The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

Maybe the swirls wouldnt leave because your enemies are internal, which could also explain the toys action. Idk

Okay I’m so glad I found this thread because theresb2 reaccuring dreams of like to talk about and any insight would be great.

The first one I don’t have that often anymore but it uses to happen every night so much so that I actually dreaded going to sleep.

It would start off with me walking through a familiar forest path that I used to live near. I was walking my dog and I’d let her off the lead and she’d run off. However when I called her it was like she vanished she wouldn’t come back and I couldn’t hear her anymore. This makes me panic so I take off running to go look for her. The forest then gets denser and darker and soon enough I’m lost in a big circle of old dark trees. There are eyes watching me from all angles and whispers of spite and hateful words surrounding me. It’s gets to the point where I fall to my knees and cover my ears. That’s when it goes silent…and I see feet in front of me causing me to look up and see a tall dark male figure he wears a long coat to hide his body and a large round hat to hide his eyes but he kneels down and smiles at me telling me it’s alright I’m safe woth him. Just before I take his outstretched hand I’m forced awake either by me alarm or something else that pulls me from the dream.

The second one is more recent actually it started about 2 days before I joined this site I seem to be laying down almost in a crib or cot the only thing covering me in a thin blanket there are people peering over and into the crib to look at me some have horns some have wings and others look deceiving human like aside from their eyes. Some of them reach in to stroke my face, while others just simple stare observing me and my movements. And just before one of them picks me up I once again wake up :,D

Any help or opinions are very welcome…

Last night I had this dream:

I went to an indoors party/concert. The party/concert was in a pretty large room of a large building. In the dream, the owners of the large building were real life weed dealers I’ve been to school with, as far as I know they are good people

As I walked towards a door, a security guard watched me, he looked pretty serious. The door led to the rest of the building. Entered a large living room, with a large flat tv screen and several expensive and comfortable sofas

Said hi to one of my ex classmates, who is a friendly coke addict

Then sat on a sofa. Later a man I didn’t know showed up, sat by my side, and started talking about his human organs trafficking business in a way it looked like he wanted to intimidate/scare me. I was not exactly scared but was aware of the danger, he started to touch me in a sexual way (without my consent) and then told me “lets go to another room”

So we went down some stairs, I was behind him. I was angry but calm. Found a slim screwdriver in my pocket, visualized what I was about to do, doubted for a few seconds and then suddenly took him by the throat as I stabbed him in the right eye with the screwdriver

The screwdriver deeply and firmly entered the eye socket

Blood shed, but not excessively

Twisted the screwdriver inside his head until I was sure the brain was damaged enough to consider him dead

Felt safe and relieved, then I woke up smiling

Was kind of a coke and weed (mostly coke) addict in the past (but I didn’t bother other people) and sometimes hanged out with people who were not malevolent themselves, but I knew they also hanged out with “shady” people who could have hurt me (although not in a sexual way) for fun if they didn’t know I was a friend of their friends, and the few times I met these “shady” people they tried to intimidate me, and looked down on me because I wasn’t a thug and assumed I probably wouldn’t fight back if attacked

I put shady between quotation marks because they were not so shady as human organs-trafficker shady, they were just the stereotypical street thug addicts who thought they were cool because they had guns (most people in my country don’t carry guns in the street, it is extremely difficult to get permission to do it legally, except for military and police) and robbed normal working people

The dream is related to the desire of stabbing them I had in the past, mixed with my senseless fear of being abused

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Every night, actually early morning I dream that I am banging some Super Hot Supermodel. That’s the inner meaning of that???!!!

Yeah, since this thread exists. Whoever was with me last night: I’m sorry that I blew up the church :confused:

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Last night I dreamed about visiting a house of great sentimental value to me, but it was filled with so much stuff that it was difficult to move from one room to the next without having to move something or other out of the way. Each time I picked up an item to move it I was reminded of where in my life the item had been picked up, it got to the point where I was remembering things that were related to the person the item represented instead of myself.

It had started in the basement, and slowly progressed to the main level. I was passing through a cluttered living room towards the kitchen when someone approached me, a tall slender young man who’s face i don’t recall details of. He remarked on how cluttered the place was and I replied ‘you should have seen it when I moved in.’ Glancing past him out the window I saw a dump truck and a waste-bin sitting in the driveway, and things rapidly began disappearing.

I moved into the kitchen at last, and found more things strewn about, along with a few more people who didn’t interact with me but were taking things away through an opening in the side of the building, as if the wall had simply vanished to facilitate the removal of larger appliances like the oven and fridge.

