The Necromancer - Beginning the path - Finished

I did the Baneful Rite of the Druj Nasu, at the encouragement of both Az Jahi and the Druj Nasu. It’s been windy and I wasn’t sure the candle would stay lit for any amount of time.

I did the prayer of Az Jahi and the Invocation of the Blood Moon. I started doing the Invocation of the Druj Nasu.

As I went through the Druj invocation, I was nudged to use my sigil for the female form that presented the first time. Using it, she came.almost immediately.

There is a mantra for when the candle is made “properly” (pg 113). I started charging the candle (shown above) with it and after three repetitions, I was stopped. The female Druj pointed towards the candle. She would charge it for me and then gave that she would still help the working. Sounded like a win to me.

She motioned when she was done and the part of her that entered the candle came back. I started the Invocation. I wasn’t using the box it called for as a binding prop, so I went straight to the next part, where the curse was laid out.

The candle is now lit and when it is finished, I will place it within my makeshift urn, where the fish promised (offered) to watch over it.

This same target was my request in a working group that is finishing up today. I will be pleased when this pedo gets the justice he has earned.


I did two rituals tonight - the Nexus of Death Urn (completion) and the Skull of Death Relic.

I finally had a sacrifice willingly come into my ritual area - a Scolopendra - giant centipede . One stomp is not enough for most of these and their bites are quite painful. I could’ve nabbed a bird yesterday that was injured and on my back porch, but I knew something I would be killing anyhow would come along. And if I hadn’t the insecticide they spray around the doorways would’ve. Perfect. image

I finished up the ritual and moved on.

The Skull of Death Relic ritual went all right. I used the magpie skull instead of a human one. I did forget to use the bone powder with the Frankincense and only use one incense disk instead of the three it called for. If I had a room for this stuff instead of my fire-hazard backyard, I would probably spread out a bit more.

Rather than do it in a graveyard, where I wouldn’t have time to complete the ritual before the cops came, I did it here, just off of Pearl Harbor. I had energetic attachments to three graveyards here and Pearl Harbor and broadcasted my intent across the island. I do a similar thing when I call out to see if any spirits are ready to move on.

This approach netted me the (initial) attention of thousands, instead of a few dozen at the local yard. This isn’t un heard of, as there are old burial practices where the departed’s bones are interred in the family household. There is an acceptance of deceased family still being around. Consequently, there are MANY dead here. It’s part of the culture.

When I spoke the verses, calling the willing to come, I could feel entities and energies responding to my call and entering the skull. I had spoken with Santa Muerte prior and made sure that none would be bound unwillingly in doing this, partially because of the mantra given to seal the energies in that no translation is provided for. She assured me this wasn’t anything to worry about and wouldn’t happen.

What I wasn’t quite prepared for was having Anuas come into my ritual space as I vibrated his name over the skull. He came at that point and stayed until the end. I will say that he approved of the ritual (his ‘blessing’, if you will). I will also say that he would’ve liked it unchanged. I was still pleased that he accepted it and he left as I was writing down my impressions in the grimoire, clearly not looking for a drawn-out conversation tonight.

I liked the text in the different areas. It matched the part of the ritual they were in.

Things I would’ve like to have known:

  • The backwards 3. Why backwards and what is the exact meaning of the 3? The Angel, Saint, and Goddess? A simple inversion of the Trinity?

  • Why the two purple candles at the end for meditation? Why purple? Why at the end? Why not a triangle with the black one?

Oh, two neat-ish things happened with the skull in the ritual. You speak or vibrate things over the skull and a few times. For a few seconds in different parts, the skull looked black, instead of the clean white with the black beak. Another time, there was something almost infernal inside of the skull, looking back at me through the eye sockets. I’ve not had any alcohol or anything else today.


I woke up thinking of the Skull of Death relic. I knew I needed to use it, despite feeling a little under the weather. I went through the remaining rituals and I also needed the Necromantic Elixir, which still has a week remaining. It thought about speeding it up, but kept feeling that that wasn’t what was supposed to happen this morning.

