The Infernal Obelisk Rising - Group Ritual Project

The Infernal Obelisk Rising - Group Ritual Project.

This is a group project that quite a few individuals have already agreed on joining in on. This ritual is designed to anchor the power of the infernal obelisk to the earth, in order to stimulate growth in our becoming, ascent and physical/spiritual evolution. It is also designed to do away with any tyrannical, enslaving, opposing and limiting forces on the brothers and sisters of the left hand path. Doing away with both governmental and spiritual restrictions, which stand for weakness, limitation, stasis and enslavement. The main goal of this rite is to pull this ancient power down to the earth and anchor it to the very world itself. Which in turn will stimulate the black global alchemy which is geared towards igniting the flames of transfiguration within the self. Allowing us all to be empowered, guided and initiated into the ancient forces of all the infernal power currents that converge as the heart of outer darkness, also known as the infernal obelisk.

For more information on the infernal obelisk read below.

The Infernal Obelisk.

This is the great dark work, which I am now being compelled to bring to the world but I would be honoured to have your help. Read through this and if you feel the calling, the pulling and gravitational allure of the heart of outer darkness, then you are destined for such work and I believe many of you are.

There separating the lower planes of existence, is that gaping tenebrous bridge, The Abyss. Known by many as outer darkness, the land of no return, the land of perdition, a vast abysmal blackness, the black void of the zero dimension which we now refer to as, The Infernal Empire. In this ancient darkness, the blackened river flows, the currents of all the hell-realms and chthonic domains, all these diabolical currents of power meet here.

The lake of fire, the black bloody waters of the qliphoth, the stream of the black light, and countless other infernal streams converge in the midst of this place. As these streams converge they are akin to veins, flowing with the very blood of all the devils, all the fiends and creatures of darkness. As all these converge into the black singularity, as the blood which carries the power of all the kingdoms, realms and dominions of the dark and the nightside, it then coalesces.

As these powers intermingle and merge, it makes a sound which echos throughout all existence. Which can only be heard by those who know how to listen, by the very children of darkness. These sounds are interrupted differently, some hear howls, screams, the rumbling of the belly of the beast. Others hear infernal trumpets being blown, as if the devils raise their flags and banners nearing the apocalypse. The song of the abyss is played, yet this song is a beating of a heart, the very heart of outer darkness, the heart of the abyss. This heart has many layers, it shines with a luminescent darkness, the very light of darkness itself shines bright, yet eternally dark nonetheless. This heart is a black obelisk, it’s colour is so black that it seems like a infinite black hole, which as no beginning nor end. The Infernal Obelisk, the heart of outer darkness is alive, it is sentient, it’s veins shines all the colours of darkness, for the force of light has its spectrum of colour, so too does the darkness. As these veins pulse against the obsidian alien-like structure, it feeds the pinnacle of the obelisk. At the correct moment the summit of the pinnacle, which many have seen as the black pyramid it shines a beacon of black light.

This beacon emanates through the formative plane, into the world of extroverted soul, it punctures into the very heart of eternity, the source itself. The beacon then reverses it’s current drawing in the divine light which forms all reality, siphoning it. Containing it within every fibre of the devils structure, transmuting the very power of the gold of the gods, the light of the divine. It blackens it nerving the powers of the heavens and hell as one. Those who are given access then may invert the beacon to radiate downwards through all the planes, to come here and now. The infernal obelisk will manifest as the physical obelisk here and now, within the temples of the living gods, the children of darkness. This is inevitable, this irrefutable, this is just the glimpse of the infernal obelisk, the heart of outer darkness. This is the centre of this great dark terrible work, it was the fact that I caught a glimpse of this heart of outer darkness, this black obelisk/devils obelisk that took my ascent and path of becoming to a whole other level.

The Ritual

There are various forms of participation, first form of participation is.

The Lamp Of The Infernal

Items Required.

  1. Black Candle
  2. Dragons Blood Oil
  3. Frankincense resin
  4. Inverted Pentagram

Place a image of a inverted pentagram on a table in the north, firstly anoint the black candle with the dragons blood oil as you do this close your eyes. Visualise the darkness around you awakening, as you breathe it in, subsume it, embrace it, invite it. Invoke the powers of darkness, visualising it running through your whole being, your body, your subtle bodies, chakras, your aura and so forth. As you do this keep rubbing in the oil as you do this visualise the darkness emanate out of your hands into the candle. Visualise it as a moving black liquid darkness, see it make the black candle even blacker, like abysmal black. See the darkness go deep into the wax, spreading into the bacteria, particles and even atoms of the black candle. Blackening the entirety of the candle until the darkness rushes to the top of the wick building and gaining critical mass.

