The Overzealous Zanda (apostle of Ahriman)


Holy shit dude


The Pendant pictured above is produced by me. They are $150.00 and made from nickel/silver. They could not be mass produced though BALG tried. The one BALG sells is a meditation piece which aids in the manifestation of desire. The inverse pentegram symbolizes the Counter Creative elemental powers.
The Pendant I produce pulls in the light of creation and fuels the subtle energy bodies to empower the practitioner and aid in the raising of the Kunda force. These are purchased through me upon request and they are made to order.


I’ve set my ebay shopping cart up 1 by 17-¼ in. X 18 in. Cast stone Faux iron urn in aged charcoal. 11.3 Ib. 1 garden spade 29cm, and plastic bags A4 in size so i can fill up to 30 bags with graveyard dirt, 5 pieces of fulgerites, 1 Autunite, in my save for later i got a heap of most powerful crystals in the world they are Natural Bi-colour Zincite, Apatite rouge, golden Apatite, Kyanite Crystal Rouge, Libethenite & Pseudomalechite, Rough peridot, Hollandite & Pyrolusite, Chevkinite, Magnetite on Actinolite, triplite, Green Apatite, Brookite with Quartz, Cabrerit ( Magnesian Annabergite ), Adamite, Blue Cavansite ball with white stilbite, +++ Adamite Var, Zincite, Zincite and Franklinite and Calsite, Scolecite Crystals, the Crystal ebay cant spell Is Nastrophite, Pyrostilpnite, when i try to enter ebay dont recognize it but also got save for later is a black incense charcoal burner and Charcoal tablets box of 8 rolls, also i check different potting mix, or use blood and bone for the snake to sacrifice found a website kids pythons I’ve got to check the length tail to mouth, at Lucifurian Apotheca, i set a cart i use later and in the cart i have Demon oils 1 ounce each and they are, Ahriman, Astovidat, Az Queen of Demons, Pairikas, Savar, Leviathan, Lucifer, Pazuzu, Lucifurian Witchcraft Black oil for ritual invocation and evocatio i wouldn’t be surprised if it can be used for envocation 1 ounce. For my sorcery oils 1 ounce each i would use Yutuk Dinoih ritual oil, Destruction, Necromancy, Memory, Focus, Curse reversal. For the Goddess oils 1 ounce is Tiamate. Gods and Deitys oils 1 ounce each they are, Hades, Apollo, Set-Typhon, Nergal, Poseidon. And for my 3" × 9" pillar candles 10 black and 10 red, for powder 5 packs of human bone fragment and dust, 20 lots of coffin nails dragon blood resin, 1 Algol-Selenite crystal for Summoning dark energy, and one ritual dagger to sacrifice the snake i check the black velvet robes i notice they are all 63" from neck down, i want be able to complete Alter until next year my first full pention 677 payment i have 420 left i get the balg counter creation talisman for 310 Australian dollars and i be left with bank bal of 110, the next pention on 21st August 677 + 110 after expenses left with 380 just before first pention week in September i get a 1,200 interest free loan so 1,200 + 380 i have 1,580 + 583 = 2,163 minus living expenses i have left 1,676 i purchase urn, spade bags and put in from my save for later to my shopping cart, and pay my 500 Australian dollar Lucifurian apothecary cart, also i budget for the talisman pendant and put a order in for the counter - creation talisman pendant though Kurtis and send it to my shipping company shop mate by Australian post Portland Oregon, i will have to check if pay Kurtis $150 USD + $45 on top convert US to Australian dollars $195 + shipping cost, what is the diameter is the Counter - creation talisman pendant please so this is whats install for me i will just be patient im doing my research, i would love to take a photo in the settings on my PlayStation 4 pro there is a activation for I phone, i dont have one and my samsung phone is not compatible, and i have been keeping The black magic of Ahriman a secret from my 84 year old mother and the old man and my older brother because hes Judgemental and Anglicare support workers dont even know i have the book.:slight_smile:


Here is some help with 100 of the most powerful Crystals in the world with there frequencys
I find open website up with the names of crystals and also open up Ebay to enter names i
Never heard of majority or them work some names of crystal Ebay wont recognize also being mindful
Not to large on the size of crystals.

