The Overzealous Zanda (apostle of Ahriman)


Ouu! I have to get to know this San le Muerte! Thank you for this info. This can come n very handy.


The first American Kimbanda house will be opened and constructed with the unified doctrine of San La Muerte in 2018. I stand as the first depositor of these currents in the United States.
La limitación religiosa caerá bajo el techo de la casa de Beelzebub. El poder transmutador de la muerte elevará finalmente al profano aquí en América del Norte. ¡El tiempo ha llegado! ¡Venid a la casa de Beelzebub y introduzcan la edad del deseo, la edad del camino de la mano propia!


If it’s not revolutionary I refuse to do it.


San le Muerta seems to me to be a male form of mi Santisima. The article I read said it isn’t but everything is identical except for the fact that he is he and she is a she. And I know from personal experience that she can indeed take a male form! The first day I accepted her boy did she show me that! lol!


San La Muerte is the Saint of the Lawless. The work I am to present through his guidance deals with ushering in anarchy. It is a unified doctrine in that we observe many ties to Kimbanda’s Tatta Caviera.


You KEEP me searchin! omg! Something else I need to look up! lol! Thanks.

I am in NO way contradicting what you said I am just saying that Santisima also is a goddess for the lawless and those in jail. To me it was yet another commonality. They share many similarities. And I did see that male side of her. Loud and clear. It confused me at first because he was very strong and aggressive and I could both see and feel him physically VERY well. She had been standing next to me first, then suddenly it was a male, and when he was done doing what it was he did, then he was immediately gone. I was like what the heck was THAT!? Was that her husband? Felt like no one else came in but it was sure not female. I didn’t think it was her husband I just thought hey. She has a male form. I wonder if the world knows that and I wonder if he gets worshiped and does things like she does. I wonder if she uses that form out there. It may not be San la Muerta like you say. I am just (like always) trying to figure things out. And I SO greatly appreciate you and how you teach and lead. And your patience. Can’t forget that!


Yes he is still Holy Death, yet he is in the open cult only “good death”. The Culto Privado or closed cult explores more fierce and sinister aspects. The “gender” thing can confuse things but that is the point of the skeletal saint. When the flesh is torn away (ego?) we are more alike than different. All that is left is the bare bones of being.


This question goes out to Kurtis. Is there an application of the Path of
Smoke (or another current you know of) that can be used to abort a
baby? My business partner knocked up a crazy girl who for some reason
wants to keep their illegitimate child only to kill it and herself when
the baby is born. It is putting all of our plans on hold and stealing
away his focus, time and energy.


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Hey kurtis I was wondering where you buy the worn pendant?


They are purchased through me personally. I will be shipping out the previous batch later this week. If you want one PM me here and we will iron out the details. They are $150.00 plus shipping and handling.


I was doing them one at a time. Now I produce 5 a month because it is more time efficient. The last batch I got behind and the buyers have been waiting a while. Hopefully doing more will resolve the issues. The detail makes them impossible to mass produce.


Okay, thank you.


Hi there I just found this post after reading through this thread so far, however I am curious if I would want to get hold of a talisman like this (the silvery one displayed way above) where do you go or need to do to get one? I got the one from BALG, however I got very interested in this when I saw it, along with the explaination you provided.


I have been reading magick and the occult since I was seventeen and I have to reiterate a number of key points that Kurtis has said already.

To take this book lightly is a grave error. To even dabble with some of it’s content could be very dangerous. The book lays everything out step by step and you really have to complete each sequentially. I really like how it’s done, and the depth and content is dense. It’s my favourite occult book and the more I read it and practice it, the more I realize how valuable it is, despite the pleather cover. It looks at the Left Hand Path in a new and inspiring way, that is true to my heart and dark soul.

I just want to say to Kurtis that anyone who has read a number of occult grimoires as I have, knows when content is clipped from other items, and when it is genuine. The images are genuine, the practices are genuine, and show a great deal of thought, gnosis, and experimentation. Your book is the real shit, and the content alone is worth more than $300, try $500 or more. I admire and respect all that you have done in this book, I look forward to more from you, and I will take my practices seriously with great intention as a fellow antinomian soul.

This book is so important to me because every experience I have leads me deeper into it. To walk away causes more harm than to step forward.

Another scale on the back of Azi Dahaka has been found.