The Overzealous Zanda (apostle of Ahriman)

This tome (Black Magick of Ahriman) has been written over 5 years of experience of my own, as well as others who performed this work as the current was developing. It began within a Temple I brought forth called the Temple of the Adversarial Forge. Much of the work I created was designed to do nothing but the dangerous and most forbidden. This work was by far the most dangerous.

I tried to nail this thing down to a personal system of magick and failed miserably. I NEVER placed anybody at risk intentionally but we all experienced some blow-back due to lack of in depth understanding of the nature of these ancient Gods. If you actually read this book you will come to know that this tome is unlike anything else ever published. It is revolutionary. The reason is that this is not MY personal system of magick. It is their formula of becoming.

This formula has been discovered through trial and error… much failure. I took my time out to lay down the instructions in black and white so that the path-working could be made clear for all who walk the path. I did this so that everyone could avoid my mistakes and use the current to enrich their lives. It was my duty to suffer the path of the ignorant so that my ignorance could be transfigured to wisdom.

Many modern authors sit down and write a book in a night… that book is not based on wisdom but folly. That book has no substance. That book has no real power at all. Black Magick of Ahriman is apocalyptic. That can mean one of two things depending on approach. The end of your subjective world begins with the end of self… or the most forbidden wisdom of the ages is obtained, empowering you to regain control of your birthright called the life experience.

People are joking about diving into Arezura before even setting up a proper altar. (which when done acts as an insurance policy and protective measure against random bullshit caused by the chaos of the work itself) This lack of respect is propagated by recent obsession with divine cock-sucking making devotion seem fruitless. This current is not about devotion to Gods. It is about devotion to self, so with that being said fellahs… you better get rid of a rib and learn to suck your own dick.

Beginners can indeed benefit from this text as well as seasoned adepts. Dabblers and experimenters should go elsewhere as you will experience these forces. It is not like dabbling in candle magick and getting no result because one has yet learned to harness their energy and will. You will be answered through this work and for those without respect it will not end well. The ironic thing is that these powers exist within first and foremost. Therefore for some to walk this current is an act of personal destruction of self according to will. Some do hate their lives in such a way and so this work will find a few of those.

Read the gawd damned book once or twice. Begin the work and ask questions. Show me what you got and let me know this project has not been in vain.


I gave it a few days. Now I’m about to give it a second read.

But just to have something to ask here I go

Why Is the name of some of the holly Angels repeated in difrent directions do the black sun ritual?

What works can be recommended for preparation when working with some of the Divs? Example when it is time to work with Push?


You speak of Spandarmad. The reason is because the Divs of those two directions are enemies of this angel according to lore. Remember this current is of chaos and so it is not “symetrical” as modern traditions as well. There are also two Divs called at one direction being Zairich and Tairich and this is where the balance is found within the imbalance. :wink: There are ingenius alchemical reasons for everything in the text and upon contemplation much gnosis can be attained.


Kunda yoga performed for seven days focusing on the specific Div will help align the energy bodies to prepare you for further work. A quick YouTube search will help you gain instructions regarding the specific asanas as we did not have room for those graphics.


Yo Kurtis! Picked up my copy of BMOA and I have to say, this book blew my mind. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful grimoires on the planet, I would definitely place it in the top 5 most powerful grimoires of all time, if not in the top 3. While I have been practicing black magick for years it occurs to me that this current is something special, something different, and above all else, something to be respected. As such, I am in the process of not only making the seals of Arezura and the circles/talismans of counter-creation to be buried upon holy ground all round my city as well as setting up a completely new temple devoted solely to the path of smoke. Would you mind posting an idiot-proof step by step on how to set up your temple for the new Zanda? Could you write a little in-depth complete with a blueprint style illustration or perhaps give us an MTV Cribs style tour of your temple? I know the basics already from Chapter 3 of the book, but there is a lot to be determined. For example, it says you need a large black urn. Considering it needs to be large enough to fit three big ass 7-day candles on, how large is large? How large is the urn in your temple? What shape is it in? Being able to see what your temple looks like in 3D would be huge to those starting out on the Path of Smoke. Also, this current is a lifetime of work. As such it needs and deserves at LEAST one video course. I would buy it instantly.


You are so right about this grimoire. I’ve been neglecting other currents I work with because all my time is being spent incorporating this into my daily life. If it’s any help I bought my urn at Home Depot for under a hundred bucks. Now with dirt in it to the brim there’s room for three 7 day candles and other implements. It’s not the biggest area but it works. The 7 day candles really aren’t that big, they’re just tall. Hope this helps.