Light frankincense, hold the candle over the rising smoke of the incense, meditate on the moving darkness inside and throughout the whole candle. As you feel the powers of darkness growing inside of it now state.

“Creature of wax, Spirit of this candle, i consecrate you by the powers of darkness, I imbue you with this ancient force”.

Next breathe on the candle visualising a light emanate from your breath entering the black candle, seeing it swallowed by the darkness inside of the candle and now state.

“I give you life, open your eyes so you may see me, open your ears so you may hear me, open your mouth so you may talk to me, I consecrate and empower you, so you shall be the lamp of the infernal, a rod of power, a beacon of the powers of the heart of outer darkness”.

Next gaze into the inverted pentagram, open it just like a sigil, as it opens feel that it becomes like a sigillic gateway for the forces of the left hand path, chaos, darkness, rebellion, sexuality, bloodlust, passion etc. As you gaze into this recite the incantation to summon all magickal power.

“Itz Rachu Mantantu Vespacha Kaltamu,

Itz Ranta Mant Kala Mant Atzu Belt Tazu.

Vaskalla Itz Rachu Kantantu Velchatza”.

Repeat this over and over, place the candle on top of the inverted pentagram now, sit in absolute darkness. Visualise waves of power running from the paper into the candles, causing the liquid darkness to move like chaotic black currents of power, still repeating the incantation feeling the candle is like about to burst with the amount of energy and power it’s containing. See it at the very top of the wick now light the wick and see that the dark powers flood into the actual flame itself, until the candles flame is black. Gaze into the flame as you gaze into it, visualise that there is a dark plane, a vast abysmal blackness that is deeper than the pits of hell, nothing but black waves, you can hear thunder, screams, crying, howls, the growling of the belly of the beast.

Now in the centre of this limitless endless, formless darkness see a light emanate, it’s a dark light, a black acasual light, like the black light of the qliphoth. As this light shines see that in its centre is a large tall black obelisk, see that atop of the obelisk at its pyramid-like pinnacle see that its siphoning a beacon of light of all colour. At the bottom of the obelisk visualise various currents of power, a river of blood, a lake of fire, a stream of stellar power and so on. Countless infernal, chthonic and dark currents of power from every hell realm, seeing it as countless veins running beneath the skin of the darkness into the base of the obelisk. Now obelisk is surging with the power of the light filled existence siphoning the divine essence of all things, combining that with the secret currents of the hell realms.

Now visualise the candle before you created a fiery black spiralling beacon, flowing through the physical plane, the astral plane, the casual plane, the mental plane, all the way to the abyss. Flowing into the obelisk, pulling the essence of this mighty powerful dark nexus through that fiery beacon of the candle. Pulling it back through the planes, through the flame and into the candle, as it enters the candle visualise waves of the obelisks power emanate throughout our plane. Imbuing this plane with the waves of the infernal obelisk power, now state.

“I (your name/magickal name) call down the powers of the infernal obelisk, the ancient force of the devils obelisk, the black pinnacle.

I conjure and anchor these powers here and now, employ the necessary evil and necessary evil into this world. May the earths soil blacken, so thy be the black earth, i along with my brothers and sisters rouse the infernal obelisk and cause outer darkness to converge upon the face of the earth. All the hell-realms, all the netherworlds, underworlds and nighttime realms converge here and now, as the dark singularity is born in our world, the womb of all the creatures of darkness, the denizens of the pit, all the demons and devils tare through the veil. To facilitate this world for the coming of the obelisk, arise, arise, arise, by my power, by my under-dying will arise, arise”.

Open your mind and be receptive, the gateway of imagination will interpret the coming and spreading of this power into our world in a way that resonates with you, as a personal vision. At this point meditate in front of the candle, simply feeding it your energy through either your breath, hands or third eye. Feeding the beacon, furthering the process of this spiritual infestation, embrace it, embrace the power.

Allow the candle to burn out completely this is important do not out the flame whatsoever, you must keep the flame burning. Once the candle burns out naturally on its own, here’s another important step bury the candle in the earth, hold your hands over it and then state.

“I plant the seed of the dark singularity, I have prepared the black earth to hold the infernal obelisk up high and proudly exalted”.

Now push your power into the ground, into the soil and visualise the candle become darkness and form a black seed that glows with the fire of hell in its centre. Pushing your power in accordance with youth will to ground this magickal seed, to ground the magick you’ve performed in the earth itself this the final crucial stage you must say this incantation.