Thinking on it while I type this out, it feels as if I was being sent aid to cleanse my mind and re-organize it. When I woke up I had this irresistible urge to clean up my notebooks into my grimoir.

A kind thank you to whomever / whatever it was that has encouraged and helped with this shift.

Side note- My head literally feels lighter as well, almost to the point of becoming dizzy.

Dreamt about a shadow-figure last night.
It had the form of a spider, size of a coffee-table.
It wanted to lure me down in a dark cellar, i followed it.
Then it disappeared.
I looked for it, and it suddenly it tried to jump-scare me; standing right next to my face when i looked left.
My answer to that was to eat it.
Then i sang a Haka-style Maori war song, with it`s foot hanging out of my mouth, carrying a lion over my head, walking in victory circles.

I dont even wanna try to decode, but i thought it was funny thou :blush:

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I had a dream early this morning right before waking that was kind of powerful. I walked into this building that was kind of like a bar/dance club. There were people all around going about their business and a short woman with long blonde hair walked up behind me touched my side and came around the front. I did not recognize this woman but she acted like she knew me and she felt familiar, like I should know who she is. She was wearing what looked like a white wedding dress. She embraced me and held me tight then said “never let go”. The whole time she was holding me I could feel a great warmth coming off her body. The room faded and it became just us and we transformed into shadow like beings. The whole time I could feel this energy coming off her and still felt it when I woke up. There was nothing sexual about the situation but her energy did feel ver loving. I’m thinking maybe she is an ancestor or spirit guide.

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trying to decipher this dream that i had last night

so,will try to explain with a short text… my grandfather that is 76 years old,we dont talk for a long time and last night i had a total weird and different dream with him…i saw him younger and he was carrying skulls and some kind of boxes that were tied in this skulls,something like that…they were 4 skulls or six i dont remember and i got the message in the dream that it was something with king Paimon,like something indicating that my grandfather have ties with him and i find myself diggin a hole and my grandfather said to me hey you need to dig it deeper and i saw the skulls and the boxes while we were chating…

well what would be the meaning of this dream

the impression that i had,is that i was able to visit him in his own past,which is something amazing

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I have dreams only after meditations or ritual workings.

Last dream was after Sallos evocation, and it was… weird? I dated a woman in cinema, that I was certain it was Sallos (lol) She/he have black long hairs, tanned skin and red dress. What also is weird she wanted to hurry up “that Belial/Beleth (i don’t remember which one exactly unfortunately) will not notice that she meet with me”

All this is weird and i have problem how to understand this dream.

I should dream journal as the dreams are pretty nice. I think a lot of them are in the Realm. Call it the underworld or an offshoot but it’s the cthonic realms (maybe sort of like in:

It’s a bit more cheery. I must been on a forest resort or something and they had a huge indoor mall bazaar too there). I need to learn how to conjure up pants instead of thinking I have to buy them. The spirits are quite friendly but I believe they test you in a myriad of ways. I think they’re pleased I’m more patient and less violent. So maybe mentally I’m doing better. It used to be I wouldn’t let any spirit get close or touch me in dreams. I’d react violently and usually piledrive, slam, choke, throw them into walls etc.

They still don’t actively touch without permission but they’re pretty high spirited lately. The gals at this one booth giggled quit a bit (when I realized I had no clothes on). I believe any of that is a test of my reactions but I was ok, my hands couldn’t cover much tbh.

As to a way earlier post about sleep paralysis; only once and it was because I did a partial OBE.

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There’s this one marshy garden I visit every so often in my dreams. In this place there was an animal that looked like a cross between a platypus and a crocodile, about the size of a small cat. Usually when I visit this creature comes up and just gives me a welcoming nudge before going back to do it’s thing, but last night I dreamt that I had brought some children with me to pick the raspberries that were growing there (they did not look like typical raspberries) and the creature came up and nipped at me this time, then became agressive, so I started kicking it back, more so to keep it from going after the kids. I jumped up to get a good stomp on this thing, and somehow it freezes me in mid air! I could not for the life of me get out of this suspension, even becoming lucid did not help matters.

Do you think this could be an entity that I’ve offended in some way? But I mean, it got hostile with me first, I was just trying to defend myself.

The creature sort of resembled something out of an Egyptian lore I vaguely remember reading, but I can’t put my finger on it.


A lady in a red dress with blonde hair.
All we do is talk.
Never remember the topic.
Sometimes there is sex.