Another thought popped into my head after reviewing parts of the book. Anuas, the Descended Master. I knew it was part of it, bit it didn’t give me any additional information. I decided I was going to open the relic, open his seal, and see what happened.

I put my right hand over the relic and felt the skull open as my energy connected to it. I felt the current coming from it and matches the energy in the environment closely to it, creating a sort of ritual field from it. As I put my hand back over it, I could feel…things…on the other side that were paying attention.

I opened Anuas’ seal and set the skull on top of it. I heard, “Evoke me into your space”, so I did.

A: “I don’t like all of your substitutions. (Individually, not as a whole)”

M: “I don’t like all of your ingredients.”. (He came over to my table and looked at the magpie skull).

A: “Should’ve been a human skull.”

M: “Would’ve cost me my marriage, most likely.”

A: “And?”

M: “I didn’t see a spell in there for easing spousal fears over human skulls. Are you going to give me one?” (I heard a single chuckle)

He bent over the relic and touched it where the third eye would’ve been. I could sense a change in that spot, but couldn’t see what happened. It turned a great deal dark, until it was a black spot.

A: " Crows have 3rd eyes, too." He.left without explaining.


This was bothering me. The phrase about crows (not ravens, specifically) having the third eye. I wasn’t finding much in my Google searches (which weren’t exhaustive, but exploratory). I also felt that the answer wasn’t there.

I started.thinking about what my simplistic knowledge of crows could mean I relation to this. Crows fly, they’re smart, live a while (generally), … Flying hit a little something, but it wasn’t quite it. Flying is a means of transportation. Traveling. I needed to travel. Great, but I can’t leave this island at the moment… Hell, sometimes I’m so dense…

In settled onto my bed and slowly calmed myself. When I started slowing down, I pictured the crow and projected wherever I was to end up to meet it.

I was at the end of an old, splintered dock at the edge of a wide, black river. Everything in the environment had a run down, decrepit look, but the atmosphere wasn’t gloomy. The hills, the trees, grass…all of it.

A crow came and perched on my right shoulder, looking at me with all three eyes. The third eye didn’t blink. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t a literal three eyed crow. It seemed to take amusement in this. I recognized that it was an actual spirit and not a self projection of some sort. It recognized this, somehow, but said nothing.

I knew the river wasn’t to be waded through and somehow knew there was a ferry man to pole me through the water. I called out to him and he came a few minutes later. Just a skeleton pushing a small boat along by pole. I climbed on and rather than flying, the crow stayed perched on my shoulder.

We travelled down the winding river, until we came to a dock. I could see Anuas there, waiting for me, standing next to a well worn altar made of skulls. “You could be here.”, he said, his right hand gesturing to the altar.

“Or you could be there.”, his left hand gesturing to a two story building made of various bones, with skulls as the corners. It was like a church, but without a steeple.

“Why would I choose either?”

He brought my attention back to the altar. “Some of these were friends, some of them foes, all had ability. You can come here and learn from them, get advice and impressions from them.”

“Why go to the {church} if I can go to the altar

He seemed amused by this, “Because that is where many of the great ones go. People with significant ability (in this area). They leave a part of themselves here, that others can learn from them.”

He gave the impression that I wasn’t ready to learn from those in the building, which is absolutely fair. I’ve just gotten formally started. But it was interesting to know that I could some day and that I a part.of it - if I chose to go that far. He also knew I’ve been asking myself just how far I want to go after this book. (I don’t know, to be honest)

“You found the crow. He will serve you well as a guide in this endeavor (the path working).” He gave the impression that this was now a familiar for me in this path and that it was chosen by him to match up with me.

I thanked him for the knowledge and felt my head turn towards the crow. He pecked me in my third eye and I returned.


Should probably go file those papers :see_no_evil:

I laughed at that to be honest.


I know, right? I did find it a little amusing, but he was serious when he said it. I told him I wasn’t looking to go exclusively with the current, so why toss everything away for it?


It am starting to think these spirits don’t like marriages that they don’t have a say in.


I think that is the case sometimes. If it gets in the way. But they do have to spend some energy and time if they want it gone. Not saying it’s at that level. Haven’t heard of many divorces because one of them didn’t like it, but I haven’t been paying attention for that.


This is going to be a long entry. Because of this, I will be leaving out some of the conversations.

I saw stories of two children that died needlessly, painfully, destructively today. Let the courts have their say. Mine will be much harsher. But Death isn’t the goal.

As I began my mental preparation, I realized that the first priority was the children. I could feel Hecate and Hel already agreeing and moving closer. Another forum member has several dead children that stay with her. If they’re not ready to move on, I will send them her signature. Hecate and Hel will move them on when they’re ready and make sure they get to my friend safety. As I was thinking of this Azrael said that he would help convince the children. Of what, he didn’t say.

I talked quickly with Santa Muerte, who came forward for the task. To increase their suffering (those responsible), she agreed to allow the Shadow People to also participate. They were my first choice, as a supplement.

As I prepared for the first set, I got everything ready.

Azrael came again and wanted a piece of the punishment, too. That was fine. It was agreed that Santa Muerte was running the show. I dressed the candles, wrote out the names, and noticed the child was in my ritual space already. I must’ve called on them accidentally , through intent and emotion. Hecate and Hel were present, so I let the child know to call on either of them, when the child was ready to move on. I then showed him the signature of the forum member. He left immediately, as soon as I let him know he was now safe.

I then called on those present to show me the signature of the child and the two adults responsible… Focusing on the child caused them to come without delay. I repeated the process I had with the other, with the same result.

At this point, it started to rain, so I had to move the table onto the porch.

This situation was slightly different than the first. There was supposed to be an entity present that started all of this. I asked for the signature of the entity and got it (I don’t know who gave it to me, the group was acting together to help).

I turned my incense triangle into a binding one by tracing the outline with my shadow wand and setting the intent. (Same process as outlining an area I’ve written about above, different intent.) Once I had the signature, I began the process of evoking it. One of those present saved me the time and it appeared in the triangle. I tortured it as I dissolved it into the Corrupted Stone (used for energetic offering to Legion and the Shadow People). Once it was dissolved, I sealed the stone.

I opened a Shadow Portal to talk to Legion. While I could call them through the Shadow Gate a mile away, I wanted to open one again, here, for this singular request. It was a personal ritual, not just business. It was like a breath of fresh air when the portal opened and I was hit with the energy I had gotten used to. Legion accepted the task and that it would be coordinated with Santa Muerte, until she released them to do as they will.

I needed to give Legion an official offering, even if he would’ve simply accepted their suffering in its place. I decided to do something different and turned to those present.

“I need you to send me their pain as they were hurt, beaten, betrayed, and died. All of it. I will funnel it into the stone and the candles, to add to my rage.” I intended to absorb it directly and channel it into the items. Instead, I followed the prompting to create a sphere of energy to act as a collector.

As soon as I created it, all 4 (not Legion) channeled the energy into it. Once Legion gave the prompt that he had enough, I redirected and let the streams split to their respective candles, adding to what I had put in earlier. I added what had come up when I was feeling this energy come through. Legion was pleased , so I closed the portal.

Now it was time for the payment. None of them expected more than what I had given on their candles or similar. But I pay for what I want. This would be a mixture of pain and blood. I slid the scalpel across the side of my index finger a few times. This would cause the pain to flare up at work, too, whenever that finger was used for a day or two.

The offering accepted, I lit the candles and did the Prayer And Spell for Destroying Enemies, substituting appropriately for suffering and torment for each of the parties (and those that weren’t mentioned). On the third iteration, Santa Muerte indicated it was enough.

I thanked them and closed the ritual.

When I had mostly cleaned up and the candles were still burning, Anuas came into my ritual space.

“Next time, place the name under the Skull of Death relic, link them, and send your energy into a candle, while focusing on the (linked) skull. Form the link, attach them all, and let it loose.” He left right after.

I saw bits and pieces of of colors, blood, etc… The point was to show some of the uses for the Skull. I’m more of an energetic worker than an herbalist or root worker. I was thankful for the breadcrumbs. I’ll need to experiment to turn it into something consistently workable, but it was nice to get something that more resembled my typical practice.


