The Necromancer - Beginning the path - Finished

i started reading the book and i also think there are some things i could not do like going to a cemetery and animal sacrifice. it would be interesting to see other possibilities.


This was given on the 14th, but I was on the fence about sharing it. I ran it by a few others on here. There seems to be interest, so I’ll share it.

I’d done my prayers and called upon Hel for a discussion on graveyard dirt. Santa Muerte, Az Jahi, and Azrael were already there.

H: “What is it?”

M: "Dirt of the place of physical rest? I’m making this complicated. It’s soil that has collected the energies of Death, Decay, Sorrow, and Loss.

H : “What value do the dead have (with regards to graveyard dirt)?”

M : “They provide a source of energy to the area.”

H : “Do they do this on their own (provide all of the energy)?”

M : “No, the Living impart the sorrow and loss”

H : “Then it’s a combination of energies provided by both the living and the dead?”

M : “It is. (seemed to be)”

H : “And what stops you from recreating this?”

(She was right in that I had the animal and insect remains available (death and decay). I had some soil…but I was missing the element of Time to imbue the soil with these essences. Hel was now smiling).

M : “How to get around the issue of Time?”

H : "By bringing Death to the soil directly (to speed the process.). By evoking a Death entity into the prepared soil, invoking a Death entity and channeling their energy into it, opening a Death realm gate into the soil, or by asking a Death entity to charge it for you (a blessing of sorts).

(With that, she left. I had some questions about her wording. “Prepared soil” was soil that had remains of Death and Decay in it. But what about the Sorrow and Loss?)

SM : “You have the sorrow and loss already. Channel it into it (any negative strong emotion would work). Don’t overthink it.”

(Now, only Azrael remained, as Az Jahi and Santa Muerte left)

A : “Add some Myhhr oil to it”

(As I got ready to ask more questions, such as directly asking the dead to dwell in it, he left.)

I felt like I got some answers I needed, but there are some dots I still have to connect. And more questions.


This is actually the second entry from the baneful ritual earlier on the 15th. Sorry for jumping around.

At the end of my prayers, Azrael stayed behind.

A: “The ritual earlier today. It was done well. Can I make some additions, suggestions?” (Of course). You didn’t need anything but the candle."

M : “Technically, I wouldn’t need that.”

A: “This is true. But you could’ve linked the needed essences into the candle.”

M: "There is psychological power in the preparation of the materials, the environment- "

A: “-there is-”

M: “-that may lessen the efficacy without doing them.”

A: “Psychologically, emotionally, this is true. Does that mean the magic wouldn’t work?”

M: " (I knew there was no good answer here) You would only be able to guess that if you’ve done it successfully in the past (or similar), with a large room for error." (It was a pathetically safe answer, I know)

A: “You were thinking of the astral earlier. (I had) You know you could use the ingredients astrally for effect. Why not use an energy link until you materials arrive (preferably in the physical)? Or ask a deity to provide it for you (the essence)?”

M: “Pride? A lust for the ritual experience? (I knew what he was getting at and knew my ego was getting in the way)”.

A: “What is this? (he pointed to the book)”

M: " (I didn’t say anything and let the answer come. I saw the cover of the Shadownomicon and knew). It’s a starting point."

A: “Yes, they all are. Find the essence, get as close to it as you can, and carry on. You will have plenty of opportunities to use them (later, with all of the ingredients).”

He left.



I called on Az Jahi to ask about some changes I wanted to make in lieu of having a black candle mold. Before we could start, she requested I do her prayer again (which I had done today) and the Invocation of the Blood Moon (which I hadn’t).

AJ: “Listen and write. You’ve thought about drilling holes and adding material, and filling them back in. This is good. This will (can) work. There are some things you should pay attention to.”

AJ: “Each candle and each working will require different amounts (of material). Place some in, step back, and see if your intuition says to add more. Not your head, not emotions. Trust in that part of yourself that’s smarter (at some things).”

AJ: “Next is the issue with the graveyard (dirt).”

M: “Time.”

AJ: “Time, but fill the candle. A filled candle is a filled candle (energetically). If you run out of force or power (the emotion or intensity), come back later or the following day. More if you feel you should.”

AJ: “Finally, get the mold and do it fully, if you will do this several times. Feel if there’s a difference. See if it feels more ‘real’ to you. Regardless, you must put yourself sufficiently in the ritual to get the best results you can.”

She left.


Some notes to go with this.

I drilled the holes using a drywall screw. This turned out to be the almost the perfect size for the funnel that came with my skull droppers.

I used Azraels old candle that the mongoose tore into to fill my holes. It was what I had on-hand and it seemed like a big “fuck you” to the mongoose, who didn’t get to eat my whole candle. May he choke in peace.

Since the melting of the candle also calls for mantras to be said, I will say these as I dedicate the candle to the Druj. This is also where I will be channel the energy of the Druj into the candle and the “charged candle” remarks from Az Jahi will come into play.

That’s really it for now. I gotta start shutting my mind off before bed.


I’m at a bit of a standstill until some of my stuff comes. Chiefly, the graveyard dirt and I’m waiting for my magpie skull, to use in place of the human one.

The larger stumbling block is the Necromantic Elixir. It’s used liked candy in enough rituals that I don’t really want to move on until I’ve made it. I think the wait times of 9 days buried in the graveyard and 5 in the urn seems like an awful lot. It would’ve been nice if there was some sort of explanation why those numbers were chosen (likely dictated, but why?). Technically, it isn’t necessary, but it is supposed to be jet fuel for necro workings, so I’m waiting. I still don’t see why one or more of the three couldn’t be evoked into it (with their approval), to speed that process up.

Another thing I’ve been wondering about is why the seals have to be buried in the urn for so many days before using them. We don’t care about the seal itself, but the force behind it, so what good does burying it for X number of days actually do? It’s not going to empower an already empowered entity. When I used the Druj Nasu seal on regular paper, without empowering it, they came just fine. I’ll try his given evocation method with one and then see if I want to continue using it.

I wanted to ask this sort of thing privately, but that opportunity hasn’t come about.

Until then, I’m doing the Death meditation, the three prayers, and the Invocation of the Blood Moon daily. I keep getting pushed to continue despite not having it, but I don’t know that I would consider the experiences authentic enough without using it.


My honest opinion on most of that is theatrics, but I’m basing that on the rest of the context of the book and how the knowledge of such was given to the author, and what I’ve personally used.

I’d just charge the items with appropriate energies and go on about my day if it was me, but some of that prep work and waiting time can build on the beginners patience and attention to details and preparing properly for working so. I’m sure it’s not wrong to follow the process, but for most of us burying anything of any size at a cemetery isn’t going to work. Even rural communities have physical people at their graveyards on a regular basis, and it would have to be a real covert operation to fly.

But perhaps for some, that would be the entire reason to do it, to prove they could or something.


I tend to agree, but some need more emotion in ritual to access their full (current) power. I figure I should try it once. Of course, all my graveyard dirt was ordered weeks ago and still hasn’t come, so we’ll see how patient I am.


I’m doing a lot of that with what I am doing too. I’m like well, I can see a lot of unnecessary steps for the same end goal, but shouldn’t I at least see the effect at least once.

Do you have mullien? Granted you already know you can make it by embueing the energies into regular dirt, but that’s a common substitute, or addition in root working.


No, I don’t. I have other means of soaking it with Death energies. Honestly, since I live at tidal waters to Pearl Harbor (which is a graveyard), I could go gather some rocks, scoop up some sand, and call it good. But that wouldn’t do others much good and I do want to see how they compare.


Yepper, it was mentioned to me that you were given a work around and I was like, well if I could see the ground out there, it makes sense but for someone like me in an apartment, eh. Mixing what I’ve got to make more, just works easier lol.

I’d have more luck sneaking into the local cemetery than digging out back though :stuck_out_tongue: it’s a nice big park, but houses can see you all around, unless your down the bank right next to the creek- and even then in the winter, it’s not fully disclosed.

and snows a real issue even getting down there atm.


Several work arounds, but I need a “control” for the experiment. Due to the large Asian population and heritage here, they take their graveyards very seriously. So sneaking in, quietly burying things for 9 or however many days, and digging them back up isn’t feasible.

While I remember coming across old, unmarked graveyards in my childhood, I wouldn’t want to go to those either. There weren’t enough people buried there to make it potent.


I know of one in Oklahoma, where my dad’s buried, it’s private, has maybe 100 total graves and it would be perfect since a lot of my family is there. Grandparents I never met, things like that. It’s off the beaten track and if you don’t know about it, odds are you won’t find it.

But around here? Lol yeah not going to happen. They are all along major stretches of the towns. Getting in for some dirt, no big deal, but burying shit? Too many groundskeepers, and at night you’d be more than suspicious.


It was a busy day.

I did my daily work and when it came time to invoke Hel to pull in more energy, she motioned towards the dirt I had started preparing as a graveyard dirt substitute. I invoked her, filled myself up and got to work.

The soil consisted of potting soil with decayed matter in it that had further decomposed with additional water sitting in it in the shade. I added land snail shells whose occupants had died, remains from the fish, fly and maggot remains, mandrake root, bone powder, and some blood. I crushed the harder items up and mixed all of them together. As I crushed and mixed this together, I channeled the energy into the items.

When I finally combined all of the ingredients, with Hel still inside, I channeled her energy into the mixture, until she told me to stop. I don’t know how long it was and didn’t have any candles burning to try to gauge time.

I didn’t need it for the rest of the rituals today.


I performed the First Initiation (Opening the Gates) ritual today. It seemed to be a pretty subtle experience until the very end. It shouldn’t matter that I did it during daylight. We’re not calling on anything nocturnal. I had already done Az Jahi’s prayer and the Invocation of the Blood Moon prior to this ritual.

I didn’t use the Singing Bowl it called for. If I bought one for the few rituals it’s used in, it’ll end up on a shelf and not get used again. It seemed like a personal preference item in the ritual, as there’s no explanation of the purpose in this ritual or for a targeted frequency. Instead, I sent out a beacon to them. They got the message, since I either felt them come or got an acknowledgement.

There are four groups being called on in the ritual that are related to Az Jahi and they’re called to at the cardinal points. At each point, after using the incantation, I did feel a distinct recognition from those of that quarter. I didn’t get any distinct elemental reason for these groups and the cardinal directions.

The energies in the quarters is then used to create and open this (unnamed) gate. I’ve opened gates before (this was the fifth type), so I don’t know if past experience facilitated this. In the text, the energy releases into the practitioner. Mine simply shot up my spine in a firm, strong manner. It was like a solid column of energy went straight to the top of my crown.

This is the only Gate working that doesn’t require Necromantic Elixir, so I don’t know when I’ll do the other two. I may call upon some of those named that there aren’t specific workings for in the rest of the book, if I want to continue with something while waiting.


After performing the First Initiation, Az Jahi indicated I should continue. I asked for a direction and I saw the sign of Azazel.

I’ve already evoked Azazel, but for other people. Not myself. I didn’t feel any pressing need to work with him and when I brought this up, he agreed that there wasn’t any reason to at that point. Seemed simple enough. Guess it was time for that to change.

While I had evoked him, that was just a straight sigil. This ritual calls for using a little more. I would’ve liked to have known why the candle colors were chosen and why they were supposed to be placed where they were, but that isn’t given. There is a lot of visualization required in this one that is related to the candle colors and flames (that are also not explained).

I followed this prep work up with the Invocation of the Ebon Flame. I was half way through the second go-around when I got interrupted. I had to start all over with the incantations.

I’d done the Black Flame meditations and mantras for a while and this felt similar to it. It changed from the flame to Azazel directly as we conversed about a few things. Looks like I’ll be putting in some work at some point, but he didn’t say much about what or when.

I can say that I do not plan on doing the masks that are presented in this book. I was already aware of their uses in different cultures and their purposes.


Keen on reading as you go on my friend.

This actually makes me, when finished with group workings, to go on a pathwork as well…

Just deciding what at the moment, buttttttt I’m kinda nudging in the right direction…

Keep up the awesome posts


My magpie skull came today. The person that sells them gets them from zoologists and similar or from roadkill. I do need to glue the bottom part of the jaw on. But there was something more important to do first.

The bird was still attached to the skull. It didn’t seem to care, but I did and didn’t want to bring it along for this ride. Indifference isn’t consent.

I evoked the magpie and severed it’s link to the skull and anything else I saw on it. I
pushed my energy into the skull until there as no more room for anything else, then set the bird free.

This is what I’ll use for the Skull of Death ritual relic. For this, above started signalling to the dead still at Pearl Harbor, to see if anyone’s interested. Not all of the dead there, or in my neighborhood, died at Pearl Harbor. Some just had links to it. Some are more sentient, others aren’t. Last Halloween, I sent some of them on, but not all.

If that doesn’t work, I know of some in other military areas here. If that doesn’t work, a friend in Europe had one I’m aware of that may be willing.

We’ll see, but the next full moon is on the 27th. I don’t know that it matters, since I can call to them right now, but it’s not that long of a wait and that’s what the book calls for.


I’ve done light evocations of Buer, Leviathan, and Azazel since coming home. I set that bird free and also called upon Ranzael. Truth is, I’m tired. But I knew I had one more ritual to do tonight.

As I flipped through my stopping points, I kept feeling I should move past the invocation of Abaddon. The next is Beelzebub. I haven’t called on him yet. As soon as I saw it, I knew it wasn’t going to let me go.

The ritual is an invocation with candles laying out the ritual space. The sigil used in the book is a public sigil. I wanted to be sure, as I haven’t worked or taken much interest in him. I knew it would present itself when it was time and it has. I decided to use the invocation in the book, rather than my personal method.

Since it’s getting late, I used one candle and energetically made the perimeter points. I didn’t feel much from the mantra. I don’t know if that’s due to fatigue or if it takes time to work (getting stronger as it’s said while rubbing the oil onto all of the candles). Barbarous tongues don’t hold a lot of mystique with me, so it could also be psychological.

The sigil opened quickly, as I could already feel Beelzebub’s presence. Once I felt it connect with the sigil, I felt the urge to send his energy into the ritual area floor. I felt a putrefaction, a rotting energy enter the ground. The rite doesn’t call for that, but I felt I should do it.

The invocation itself is similar to the others. It wasn’t long and I was expecting to repeat it, except the energy started coming up from the floor, like vapors from a boiling cauldron (but without seeing the boiling). This differed slightly, but still worked.

I used pore breathing and started bringing it in before I remembered it was supposed to enter in elsewhere. I don’t think it matters, but I switched over to that, while keeping the energy already inside. I saw with it for a bit and could tell it was the essence of Beelzebub. I felt a little sick, as I wasn’t used to his energy. Not uncommon for me.

I did hear a fly on occasion, but I wasn’t sure if this was my imagination or an auditory signal.

I felt his acceptance of the communication and awakening and closed the ritual when I felt it was time.


I was flipping through the TMW thread when a spirit entered my ritual space. A deceased human, felt like he was Navy. He was clearly from Pearl Harbor, but whether that was from the Japanese attack or one that had passed through at some point, I didn’t know. He did feel Pre-Vietnam and I knew his name was “Davey”, but I don’t know how I knew these things. I was pretty sure he was from the attack here, but that could be interference. The pictures I got in my head suggested otherwise. I could see that he wasn’t looking for trouble.

M: “Can I help you?”

D: “I came to your call.”

M: “I haven’t called out yet (He was referring to the ritual that I was planning on the 27th. He chuckled as I realized this.) Is there something I can do for you, Davey?”

D: “I wish to help.”

M: “Do you wish to move on? No need to help for that. I can do it right now for you.”

D: “No, I wish to help. (Red hair, freckles, mid-20’s).”

M: “Understood, but what is it you’re looking for (that you wish to gain by helping)?”

I could tell he didn’t wish to leave yet. He also impressed on me that there had been others that could see and some that could help, but either weren’t looking to or simply wanted him gone from that area he was in. I saw that this was due to him trying to get attention, but I couldn’t see what for.

M: “You understand that you will have free reign of the house and area, but do not disturb my family or my pets. Do you agree to this? (He did). Also there are other spirits here . We should all get along.”

D: “I understand and agree to it.”

M: “Then welcome.”

D: “The skull (magpie).”

M: “Yes?” (He wanted to use it as a sort of house, an anchor point, which is part of the purpose of the ritual on the 27th. I bid him to attach himself to it as he saw fit, knowing that he would likely have to ‘share’ the space)

M: “You know that I do some bad things for good reasons, right? Usually, good reasons.”

D: “So did I.”

Fair enough. He settled into the skull and I called it a night. I didn’t feel any other reason to remain in my ritual space tonight