The Demon of Nadharkis - Axa Oddra / Ax Tenebrae Ornagga

It’s okay dark brother. We all learn from our mistakes.
What was off that I remember getting an image hitting Axa Oddra in the face when you first posted pictures of her. I freaked out because I felt a presence in the room and immediatly said sorry. Idk why I thought of that tbh. I was confused. I didn’t want to tell you at first cause I thought it was rude and was all in my head.:sweat_smile:


Darkness never lies. When a trickster tries to play its cards against a sorcerer that sorcerer will be warned immediately before the game begins.


I need to start trusting my intuition. I lack trust.


It all seemed too convenient.

I still believe that I was a vampire demigod in a preceding life.

M goals are to get back to my first world. I have a feeling that it’s no longer available but I am still going to try.


@Noxxshroude You definitely were Vermamir. Only not in Nadharkis. And without any relationship to any Axa Oddra.
You know your way brother.

And sorry for failing you.

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Some of this has links to things I recognise, the Atlantis/Lwa/Belial link is something I came across independently, then other people confirmed the Atlantis/Lwa thing, and Belial also linking with Lwa, so there is something at least referenced here that’s solid, and not from books - from things real people encountered who had no cause to back you up.

One of the hazards of trying to do original work is being misled or repeating old things without realising it.

Have a good old session of being emotional then move on, maybe do something totally different for a while, shift currents.

I found methods that block the issue the forum was having and posted them here - I know they work reliably for other people as well: Some Banishing Methods.

They may also help you. :smiley:


Who is Astaj?
Have you regularly banished using the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (instructed use is not hard to find) - and I don’t mean Koettings version? Or have you tried summoning archangel Michael?


Fiction or not, something seems to be messing with you. Mental disorders are common, but shouldn’t be a default cause.


I have no knowledge of this…
I have been using my own ways to do magic and never really bothered to study actual rituals. Which was very foolish of me.


Yes it’s called Erebas, my home world.

It’s three 3 times the size of Earth.

If you guys want I can make a new thread about what I remember.


When you call on beings that seem to have presence already including pre-established summoning method you are closer to being legit.

Also take into account the powers of the being you call. Some like Lucifer or Hecate can do pretty much anything but others are more specific.

I think Hecate is one of the most versatile beings because her domain of influence is magic.





There are three rituals in one.
The first is the opening Qabbalistic Cross.
The main is the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.
The final is the closing Qabbalistic Cross.

Qabbalistic Cross
Face East.
Close your eyes.
Breathe rhythmically - inhale four seconds, hold four seconds, exhale four seconds, pause four seconds. Repeat until the next step is complete.
As you breathe rhythmically, agine you grow taller and taller. Keep growing until the earth revolves under your feet.
See a bright star above you, a brilliant white light.
Reach up with your index finger, and pull down the light to touch your forehead - as this is done, visualize a white light around your head, intone/vibrate (speaking loudly from your diaphragm) ATOH (ah toe) which means Unto Thee.
Pull this light down to your heart and solar plexus and point down to your toes, visualizing this brilliant white light shaft from above your head down to the toes. Vibrate MALKUTH (the Kingdom).
Tap your right shoulder, which then creates a ball of brilliant white light there. Intone or vibrate VE GEBURAH (and the Power). Pull that light horizontally across your chest to your left shoulder.
Tap your left shoulder, visualizing this ball of brilliant white light, and intone or vibrate VE GEBURAH (and the Glory).
Visualize you are a cross of brilliant white light as you outstretch your arms, and intone or vibrate LE OHLAM (forever unto the ages).
Still visualizing the light cross, bring your hands clasped together in a prayer position. Intone or vibrate AMEN.

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
There are two uses of the LRP, invoking, and banishing.
We will concentrate on earth banishing.
Always complete the circle with the left index finger out straight when you turn to face a direction.

Start with the Opening Qabbslistic Cross.
Face East.
Close your eyes and breathe rhythmically.
With your left index finger starting from your left hip, visualize a white flame, draw this from your left hip, up to above your middle above the head.
Now draw this down to your right hip.
Now draw this up from your right hip to your left shoulder.
Now draw that horizontally across to the right shoulder.
Finally, bring that white flame from your right shoulder down to your left hip.
Stab forward, visualizing it is pushed to the ends of the universe, a brilliant white flame in the shape of a pentagram.
Intone or vibrate Yode Hay Wah Hay.
Turn to the South.
Draw the pentram as you did before.
Vibrate or intone Ah Doh Nye Ee.
Turn to the west.
Draw the pentagram as you did before.
Vibrate or intone Ae Uh Huh Yay.
Turn to the North.
Draw the pentagram as before.
Intone or vibrate Ah Gah La Ah.
With hand outstretched as you turn directions, face or turn to the east, completing the circle.
Stretch your arms out in the form of the cross, and say the following:
Before me (vibrate) RAPHAEL (rah fah ale).
Behind me (vibrate) GABRIEL (gah bree ale).
At my right hand (vibrate) MICHAEL (mee kah ale).
At my left hand (vibrate) URIEL (your ee ale).
Aroumdmme flames the pentagram, and within shines the six rayed star.
Complete this with the Qabbalistic Cross.


Are you sure it wasnt Michael messing with you and your communication since you evoked/opened a portal to him and trusted him(it might be a lie he’s fallen, or there is constantly an egregor created of him by religion), listen to your heart and the emotions you recieved(why would someone stay with you so long just to trick you, spirits don’t need energy they can just imagine and create endless worlds, only spirits can feel love because we are from the void, we always existed, we are timeless, limitless, free and eternal, love is the feeling after we wanted to stop being alone and chose to experience another spirit, everything other than spirit is thoughtforms spirits create to play with eachother, remember being alone and then choosing not to)

Maybe you banish her, then Michael and other demiurge AI’s (or an egregor created by your own beliefs)come and take your energy /change your beliefs by using worship energy when you think what they prefer(maybe it was the plan all along after finding out what you were doing)

think of the white wolf black wolf story

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do it :wink:

This guy is long gone from the forum.

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How did this end up according to the understanding? During these journeys through the Nadharkis kingdom, Belial caused this confusion in his mind during the astral projection? Can this be a utopia? There are many contradictions here, I do not think that everything that was mentioned here is true, even in the final part that he speaks of the archangels who also rebelled against the Demiurge, WTFF ???

Anyone accompanying the whole topic could sum up the ending? THX

In a nutshell, Axa Oddra was not what the op thought she was. It was a trickster of sorts. He came to the conclusion that all his revelations were bullshit. He had a bit of a mental breakdown and then left the forum.


Yes, but beyond all this there will certainly be doubts, for the entity really exists and it could be that the ending of it could be the destruction and illusion to the mundane facts. But referring to the daemons he summons as it is said in reports that they can cause confusion to any magician’s mind was really what happened.

We can say that this was a test, a given learning from a king(Daemon)

Maybe. Put it to the test. Her sigil is on here somewhere


it’s too early for me to have similar experiences, but WOW !!! It’s great! I do not stop reading !! you are so lucky :blush: