The Keys of Ocat: A Necromantic Journey

Lol, thank you. I tend to think it’s rather bland compared to most :laughing:

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It’s really great! :+1:

I’m still learning. But hopefully I will get there. Right now, I’m hoping to evoke Hathor. But idk. Im nervous.

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I kinda just want to keep sleeping my day away, but it’s almost time for me to be up anyways. I have lots of things to ramble about, but my trouble is when I do get home- I’m so tired all I do is sleep, take care of my pets and plants and the head right back to my lovers home when he gets off work.

I was just going to sleep today until he called me to tell me he was on his way from work, but I had to remind myself that it was Thursday. It’s really nice that he works four tens and that we always have three day weekends, but I do not have my kids this weekend, so once I leave- I’m gone till Monday around 5 am.

Like I said, I have lots to ramble about, but every time I feel like rambling, I’m not where I have good cell service, or my computer- so I just kinda journal in my mind, with it directed at no one. It certainly helps me process and work through things, but there’s something about having it down in words, that I can see and read that just feels better.

I guess the place to go for this entry, would be right back to the last time I journaled- Three weeks ago yesterday. I got a phone call on 6/14/21 that I had to appear in court on 6/18/21. Talk about panic in a short order. I’ve had several months notice for all of my other court days, except the one where they hauled me in, so I was all out of sorts and upset.

My lover sat at my table, helping me thumb through my herbal books, I was looking for a particular ritual in Entering Hecate’s Garden. It was one I saw when I accidentally bought the book for kindle, and just paged through it out of curiosity. In fact, it was something that tilted the scales towards, Yep, I want this book- in physical copy.

Somehow even though we both paged through the book multiple times, I just could not find it. I ended up re-buying the kindle version, so that I could use search terms in order to locate the ritual. I actually was thinking that perhaps the version I had in my hand differed from the kindle version, but I was mistaken, they are pretty close to identical.

The ritual I was looking for had to do with court cases. Basically banishing them, with the spirit of Fennel. I just happened to be on the phone with my guy, when I was reading over the ritual two days later, for the materials needed and what to do. I said something to the effect of Well, I have everything but Vodka, so I’ll just substitute that with something else.

Ended up, he insisted I go over to his place to get enough vodka for my witchy stuff. You know it will work better… Yeah, maybe- sometimes. More likely to work like the author intends it, but I’ve not had any bad shit come from substituting so… So I walked over to get 4 oz of Vodka and came back.

It was a pretty simple recipe and ritual. The basis of it was grounding up the fennel seeds, tapping into the energy and spirit of Fennel, mixing it with Vodka and then utilizing it on a copy of the court document, while relaying to the Fennel spirit what you wanted to happen.

Naturally, I spoke to the Fennel spirit, explained what I needed, or at least what I needed in the worst case scenario. I then dipped my finger in the mixture, and wrote dismissed on my copy of my court documents.

Fine and dandy, can’t do much more than that, so I didn’t think about it- I just accepted that whatever is, simply is. It’s not the end of the world, but man sure would be nice to get out from under what I didn’t do. Goodness knows I cause enough trouble, without being blamed for shit I didn’t even do- at least not to the fullest extent of the claim.

On that Friday, I ended up real unsure why I had to be there, my public defender just asked for an extension to negotiate restitution and I was given a new date to appear- 7/9/21. While we were there, we down to the prothonotaries office, because I needed a copy of my divorce decree in order to obtain a marriage license.

Man, was I pissed when they handed me the folder with my divorce case, and there was no decree within it. My lover was watching me leaf through and he’s like You’re not divorced.

Me, I was like Bull shit. I didn’t contest anything, it was signed and ready to be filed for the six month waiting period in April, of 2020. This is June 2021, I should have been divorced like eight months ago.

Edit/shit removed: Circumstances just changed, I guess I’m in for a fight. :woman_shrugging:


Oh man. I just error and lost a ramble that took me almost two hours to write! Cock sucker. I knew there was a reason I used to always write in scrivener and just pasted it over. Dammit all.