“Remrok Itz Tana Valasaka

El Altu Sasitzu Kardba Hel

Kama kav’rak Vel, Esant


Repeat it over and over, until the seed sprouts these black roots deep into the earth, as you walk away don’t look back but visualise in your mind the roots expanding deeper and deeper.

The Gate Of Hamidah.

Items Required.

  1. Two Black Candle
  2. The Symbol Of The Gateway Of Hamidah
  3. Incense preferably (Dragons blood and Ditany of Crete)
  4. Bowl

There is a specific gateway that allows a one way access to but not fro, so this simple rite is merely the offering of blood onto the gate, pushing the energy, power and life force of blood through the gate, as an offering to the infernal obelisk.

This is the gateway.


Begin by facing the west, light Dittany Of Crete & Dragons blood incense, light two black candles either side of the gateway. Once the smoke rises and the flames begin their dance, gaze into the symbol and open it. Now as it’s open recite the following.

“I (your name/magickal name) open the gateway of hamidah, so my blood may trickle into the vastness, so it may be carried by the dark wings of devils, to anoint the infernal obelisk. It is I (your name/magickal name) that offer my blood, unto the black pinnacle, the devils summit, so it may be fed, so it may be prepared, so it may rise here and now. So the great work may unfold as intended”.

Now place the blood onto the symbol as you do this hold your hands over the drying blood and close your eyes. Visualise the paper becomes like a black hole, your blood dries but releases a spiritual/aethyric double of your blood. See it as a red bloody elixir dripping through the black hole, now visualise it moving as shining red crimson droplets, moving through the darkness, seeing the droplets actually anoint the obelisk itself. As it does you see it glow slightly red, pulsating like a heart beat, like the blood is pumping into it, then it returns to its original form, yet you notice it feels different.

Now simply meditate visualising it, sensing it, for this offering it is said that the actual obelisk may grant you advice/guidance in the form of a vision. Once done fold up the paper hold it over a flame of one off the candles, then let the paper burn in a bowl, gaze at the flames. Recognising them as the very flames of the hell-realms burning before you, once the paper is fully burnt, collect the ashes in your right hand. Step outdoors and face the north, look at the ashes and notice the residual energy of the spell/rite still in the remaining ashes and state.

“Remrok Itz Tana Valasaka

El Altu Sasitzu Kardba Hel

Kama kav’rak Vel, Esant


As you do this the remaining power within the ashes intensify more and more, now visualise a world in which our kind thrives, sorcerers, black magicians, a world without religious government, without stasis and limitation, then blow the ashes into the air and then state.

“Hail The Infernal Obelisk”.

Date Of The Project.

The main rituals for this are being done here in my home town, calling all my apprentices and old coven members to join me, where we’ll be using animal sacrifice and blood letting in our ritual. This is of course the main ritual and I wouldn’t expect you all to go the lengths I am, but this ritual will be performed on 1st April 3.00am GMT.




April 1st. By all that is Unholy, if you pop up going “April fools!” at 3:01… :joy:

Seriously though, I will go the gateway route. It appeals to me for a number of reasons. Plus I’m not shy about my own blood and am too paranoid about letting a candle burn unattended for any length of time.


Okay that’s awesome, huh that actually didn’t occur to me the whole April fools idea, would have been a good idea :joy:


That gateway looks really really familiar to me. :thinking:


Can this ritual be done before April 1st?

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Totally awesome!!!

Should the infernal Obelisk rising ritual be done before or after Loki 's Celebration (1st of April)


For w.e reasOn I have seen this gateway in a dream…not a very good dream at that but I saw it before …


I’m in and will do my part. :grin: already making sure I have what I need only missing one part looking for a way to get it now.


I am so looking forward to the notes that I will be taking. This should prove very interesting indeed! :grin:

I also find it interesting that you are using Dragons Blood. I tend to use this in almost all my workings.


@C.Kendall For me it sounds like infernal trumpets blowing, I didn’t even have to get into a deep trance to hear them. That all changed after someone placed a seal on me. This ritual ought to be interesting. I look forward to the aftermath as well.


Bump. Around 2 days left


You are so eager for this ritual. It’s really great seeing this passion in you!!


Starts in about 12.5 hours I believe.
Since it is 2:27 pm gmt March 31, right now.
In 12.5 hours+3 minutes it would be 3 AM April 1


I love this how eager you are. Do you have everything need?


Are you doing the ritual?


Yea I am.


Few more hours left


Soo I only have the black candle and inverted pentagram, can I still do it x’D

Good luck! Sounds exciting :slight_smile:

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Go for it!

Faint heart never won a fair lady. The worst you’ve got to lose is like, a half hour of your time. Let us know how it went :smiley:


May I use Copal insense instead that is the only incense I have

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