I called upon the Ko spirit (on pg 87), despite. feeling ill. I felt I should project to him, since it would cost less energy wise. I gazed at his seal until I felt it open, mentally reached out to him to confirm, and projected.

He met meat my landing space I once used as an astral temple 20+ years ago. I asked him for a key to unlock more of my potential. I expected a journey, a riddle, something to give me a clue to find it.

Instead, he reached out with a key with chain and bid me to put it on.

The chain itself was.a cheap, break away kind used with dog tags. The key jutted out from a cylinder base, probably an inch and a half in diameter. I.put it on and looked at the key. It seemed relatively unremarkable and was three or four inches long. What was I supposed to do with this?

I flipped the key around, grabbed it with both hands, and plunged it into my chest. I then turned it and felt some pieces moving inside. Something had happened, but I didn’t feel any different.

He indicated I should follow him. We flew over a morphing landscape that was mostly a blur, until we came to a shore with a single, large rock. I knew the area was used for gatherings, but I didn’t know what kind. No one else was nearby and the sky was now dark, like dusk.

I pushed the key into the rock and this allowed me to somehow connect with it. I felt like things were happening in the background and I put my hand on the rock to try to sense what it was. I was learning “lessons”, but couldn’t tell what they were. I could only feel the communication happening.

At this point, I could sense he was almost done with me for this trip. He indicated that the truest lessons came from sinking the key into the “heart” of the thing (whatever thing it was - object, person, situation). If only a “limb” was possible, it would lead to the “heart” with time and effort. He then sent me back.

I can see a lot of use cases for this. Too many to type out on this device.


The spirit of a middle aged gentleman in a suit and tie came into my room. He looked like many of the people here with a heavy Asian ancestry, but not exclusively, meaning there may be some Polynesian in his family. He loomed at me until I acknowledged him, then nodded, and walked back downstairs.

Since I’ve noticed so many random spirits since starting this, I believe I’m going to open Hel’s gate and leave it open for spirits to go through. I’m a little on the fence still, but will likely do it as soon as I feel better.


Since I’m restless as I start to feel better, I went outside and opened Hel’s gate this afternoon. To my surprise, she posted a sort of “guard” outside of it, to watch over it. I don’t really know why and she didn’t elaborate. We did set the rules, which mostly amounted to nobody harassing the household occupants. The gentleman I saw earlier has since gone through it (I was told this this evening).

I felt I still had a ritual to do today. It became clear around dinner time that I was to do the Invocation of Abaddon.

(I have a history with Abaddon and a lot of my notable, sharable encounters are in my Shadownomicon stuff. At my peak, I was invoking or evoking him 2+ times a day, but normally, this was a daily interaction of some sort. This went on for months.)

I spent a lot of time listening to ritual music and mentally preparing for the task, even though I’ve used other methods in the past. I prefer a lengthy pre-ritual tuning before jumping into ritual, especially when I haven’t done the ritual before. It seems to require less energy out of me, but this could be that I’m simply expending it over a longer period of time.

Instead of the three black candles, I did them energetically, as I have in the past. They’re to demarcate the ritual space and nothing else is done to them. I replaced them with three black flames and joined them energetically to create the ritual space. I opened the floor to Abyssal energy as I had with Beelzebub’s equivalent. This seems to work well for me.

I did start the ritual, but already knew I didn’t like the “forbidden prayer”. When I was going over the ritual, with Abaddon already in the space, he found amusement in my discomfort. I did still use it, but it was a stumbling block, however much I tried to get it to flow for me. The rest of the text was pretty good and I had no troubles with it.

Because I have worked with Abaddon, I didn’t feel stifled, choked, or similar when the energy filled the ritual space. It was like slipping on a comfortable jacket. As I brought the energy into my via the Blade of Death (my Death wand), it flowed easily. My body didn’t rebel or show discomfort.

I thought I was full when I heard Abaddon’s voice, “Condense it and continue. Keep doing that until you’re full of it (condensed energy)”. I pushed the energy down, condensing it inside myself and took in more. I repeated the process, as instructed. When I was done, I could barely feel myself at that point. I was floating inside the darkness inside myself.