At any rate. While I’d clearly be happier if I could just resummon up the lost text, I guess I’ll get over and try to get to the point faster than originally rambled through.

The gist of it was when I first started actively practicing magic, I had a really difficult target. Or so I thought, I really had no contact with them what-so-ever after the first six months, and so I can’t rightfully say that I had no affect on them, after they were completely and totally removed from my life.

But I didn’t garner the result I was after, and now the situation has escalated to the point that I need results on it by- YESTERDAY, at the latest.

Basically my target has finally revealed their hand of cards, and it has become clear to everyone from my spouse to my public defender that an abused woman is facing a corrupt system where the target has influenced those with authority and it’s reached extortion level antics.

Naturally, I’m not real pleased despite the fact I have documentation supporting me, etc and I’ve been advised that I need make it so that it’s no longer profitable for them to obtain their goal.

I’m trying to keep this brief, since I wasted a lot of time on loosing it already, but I had previously agreed to a deal, until the terms became such that there is quite literally, no way I can meet them. I probably would if I could, but I don’t happen to have a years wages laying around to get rid of extortionists so… I have no choice but to tell my story, share my evidence, and hope to the god that I don’t worship- that someone hears me.

In the meantime, I have just over a month to garner results and I’ve got fund problems- not for day to day life, but for fighting this- it’s going to get expensive fast, and I’ve spent the last week calling every attorney in the county and then some, just to learn free consultations are rare, the old school way of billing court fees and costs to the sole provider during a divorce really doesn’t happen anymore and that well, I no longer care about collateral damage.

Good. I thought that was what held me back nearly three years ago, and while I have no idea for certain, I can at least proceed certain that collateral damage possibilities will not affect my work. I’ve come a long ways since October 2018 when I first began to practice my skills, rather than reject them.

The plan is to hit up a four day intensive, starting Monday. It’s been months since I did an intensive, despite the fact I do something magical every single day and well, I work well under pressure, I even love a challenge- just not this particular one. I’m waiting till Monday, as it’s Thursday so it’s really my last day with spare time till Monday, I’ve not even managed to get my nap yet today and well. Weekends are always busy in my life now, and I have my kids this weekend so, I’m going to shoot for rest.

I’m going to need a lot of rest. I’m already tired every single day. Sometimes I sleep decent at night in my lovers arms. Other nights I just lay there tranced out, or wake up at 3 am when we need to be up at 5am. I’m not used to constant activity anymore as well.

Well I did sleep late last Saturday. It really surprised me when I woke up at 11:30 am, my lover gently caressing my cheek and telling me Good morning sleeping beauty. Cute and all but unexpected as he’s an early riser, guess that whole morning work thing usually puts people on a schedule, even if I am the only person who is never going to like mornings, no matter how many years I have to be up for them.

So, back to the point- I need to increase and maintain my energy level. I intend to start by removing my targets defenses, attacking their friends and family to keep them distracted, attacking their livestock, their pets, their spouse, job, mental and physical health and so on.

I’ll be lucky if I don’t make myself physically ill, even with rest. I always see a shit ton of progress though when I do an intensive and this is real important. I know that sometimes my lover gets off early from work, so I’ll be needing to do the work when I first get home in the morning, rather than napping and planning on him arriving at normal time. Not really a big deal, but it could be if I fail to stay on point.

I’m sure I missed some important details, part of the story or other goofy rambles, as this is now about a third of the text lost to an error… :rofl: :rofl: Oh well. Maybe by the time I’m journaling my ritual work on Monday, I’ll recall what I left out. :smirk:


In other news, I spent the morning playing with plants/spirits. It’s always a good way to just sort of relax and most of my plants needed repotted so that they have more room to grow. I was rather pleased that I ended up with just enough dirt to fill my new grow bags, the rest of my pots and to even replant my starter trays with sage.

