The Right Goetic Demon for Me

I’m Jared and I’m brand new to this site. I have been studying the occult off and on for a year or so. I am looking to start a relationship with spirit of the Goetia. Mainly to help me with life and a certain skill in particular. I will happily make offerings to this spirit in return.

I am leaning towards King Paimon, but right now I am thumbing through the Goetia and looking for the right fit. Would King Paimon be a good fit for a beginner? Do you guys have any suggestions?

Edit: What would be the right offerings for a spirit? I was thinking 5-10% of my energy for a week. I want my offerings to be of value. Anyone can give them food or alcohol. Do the offerings relate to the value of the help given by the demon?


I don’t know about the demon but offering your energy for a week you have to think about it twice before doing it and know how to “recharge” energy. I’ve been doing it for a week and it has been harassing to me, i lose weight even if i wasnt on a diet. I think it was so hard because i didnt know how to gain energy.
By the way welcome :blush:.

Thanks for the reply!

I just want them to know I’m serious about the relationship. I want the offering to help them as they are helping me. I guess I can’t really know the effect of donating energy until I try it myself.

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Absolutely! I just wanted to share my personal experience. It will probably be different for you but if it doesn’t you would know you are not the only one :slight_smile: .

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Welcome and greetings.

King Paimon is one of the best choices and I strongly recommend to follow your own intuition. Expect good things and good things will happen.

That two post here below will help you about offerings

and this

also there 's a book that I may recommend

You may always use search function for more and be sure that there much treasures of information within BALG forum

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the information and the reply. It is appreciated greatly.

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There’s a natal chart. Some demons also patronize particular professions too.

Thanks for the information @Dusk! I had no idea. I’ll look into it right away. I wonder what demon would be good for an Aquarius haha.

Edit : Gaap and Decarabia are the two in my range of Aquarius. Neither speak volumes to me personally. But I’ll do some.more research on both.

Caim was the first demon I summoned, was a pleasant experience. Didn’t have any issues :grin:

The only offering that is truly worth its salt is your old self-concept. Sacrifice the old habits of consciousness for the new/desired. You can link such sacrifice to a ritual artefact or procedure to great effect but, in the final analysis, it’s your consciousness that is the only reality.


So I could quit smoking for King Paimon or stop eating unhealthy food for Belial?


Can you tell me your experience or can I read it somewhere?

@Jared You could but I’d suggest working on your self-concept/belief system instead of all these ceremonial gimmicks. The real sacrifice is the old belief system in exchange for the new. The rituals, pacts, sacrifices/offerings and entities are all very powerful levers to shift consciousness but the ultimate operating power is your consciousness. It all depends on how effectively all these “deals” help you shift your state of mind into one that is desirable to you.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong: entities are as real as you are but also as imaginary as you are.

@987ritual I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Could you elaborate a little more?

If you choose to give energy offerings (in a way any offering is a gift of energy tho) I suggest eating fruit to recover spirit energy. Astaroth revealed this to me.

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I’ll stock up on apples and bananas! Thanks for the advice.

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@Jared I’m not sure how much better I can elaborate that. Basically, it is summed up as according to your faith it is done unto you. Faith is all that you consent to as true in your consciousness.
Does this help?

I briefly wrote about it on the forum. I called him a while ago but he still visits me to this day.

I understood everything @987ritual said


I have reread both posts a few times. And this is what I have come to with:

I am doing these things for two reasons: 1. In search of knowledge and truth. 2. As a means to an end.

I think in doing these things and seeing the results will change my belief system / perspective. Does that make sense?