I slid downwards, dropping into the blackness. I don’t know how long I was there. It felt like and hour or more, but the entire ritual didn’t take that long, let alone this particular part. I felt his guidance to come back and finished the ritual, still feeling out of it and full.

At this point, he nudged me to do the “breaking barriers” text further on in the chapter. I had thought about this earlier, but wasn’t going to. I simply didn’t know what barriers there were that I wasn’t addressing already. I got the impression that I should make it abstract, directing it into a form, a thing that represented all barriers and Abaddon could sort them out. I went with this and completed it. I do this with Abaddon about every six months anyhow and just did it before starting this book, so I don’t know why I would need to do it again. He didn’t elaborate.


My guidance for the ritual was the equivalent of “put the name under the Skull of Death relic, link them, link them to the candle, and send it off”. Fair enough. This is what happened when I went to turn it into a usable (rough) ritual.

Anuas was already in my ritual area, which saved me the trouble of calling him forth. I pitched my intent and took his guidance about the larger aspects of it. For the most part, he gave tweaks, but the premise is that there is an opened relic, an opened sigil of the target, an intent, and a candle to funnel it into. If it needs to be more complicated, I’m expecting to either find out or he would tell me.

I made a sigil of the target name and pushed my intent into it. Death would not be the goal. Disease and Decay would. I kept this goal in mind as I made the sigil, carved the name into the candle, and got the Skull of Death ready. I blooded the Skull, the sigil, and the candle with the same intent and target.

I opened with the invocation of the Skull of Death Relic ritual, but adapted it to recognize it as the Skull of Death and not turn it into the Skull of Death. I felt this was purely for me, to see it as that relic, since simply calling it a relic doesn’t mean it has the significance of one. I also stuck my hand over it and opened it like I would a sigil, as the Skull of Death. I then opened the target sigil to connect the sigil to the target directly. I then set the Skull on top of the sigil and connected the two energetically.

Once the connection with the two was strong, I took my Death wand and carried the connection between the Skull-sigil to the candle.

“Skull of Death, you sit upon my target, linked to it, and to the candle that will send my Will forth. The blood on the Skull’s 3rd eye, the target sigil, and the attached candle is your payment (for those listening behind the skull - and they were)”. I verified the connection between the three items.

At this point Anuas told me to walk away and let the candle charge. I’d tried several times to help channel the energy from the Skull of Death to the candle (and was politely told to stop). After the second time I tried this, he insisted I walk away for a bit, but that I shouldn’t do anything physically or mentally engaging (to keep my connection and the other connections open while the Skull fed the candle). This essentially acted like an open ritual connection between me and the entire are I interacted with. After thirty minutes, I got the nod to continue.

I placed both of my hands over the area, covering the Skull-sigil and the candle -
“You have seeped my Will and Power with yours into the candle. Let it be lit and see it through.”

I lit the candle and waited. When the candle was down to it’s last little bit, I burnt the sigil with it. I don’t remember what I said, but it would’ve been something like “My Will, enacted” or similar. I’m quite tired at this point.

Anuas nodded and left and I cleaned up the ritual space.


The song I used for ritual (and seems appropriate) is Atrium Carceri - The Traitor

The backstory and ritual for this evening is a little convoluted. It started with a friend of mine that’s been having problems with a shade. I had evoked Lilith (we’re still not sure how she got involved with the whole story, not just this part) and got some information on this shade and it sometimes harasses my friend. It wasn’t violent and was attempting to be threatening here and there. When she found out I was going down this path, she suggested I may want to use this shade, if the book called for it. Well, it kinda did, but the mechanism was a little different.

Some time passed and to get more information on this shade, confirm the story, and see about whether it was a candidate for this, I evoked Lilith earlier today. She confirmed, verified the signature I remembered, and gave me a name to call it by. I wasn’t sure if it was a real last name, but it was. good enough with the signature.

Not long after, Anuas and Azrael came to coach me on the steps to take for the evening’s ritual, specifically, the binding of the spirit into a stone and then using that stone in the ritual. I asked about the spirit and will include this portion of the conversation as it was given.