The dirt I use is kinda fun. I know, I know, I’m nuffin but a big kid, but it’s still fun to receive this neat little brick size package that turns into over 2 gallons of dirt. It really works out well for me and the plants I’m growing, it’s economical and so forth and what not and would have you.

I had to move the bigger tomato plants to the balcony, I then reused those pots as well as the extra from the last time and refilled my windowsill. I thought I was screwed- I had five pots too many, then realized I could rig things to work out for now. In a few months, I’m going to have my own personal in home greenhouse, on the second floor of our home- but I have to move out of this apartment first. Originally I thought I would be moved out by now, but things clearly came up that take priority for a minute. It’s going to be a hot minute tho, because I’m already over it and ready to get back to what I was doing.

I also made up herbal capsules this week.

No they were not for me. I’ve been rather pleased the last few months- my spouse is very willing to try herbal, homeopathic and alternative means of treating ailments, aches, pains and the like. For example when I first met him, it was hard not to notice he had some toe nail fungus going on with one of his feet. Luckily he mentioned it to me, was willing to try what I brought him and I was even impressed with how quickly things began to clear up.

This particular blend is for liver function and memory. It took me quite a bit of time to cross reference things, double check that none of the herbs I chose did not have any contradictions with the one liver medication he takes, and then of course to grind them all up and put them in capsules for him.

It was worth the effort however, I absolutely love and find it amazing how easily it is to connect with the spirits related to the herbs you are grinding up, harvesting, using etc.

I guess that’s all folks, Till Monday.


I haven’t even, recorded in my personal records most of the last years working and occurrences. I’ve reached the point where it’s just part of life and while my practice has its own this makes it magical stuff, I still fly by the seat of my pants and live and breathe this stuff, particularly the energy workings.

We’ve managed as a family to have a few cherished members cross to the other side, and it has further deepened my personal shadow work, as well as my work with the dead.

Mine used to look real petty
Was the picture in the dictionary
Of the guy that wasn’t ready to grow up
And all it took was a last goodbye
A broken heart on borrowed time
And letting go of things that are hard to let go of

Now I love a little more, dream a little deeper
Leave all the leavers, keep all the keepers
Find peace of mind in the time the good Lord gives
I’ma cross one off, put two more on it
Say, “I love you” 'fore the moment’s gone
And never have to ask myself, “What if”
When I get to the bottom of my bucket list, yeah

I managed to be energetically present as one of these special members passed, and somehow several weeks before their sudden and unexpected death, this song came to me in reference to them specifically.

It also caused me to realize, I have lived like this, Sorta.

Three years ago this month, I found what it was to loose the only thing important to me, for the second time in this life.

For a long time, I lived like I was dying. But now? I don’t actually have a bucket list anymore.

You see, at first that kinda troubled me.

Oh shit. I’ve done it all. I’ve done everything I wanted, I have everything I dreamed of so… what do I have to live for now…

Now I have the answer to this, but it took me a minute to see it. It took a minute to realize it didn’t always have to be about me. My Bucket list may be done, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go all in supporting the person who is my everything and their bucket list.

It’s not giving up all my choices or any of my thoughts or anything like that, it’s quite simply I accomplished my dreams.

All I ever wanted was to be a good mom. Now we can debate this one all day long, but it’s a check mark in my box.

Then I just wanted to be loved by someone who loved me as much as I did them, and visa verse.

I struggled to find that one. The best friend plus spouses thing basically.

Then I didn’t really want to be… noticed, but I wanted to be good. At everything. Most recently and most continually my spiritual practice.

I ended up achieving that and some, I remember thinking I didn’t need the Become prolofic ritual from success magic… in fact even snooping my nose at the idea, but doing it anyways…

Turns out I have a love hate relationship with that successful aspect of life. I don’t really want to be the most known or famous or even rich, but…

I love helping people when I can, when I feel like it and I have time.

Lol most of those boxes don’t get checked for the forums, but in real life? Man. I love helping people fix their life’s and see the bigger picture and idk… stupid, ridiculous, probably conceited even- so can I get a point back for the fact I don’t look for these people at least?

