The key to performing miracles(basics of gnosis)

This post is mostly for new magicians and those who are sick of having the gods do the work for them. This is how you perform your own magic and spells without the help of gods, demons, etc. However gods can be used to help empower the manifestation while youre starting out. Remember that the gods/demons want you to ascend yourself, they want you to eventually be able to use your own magic without relying on them.

Performing miracles and magic:

Egypt school of mystery, thoths emerald tablets - “that which is below is as that which is above, and that which is below is as that which is above, to perform the miracles of the one thing.”

The one thing is the merging of the concious and unconcious mind (perception vs possibility)

Many modern magicians, sorcerors, wiccans, whatever you want to call it have been mislead into taking the mystery school literally.

Let me shine light on why this is wrong and why this is a barrier to your personal development.

Within this paradigm, when taken literally, the practitioner will assume that this is to be interpreted as “the heavenly realm reflects on the physical and the beliefs of the physical reflect on the heavenly realm” this is wrong and right because it is allegorical

The heavenly realm is nirvana, the realm of possibility and raw conciousness. This is where you are when you dream, your mind is detached from its integrated paradigms, this paradigm is personal to you it is your morals, deepest fears, aversions, and expectations.

Understanding this we can move onto what a miracle is:
A miracle is a manifestation that disagrees with the agreed upon reality, thus an impossibility witnessed to be possible.

To perform a miracle one must make the two one “to perform miracles of the one thing”. Thoth was referring to the mind.

Between the unconcious mind(what they represented with the idea of nirvana) and the concious mind is a mechanism known to occultists as the “censor”.

This censor is why those who do not believe in spirits cannot sense them. Your expectations as learned through experience determines what gets through the censor. The censor sorts all of the raw possibilities of the unconcious mind and determines which possibility agrees with the percieved reality(your expectations).

Thus in order to manifest a miracle, one must use methods of symbolism to sneak information past the censor and allow it to manifest. This is why rituals are heavily symbolic. It is to immerse the mind in a new paradigm in order to drop the veil of expectations set by the censor.

the state of conciousness required to bypass the censor is called gnosis

In modern science we call gnosis “alpha state” . it is in this state that gurus perform spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is trance induced commands to the body in order to help it heal. It goes deeper than that but that’s not the point of this post.

So, trance+will+visualization=manifestation
The more immersed the mind, the more powerful.
Ex) trance+will+visualization+emotion would have a stronger manifestation. However using emotion is harder than it seems for beginners because it makes detachment harder.

Occult science is the father of simulation theory. Understand your eye percieves 2% of light. And your eyes are only 1 of your 5 physical senses. Meaning what you see is only 2% of 20% of a much larger picture. Change the expectation, change the reality. To do this, one must enter gnosis.

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Oh brother, never has a truer word been said, you must of read my mind! I would like to discuss talk with you, if you don’t mind. Please message me.


Simplify this even further.

In magick, there are 3 main processes, done for 3 reasons:

  • Access your subconscious.
    Reprogram your mindbody for self-change, and to develop hypnotic phenomena).
  • Access your superconscious.
    Communicate with higher intelligences and become possessed by them. And,
  • Access both consciousnesses.
    Request for higher intelligences to reprogram your mindbody and your living reality.

This is all of magick in a nutshell.

Magick is done in either hypnotic depth trances, or flow (lucidity) states. The depth trance of note is somnambulism. This is where you have sleepwalking (closed somnambulism), and the hallucinations that allow you to see and hear spirit forces (open-eyed somnambulism). The flow state of note is what is called samadhi in Buddhism, or Uptime Calibration in NLP. It also leads to things such as lucid dreaming seeing auras, and telepathy (reading minds).

All of this is Hypnosis, which is closely related to Mesmerism.

Those who want to get to the good stuff can go find a hypnotist to train them with trance triggers and show them Uptime Calibration exercises such as the ones on Win Wenger’s Project Renaissance site, or in Dr. Paul Scheele’s Genius Code course.


What if you were already born with the first 2?



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Personal message me and I will explain.x

thanks :blush:

I think another key for me is to recultivate a sense of playfulness. The spirit of play seems to be able to bypass the censors more consistently than anything else I’ve tried. Easier said than done though because adulting


Yes. Humor is the most often abused form of subliminal messaging.
I understand play means more than just humor, but you get the point.

Its a powerful tool indeed


Interesting. What do you mean by humor being abused as a tool for subliminal messaging? Like comedians are part of the globalist conspiracy or something?

That isn’t what gnosis means.

Gnosis is just understood knowledge. That’s it. I know some chaos magicians co-opted the term and used it to described the state you were talking about, but that isn’t what gnosis means.

Just call it trance, because that’s what it really is.

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hahaha I was thinking the same thing tbh

Gnosis is literal trance state.

Gnosticism is much older than the chaos magic archetype which was coined in the more recent western occultism. 17th century i believe?

Gnosis does mean knowledge. Being in a state of gnosis, is being in a state of knowledge, thus it evolved into the term many modern magicians use for the trance state.

Gnosticism is pre egyptian.

Now who comes onto an occult forum where we work with forces no one fully understands to be comepletly coherent to technicalities of diction. Thats just blatant hypocrisy.

If you wanna be so literal should go explain shit like the sanskrit meaning of shaitan or something, that seems much more impactful no?

Tl;dr what we refer to the trance state is completely irrelevant to process. Your comment is classic derailment


No not part of the globalist conspiracy tho im sure it is also used for this. Memes are used in psyops, i know this as i was going into cryptolinguistics(opted out, long story) for the army and this is essentially the type of shit that they do. The dude i was learning from, worked in psyops for like 3 years he said. Theyd do shit like drop memes out of choppers and make fake social media acxounts, blow them up using bots, then use them to instigate defecters

Associating a good feeling with an idea is an effective way to seed ideas and opinions. This is seen in the gamification of learning in schools.

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You seem a bit upset for me simply making a comment about a term being used incorrectly.

I am not upset. I did not use the term incorrectly. Terminology being irrelevant here, your attempt to derail my topic is against board rules.

You even admit in your own comment that gnosis is used to describe the trance in chaos magic.

But i respect your opinion. Thanks for your input

End of discussion

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I too noticed this and use this. Especially helpful ti avoid negative manifestations. Learning to incite your own joy

Will differ only on one thing, Flow state is a state prior to Samadhi. Not samadhi itself. And there are MANY Types of Samadhi. By the way, Quality Post.


Nice topic and very well explained.

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