The Hidden Magick Power And Truth Of The Quran

Okay i am more than just a black magickian i am a ecletic, i have for years studied and read through all religions, mythologies, magick systems and other forms of spirituality, even if i disagree with them completly.

A while back i made a post about the Quran, i believed then and i still do now, that the Quran isn’t a islamic book that teaches just the way of muslim life and many evil wrong doings. I felt there was a potent power coming from the text.

I tried to ignore it and brush it off for what felt like an eternity, as you all know the bible actually gives symbolic and metaphorical teachings of black magick, but i felt something from the Quran, it wasn’t Allah, Neither was it the islamic angels or the 99 prophets.

One day in my local library i saw a Quran up on a shelf, i ignored it but there was a building of power emanating from it, i couldn’t resist i had to pick up the Quran, i went in deep with this research. I was down founded how can a text like this emanate such power, i started theories, what if the mass worship of the muslim and islamic culture fed this Allah so much power he could have more influence than a regular egregore.

I now understand it has nothing to with Allah at all, now i was under the belief that islam, considered there is no other god except for Allah ( Haram ), but i was shocked when i came about a verse that changed my curiosity into the Quran into a obsession.

In Surah 59:19-20 Muhammad explains that his followers about three goddess’s,
" Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat", Muhammad used a metaphor and called them exhaulted cranes, that would carry their prayers, then afterwards told his followers the verses he had channeled weren’t from Allah but were instead from Shaitaan ( The islamic Devil ).

i came to the understanding that the power that comes from the Quran actually comes from these Goddess’s and that Muhammad didn’t actually get anything from Shaitaan, see the three Goddess’s Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat, are actually pre-islamic being’s worshipped by the ancient Nabaateans.

If you know about the Nabaateans they worked and worshipped " Pagan beings " and practiced powerful magick, the actual glyphs of power used on Ea Koetting’s universal circle, so what i’m proposing is the revelations that are deemed scientifcally proven ( Not all ), and the magick in the Quran and the Quranic verses that are sung like mantra’s and used as spells all came from the Nabaateans and not allah.

So lets look into these three Goddess’s shall we, first we have " Al-Uzza ", She is a star Goddess, associated with the planet Venus, and was honored by the Koreishites (incidentally Mohammed’s tribe) as one of their highest Goddesses.

Then we have " Manat ", She is the goddess of death, and to symbolize it she wears the waning moon above her head. also The pre-Islamic Arabs believed Manat to be the goddess of fate. The followers prayed to her for rains and victory over enemies.

Next we have " Al-Lat ", she was often looked as the equivalent of Aphrodite in some cultures, also in older sources, Allat is an alternative name of the Mesopotamian goddess of the underworld.

These three anicient Goddess’s are considered as a triad of absolute power, so what if the miracles, spells and prophecies that came true, what if Muhammad called on these deities and used their teachings and just took their name out and slapped on the logo of Allah and he inputted his own commandments, there by he would live in a world were he was looked up to and all dogmatic laws, were given by him.

This explains why islamic magick, Quranic recitations and spells found within the quran disguised as prayers are so powerful it has nothing to do with the egregore, islamic worship created and or the ancient storm god Allah.

This is what i mean’t there was power in that book after all, just it wasn’t islamic power, it was far more older and powerful, now my research into that is complete, time to call on these Ancient Goddess’s.


Conner Kendall.


You wouldn’t possibly have a list of all your studies I’m very interested in my own research in these matters. Thanks.


On what my study is full :rofl:, it depends you can find all of it online i just connected the dots.


I know where you are coming from. I have nearly 100 bookmarks from this forum search alone


Those goddesses were still called the daughters of Allah in pagan times.

If this is the path you want to look at then check out m:

And they say: Forsake not your gods, nor forsake Wadd, nor Suwa’, nor Yaghuth and Ya’uq and Nasr. (Qur’an 71:23)

I have a feeling yaghouth is actually Vine in a previous incarnation, also Maahes from Egypt.

Someone confirm the above I don’t want my previous suspension to cloud any answer I’m given because there’s a personal connection to that god for me.


Why can’t Allah be included in this discovery? Considering he was the highest of the 360 gods worshiped by ancient arabians. Not only that but as you said yourself all those prayers feeding Allah would make the old pagan God now turned monotheistic God quite powerful.

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Also al-lat is close to ershkegal. Uzza- astaroth Ishtar.


Yeah that is in some cultures, some say they are the daughters of Allah, but they are pre-islamic, also a pre-islamic god called Allah is known as also a moon god, so maybe they are the daughters of a moon or storm god.

I however disagree with a so called all loving, all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, all present god called allah, there is not yet got enough evidence to support it.


Good site, it also shows the previous incarnation of bune, a goddesses that brought money and looked after the dead.



Saturnian deity from my research.

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“all the tribes of pre-Islamic Arabia venerated him as the High God and supreme being”-taken from that website I linked.

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Exactly this is the problem there’s a storm god, that has been called Allah, One is also a Moon God and now you say it could also be saturnian, so which Allah ?.


Yeah this is something i know of, but to get to the core of this god called allah, which one is he ?,

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“After creating the universe, Allāh then retired into the position of a silent and remote spectator who dwelt in 'Aliyyin (Hebrew: Elyon), the highest heaven, and only intervened in human affairs in extreme cases of drought or danger. In pre-Islamic Arabia, the practice of calling upon God or gods to send rain (‘istisqā’) continued with Islam although the practice of calling upon any other god other than Allah is a grave sin in Islam.”


I think they are the same and Mohammed just “made” him the singular god we now know.


Well this is obviously the lore, but i’m talking about the actuality of these entities, our creation formed from a singularity, science calls this the big bang, the occult call it the source, so is Allah just the source that was given a name and tainted.

Just to clear this up, i was delving into the islamic lore and was focused on finding how the Quran contained such power, just incase this goes of topic like the other islamic post i made :rofl:.

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I personally follow the Electric universe theory/ Plasma cosmology which insists that the big bang black hole yada yada don’t exist so i cant help you there. It could all be semantics describing the same force from different cultures .