The Grimoire of Vael

Thought i should start my own Grimoire or Journal on here; seems proper to do so i guess.
Well yesterday i did a ritual to become a Dark God or Demon of sorts… I darkned my soul and initiated into the darker path. Belial helped me choose a name for me to go by, that name of course is Vael (pronounced just like you would say Veil).
The name seems fitting for me.

But i have been working with Belial for a little while now and i have been also trying to get back into working with Azazel.
That’s all for now.


I should add that i have changed a bit… I sort of had another awakening and it made so much sense and i know i was stupid before.
I thought i was Quan Yin for a while, but i began to question it and i finally spoke with Azazel, Belial and (King) Paimon. They told me a few things that made more sense to me and Azazel said i should connect with my Godself. (I learned Quan Yin is my Godform not me).
So i did the meditation for connecting with my godself that i will link here;

And my Godself told me that i should do the meditation once a day for nine days in a row and every day i should invoke my Godself during the end of the meditation. So i just started that today and it feels really good.
Also i did the letter of intent to get a Succubus/Incubus and i finally met my lover :wink: :couplekiss_man_woman: . I won’t go into too much detail but this.
Anyways that is what’s going on with me… You learn every day i guess.


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In the Grimoire of Arbatel, I believe, Vauel, or Vael was a spirit in charge of prophecy, and granting visions.


Ah i see. Thank you.
Interesting that Belial decided to give me that name… He pronounced it Veil but i saw it spelled Vael.

It Makes sense.

I had the feeling that you’re specially gifted in divination for a long time now.

If you feel like it, i’d love a PM reading. :wink:



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Potayto, potahto, personally I don’t subscribe to the concept of a godself/higher self and if you say you’re an incarnation of Guan Yin you probably are.

Quan Yin is my favourite Bodhisattva, hands down, nice to see you again :).

So, yeah, it’s very well that they have all these opinions to share, but that’s all they are, their opinions, so why would you allow others to tell you who you are? You are Sovereign and the final authority on You, nobody else. Agree with them by all means but why not get a couple more opinions first and then see what you feel is right.

Also you might not want to share your spirit names too widely with random humans. People could try to use it as a stronger link than your avatar to use you in workings, vamp your energy and so on, and that could be inconvenient.

Just my tuppence, I feel that’s coming across negative and it’s not mean to be, I’m just very over all the putting daemons on pedestals as they’re perfect and always right, when they’re actually just people doing the best they can too.

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Understood thanks for your opinion. Got to do something now.

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Good point, yet, i’d make a harsh distinction between some ascended Sorcerers, that are actually capable of

Compared to actual Muggles, who can barely grasp the one incarnation they have to handle currently.


I mean we do differ Social Status on many things,
and Energetically it’s even more obvious.

Fully agree on that one.

Nice to have you, compassion.



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Thanks for all the comments.
Maybe i am Quan Yin… I was even told i was by a few people but i always question it.
But i do suppose Quan Yin has had a lot of incarnations over the years not too surprising that i would one of them.

The Source i just read mentioned Quan Yin had given the care of the 7th ray to Saint Germain in the 50th.

That explains a lot to me. :wink:



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So does Saint Germain.

I’d find it cheap to rely soley on his reputation without re-working some of the Miracles he’s used for his own benefit.

But you also have to acknowledge, that Bodhisatva-ship isn’t merely a simple Tag, Medalion or Name Plate.
Either it’s part of your soul or you connected to it, or it isn’t at all.

And for my senses, yes you feel like we worked together before.
You feel like the Energetic imprint many recognize you as.

Even if you weren’t, it’d still mean it to be one of your core-qualities and extensive Personality traits.

To be more precise, if you are an immortal that continued to re-incarnate, you’ll most propably have access to that 1000 years spent in several human vessle’s.
Which would be interesting to me aswell, since i have blocked a few hundred years. :wink:



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Very true. But i have always been kind to others… I try to be to the best of my ability. But it seems to fit but it might not… Something i have to mediate on.

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Kind as well as other things… Never cruel or evil lol.
Sort of like who Quan Yin is supposed to be but eh… Meditation might be the key here for me to really think about all of this.

No better place for self-developement the Balg. :smile: :blush:

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Very true. It never crossed my mind but that would make sense.
It would be nice to access all of those memories… But it would take a long time to. I suppose past life readings and things of that nature would help along that journey.

:thinking: Still very interesting.

Thanks for all of your opinions that you guys have stated on here. It has opened up so much for me. So thank you :heart:

Well i have just spoken with Paimon and Azazel.
They have changed my opinion on who i am and how Quan Yin incorporates herself into this world to help the people in it.

Paimon told me i wasn’t Quan Yin but that Quan Yin is my Godform and that the ritual i did with Quan Yin basically merged ourselves together.
Then i called Azazel forth and he said that i am not Quan Yin but that Quan Yin created me and many others to go onto earth and do things to help out humanity (much like Quan Yin is said to do). He said that Quan Yin is my Godform and i of course merged with her.
He stated that i have the powers, gifts, abilities and repertoire of a personality that is uniquely connected with Quan Yin. (Being her creation i would have her powers and abilities and some of her personality).
Azazel further said that Quan Yin is of a higher vibrational frequency and actually (very surprisingly) does not incarnate into human bodies because of it (as she would have to lower her frequency to incarnate)… Instead she has created a few souls to incarnate in a human body to help out humanity.

I am curious about all of this and i was wondering if you think this is true or has any validity to the truth. :thinking:
Its still interesting because Quan Yin is supposed to incarnate into a human body a lot as is what a Buddhistva is supposed to do… Although she became a Goddess later on so i don’t know if she still would follow her Buddhistva past.


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