Ok so back to my list. That best friend love box, it got checked too.

Then we get to being able to live comfortably.

Yep got that one checked too. Some months have been better than others monetarily but, we aren’t cold or starving ever so… check.

I don’t ever care what is on tv. Well rarely like once every six months I want to watch something…

I’ll eat anything.

I am Sagittarius so we all know I can do the on the fly shit, but I swear I found early in life, that life gives us plenty of impromptu moments to add lib into our life without me going and looking to make life spontaneous.

In fact, I find life much easier and I am happier when it’s simple, consistent and I know about stuff ahead of time so I can try to talk myself into wanting to do it…

So lol, basically we discuss everything, but I don’t have any dreams to chase, so I’m content to play sidekick for now.

This ramble probably doesn’t help anyone, but it’s where I am!

This one’s for momma :


I was just wondering a day or two ago where you’d been for the last [checks watch] billionty years. Welcome back :heart:

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Well, I am still going to be hit or miss. Life has been on a weird…need for speed mode, but it’s giving me more hours to try to fill at the same time, or it will if this weeks example continues. I have a few things to share but most of my work has been real personal, or super similar to things I’ve already talked about doing.

I’ve had more than a few times I could have browsed the forum as filler space and I just didn’t feel like it, because every time I post it seems I let a bunch of people down in the weeks following in not really being available to chat, or seeing their question until well afterwards.

:heart: I was thinking about you a few days ago too, I don’t remember what we were talking about but I was like oh my friend Veil


That’s a mood lol. Hope you’re doing ok lass :two_hearts:

:joy: I legit had a draft saved in the TL3 lounge thread from two or three days ago like “btw, where is my waifu @Keteriya? Haven’t seen her in yonks”

Glad you’re well x

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It totally is lol. Dammit you always calling me out…

Thank you! I’m glad you care enough to check once in a while on me! I appreciate it a lot :star_struck::gift_heart::heart:

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Just a bump and to throw it out there that if anyone is looking for healing, thanks to the MfWB, I have donated an energetic healing to anyone who wishes to take advantage of it (it will work kinda like reiki in you don’t need to be there to tap into it)

Here’s the link!

Also I felt lead to give you all some encouragement in my working in my shadow working journal- it seemed more appropriate there.


Glad your back! I missed reading all your posts. Keep going strong.

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Most of my work in my current journals can’t be shared very easily, or at least needs me to write it down and decide what to redact.

This however is just an example of some of my more regular practice. I don’t make it up to my office every single day, but most days when I do go in, I share my first cup of coffee with husbands deceased parents. I knew his mother, and actually looked forward to having a good friendship with her. Both frequently stop in, visit my dreams and are around while I am out of body, so this is the arrangement that I came up with.

There are many new and old items alike, some that are simply there for the short term to charge and so forth and so on :slight_smile:


I know that I probably need to rethink the title for this journal. I am still working with the spirits I’ve meet through the Keys of Ocat, but not nearly as frequently as I was to begin with. I haven’t even managed to work with many of or the majority of the entities yet, as it seems my practice has taken a lot of weird twist and turns.

I’m working with the dead regularly. It’s actually pretty strange, because for the last year not more than a week or two has gone by without a dead from my husband’s past, making introductions to me. It didn’t seem that weird when it was my dead family, but man. Some of these people have been out of his life so long that it just blows my mind.

It’s been pretty good confirmation however for me and some of the work I have been doing, as I’ll tell him I met this spirit, or dreamed about that person; and he will in return usually go Oh shit. Followed by asking me questions about the individual’s appearance or how they sounded or even where I met them at. (Example: a train station, tall blonde, short dark curly hair)

There have been many other instances that have validated my intuition and caused me to realize, my intuition doesn’t fail, it’s either how I am listening to it, or how I am NOT listening to it. (Oops. I’ve done the not a few more times than I want to admit).

