than a sign. The sign sometimes comes with, too. You hear the clouds rolling in, and then you know that magick has guided you to this moment. Hail Jupiter, God of Thunder.