M: “This shade (for tonight), what is it doing here?”

A: “Torturing itself.” (I then got the impression that I could use this to my advantage. I then thought that it could ‘serve’ me to ‘earn’ its freedom - in its own mind, which is why it is tormented).

At this point, I’ll switch over to my ritual notes.

I followed the prep for the Spirit Trap, using an old cigar box for the housing. I washed all the dust and dirt off, as this box was bought as part of a bulk set 5 years ago.

My Necromantic Elixir still has a day left in it. Anuas came earlier to give me some tips for how to do the ritual tonight and indicated I should use it for the consecration of the box. After cleaning and anointing it, I empowered the box with Azrael’s energy, using both the incantation and him, as he had come with Anuas. As it states, I left it upon my Nexus Urn for 8.75 (less than 9) before starting the next part of the ritual.

Instead of finding a willing shade in a graveyard, I had an unwilling one causing a friend of mine trouble (and it doesn’t want to move on). I have spoken with Lilith about the situation and she felt it was a good candidate for this. Earlier, when speaking with Anuas, part of the agreement was the he would get used regularly to not only empower the shade, but to also help it finally earn it’s freedom and be moved on. Fine with me.

While I waited for the time to pass, I found and cleaned a piece of raw tourmaline I had around, to act as a house for the spirit. This tourmaline would get linked to the cigar box, so offerings could easily be made while keeping the box closed. Anuas indicated that keeping the box closed was important psychologically in keeping the spirit bound inside of it until called. It sends an unspoken message to the mind that this entity is sealed in this box until it is made to come forth. This stone which the spirit would reside in, would also act as a sympathetic link that I wouldn’t have, since I can’t gather dirt from the shade’s grave itself.

When the time came, I evoked the entity into the tourmaline. It was slower than I expected. I kept pulling the shade into it until I couldn’t feel any more of it going in. Lilith told me it was all in there, so I sealed the stone off, outside of it’s linkage to the box, and continued with the ritual. I would/did need to change some of the text to reflect this had already happened (calling the spirit forth).

I went into the calming phase. At the very end of the text, the line talks about being bound “eternally”. I changed this to “until I release you or I die”.

I moved into the empowerment phase/ritual next. There was no reason to alter it, but when I did the prayers to Azrael, Santa Muerte, and Az Jahi, they all came into the ritual space for their offerings (this is normally what happens). This also meant that the environment had more of their energies in it, which I gave to the shade. This resulted in a larger feeding than just the prayers alone.

I continued to obtain the “dead name” of the shade. I thought I misheard, but was told it was right. No, it wasn’t my own, but I probably would’ve laughed if it had been.

I sent the shade into slumber, paid my remaining guests that hadn’t already been, and started cleaning up.

Overall, I liked the ritual. I don’t know that I would’ve found a willing participant if I had to go to a small graveyard around here to find one. It would almost be more efficient to drive around to several and send a beacon to find one that is willing to save oneself the guesswork in the middle of ritual, waiting for one to volunteer.

I thought all of the ingredients and whatnot were reasonable. I didn’t waste the two black candles on the sides that it calls for because my table top torch with citronella in it was already going. The candles weren’t dressed or consecrated, so I stuck with something I had already lit on fire.

Forcibly binding the shade wasn’t something I was comfortable with at all. I typically move spirits on that are willing, to try to help them. It was clear this one was stuck in a sort of cycle, a repeat loop. So, I’m forcibly breaking that loop. I’d be lying if I said I was only doing it to help the spirit. I gain from the experience and of working with it. I’m curious about how it evolves over time. I was told that when the spirit finally felt it had earned its freedom, it would come to me for it. For my part, as part of the binding, I stated that I would release it when this happens and I intend to honor that agreement and move it along when this occurs.

Finally, the instructions I got from Anuas before doing the ritual are as follows:
"For binding the spirit to the stone, evoke it either into the stone itself or evoke it (into a triangle with the stone inside) and send it into it.