To get back on point, I was in the kitchen this morning, after having decided I’m tired of certain issues and it’s time to meter out some justice. My husband comes in from mowing the grass and asks what I am doing, because I must have looked like a mad woman.

I had cornmeal and flour all over the counter and I was sculpting poppets out of homemade play dough. I was short on flour, added too much water and used cornmeal to fix it all. I figured it added a nice grating sand like texture for abrasion to their skin. I explained this to my husband and that I was taking a somewhat lesser taken route in how I was doing it.

See, I’ve been reading a lot about older types of folk magic, from all over for various reasons, and one thing I’ve come across a number of times in regard to repelling curses, mal-intentions and just generally abusive people in their lives, was the use of a sympathetic link and their own personal concerns to link to anyone who was doing these things to the afflicted.

I’ve decided that while I am certain of the identities of a few of these, I want confirmation. So, I’ve worked my poppets in such a way as to link the energy of the person behind the issue, rather than giving it a hard, set-in stone target. My husband asked how many I was making and I even though I had rough idea, I said I wasn’t sure. He told me to make six, he felt pretty sure about that and three male, three female.

I also, followed my own intuition and made the chest cavities of my poppets hollow. I filled them with baneful intended items/herbs, then made doors like little coffins. I very intentionally wanted the baneful work to start from their insides and work out. Then my husband helped me take them out to bake in the sun, on our patio.

There are two individuals we have regular contact with, whom I believe are intentionally causing trouble or at least trying to, so there should be some signs along the way as to how this works out. I thought it was pretty great and feel good about this working because even though he doesn’t practice, wants no part of it- he doesn’t shy away from helping me, so we end up with many joint projects despite it being my thing.

Well. We took this in a paper bag to dispose of, with a proper fck you asshole’s funeral.

I didn’t exactly get the confirmation I was looking for, but what came was probably more interesting and works out better in the long run anyways. There’s definitely some indication these two may be involved, but it’s part of a much larger picture than I was sure about.

I had some feelings about it, had a geographical location I had energetically felt out as the prime source, had an idea of what one of the targets looked like, and even a timeline for how long this has been going on, despite the fact it’s only been affecting my household a few months.

I’ve had conversations with my husband about how I felt someone close to us was being intentionally targeted and that their protection was allowing in a things that could harm their situations, but not them. In fact, they have actually led to situations closing sooner than they should have for this individual, on worse terms than they should have ended on… but they would have ultimately ended anyways- often to irreconcilable differences, be it a relationship, or quite simply a situation.

My poppets lead to hours long discussion, because two things happened regarding houses, one involving my adult step son, and the other being close to home. I had to ask some hard questions to rule out anyone being in the home that might be a part of the cause, and this lead to that as well as revelation of how I was actually on to something, but having to explain how someone who feels their life is protected, can still have this type of attack happen.

It explains the bull shit I chased out off the house when I moved in, along with several other things I intuited by never could have known or guessed as it was years before I was to be here. Now the individual whose been targeted, immediately felt like a burden was lifted, a long term cold went away, and they felt absolutely great, further confirming to them that this was not a coincidence. I even later heard this person talking about how they’d quite literally seen me intuit things for months now, that had no explanation and went beyond their understanding of clairecognizance and sentience.

The hard part was getting this individual to not feel guilty for bringing something into my home that shouldn’t be there. Nah man, you don’t understand. I’ve spent a few months now, watching and tracing this energy to determine for sure who and what was going on. This is good confirmation for me, but also, you’ve identified nearly a decade of being affected by this, it’s affected my husband’s past, not just current (quite deeply at that) and now, despite you being spiritually inclined, despite others around you being such as well…

This is the first time anyone’s tried to figure out what was going on, took the time to trace it down, confirm it, and done the work to make sure it didn’t result in with the perpetrator as the victor- again. Is that part really coincidence? Maybe but my mind tells me that this individual came into my life, shortly after workings to draw the situations to me that empower my personal purpose…

How can I not take care of it, even if it does result in a mage war, as we know the perpetrator has the skills and connections to not only do this, but to likely be backed up once attacked, and their associates will also likely be interested in me afterwards.

