The Luciferian Tarot-should I get it?

Hey everyone, I’m thinking of getting the luciferian tarot, has anyone used them before or have them? What do you think of them? Would you suggest I get them? Thank you


My take on tarots is you should get one you feel attracted to, visually and beyond. Maybe just visually.

I only ever bought one tarot deck and it was because I really liked one of the cards (my profile pic).

Beyond that, it’s just a tool so all decks have the same value.

PS : you’re cute.


Yeah I understand, I was just hoping someone could share their opinion on the deck if they had used or had it. At the moment I still only use the first one I ever got.

Thank you also for your kind compliment


My husband bought if for me a few days ago. Haven’t used it yet, but I like the cards and feel drawn to them. When I get a new deck I meditate a little on each card. Usually one or 2 a day. If I don’t get anything it’s not for me. I’m on day 3 and so far I really like it.

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Personally, I love the traditional deck.

But I agree with a few replies in this thread, pick the one you’re drawn to.

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It’s my go to deck as well. Once in a while I’ll work with a new one. Most end up in my collection, some are used regularly :slightly_smiling_face:

The general rule for me with divination tools is this, if you feel drawn to an object to the point where you can’t focus on anything else or perhaps your gaze is constantly drawn to it when browsing for tarot decks somewhere ans you keep scrolling up to it to look at it. It may be for you.

When the tool in you hand there’s a sense of excitement and completion that occurs. Not unlike the excitement you’s feel when opening a birthday present. That’s when you’ll truly know that the tool is for you.


Did you ended up getting it? @TheBlondeBrujo

I bought it today. I’ve been eyeing it up for a long time. Pretty excited for when it arrives.


No I got the Goddess Tarot, but the Luciferian tarot is next on my list…how are you finding your deck?


It was an online order. I’m still waiting for it to arrive. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Received it today. It’s amazing!
The cards are massive and come with a really good guide. This deck is unlike any other.


Oh fabulous & thank you for letting me know, I really appreciate that you took the time to respond to me. How has it been getting to know the deck? Are you loving the energies? I’m really tempted now to spoil myself when I get the chance too and get them, or may try ask for them as a christmas present from one of my christian family members haha

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I am having a very hard time locating where to buy the deck. Could you or anyone else assist?



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You’re welcome.

Its been very interesting! The cards are definitely something else! First time handling i already made a connection (i was so attracted to a certain card to the point of hypnosis) and this morning, another was calling to me in a dream. They have a mind of their own as in, the entities will come through the cards. That’s what I’ve found so far.

Haha love the idea of it being a Christmas present, especially from your Christian family members!

It felt like Christmas come early to me when i did the unboxing.

Do you mean by this the Lucifer’s Tarot deck made by that Ukrainian mage with demons of Goetia and Qliphothic Qabalah? I’ve seen a flipthrough on YT and its not really a tarot deck, but can be quite good.