The Making of a Lust Sigil

will repost with english text…


mind if i re make this and put my own spin on it ?


Of course. :slight_smile:


Yes ofcourse of you want this file let me know. Pm ur id i send via mail

It depends on how you use the sigil. Sigil activation could pertain to sigils that function as talismans and engravings on amulets and or in direct contrast to sigils that are disposed of, and sent into the universe, the great abyss immediately after charging it.

Many activate there sigil after some meditation make sure the entire sigil is visible and gaze at it comfortably. Let your eyes become familiar with the symbol and meditate on the sigils power.

Sigils should be created by you and your specific intent and possess power from its creation and charging, but certain types of functions, when sigilised, require repeated activation. For example, a sigil of a deity on your body will function like an idol of the deity. By repeated chanting and meditating, you activate the power of the sigil and reinforce it.

I’d say it won’t necessarily work for another. Different strokes and different folk. It might work and it might not. Some sigils and created by others are so unique from themselves that they probably wouldn’t work for anyone but the creator of that sigil. I’d just say a big “maybe…”

What if someone is terribly bad at sketching and isn’t exactly savvy with Hebrew lettering?

I think you need to ask whether the effort being asked of you is too much compared to what you hope to get from it. :thinking:

Not being snippy, but putting in that extra mile in magick can really pay off. :slight_smile:


It’s not the extra mile that I’m trying to cut away from. It’s more a matter of how historically, I’ve never been good at sketching and Hebrew lettering is something totally new to me. I worry that my efforts would backfire in a colossal way.


You could do a print out and trace over that, and practise copying Hebrew letters from an online source until you know how to draw them. :smiley:


Interesting idea. I will have to look into that. I just know that sigils have struck an interest nerve in me as of recently. I’ve seen them spiritually on different occasions and I’m not surprised at the concept of a Lust sigil. I’ve written letters of intent before and applied signature to them with a sense of force. But I shudder at my attempts at drawing sigils myself.

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Practise will help with that, you can also print more complex stuff lightened (Word should offer lighten options for a picture inserted into a doc file), and then go over them carefully in ink.

I gave grey versions of Belial's Gateway Symbols for that reason. His Goetia sigil is quite complex and things like that can be worth printing in pale grey, then inking over by hand.


Practice is always fun in my experience. It’s just I drew Lilith’s sigil once, thinking that it was a simple sigil to draw and I cringed. I always put maximum effort into things in regards to Lilith out of respect and love towards Her. I just found myself looking downcast at the attempt to draw Lilith’s sigil that way.

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Try the grey-print trick if you feel really daunted, treat it like training wheels. :wink:


Grey-print trick? As in drawing it in pencil?

No, you dowload the image of the sigil, insert it into a Word document, format the picture very light so it looks pale grey - or just lighten it in Photoshop. Then you’ll have a sheet of paper with the sigil in grey and can ink over it.

If you don’t have access to these programs or a printer, an internet cafe should have those programs and a printer on-site.

And yes, you can always do them by hand, pencil first, ink after! :+1:


I’ve always had Lilith’s sigil downloaded, ever since my discovery of Her. I’ve even had both of Her sigils downloaded for total effect. I’ve often thought about writing out a draft on paper, attaching the picture of either sigil, and then going about it that way.



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hello hopefully you see this Succupedia. I’m looking to reach out to you and share experiences. I’m going through the transformation you mention on your blog. I’m new to this site so I don’t know how to message you privately. Let me know how you want to communicate if you chose to.


That’s pretty neat.Althought it sounds like a kinda troublesome process for just a radar,it can,say,save you a lot of time and emotional health from someone sending mixed signals.

Anyone tried this sigil ? Plz share your experiences