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About a year ago is when I first became interested in working with demons and magic. The first and still the only one I’ve called on is Lucifer. I felt a pull toward Leviathan but decided to give myself time with Lucifer first. I was feeling excited, nervous, and even a little scared at times. One night I had a dream of me standing, looking at my right hand and seeing segils above the tips of each finger. I could hear names being called by a voice other than my own. The energy of the room was strong. I felt nothing but comfort and peace. I wish I would have taken notes so I could remember the details. Or maybe I could just ask Lucifer to help me recall and give me clarification ( just dawned on me to ask him lol). Since that dream, it’s always coming to mind. It brings me a feeling of power, a kind of power that I am humbled by. I often sense Lucifers presence in those moments. It’s also something that’s helped draw me back when I’m doubting. It’s the only dream I’ve had when it comes to the ancients. And honestly, a little part of me questions if it was them or just my mind. Either way, it has definitely made an impact on my magical life.

i dreamt about summoning a demon?
honestly i wish i would remember more but i know that i had some weird stripes that were from my body and were hanging from my arms? and we were doing something with arms (me and i think one or two more people) like a sign
i think there was a demon but sadly i dont remember it much:/
i think my dreams have been getting interesting after i started sleeping with lucifer’s sigil underneath my pillow (it took a couple days though)

does this mean anything?

The vision indicates the deity may be Agares is a warning perhaps you have chosen another form of worship or to change your magical practice, rituals or requests.

The Grand Duke Agares form powers of the east with with many visions of him as an older man, riding a crocodile, or seen as with different forms as an alligator…

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Your grandfather is a personal symbol of growth into old age. The box of skulls indicates symbols of death with tied boxes indicating hidden occult knowledge, perhaps necromancy. You digging means you must dig digger within yourself to find what you really want to learn or accomplish with your goals in magic. The skull is an ancient symbol of death and courage.


A Spider is the symbol of a trap, enmity, pain, many interpretations deal with the color of the spider. Black spiders are signs of enmity and dishonesty, or a red spider could indicate passion in relationship.

The spider chasing you indicates denial when confronted with problems that you need to act with more restraint and thought when confronted with a problem. Unless you do this, the losses will continue to roll in your life.

Eating the spider means you are trying to destroy your fears or problems.The war dance with the symbol of the lion you are trying to solve your own problems but are confrontational and dominating also represents the role of power in your daily life such as love life, job, and social life.


The houses in your visions are symbolic of the sense of self. No matter what other imagery or rooms, chambers may present themselves a house is a sense of personal identity.

The secret rooms may represent problems that you are trying to confront. The vision of a hidden room represent actions that you are afraid to take, or you are drifting in life and going no where and feel lost usually denote anxiety, feelings of confusion and frustration, or even a sense of you don’t belong.

Recurring visions usually there is something in your life you’ve denying that is causing stress. The vision repeats because you have not corrected the problem.

As I think on this topic. It brings me back to long before I ever considered getting into magic. In fact, it goes back so long that I it was inconceivable. As I look back, I can remember one thing that might had been my ticket to eventually; learning and getting into magic. When I first turned 13 I started having visions in my dreams and I think led me to discovering the ability of foresight. As I could see certain events that would happen in my lifetime. Sometimes, they would occur just a couple of days later, a couple of weeks, to a couple of months. I remember as clear as day when I had my first vision. It’s kind of a funny one actually. I dreamed that I was playing a new video game and I was checking the status of my characters. Sure enough, sometime later that vision ended up coming to reality. The game was called; Grandia and when I reached at a certain point when I was checking the characters status. That was when it hit me like a nuclear bomb. Now, how do I know for certain that it was right then and there when the vision occurred? I know because it was in the same room that was in my vision as well.

As the years went by, I ended up having another one. However; as I started having more of these I realized that they weren’t actually just visions, but felt more like prophecies and that has seemed to be the case even during the times now when I got into magic. I had one each of my two years of High School Year of Football that my team would lose in the District Finals in my Junior Year, and the State Semi-Finals during my Senior Year, and they were both pretty heartbreaking.

Just a couple of years ago, I ended up having another dream vision although this one didn’t feel like a prophecy but as time as gone by. I’ve begun to understand as to how prophecies work. It involved of me moving out of my apartment.

One of my most recent visions was me looking at my bank app on my cell phone and noticed that there was a good deal of money in my account and I think this plays up to the possibly said prophecy from when I moved out. I’m probably gonna finally; come into some money later on and it will be the spark towards finally becoming independently successful.

Sometimes when I have these visions and they occur in the mundane life. I at times recognize them right off the bat and at times I don’t. I think it all depends on how it ties into my emotions like it did for me during the times I was on the football team. So yeah, I think one of my most occurring things that happens with me when it comes to magic in dreams is my ability of foresight. Even though it’s not perfect.