The Demon's and Angels Unite - A Vision Given To Me (This Changes Everything)

Vision Preparing Me For -
The Ritual Of Godly Ascent and Descent.

This ritual is some seriously powerful stuff, I came to a conclusion whilst ascending through The Tree Of Life and looking back at my experience with The Qliphoth.

I went back to them both at the same time, the ritual I have hear, I thought I created on my own.
I now know however that the spirits and entities from the celestial and infernal realms were influencing me.

They never left me, as many of you know spirits often create subtle changes in oneself, it seems both the angels and demons were creating the nessercary changes in me for me to do this.

This ritual is a action of becoming a living god, I was meditating whilst comparing both journeys through the infernal and celestial roots.

Whilst my higher self, seemed to be nudging me almost as if trying to send me something.
I lowered my guard and became a channel for my higher self.

I saw a vision of the human soul, sat here in earth. The crown chakra was the first of the angelic nodes of the tree of life, whilst the root chakra was the first dark mode of the Qliphoth.

The Qabalah was flowing all of its power, all its knowledge forming a divine connection with the human soul from above.
The very energy and source of the tree flew through all the pathways and through all the nodes into the human soul.

The Qliphoth was inverted all the power, all its knowledge forming a infernal and dark connection with the human soul from beneath
Just like the Qabalah the very energy and source of the Qliphoth flew through all the pathways and through the spheres into the human soul.

I sat and viewed this incredible vision, watching the mortal soul, absorb everything becoming a being of light and darkness.
Becoming the embodiment of the demonic and angelic forces.

This soul seemed to be in perfect balance, the soul was neither purified nor tainted, neither evil nor good.
This soul seemed to be ascending and descending simultaneously, in a covenant with the infernal bodies of hell and the celestial bodies of the heavens.

Astral songs could be heard from above and below, legions of angels bearing emerald instruments echoing songs of light carry vibrations which the soul then absorb into it’s being.

Along with the legions of demons bearing their obsidian instruments echoing songs of darkness carry their vibrations which the soul then usurped into it’s being too.

I was amazed at this vision, the soul began shifting it’s form a horned goat with the right horn made of crystal light and the other horn was made of obsidian darkness on the outter shell, fire on the inside.

Strangest of all the visions was the kunda serpents, instead of both moving in one direction I saw something unorthodox.

The left serpent travelled downwards, coiling around every Qliphothic sphere like it would do with the chakras until it reached the final sphere and bit into it usurping the entirety of the infernal empire.

The right serpent travelled upwards, coiling around the spheres of the Qabalah just like they too were chakras until it reached the final sphere and it too but into it. Usurping the entirety of the angelic Kingdom.

The soul seemed to be more powerful than anything I have seen.
Harnessing the light and darkness, celestial and infernal.

Just like the one of the gods in the Hindu pantheon, the arms became four.
Two on either side, the arms on the left hand side one was holding the black sun, the other holding the blood moon.

The other two hands however, one hand held the moon and the other hand held the sun.
What a magnificent grand vision.

A voice echoed through me out of nowhere.
" The state of perfection, become it, we will teach you, this great work is yours for the taking ".

I am now being prepared for channeling the rest of the information and steps for this ritual, I do not know what to expect.

However this is incredible I have to say, I will be readying for this operation, once I have channeled the ritual and have placed it in a manuscript and have performed myself I will get back to you all.




Amazing, thanks for sharing!


Your welcome, literally the gnosis I am receiving is very controversial and many people will hate the work I’m channeling.

Magician from both the LHP and the RHP are used to a certain order of things.
The gnosis I’ve received shakes the foundation of previous thought patterns in both the LHP and the RHP.

The very thought of demons and angels not only working together, but also being apart of the same order.

Some angels even claim that they have demonic emanations and vice versa.

It’s even shaken my belief process quite a bit.


Satan has an Angelic Aspect
Grand Angel of The Choirs :ok_hand:

Michael has a Demonic Emanation

Keep going
You’re on the right track


I have also received the same information, if that helps at all. The manifestations were slightly different, but the gist of it was the same.


