So how do you all give offerings? I mean I see people posting about offering beer lmao. I definitely am down to toast with a god or demon but how do you honestly do this? Make the offering of food, blood, beer, whichever, and do what with it? Then how do you dispose of it. Please tell me someone will say the food or drink was gone in the morning. Please.


Pretty much depending on your connection and research you will uncover certain corresspondences you can offer deities x


Sorry if I was not clear, to clarify I mean, what do you do with the actual offering? place it on the sigil? How do you expose of it?

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You will offer it during ritual, some leave it till the end of it then give it to the earth. Other will leave it on the altar for a longer period of time. Then despose of it.


I had a feeling it should be given to the earth. Ok cool. Thanks for that.

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I’m going to copy something I posted elsewhere here about the four types of offering that seem most common, there might be others I missed out:

  • ones given to an entity which must never be taken back, for example, offerings made to the dead which will bring misfortune if they’re stolen by the living, things that are destroyed by the offering process, whether by burning, breaking (swords and knives are often found in that state by archeologists, that seem to have been destroyed when brand new and thrown into water courses), or other destructive methods;

  • offerings meant to be consecrated by the the being to whom they’re offered and which are then redistributed for the benefit of humans, e.g., prasad in Hinduism, or the practice of wearing blessed talismans - and, along those lines, I know some Hindus will dress images of Lakshmi and other gods in their own best jewellery during Diwali, and then remove the items and wear them as normal afterwards, which is similar to lending a guest your bedroom while they stay because it’s the finest in the house;

  • offerings that remain entirely unaltered and which humans can also enjoy, which includes any temple or church, and the images of the gods etc., which humans are encouraged to use as focal points for devotion or offerings;

  • offerings that exist entirely in the mind, such as renouncing certain types of food, or fasting completely; devoting one’s entire life to some being, and offerings of time and attention through prayer, celibacy, and so on.

Each has different meanings, the recipient spirit knows this, and there’s a lot of custom and folklore to back it up, so knowing what type of offering you want to give, for how long etc., is paramount.

If the spirit has an elemental connection (earth, fire, etc.) you could dispose of the offering into that element, by burying it, or pouring it onto the earth or into a watercourse, burning it, or for air, pouring it into your hand then casting it through the air (like farmers do with seeds).

Obviously that might not always be appropriate but it’s one to consider, with the final statement of “I commit this offering to your element, (Spirit’s name), of air/fire/water/earth.”

Do some divination on whether that’s appropriate of course, but it honours the spirit whilst disposing of it in a suitable way.

If they don’t have an elemental attribution, bury it, or maybe leave it out if it’s edible - but please don’t leave out anything with raisins, sultanas, current, or grapes, they’re highly toxic to a lot of animals. :slight_smile:


thank you as always


if i offer should i place it on the top of sigil? or just near the sigil?

Strange question but when I offer food/wine and leave it… can another entity come and take it? My glass of wine I offered to Lucifer last night is empty. Just a random thought.

hi, this kind of offering works as a blessed item by the contacted entity for be consume by it’s follower? i wanna know how work before making a contact