The Path of Smoke [Black Magick of Ahriman]

I am currently on day 2 of the Ignition of the black sun exercise on this path and i am having a problem with the creation of the urn. I can get everything but i cant sacrifce a snake, or rather it be quite hard so is there a way i can continue upon this path without the Urn aka Nexion of Infernal Power.

Would it be possible to in general use just 2 Red and 1 Black Candle to create that triangle and use that for all further rituals?

Also the Black candle thats supposed to burn at all times do i need to light a normal black candle or does it need to be consecrated?

I have adapted this successfully by using a goth snake pendent that I purchased. It’s made of black metal.

It’s a beautiful one that wasn’t too cheap and that I would have preferred to keep and wear, imo making it a true sacrifice, where killing a random snake is just a blood offering. I enchanted with my own life force and blood to bring it to life first, imbuing (charging) it with qi, dripping blood with intention, and including the ashes of my own personal, also blooded sigil. It’s basically a powerful, over the top poppet that is me, I AM the snake, sacrificed to myself.

It’s still alive and sentient locked in the urn I feel this is an improvement since the urn is essential a part of me. I call it my “horcrux” lol. It radiates power and I keep it to the left side of my bed. This is magick that taps into something real, which is what I look for if I’m going to follow someone else’s ideas.

I did not reuse any materials from the ritual myself. I felt that would dilute the gravitas of the thing, and this is a massive ritual that I feel should stand alone in your mind as unique in it’s importance.

If it’s only about candles, they’re cheap use all the candles. Candles are about supplying a gateway as well as energy, I think color doesn’t mater, but the flames do, make sure there’s enough flame as directed. If you can only get white candles that’s fine, but use the right number.

Cleanse it then follow the instructions. Do not consecrate it to anything outside of the ritual. If anything, consecrate it to yourself, maybe Ahriman.

More discussion here from the time it was released: @C.Kendall might have some thoughts as he followed this working intensely.

For those wondering what this is about, the book is on Amazon:

I really enjoyed working this book, with the Divs especially. I liked their energy very much, it felt strong, supporting and somehow familiar and vibe with mine very well.


Thank you for this info i´ll go with a snake pendent aswell then.

Question about the Urn, do i need to fit the candles inside the urn or will the Urn be in the middle of a triangle of 2 Red and 1 Black candle upon the Altar of blackened fire?

And yes this magick is definitly on another level, lucifuge guided me towards this and the moment i started reading i understood why

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As it says to put the “on a large urn” I think the ideal is they’re fastened with wax around the edge. I placed the urn inside the triangle though. I melted the

I made my urn out of a black glass lidded container candle, as it happens. I found one in a home store with a removable label (not painted) a bit like this one but with a chrome lid. It’s about 20 oz and 4 inches across. So 3 taper candles can it on top, but not easily. I finished the candle and cleaned it first.

Now I’m reminded of it I think I will spiral back into it for a deeper dive. :smiley: But that will have to wait until my current project is done.


i´ll just put the urn inside the triangle then.

Whats your current project if i may ask ?

I’m learning Egyptian magick from an astral entity who (UPG) I believe was a teacher and priest in ancient Egypt aka Khem.

I’m just getting started and I’m posting it all here: :smiley: … Wish me luck! lol

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