Just here to confirm that Lucifer and Belial both told me the same thing. I received this about 2-3 months ago. But honestly, I didn’t really think it was something that was all that controversial (although I can definitely say there will be resistance to it). So I wrote it down and sat on it for a later evaluation and meditation.

I’m a former Christian minister and a former Orthodox Jew (yeah, hell of a transition!) and early on it was clear that so-called “demons” were the same species of spirit as angels just positionally different (according to the Bible even). Just look at how Satan is portrayed in the book of Job (and this was supposedly after the fall).

My gnosis on it was that they’re the same species, however their energy vibrations, tasks, and preferences are varied and different. They are balancing forces and unified for important tasks. It’s like a race or ethnic group within a larger related group. It was no more clear to me then when I called upon Raphael and Lucifer for different things during the same ritual. Neither of them minded working together (although I did ask Raphael before despite Lucifer indicating it was perfectly fine). Speaking of Raphael, he has shown me a more demonic-infernal side especially in how he appears sometimes. Most of the time to me he appears as a fully cloaked specter who is a translucent blue color. But other times he will appear in the same translucent bluish color with a skeleton face. His voice is always like a 1,000 wind chimes or panes of glass being broken in unison to form speech patterns. Also working with King Paimon made it clear as well. To me King Paimon has an angelic-demonic celestial-infernal feel to his energy, etc. Also according to some grimoire traditions, KP, is over both demonic and angelic legions. So right there shows that they work together and from time to time have similar agendas. I personally think this idea has been “in between the lines” for a long time it’s just now those who we call demons and angels are ready to make this openly known. People may have gotten hints and glimpses into this but we’re more open to receive such information at this stage in our ascension as a species.


This is so interesting to read, about a ~week ago Paimon told me I was to do a certain ritual on the 20th, and that this would basically ascend myself to godhood, to be in a place that I’ve never been before. During a mediation where I fell asleep (oopsies), I had Azazel, Paimon, Belial, Asmodeus and Lucifer standing over me, watching. They gave me information on this ritual and I also experienced a vision that very similar to yours. Like @Lady_Eva mentioned, it was slightly different but the premise is the same!

May I ask, did the ritual you “created” involve a feather?

(edit: got a date wrong, my bad. its late, I should be asleep!)


Interesting! Can’t wait to read the ritual! I hope it’s doable for newbies like me :sweat_smile:


Hello, You have experience with Path of Smoke current and can you make a comparison of “compatibility” between Divs and Amesha Spentas? Akoman and Vouman together, it looks so unreal :hot_face:


This is real hot info


Very interesting, hope to hear more soon.

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Wow great work!

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Heya OP! I know what this was about- I actually had a really similar vision but as Baphomet!

If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe , because it’s a really deep discussion of the fundamental concepts conveyed to you here. Everything is Everything Else, and nowhere is that more apparent than holograms; did you know a single bit of information in a hologram contains the entirety of the picture? That’s like the cell of an apple containing the extractable information of the entire apple. It’s really neat to use this with magic; it’s how you’re supposed to get into trait modification and observational nullification (“the easy way”)- you can pull any card out of any sleeve you want if you do it right!

Duality is a clunky level of observation. If you reach deep enough into the hat, starting by way of intentionally using things which are not normally associated or have a magical lexicon, you start pulling out some real shit! :):grinning:


A magnificent vision, thank you for sharing.

Agreed. “Ziz is what I have been saying all along!”

Speaking as an incarnate ‘angelic’ demon / ‘demonic’ angel (as are most if not all of us I think). Demon and angel are not species but personality traits. This makes perfect sense to me.


This broke me enough that I went might as well work with angels too


Great to hear all your feed back guys, this rite is gonna be fucking incredible.


Still never going to trust angels or work with them.

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I was under the impression that angels and demons working together was common knowledge…?

Unless I’m reading this post wrong.


I received a message from Lilith and Samael, during my last Dark Moon Ritual that was very close. There shouldn’t even be two paths. Balance takes light and dark energy. Sameal also said dark energy is stronger and easier to use, as dark just is, while light needs another energy source, eg. candle come into existence. Neither energy is inherently good or evil.