The Necromancer - Beginning the path - Finished

I’m currently reading through Conner Kendall’s The Necromancer. I’ve decided that I will be working through this book and have already started preparatory work.

As I normally do with books I work through, there will be parts where I stray from the book. I may have disagreements or some parts of the practice may not fit with my style. I do try to alter as little as possible. With this book, there will be several things I will be altering thus far, mainly in the tool area.

Some things I will not be doing will involve graveyards. I won’t be springing for human bones. They’re simply advanced mammals. I won’t be dabbling much in the herbal work at first. I don’t carry herbs and oils.

So what will I be doing? The meditations, the exercises, the evocations. I haven’t read through the whole book yet, so a line-item list isn’t possible. I do plan on conducting myself similarly to how I did my work through of the Shadownomicon.

Where am I starting from is important to note. I am no stranger to evocation or invocation, mostly respectful. I’ve done energy work off and on for a long while and have seen some spirits since I was in grade school.

I’m not a stranger to Death energy or Death itself. I interact with Hecate and Hel almost daily. I died 12 times in the first 6 weeks of my life and have died several times since. I was also in some areas in Kuwait and Iraq that the pervasiveness of death was strong, mainly due to mass killings or living in graveyards buried by the sands of time.

I’ve put off Necromancy for quite some time now, for a lot of reasons. Guess that time is over. Here we go.


Hel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent:

I contemplate purchase. What do you think of the tome thus far?

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Love Hel…

I’m only 40 pages in at the moment. But it was enough that I felt I could use it. I did appreciate that the tooling seems to be included first. It’s how I knew I wasn’t going to do the graveyard desecrations or use human bone powder. I’m not big on herbs and tooling in my practice (thus far) and this book has a lot of that, based on what I’ve read and flipping through (but not enough to spoil the surprises for myself :wink: )

I had been hesitant to work with Santa Muerte in the past. Maybe I just didn’t feel the timing was right, which seemed logical, as I evoked her last night and it went well. I’ll type up that entry, too.

Some of the initial parts of this book were dictated by an advanced spirit that Conner was contacted by. I typically do not use other people’s chants or mantras, if I don’t understand them or know where they came from. After contacting Santa Muerte last night, I called upon this being (with Lucifer to verify the identity). I will likely be using them. I don’t want to spoil it.


coughs @C.Kendall

It’s funny you bring up Santisima


I already put in some of my first entry above, so I’ll get straight to the rest of it.

(carrying on from similar text to the above)

First, I will be evoking Hel, then Hecate, to get advice on proceeding. Then possibly Santa Muerte. I’ve been heistant to call upon her because I sense there may be some conflict with my other allegiances. This may just be my inner conflict, though.

As I called Hel, Hecate also came a few seconds later. A few seconds after that, another presence, clearly a goddess, came. I respectfully asked her to allow me to speak with Hecate and Hel first. Thankfully, she agreed and seemed amused.

Me : “Thank you for coming and for the warm greetings. The book and the path…”

Hel : 'You’re apprehensive. Have you not been interacting with me almost daily for a year? You sing to me."

M : " I do and I have. I want to make sure this is what I should be doing at this point in time." (There are others that have been nudging me towards this path, living and other, for a while. While I agree I will go down it, the ‘When’ has always been in question.)

(While I was thinking this, Hel reminded me that she has shown me a gate to her realm and that I have used it in working before, baneful and not).

Hecate : Of course it is. You fear losing yourself or sliding backwards (in your character development). We know where you want to go. Trust us and get started."

(She is my Dark Queen. I nodded in agreement).

M : The opening rituals…

Hel : “Aren’t your style. Take what is useful. You just made a wand from a 200 year old tree that would be perfect for this.”

(I had made one from the famous Banyan tree at Turtle Bay. It’s sister (the other half of the stick) is destined for another member on this forum).

Hel : “Use it in place of the athame.”

(With that, Hel left. Her words carried some wisdom, as I had some experiences in the war that have meant I don’t use athame’s in my practice at all)

Hecate and I conversed about a few things before she left.

This left Santa Muerte. We didn’t say much and it was more of an initial exchange, feeling each other out. I sensed that the more formal introduction would be soon, as she was coming up in the book.

I kept seeing the name of the Ascended Master that started this journey. I don’t trust spirits I don’t know. This meant that before I would use any of the rituals involving this Master, an evocation would be in order. If he didn’t show, I wouldn’t use any of his material at all until he did. (NOTE - I’m note using the name until I know it’s okay to)

But how would I know it was an Ascended Master, or any type of Master? I’d call on someone that would.

I evoked Lucifer into my ritual space.

M : “Thank you for coming. This Master?” (Lucifer nodded and indicated he didn’t have concerns at this point.)

L : “Let us speak with him.”

M : “XXX, XXX, Dark Master, Patron of this book. Please come. I would speak with you, to clear the air on the contents of this book.”

DM : 'It is not my air that needs clearing." (A few moments later, he appeared and Lucifer validated his identity). “Let us get to the point. You’re mistrustful of the chants and similar material. Verify them with a trusted deity. I would ask you to consider using them. They have potency that will assist your workings. Revealing another for the same or similar purpose would be wasteful.”

I nodded and he left. I thanked Lucifer and closed the ritual. I plan on asking for the validation until I’m confident in the efficacy and safety, but I believe I will be in short order.


(the previous entry was from 03FEB21. This is 04FEB’s entry)

I had been listening to Paleowolf’s Aiwu to start getting into the mood. My preferred track for deep evocation is Origins, but I was listening to Aiwu to start the descent into ritual while reading the book. But as I started reading about Santa Muerte, I got that feeling that I should be doing something in ritual, but didn’t know what it was. Then I remembered that I hadn’t done the prayers/incantations for the day.

There are three initial prayers/incantations listed in the book. To protect his work, I will not list the contents of those, but the entities are listed in the book. They are Azrael, Santa Muerte, and Az Jahi. I’d only interacted briefly with Santa Muerte. It was time to do the work.

Before I started Azrael’s incantation, I heard him whisper that he wanted Dragon’s Blood incense, rather than the patchouli I had been using to help keep the bugs away. I lit some and got started.

I knew he was close by the whisper and as I finished the incantation, I could see part of him in the corner of my ritual area, where it is darkest. Watching, waiting. Dark as night, but would glisten from time to time in the shadows, lit by an unseen light that wasn’t from my tabletop torch flame.

M : “My Lord (honorary), thank you for coming.” I felt him nod and he took a few steps into the light. I saw a middle aged man (age undetermined) in some sort of traveling clothes, a dark, non-shiny poncho or cloak I could only see the hood of and a bit of the tails near his calves, when he moved.

I gave a gesture I had learned in the Middle East. Left hand on the heart . Right arm bent at the elbow, up near the head, palm facing outwards. A disarmed weapon hand, essentially, even for us left-handers.

He mimicked the gesture. There was a quick appraisal before he approved. He then left.

Next was Santa Muerte.

The truth was that I’d already spoken with her today. I felt her presence and work and acknowledged it. Less than an hour ago (at the time of ritual), I invited her inside to taste the Tequila I bought partially to offer to her. I had already poured her offering into a shot glass. The tasting was an additional. Hecate and Hel had confirmed her identity and bid me to treat her as I did them (courtesy-wise).

As I did her prayer, she was already in the area. She circled me as I spoke, impossibly fast in some ways, yet seamlessly perceptible. In other words, shw walked normally within my vision, but lightning fast outside of it. But she completed the circles. I wish I had counted how many, but I was busy with the prayer.

She was pleased and that’s the important part at that moment.

I continued with the invocation of Az Jahi.

Where Santa Muerte was friendly(?), familiar in a way I couldn’t place, Az Jahi was not. I felt her come into my space within a second of sensing her.

She was terrible, dark, business, and dangerous. It’s hard to not be attracted to that, tbh.

She also circled me, but in an almost a predatory way. When the words were finished, she lunged and “bit” me on the cheek. I returned the favor.

We stared at eachother for a few seconds. She grinned slightly and left. I’ll be seeing her again, but getting tested out of the gate is something I prefer with spirits. Gives you an honest look at what’s expected.

About the bite…

My personal view is that not only are we opening additional senses that can see and feel other things, but we’re thinning the veil in that area over time a bit. There is an accumulation of energy over time with rituals, but I think we also thin the barrier between us. I have absolutely nothing scientific to base this on (and won’t try the pseudo-scientific approach many attempt, because I’ve worked in scientific fields). I will leave this at that. But I’ve…done a lot of evocation in this space…

I’m actually quite pleased with these initial encounters. I’m not a “fan” of compelling or forcing an entity to work with me. Based on what I felt (which is hard to put into words), I can call upon them to continue and that’s what I need at this point. I’ve been attacked in my ritual space before, but never bitten. I admired that, actually.


As I went outside into my ritual space, Azrael was waiting. I recognized him and started reaching for the Patchouli, hesitated, then grabbed the Dragon’s Blood he requested last night.

A: “Disc, please.”

M: “Very well. Frankincense or Copal?”

A: “Both.”

(I go the incense ready and sat down to receive whatever he came to tell me. I wasn’t fully in the ritual mindset, as I had just turned off some Industrial music.)

A: “Gather the ingredients you’ve been hesitant on. Work-through them all (the rituals). We will assist with the ordering of (some) of them.”

M: “I see. How will this happen? (I was given the impression that ‘Life’ will happen in many cases, with the rest coming from dictation or impressions).”

A: “The prayers.”

All of them came as I did their prayers. It went relatively without incident. For a second, a flash went through Az Jahi’s demeanor and I thought she was going to cause some sort of scene as I finished her prayer. Instead, she smiled knowingly and nothing happened.

She did hang around afterwards, as the other two left, but stayed near.

AJ: “I wish to speak to you. (I nodded). You’re going about this wrong.”

M: “I just got started. What should I do and change?”

AJ: “You were right, what you said to your friend. You can pull Death energies (I saw the images I had thought of concerning Pearl Harbor and a nearby graveyard), but you’re missing out in some (personal) growth in doing so.”

M: “The cemetery is guarded and heavily trafficked and I’m not desecrating the areas at Pearl Harbor.” I was confused as she nodded.

AJ: “What did you do with the Shadow Gate?”

M: “Opened the gate? (I thought about it for a few minutes before I remembered). I created anchors to those physical locations, to access the power of the location without being there.”

She turned and left.

This left me wondering how I would be missing out on personal growth for an act I’ve already done…?


Maybe cux you didn’t pull the energy yourself, or into your self or direct it personally?

Totally different feel when you pull or direct the energy yourself compared to a servitor doing it.

How much you can pull/ direct is different than them too, so If you are having a servitor/construct do it- your not processing it yourself and growing from that process.

:woman_shrugging:t3:Inebriated so don’t listen to me.


I know what you’re referring to, but that’s a different part. That part powers the gate, so I don’t have to keep it going.

Enjoy your buzz, Ket.


Yes but did you push any of the energy yourself for that was the point? Did you form it then set it up to run on its own or did you essentially start at the end? Usually you skip a few steps when you have servitors keep it running- or I do.

:woman_shrugging:t3:I’m going to bed, things to do and all.


For the physical anchors, yes, I did. I also anchored them to the ground I placed them on, in case they got moved. I then tied them back to the portal I had open here.

Sleep well.


I just started my journey in necromancy 2 days ago as well just been doing the skull meditation once a day and reading.


Awesome. Are you going to journal it as you go?

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Yes I am 100% starting entry one tonight need to set up a new one for my decent into death magick.

Lucky I worked with Santa muerte for a few years.


(Please note that I have to leave parts of the rituals out to protect his work. This is the last time I’ll likely state this)

I began with the Invocation of the Skull of Death, which is used to help attune oneself to these energies more safely, in the attempt to build up a tolerance, a sort of immunity, to keep the darkness from corrupting the practitioner. I didn’t start with the drop, as it isn’t explicitly mentioned in the exercise. I went straight into the meditation.

I wasn’t really expecting much from a meditative preliminary activity, to be honest. I was wrong to be as initially dismissive of it.

I visualized the skull as described and when the fangs went into the assigned spot, I felt them go in. I felt them lodge into a secure position. I could point to the exact spot each fang was. I even felt some of the other upper teeth. This was surprising, as I normally don’t feel anything that strongly.

I repeated the mantra as I felt the bite area change, something between a hardening and pressure. I let the energy wash over me and absorbed what I could, mixed it with mine. I did this until it pulled itself away. Someone/thing decided that was enough for one session.

I thought it was done, but the skull was still there (this may have been a different one, I’m unsure at this point). As I looked up, a drop of something fell on my third eye. I absorbed it immediately. Another drop. I mostly absorbed it. A third and it was pooling at my third eye.

“That is enough.” It was Az Jahi. I had called her earlier for my prayers. She stood beside me as I finally absorbed the third droplet. The skull disappeared. “Do my meditation.”, she said and left.

The Invocation of the Blood Moon was intense. I don’t know if it was because of the other meditations, or if it was because Az Jahi was still kind of in the area, or if the ritual just went really damn well.

I let the Blood Moon rise at its own pace as I called out to her, intoning her name. Once the energy hit my crown chakra, though, I went so deeply into it and experiencing it that I could barely remember what I was doing. It’s a good thing I wrote it down in my grimoire or there would’ve been no way I would’ve remembered what to do.

I pushed the energy into every space I could. Eventually, the energy descended fully and the source brought inside.

One of the more notable moments was when I was in the middle of the incantation and I realized I’d forgotten to anoint my 3rd eye with blood. As I paused, Az Jahi stepped forward, anointed my third eye with something so I could continue without having to leave the triangle. I was thankful.

I’m more clear-headed as I write/type this up now, but I will need to spend some time grounding tonight, much more than usual.


Loving this journal so far @anon39079500 will most definitely be following this…

Good luck!


I was doing the morning meditation for aligning oneself with the Death Current and it didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked. There was something about the meditation that I wasn’t jiving with today. Yesterday was fine. The issue wasn’t doing the meditation, but that I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of current I was pulling. It wasn’t deep enough. I could feel it, course it through my body. I let it recede on its own. I wanted more.

I had already sung to Hel this morning, which doesn’t just involve my honorary song to them. It’s a much more involved process. It’s really a low-level evocation that sometimes ends up being an invocation. I meld with them, they meld with me (lightly). Not dissimilar to people feeling the spirit of the entity they’re petitioning, even if they aren’t going full evocation. I do this almost daily with her an others.

Hel had given me a gate a while ago to use for psychopomp purposes, to help move other spirits along that were ready to go. I’ve used it many times for that. I’ve also used it to channel death energy, to call to the dead for workings, etc…

So, I decided to open on inside of myself for the purpose of channeling death energy into myself during my meditation. I’m not completely reckless and I asked her to over watch the process until I got an idea of where my “healthy” limits were. I did state work it out with her about the health risks, etc…, so that we were both on the same page.

It went well and I was flooded pretty quickly. It’s not completely foreign to me, so I let it flow. Eventually, though, I was starting to feel a little nauseous and was going to quit. “A little bit longer”, she said and offered that it would help me grow, without undue “damage”. I think it was a minute longer, but it’s hard to tell.

I thought I’d share that. I know working with Deities in this way isn’t everyone’s way/path, but it can have it’s benefits. I don’t know when I’ll do this again and may wait until I get the nudge that it would be useful/helpful.


I wasn’t going to post anything today, but there were a few notable moments.

I continue to do the prayers and meditations. During my morning song to Hel, she asked me to invoke her again, as I had before. I did do the meditation first, before invoking her as I had before.

Another was that when I got to the Invocation of the Blood Moon, Az Jahi asked for something similar near the end. There’s a part where you take in the Blood Moon into yourself. I wasn’t feeling this part if the ritual, even though I’ve done it several times. I was going to continue it, but she suggested altering it.

Az Jahi is already in my ritual space, as I do her prayer first. She suggested inviting her in at the point. I didn’t have a reason to disagree. This resulted in a more powerful experience for myself. I don’t know that I will replace that part of the ritual with an invocation, but it worked for my personal practice this time.

This is my setup for my prayers. A candle for each. Blood on the candles and pendant. Blooded bloodstones for Az Jahi. I had Santa Muerte and Az Jahi touch and enter into each of their items. Azrael seems indifferent to that.

Simple to setup and teardown. Trying to minimize pushback on the homefront.

Edit - cropped the photo to reveal less of the text.


Powdering some bone and cartilage from a fish.

Note the gloves. I also wear a mask. No sense in dying for a dead fish. I also have a fan going that not only blows incense to mask the smell, but carries dust away so I’m not inhaling it or getting it in my eyes in any way.