Kurtis i red black magic of Ahriman last night about Sun Gazing, and did the ritual North, North West, West, South west, South, South east, East and North East while i was standing in the center of the EAs Universal Magic Circle i own i notice reciting word 9 times for each quadrant i held book in left hand and right hand i use my fingers of right hand as a gauge so i didn’t miss count so i pronounced the certain words 9 times each time instructed, i notice while i was using fingers of right hand to count right hand was starting to shake automatically like i was giving someone a hand shake like how you greet someone and i Could not stop through the hole process, and i showed no fear at all, i would like to ask did i get the darkness a greeting hand shake a feeling of welcoming, should i do that every night, i did it last night after midnight about 1 in the morning also i didn’t use any candles at all, then i went to bed woke up at 9am Angliare gave me a ring pick me up at 10:15am took me to Westfield Marion to have coffee with my Catholic mother at Micheals patisserie at Marion while i was drinking a cupacceno, my mother was trying to take my pentagram ring of my finger like mum was trying to confiscate it trying to grabbing it and seid to me i can’t do i haven’t got enough energy i was thinking if mums going to play those types of games i might have to stash the black magic of Ahriman and it has just been thinking way mum acted to day at the coffee shop trying to grab the pentagram from my finger she has never did that before i have been wearing the pentagram for 5 years infront of her, by reading the counter creation ritual from North counter clockwise to North East which made me a enemy of creation and Ahura Mazda say Adzam Aruha, so that must have done the trick now my mother is a enemy now.:laughing::laughing::laughing::+1:


Yes I will get on this request as soon as I can. It is really very simple. I have plans very soon to do a video course which goes beyond the teachings of the text.


Fulgurites do i have to find bit difficult in Adelaide soil after strucked by lighting called fulgurite i thought about buy from ebay also there is fulgurite made out of sand i would love it i can find grave yard dirt which has been strucked by lighting wouldn’t that be something Kurtis. Before i forget i did the ritual again, i am trying to get use to the staot tung twisters. “DAMRADNAPS”.

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Thanks man, you agreeing to do a video tour of your temple for us is huge.

Also, ever since I got into the meat of the book, my life has gotten wayyy better and I haven’t even done a ritual from it yet. I thought opening my life up to the current of Ahriman was supposed to make my life shitty at first?

I have yet to even do the initiatory ritual as I’m waiting to have my temple set up first as a sign of respect to the Ahriman, Zohak and the Divs. However, the fact that I haven’t called them forth from the depths of self in ritual yet has not stopped Ahriman and the Divs from following me. The other morning there was booming thunder and merciless lightning out of completely nowhere. I recognized it as a sign of the arrival of the Storm Fiend himself. As soon as I did, I felt my whole body overflowing with omnipotence, and in that seemingly eternal moment of counter-creation, He was there. His presence was more powerful than any I have experienced and oddly physical. I would describe it as somewhere between the presence of a King of Hell and a Lwa. It was alien and beyond familiar at the same time. I had crazy Deja Vu. He only spoke four words: “Welcome to the current.” Then, as suddenly as he came, he was gone, the thunder and lightning gone with him. I mean it was fucking instant.

Is this normal? Am I somehow initiated into the current without having done so of my own volition? Does simply reading the book immerse one in the current? Man, I have so many questions.

In anticipation of your book I have been working with the twin serpents at the beginning of every ritual for months. During my invocation of omnipotence I have awakened them from the depths of self, feeling them rise in a helix up through my spinal cord and commanding them to devour my chakras and transmute myself and my works into something greater, but that can’t suffice. I feel like what I have been doing is the equivalent of dipping my toes into the current, not immersing myself in it fully.

I don’t understand how such positive results are possible without having done a single ritual from the book, especially since the initial results are supposed to be tragic and catastrophic. Has the subjective nature of these works coupled with my expectation of innate positive change in my own life from the Divs and Ahriman changed the results? Are they setting me up to break me down later? Has my lifelong affinity with and respect for Ahriman and the Divs somehow payed off? Why do the darkest spirits approach and follow me without me evoking them or even bringing them into consideration? This has happened with Papa Legba, Lilith, Azazel, the 9 Demonic Kings, and now Ahriman himself. My intuition tells me it because they dwell inside me, in the depths of self, but I cannot be sure without tapping into omniscience, which I am still, admittedly, in the process of mastering.

I know I should probably just ask the spirits themselves, but I figured you are the expert in these matters and I might as well ask you first.

In short, what the Arezura is going on?

In any case, I plan to press ahead and face the Eternal Darkness, irrespective of your response. There is no other option, no decision to be made. I will master this Grimoire and push it beyond its limits, even if it takes me a lifetime to do (which it very well might).


Ahhh, so you filled it to the top and placed your candles INSIDE the urn? Interesting…

Also, this:


No they’re on top of the dirt. Maybe I explained that wrong.

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Yeh on top of the dirt, which is inside the urn…See this is why we need visual 3D representation :smiley:




These are photos of the Temple as erected through 2016. I will be constructing the new temple next month and I will present videos regarding how it’s done. The photoa presented show the urn prepared for evocation. You can see how three candles could easily be set on top of the soil. Alternatively the candles of DoMar and DeHak can be placed on the table which the urn sits.


To hold you off I posted photos of the old Temple. It is being moved for practical purposes for the filming of the course. Rites of sorcerous assasination have funded the project. I will take people on a basic tour of how each element is constructed from the Circle of Counter Creation to the urn.


This photo was taken after the feeding of the Blackened Fire of Zohak. It shows the primary altar set up. Simple. Almost primitive.


Damn Kurtis I’m so excited to see the video course to see the power flow through the conduit experience each rite it’s gonna be a wild ride

Ps psychic assasination funded that wow was that because of the divs


Kurtis Joseph, You are the fucking MAN! Thank you so much! As a private military contractor, let me be the first to tell you that you should be getting at least 25K USD per kill, plus expenses. It is the industry standard for your average joe. Much, much more if your victim is someone of importance. Also, always exaggerate the difficulty of the job to the client. If they can afford you they can afford you. Don’t sell yourself short. There are no limits.