The hot steamy new thread for single people (18+ only) (Part 1)

Now that I got your attention with a promise of a hot and steamy time. Welcome to a safe place for singles to meet and mingle and maybe hit it off.

Please keep the topic on track and always follow forum rules.

Have fun with like minded singles and who knows maybe we will see some matches made in heaven, hell and on earth.


Some quick common sense requirements for those reading this:

  • Please do not take part if you know you may have difficulty asserting your boundaries respectfully, if contacted by someone you aren’t attracted to.

That, most of all, should prevent any problems.

Because while it’s VERY smart, the forum can’t read your mind, scan the person who’s interested, and guarantee you only get contacts from your personal preferred kind of hottie. Sorry. :wink:

People cannot know if you might be into some flirty fun without contacting you. You can at any point leave a PM (this may not be possible on every single mobile browser, but is on other devices) by going to the Add/remove button in the box right beneath the very first message.

Anyone who gets a PM they’re not interested in, please courteously inform that person you don’t think there is any spark, remembering they have made themselves vulnerable to some extent by reaching out, and that their doing so is a compliment to you.

(And obviously while that’s never nice to read, if someone says it to you, it just means your happiness lies elsewhere, so please courteously acknowledge, briefly, and then move on.)

However if any need arises, PMs can be flagged just like posts, and I will handle any problems with maximum discretion and consideration for all involved.

If you’re not sure, drop the OP of this thread @Angelb1083 a PM, or @ her on a reply. :+1:

We expect people to act like adults and be responsible for their own actions, avoid drama or accusations, and hopefully have fun.

If anyone chooses to meet offline, follow all usual stringent precautions for meeting strangers off the internet no matter how well you may feel you “know” that person from here.

Do research outside this forum for security tips and if you have doubts about handling rejection, or anything, again please research that appropriately, contact me with any concerns, or step away from the forum for a while, if emotions require some breathing space.

Finally, you can Mute this topic by going to the controls under the last reply and selecting Mute:

Thank you Ladies, Gents, and whatever other titles you may bear. :+1:


Fuck it, if it’s worthwhile right?

19 year old, I have most of it together, which is more than what most people can say my age right?

Looking for a relationship, bullshit free no bullshit involved. Gay.

Obviously no kids, would take heavy convincing to want any.
Edit: Arizona people preferably.


Single thread huh?

Well my name is Phoenix age 23 yes i know i’m young, i’m into females only. In the past i was trying to look for kinky females but no luck. I have zero interest on having kids or marriage. I developed an interest on succubi, hopefully one who is into conquering and making the world mine.


I think the best thing to do when looking for a partner is to accept that it will likely take some time to find someone who is truly compatible with you, especially for people like us who are into magick and such things.

I think it’s also important to spend some time outside of a relationship, to allow you to understand and improve your own self before seeking to bring someone so fully into your life and so close to you. This has been of great help to me, at least. I do not want someone to “complete me.” I want a partnership with another whole being, so that together we may create something greater together than either of us could alone.

After this, the thing to do is to just keep putting yourself out there and meeting new people (while doing magick to encourage chance meetings that could lead to romance). You will likely get rejected, and maybe even quite a bit. I know that I have.

But with every rejection or “failed” relationship has come valuable lessons, about dating and romance, and about who I am and what I want from such a partnership. Looking back now, I know that I would not have been happy with those people, and I am glad for the opportunities that I have had to learn in this way.

More than anything, I think it is important to just not give up, and to never accept mediocrity or to settle for something “ok.” Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest people in the world, has said that the most important decision you will ever make is who you choose to marry. A little frustration and temporary loneliness is a worthy price to pay for making the right choice, I say.


Will smith say. Im not looking for happines, im happy and i want a happy person tat have her own priorities straight to bring happiness together, wat exactly you looking for, love,? Partner,? Or just venting


About to be 26.

Dude, into women. Trapped in shitty small town Ohio.

Just fucking scry me if you want to know more.


Best of luck to you all < 3


Female, 38 (like all old-school witches, I look good for my age and like to date younger :wink:). I want to get married (to the right person) and I am not interested in having kids. I’m in Southern California and have a strong preference for skinny, long-haired rock-and-roll boys.

Many have tried…all have failed. Good luck, guys.


instead of rock and roll, would classic rock also fit that description??

  • 35
  • Male
  • Kentucky
  • Sexually open but I prefer feminine features & breast implants if my partner does have a cock (“traps”)
  • No children myself, don’t mind if partner has them

Looking for that special someone to invoke 'n chill, then do comfy things with. In to camping, hunting, bingewatching spoopy movies/tv, gaming (tabletop & vidya), & working with demons in whimsical ways.


24-year-old Afro-French male living in France (I might leave the country soon, though) who is only attracted to females. I am looking for someone with whom I could study magick, share spiritual experiences and enjoy mundane things.

While magick is an essential part of my life, music is also something that means a lot to me. When I am not practicing on one of my instruments or playing a gig with my band, I am listening to music or looking for more songs to broaden my horizons.


Bro, I recommend you to listen to this great audio by Dimash, you’ll may or may not like it, depends on your taste :v:


Same, except the marriage part :).
Good luck with finding that cool rocker dude :heart::heart:



I’m looking specifically for a wise woman who can help me figure out why I dreamt I was giving a tutorial on Wing Chun, while I feed her. I’ve never taken a single martial arts class.

Then later I advised the congregants that Wing Chun is purely aesthetic and that you would lose badly in a street fight; and told them to practice Krav Maga instead.

Why am I trolling these well meaning people who spent their hard-earned cash to come watch my demonstrations? Does it have anything to do with the Chinese man who shorted me at the liquor store?


You ate them, didn’t you?


Some powerful stuff, you got there! I am very picky when it comes to music, but this definitely is something I would listen to more often! Thank very much for sharing!



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I find that a simple “no” tends to suffice :rofl:


19 male/androgynous
Relationship: Open
Sexuality: Bi/pan
Prefer women, fem boys, and androgynous type.

So Cal

Im into business, bdsm, music, and marketing.

Working out
Deep movies and shows

Parties are fun in moderation same with drugs and alcohol.
Really into that soft egirl and goth egirl vibe.
E boys, black boys, and skaters, also just general businessman (obv)