The Steamy Love Canoe (18+ Chat for people who aren't single or just want to shitpost)


The reason that thread stayed incorrectly locked is that the OP has been banned, and she would be the only person notified of the original lock by System. So she was obviously unable to drop me a line reminding me to unlock it. :woman_facepalming:

Will someone please volunteer to take ownership of that thread, which means watching what’s going on, in general, and being willing to step in and steer anything which goes a bit amiss, and also, having responsibility to flag things, if a gentle nudge isn’t working?

I’m drafting suggestions for the overall topic raised in the poll and in advance of that, one of the things that will help is for each sex-themed megathread to have an active owner, who is a Regular and on the forum reasonably often.

That seems the best way to keep the required posts running smoothly, and make sure there’s someone on hand, keeping an eye on things, with the ability to move the thread off the public forum, temporarily, if needed.

So can someone please volunteer and @ me here, then I’ll sort out transferring the thread’s OP to you? :+1:


I can do it if you want.


Do you want to? :smiley:

It needs to be someone who can handle being OP and therefore getting the notifications, and so on, and willing to keep somewhat of an eye on what’s happening, so I want someone who’s up for it and not feeling press-ganged!

You’re on often enough and totally qualified, I just want to make sure this is something you’re happy to do. :+1:


I was just going to say this :joy:. Since I have been doing this whole “working” on myself and not sharing anything I kind yet my notifications are pretty quiet so I should be able to watch it. As you know I don’t mind stepping in when things go south as it is too.

It could give me something more productive to do while I work on my stuffs behind the scenes.


Super! I’ll need you to please:

  1. make a new topic here in the Lounge, with the same or similar title, pick what you like but please mention that it’s over 18’s ONLY, then

  2. I’ll move (fates willing) the bulk of the posts from that topic over onto your OP, run a quick eye over the thread, then move it back Public, therefore (I hope!) making you the new original poster and meaning you get notifications, not Purple’s now-banned account

Aside from wanting someone who’s interested to be there keeping an eye on things, it looks pretty bad having a major thread started by a Banned user because it makes it look like being banned is no biggie, and that just sends the wrong message, especially when forums like WizardForums used to have a rotating door for some terrible behaviour, including threats.

So it will increase the overall stability of the thread, I think. :thinking:


Please edit it to make it how we need it to be.


Okay please bear with me while I wrangle some posts over. :+1:


I made it Unlisted a mo while I do this…




I make no apologies for saying cry babies. I get it. It got confused. But there are some crybabies on here either way.


Okay you now have all the old replies moved over, I took off some mod chat about it beingre-opened, and added a reply right after your OP just suggesting people who can’t into boundaries steer clear, that was originally buried a few hundred in and should help, I’ve re-Listed it and I also locked the old, added a redirect reply, and bumped the new: The hot steamy new thread for single people (18+ only) (Part 1) - #1352 by itsnathanm7

Thanks @Angelb1083! :+1:

It was a truly minor fuckup that could have been fixed a lot sooner if people hadn’t leapt to conclusions and instead, asked me why it had been closed. :woman_shrugging:

Whatever, anyway the problem originated in no-one owning that thread able to chase up what had happened, that is now remedied. :+1:

It is legitimate to have these topics, but also legit to ask people to keep certain kinds of adult chat to those topics, because consent is key, and some people just don’t want to read that kind of thing.

They have a right to their own consent process being honoured, so I want to make sure there are threads where people can have what they want, including very sexy chat or discussing kinks etc., and that boundaries are respected, so no-one’s consent is being removed or invalidated, as well.

Boundaries are better than censorship, just like asking questions is better than jumping to conclusions! :wink:



You are so very welcome.


I’m glad you did it but I keep up with even old threads so I probably woulda done if you hadn’t lol.

I followed it just in case you end up needing help in there


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Thanks :blush:


You’re just mad that everyone can tell that you’re mine… Or you’re still pissy about being sore or something. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I love you dear.


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I see no need to continue this god damned discussion…


But this was funnier.