But there’s a few things on my side with this too. It’s never been realized, it’s never been fought and all I’ve done is throw out extra protection towards certain situations to see if they were indeed what was being affected, by then noting how much the problems in those areas were immediately lifted, but then exacerbated when my protection was removed. This leaves opening to attack, and hard prior to them being aware of a new witch entering the scene, because even if the gossip circle has indicated I am here, they still have no idea who I really am or that I am a spiritually inclined individual, and so far no one has interceded, let alone tried to counter or attack them over it.

I didn’t realize how much prep- work I was going to need to for the initial ritual.

Once I finally had everything, and I was ready to begin, I sat down in front of a temporary altar to do my work.

First I had to prepare and dress my candles. I originally thought they were going to represent targets, but was surprised to find out as did my prep work, they did not at all represent the targets, but rather the spiritual groups coming forward to aid in my project.

I lit my candles and found the gates were practically busting at the seams to be open, and for entities and ancestors to flow through. Belial, Abaddon, Azazel, Hecate, Samedi, Kalfu, Lucifer, and more- one right after the other- only giving me time to recognize and acknowledge (and confirm) who was stepping up. I was reminded of @anon39079500 sentiments towards prep work, yet again.

There was another group, that stepped forward whom wished to keep themselves unknown to others. I confirmed their identity and investment into the project, acknowledged they had been and would be working behind the scenes as overseers, ensuring things get done in the way they need to. I was not to mention them, even to the individual with which they were related and that has more to do with them, than it does with me.

I can understand and respect that, as part of this working- but it is the first time I’ve not shared due to my own reluctance to reveal information, and instead due to an entities. Given the circumstances it makes complete and total sense to me however.

I feel, this is just one working in what will become a much bigger project. I was wondering what the next dive would be, though I assumed it would be totally a personal development dive. This most certainly will lead to personal development, but it wasn’t what I expected at all :slight_smile: (Of course :confused: )


I saw this when Mike shared it but kept on scrolling because I was pretty busy that day. I pretty much just scanned and replied to the main thread but came back later to reread the replies and ensure I understood it all.

I’m glad I did. When I read this again, I immediately got a nudge that I could use it, sorta. In my own way, without the knife or a substitute for it. It’s not really all that different from the last update I made to my manipulation tutorial,

With the other baneful work I did, I immediately knew who the target for this working was to be. One I’ve tried to conquer in the past, actually it was the one who caused me to chase this path instead of run from it. One I gave up on, tried to bless instead thinking if they were happy they’d leave me alone. One I’ve avoided, conceded to, asked others for help for… One no matter how hard I ran or where I turned, I couldn’t get away from. One I’ve tried to just be like leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone and cooperate with.

Man, some people just insist on trying to wear you down, no matter what mundane actions you take, no matter how many times you turn the other cheek, no matter how awful and wrong they are and this one previously evaded my magical abilities and while friends helped many times, it seemed this was something I was just supposed to go through. Maybe I’ll never know and maybe this is where it had to go so that eventually, things come to light that still have not yet.

I didn’t really spend any time on ritual preparation, I didn’t draw or print a sigil. I know who Belial is, and they have delivered for me in the past in this situation, at least in lessoning what I went through and ensuring I was winning, even if I was losing. They also already stepped up and nudged me that they wanted in on the action again so, I just ran with it.

I came up to my office and used the makeshift altar from the previous baneful ritual. I sat down on the hardwood floor in front of it, took out a black candle- just like the red ones from above, and used a lancet to pierce my ring finger. I only just now realized the symbolism I missed here with this action. I had actually made a mental joke, when I received the nudge about You mean I gotta prick a third finger this week… He musta been like you dumb dip shit, in thought… :rofl: :woman_shrugging:

Belial always seems to want blood from me, but always seems to deliver as well. I was quite willing to bloody it up one side and down the other before securing it to my platter.