First, attach the stone to the box, so you can use the box and keep it closed. This is important psychologically and sends a message that doesn’t have to be thought about. Then, send it (the shade) into the stone. It’s the preferred method, but not absolute.

Essentially, once the shade is in the stone, close the box and interact with the box, not the stone (as it’s attached to the box).

I hope all this makes sense. I’m very tired and need to get to sleep.


Awesome work, my friend.


Thanks. It took more out of me than I expected. My neighbors were throwing a party of sorts on their back porch while this was going on, so it took more focus and concentration than normal. I’m glad it went smoothly enough. And glad I could turn my headphones up more.


I agreed to 7 miles. We went 12. Not on some rolling, nice, hilly terrain… I ate some shredded turkey lunch meat, sans bread for breakfast. No snacks (I gave them to the wife and son). Start time of 0930 and we made it back to the car at 1701. Long day. Hour car ride there, hour+ back with traffic.

First thing I did when I got home was eat. Second? Time for my daily prayers. I did them and they thankfully helped “hurry” the energy invocations along. Not only was the day done, but the food was setting in, and I just wanted to go to bed. I’m still fighting this vaccine.

I was simply sitting in my ritual area, no incense, and noted that my Necromantic Elixir was now “finished”. Awesome, sounds like a great time to wrap the day up with…

I began to leaf through my book. I hadn’t bothered to clean up from the trail yet. I didn’t know what I was looking for, even. Then Az Jahi came back. Balls…so much for loafing around. Screw It Let’s Do It!

My eyes rested on the Second Initiation. Needed to be done. I was waiting for the Necromantic Elixir to be done (and didn’t use it).I saw the benefit in the ritual, but there were some things I thought were unnecessary for a non-mainly-physical-worker.

I wasn’t wasting 4 non-consecrated or blessed candles or four incense disks with materials simply because someone said to use them and no explanation was given for their need. The weren’t needed for the ritual, outside of being in ritual itself. So, light ONE candle, present the light to the four elements and honor each, if that’s your thing. Concerning the incense discs, same scenario. Wasteful and not needed it one honors the elements in a way they feel comfortable with. Or don’t do any of either. It’ll still work.

What did I do for this part? I lit ONE incense disc. As it heated up, I talked with the AS… guy you call forth, Az Jahi was already here. Once I decided to do the second “gate”, he showed up. And he accepted ONE disc with animal bone powder that I spent some time on, grinding up by hand.

But here’s the thing…we’re using a LOT of physical components for an astral experience. Seriously, there’s a candle that one projects into that you experience this second gate. So do yourselves a favor and do all of this astrally. I did project through the flame and it wasn’t much different than if I were projecting through water…or a blank piece of paper…or a desk at work if I wanted to journey… While the spirit’s acceptance could be considered important (and I plan on contacting and using this spirit later on), the material means aren’t needed for an astral experience. Truth is, I would evoke this spirit, state your desire, and ask it to meet you on a “journey”. I could nitpick, but that would be petty and much less important than what I just said…with them nodding in the environment.

Part of the issue I had with it was being “reborn”. I’ve died more than most, as an infant, a child, and adult. Covering me with dirt and whatnot in a non-real environment isn’t traumatic for me. Been through worse. Just go the evocation route. The seals in the book have worked for me and I’ve reached out to all of them in the book to see what’s on the other side of them. While I can’t vouche for their abilities, I can say that there are spirits on the other side that are complex and not simplistic like parasites are. They answered back with intelligence and I plan on calling them. Moving on…

I thought I would be done with the 2nd Initiation and I likely groaned when Az Jahi told me to do the 3rd. This, worked out for me and was MUCH less controversial. I had to talk to the Druj Nasu again. All right, I’ve interacted with them many times. I didn’t understand why they would be part of an initiation, when I’ve used them twice already (and they came nicely), but all right.

The third Initiation is essentially, drawing forth the Druj Nasu. Not just calling on them to use them, but to become part of the hive mind, in a sense. To act WITH it, but it’s acceptance, rather than coercion through ritual. I was honestly so tired, I wasn’t sure why she “asked” me to do this. But I’m willing to try and fail, so that’s that.

I grabbed my seal for the Druj Nasu and connected very quickly. So quickly, I would’ve second-guessed it, if I couldn’t feel the energy link between my had, the seal, and what was on the other side of the seal. I closed my eyes and sunk into the sigil in my hear when I heard, “use the given sigil”. This wasn’t Az Jahi and the voice it sounded like was the voice I knew as the female version of the Druj Nasu itself. I was so tired, I didn’t question past recognition, found the seal in my grimoire, and sent energy into it.

The next thing I knew, the seal connected and I wasn’t in ritual anymore. I heard her ask who the target was. I gave the first person I thought of. Another was asked for and I gave them that one. In both cases, I was part of the swarm, going to initially start working on the target. The kicker, was that it didn’t seem unnatural. I WAS part of the swarm, accepted by them, working with them, towards whatever the swarm needed. I found myself back in myself at this point and realized a shift had occurred.

There was a quote Az Jahi wanted me to understand (and I choose to share), my words, her acceptance of them -

“The acceptance and use is there, but time should be spent operating for (and with) the swam.” To gain the greatest benefit, the understanding, and curry favor with those that sympathize with them (like Az Jahi).

I have to get to bed. It’s 2200 hours and I have to be up regularly.


As soon as I got done with my prayers, Az Jahi stayed, expecting me to complete the Fourth Initiation.

I could tell that I wasn’t going to follow some of the ingredient list. My purchased graveyard dirt got lost and is just now being resent. So wasting a shopping back full to simply max a circle to denotate a ritual area is something I’m not doing. It’s raining outside, which means I have to operate in a circle of about three feet. I’m not lighting 13 candles and spreading them out in that area to catch the shelving or my clothes on fire. Guess it’s the energetic version. Az Jahi shrugged, so here we go…

The candles and the ritual space were energetically done. I did vibrate the mantra for each candle as I lit it. The ritual space was large enough that Az Jahi was inside of it. I followed the rest of the ritual as it was given. It’s a combination of astral and physical, but here, it was well done. One journeyed to meet the Blood Moon, performed a few actions while there, and brought the energy back into the physical.

This results in becoming the Blood Moon, a sort of invocation and embodiment of Az Jahi and her power that is then projected out onto the physical through you. It has one call forth those in her service and they did come. Hundreds that would fit and I knew they were the “most appropriate”. You’re supposed to get a sort of guide to her mysteries from this and it was apparent that there was one choice, although I could’ve rejected him.

He appeared as a cross between a jackal and dog, while being bipedal. I did get a name and a sigil, which was in three pieces. I asked about the sigil and Az Jahi indicated that it would work “for now”. She impressed on me that it would change and that this is the first. Maybe for this specific aspect of the entity. I then evoked it, which is where the ritual ends. There was a conversation afterwards, but he is more of a guide, rather than an entity to actually get their hands dirty. Fair enough.


After the Fourth Initiation, Az Jahi stayed and told me to finish the series. I hadn’t really looked at it, but it ended up being an evocation to remove the angel that is tied to everyone at birth. This angel is then contained and destroyed. I was thinking this was going to be a large undertaking and wanted to perform it on another day. She resisted and after thinking about it, I decided on my usual phrase - Screw It Let’s Do It!

Since this was an evocation using a simple demarcation of the space to do it in, I simply made a triangle of three candles and placed incense holders for the sides. I did use copal in the middle.

I performed the Invocation of the Powers of Death and went straight into the rest of the ritual. The important points are pulling this angel of light companion off your back, subjugating it into revealing it’s name, and destroying it.

It was quite weak, in my opinion, compared to other (non-archangel) angels I’ve dealt with in the past. I destroyed it and absorbed the remnants. Honestly, it was a bit anticlimactic. You expect a large battle of wills, requiring concentration and focus that would hamper you for days.

Did I feel lighter? Sure, that’s fair, but there wasn’t a huge burden relieved. I don’t feel much different for it happening. Maybe the hard work I’ve put in showed itself.

I guess all I really know is that I’m done with the Initiation series.


Odd. Is this the same idea as the New Age guardian angel shtick?