                Pb2CI3 ( OH ) /Hexagonal - Trigonol Dipyramidal 
                            ( Very rare structural )
        This Crystal just blows open the whole energetic system and has
          the highest frequencies of all crystals.  It will lift your energetic   
       frequency to the highest levels and It is also very powerful in doing 
             so, so be ready for a shift when you get one.  But be careful
                         cleaning it as it will dissolve in water


So what is the dimensions, can i wear it in the shower, in the ocean i think will it help me big time so if i make a special order for one pendant send money via paypal in September,looks very inconspicuous would really fool my mum she would never know what it means, if she ask i make something up like a lucky charm.


It’s around 1.5 inches


Post pictures of the altar urn after consecration and I will send you one.


You must be quite talented, to make it highly detailed, i was visualizing it would be 4 inches i was wrong.


So Is it done by a Lazer engraver.


No. It is created through the reverse wax method. Carved in wax and then cast.


When I get the funds I plan on purchasing one of the pendants that are made by you. I only have a few questions. Is the pendent single sided or double sided? If it is double sided is the second side the same as that pictured above? How is it to be worn…is there a place on it to wear it as a necklace or as a pin? Can it be made larger or is 1.5 inches the maximum size and what would the approximate cost/inch be? For 1.5 inch it looks very detailed. Just to confirm it is consecrated after it is made? Finally, how do we get ahold of you when we plan on purchasing it?


It is very detailed at 1.5 inches. It is single sided. It is made and consecrated for the owner. None are in existence outside of those students who request to have them made. I am not sure if I want to put in the labor to make them larger. The original was carved in wax by hand before being cast. To do that once for one person would likely not be economically sound. These are hand made sorcerous items consecrated in the first Temple of Blackened Fire in this Aeon. They are worn around the neck.


There is no business formality to obtain one. You send me a message. Once I receive payment the labor goes into making the piece. It takes a couple weeks to create due to time constraints and the lengthy process of consecration as it is buried under my Blackened Fire until each Div recorded in BMoA is evoked through the nexion of infernal power. It is then retrieved and sealed with blood.


Do you re use the wax mold for each one or do you have to re make the mold over and over again?


The original was carved once with Zohaks drakonian essence doing the work. Each pendant is therefore identical to the one pictured


Is the mold made of wax crumbly usually wax is very crumbly tends to break unless its like a rubbery subsance clearly you are very talented.


The mold is not wax. The original piece is wax.


Can I like this 6 times!? Consider it done! I like this idea 6 times! 6 is a good number. Please make the video.


You are so cute! I love it! What I have found is that we are not going into a new current. We have kind of always belonged to it. They have always been there just watching, guiding and waiting. When we finally are ready they come to us and we finally “see” their presence where as before we only kind of was aware or drawn to it or things connected to them. Like the dark entities etc. When we finally turn around and see them they are right there because they have been waiting and are more than ready. When I got into it the first message I got, which almost made me fall over in shock but I was already sitting down, was as they left the room the last one said, Welcome back. And then he was gone. You are not going into a new current, honey. You are going home. I have not done a ritual as such. I do not even have the book yet. But Ahriman is with me. He has made changes to my astral body and my powers are finally coming back. He has always been there. I was just not ready. If he had come a year ago I would not have been open to it probably. See? They know what they are doing. They have been around a very long time and are exceedingly smart. Trust in them and yourself. You know who you are and you know what you must do. So calm down and be like Nike! Just do it!


You are right. And I love your analogy (right word??) of the bathtub. Never thought of it before like that. Depending upon what sorcerer did it and who they used (that would show me how strong they were) and what TYPE of spell they did decided what you have to do to break the curse. If they used certain workings I am not even sure they CAN be broken. I work with the Orisha and Santisima Muerta and when they are used to put a curse on someone good luck breaking that. You can’t just stop Oshun or Chango , Papa Legba, (Ik that is voodoo but he came to me and he is Elegua in Santeria) nor can you stop Santisima. SO what do you suggest in these types of situations?