I opened the gates, to add further energy to my ritual and was not surprised/surprised to feel other entities coming through. Energies I know, entities that have been in and out of my life in same way for most of it, those whom I originally called for this, and others have had step up for me, as well.

I was still not expecting them, as this original working only called on Belial, not Azazel, Abaddon and Bael. I’m not one to turn down four one price though, not with these four anyway. Not with this situation. I’m tired, I’m weary. I want to be done.

But I don’t feel tired and weary with the energy around me, I feel empowered to proceed, on my own authority, even on my own spiritual authority backed up by some religions and beliefs due to the titles held between me and this other individual, and so I did. It wasn’t hard to feel it was with my right and my godhood to do this.

I followed the rest of the ritual almost as written, imagining rather than visualizing. I did not exert myself to exhaustion, and in fact probably spent 20 minutes total on the ritual. But I did feel I had expended exactly what I needed to, and I had paid the price.

Fast forward to today. I’m up early to see my husband off to work and decide to get right to the things I need to do. I bought a brand-new printer because I needed to print some documents in relation to the above and get them in the mail. I also wanted one for my office, for my magical practice. I don’t feel I need to use it for anything, but I will because it can add some visuals to my practice.

I realized right away, that as a magical tool, I could use it to house a servitor to enhance any magical items I were to print from it. Be it good, bad, or whatever. So I’ve already begun to plan this out despite the fact I’m working in our bedroom, because I don’t want to carry the thing upstairs until later. Our housemate was sleeping, and it was a pretty early hour so, I don’t want to be rude even if I have a pressing matter.

I got her all set up, made a copy of something and was trying to figure out if double sided pages were going to be worth the hassle, when I got the call.

Suddenly, my situation has been resolved.

I’ll be curious to see what day the paperwork ends up being dated when it arrives, as three years ago Abaddon gave me a date. Quite simply the 20th. Well the 20th of this month and that month for three years and four months has continued to gone by. It’s gotten better, it’s gotten worse and then it’s been just been hanging the fck out going nowhere, for all of that time, so it makes me wonder if the 20th has finally come.

Side note: this is going to be my new ritual music for suurrreee: Sia - Unstoppable (Official Audio) - YouTube
(and of course the reason: Pathworking My Current Past Life (Shadow Work) - #119 by Keteriya)

I’m certain I couldn’t have done it without my support at home and balg friends, but I still feel unstoppable today :slight_smile:


I am still on my shell kick. There just seems to be something about finding these beautiful mussel shells in the river that feels right to my soul.

From the first time my husband brought a pair of purple intact shells home for me, I’ve noticed their relationship not only to the river but to death itself.

Not every shell has a dead spirit attached to it, but many do. It was those that did, who originally proposed they could serve a greater purpose for me.

See, something about how they are joined makes me thinks of angel wings. Not real angels just like Christmas ornament and homemade craft type angels.

It wasn’t really a surprise then when the dead mussels suggested that they would make good home and hearth protector and blessing spirits. I also know through my work with servitors, and other spirits that while these will hold more sentience than a servitor on its own might, that they will abide by the same rules as my servitors.

So I recognize this is not much different than when an entity empowers a servitor for me, these guys are basically asking to serve, abide by my rules and carry out a purpose.

My husband is patiently trying to learn how to successfully fish, so I was not surprised to find our trip on Saturday leading me to one beautiful shell after another. I happily wade out as far as safe for my swimming ability and the current, just in case I were to fall and search the depths for hidden treasures to add to my collection.

I have plans for these after all, and it seemed like the river itself was gifting me exactly what I needed to carry out my project. I was not surprised when the local spirits wanted my leather anklet in exchange. It was a small price for what I was given.

I was surprised however when my husband brought me the mussel from the first picture. It was open like the ones I’ve taken, I immediately knew it wanted to come with me though. He brought it to me, Because it was much larger than any of the others.

I couldn’t understand why it would want to sacrifice it’s living life, but it indicated it would be a blood sacrifice for the project, and would be the home and hearth spirit I kept for our home and hearth.

