The master E.A. Koetting told me With a simple secret, but a treasure

I read on his site, This is the link :

In my e-book, “Become a Living God,” I teach exactly that! I give precise and simple methods of evocation, so that you don’t have to spend decades learning the secrets of evocation, but can start evoking legions of demons IMMEDIATELY!

Please my brothers, can you give me this easy and simple way to evoke a DEMON. I mean, I can’t start with difficulty from the first moment, I want to make everything modest and easy.



Look up evocation guide


Dude, we can’t give you the book. It’s copyrighted.

However, if you want a simple method of evocation, just click on the little magnifying glass in the upper right, and type in “evocation guide.” The click on the third option that comes up.


I wrote this which may be useful:


Yes, I understand. Thank you.

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Isn’t there an easier way please? I mean, I can’t light the candles and turn off the lights Simply because I fear.
I am not alone, I live with the family, All I am looking for is a method that is a repetition Simple words I repeat to myself and enter into a network of communication with demon.


That is probably the easiest way you will find anywhere. If you’re not going to make any effort to actually learn, then you are not going to have much success with magick. It’s a skill like any other and requires rime and commitment to develop.


Try this:

What to expect:

Tool-free magick:


Evocation is more difficult than a petition for example. Why don’t you try using other methods to get comfortable with demons?

  1. Petition (DarkestKnight has a tutorial on the forum)
  2. There is a simple method of contacting demons (not evoking) in Corwin Hargrove’s book Demons of influence using just their sigil. You can use it for any demon not just those listed in that book.
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You could try mediating on an enn to a particular demon you are trying to reach. It is not evocation but might be more of what you are looking for.

That being said, learning to conquer fear is not only powerful for yourself but can be a way to earn respect from the spirits.

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Wooow!!! This would be really good assistant for me, Please tell me more about how to do this.
I am interested in your way you told me…

Thank you very much, I really understood you.

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Mr Wison can you pleas give me the link of the tutorial of DarkestKnight Where he teaches people using other methods to get comfortable with demons? There is a simple method of contacting demons (not evoking) in Corwin Hargrove’s book Demons of influence using just their sigil.

I am not sure if he has written one. The one he mentioned has already been shared by @Lady_Eva (@Darkestknight correct me if I am wrong)

Other than that, there are many books that can teach you different forms of evocation.

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In fact i can’t do evocation cause i fear and i know myself I am sensitive and slender feelings and so week so cause of that u just want first communicate with a demon internally to see how iut’s work to feel and test all of this and see if i’am comfortable with that i will continue of coursee…

This brother has tell me what i said to you

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Hm, I would argue that evocation would actually be safer than if that is your concern. When we evoke, we are calling forth the spirit separate from us. By communicating with it internally (which could be viewed as a form of invocation), you are taking the spirit/its energy within you.

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Ah that is a petition spell, that I can find.


Thank you so much brother!! i really appriciate… Thank you

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No problem

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