It ended up being a joint project to open the shell, and my husband heard my mumble something about not wanting to see it die in vain, so he used it for fishing bait. I wasn’t surprised to see this was one of if not the, prettiest shell I’ve encountered so far.

It seemed like an interesting event to me all together. I’ve had dead come to me more often since starting this project, but this is really the first encounter I’ve had with them wanting to serve. Not quite the same thing as when you ask them to do something and offer a payment to do it.

It’s also somewhat significant to me as it’s not a type of spirit I would normally expect- somehow fish and animals don’t seem to come to me other than the domesticated dead ones so… all together pleasantly unexpected.


Today I decided to freshen up the households prosperity.

A little more than a year ago, I made a few talismans for myself and my husband, one I still carry and the other has never been removed from its hiding spot, despite eventually telling my husband it existed and had since our mere friendship.

I know these talismans are still good, but the composition of our household and it’s members have dramatically evolved since their creation.

While considering what I might do this time, and looking for a long term solution, I employed a mixture of folk magic with my energetic/servitor work.

I began by double checking which herbs I wanted to call on to empower the essence of my working.

By the time I had made my selections, peppermint practically screamed at me to be included- to invigorate the households prosperity.

I quickly realized that this would be a next level working in my eyes. As I asked the plant spirits to aid in my cause, I realized that our households joint ancestors also wanted to empower this working.

I know my husband and housemate do have common ancestors for fact, to add that fact to the spiritual knowledge we three have soul binding contracts and the fourth, is also a key player- well. I can only draw loose conclusions about the shared ancestors. I just know they as a group want to see us all prosper.

I lit a candle, and made an offering of tea- made from my herbal concoction. I knew to expect that I was to also consume this tea. I originally that well I don’t know how that will taste…

Until I was grinding the herbs and could smell their mingling scents… now I was curious if not excited to try it with our ancestors.

Next I moved to my working table to do all the work, and produce the charms.

Being as how love, unconditional familial love, is a strong force all on its own, I used a piece of the paper I created for love work. I drew a sigil or emblem for each member of the household on it, after using my mortar as a rough circular guide to draw an outer boundary.

The next step was to cut out my newly forged family emblem.

I then cut pie shaped pieces out of each fourth, until there were enough to put one piece of each persons pie in each of my eight pouches.

The hard part was deciding how to construct my charm/mojo bags.

I chose to hand sew them, despite seeing being one my weaker crafting skills. I also included a protective stone, that my little mandrake friend has been watching over for quite some time.

I guess I thought the hard part was putting them together, empowering my herbs and programming them to the ancestors specifications.

In reality, the hard part is explaining them to my loved ones.

It’s actually very important, that they understand there’s two for each person. One for themselves and one to give to their… let’s call it soul mate.

See these charms are empowered by our shared ancestors, and each carries a piece of the others with it. As one of us grows so will the others, as it draws upon the households prosperity, and the households ancestors to empower it.

The protection stone will aid and deflect general bad luck, but it won’t prevent someone from making a bad decision.

The charm will increase or deepen the persons connection to their intuition, allowing them to know those gut feelings are for real, and to make the best decision.

It will adapt, to the the persons purpose and aid in aligning their prosperity to fulfill it. It will give them nudges in the right direction, be it generally or in front of the lotto stand.

Most importantly, who they give their extra charm to matters, because this person will be aided and protected by our households prosperity and ancestors.

You don’t want to give that to just anyone.

I covered the gist of it with my husband, and he giggled at the fabrics I chose to represent each of us, because he had spoken something similar earlier, but not in any way related.

So here I am again, working with the dead but not for baneful stuff at all. It feels pretty satisfying actually, to have spirits want to be a part of working, instead of me trying to decide who I need to convince or what price fits the bill.

Now, just to explain it all…


Hii there Ket, do you mind if I ask you a few questions about S. Connolly’s book?


Sure, I’ll answer if I can :slight_smile: