The Decoding Your Dreams Thread

Roast duck, and some kind of veggie bake for the vegetarians/vegans. The duck was the most vivid image… :slight_smile:

I dreamed about YOU last night as well, we were building a temple in Egypt to living gods, making Ankhs into keys that resonated with the godname of the person concerned… I guess that’s a pretty normal dream (by the standards of this forum) but it’s the first one you’ve been in so clearly! :slight_smile:

I will now present (I’m getting guidance that I need to be a lot less ‘secretive’ about these things and make time to share them more) a kind of dream ‘triptych’ spanning over a year. The first dream was from my initiatory (Elder Futhark) rune working, excerpted from a PM here to Orismen. I cannot at this time reveal the name given to the entity depicted because I was told that for the time being I have to “protect” this name by keeping it a secret, but I will say that very recently it has finally been brought to my attention that the name has some precedence in Germanic myth and legend related to the concept of the Matronae. The second two-in-one-night dream I shared earlier in this very thread, and if it’s convenient I’ll just re-quote it here for completeness’ sake. The third dream, is from this morning. And now: it’s novel time.

"Sorry for the delay, I said I would send this days ago and just now got around to it. This dream happened while I was in the field (not deployed, just an exercise in America) for a week or so, right before guard duty which really helped me remember it. It was during the time in my rune work that I was working with Perthi.

The part that I can remember begins in an upper room in a very tall, futuristic building. As a preface I should say that I have periodically for a long time had dreams that take place in a future dystopian (by my standards, think Brave New World instead of 1984) society where people live in incredibly vast, super-technological ‘warrens’ of extreme comfort where they exist vapidly without possibly ever seeing the sun. Extremely comfortable, extremely satisfied, extremely safe, extremely controlled. Extremely fake. In these dreams I’m always a renegade or rebel against this society. Not that I ever try and head a movement of resistance or even so much as find another soul that isn’t blindly devoted to the state of affairs, though I believe I might find them if I search enough - in the dreams I am considered a terrible threat to the society’s stability just by trying to escape the gilded labyrinth and find the sun and trees somewhere outside. Considered a threat to the point of being pursued by kill squads. But enough of weird dream shit, onto the one Odin dream that takes place in this setting.

In that upper room, some kind of luxurious residence in one of many towers that I believe stretched above the country-sized mass of the common mall-warren complex, Odin stood before me to tell me something very important. I knew it was him because long before I got into the occult I was simply fascinated by him in particular from the myths of my ancestors, to the point of dreams and the occasional spontaneous mental image, which I at the time put down to some kind of Jungian collective unconscious phenomenon. Go figure lol. A tall, fairly broad-shouldered man with an air of immaculate kingly authority, Nordic features, one eye removed and the other brighter than a sun and sharper than a blade. Longish white hair and a closely cropped white beard. Lines of wisdom and experience on his face and faint shadows upon the shoulders that almost suggested two ravens.

In this room, at this meeting which in the dream I knew was a dire secret, he was finishing up a conversation in which I was to be entrusted with a great treasure, to preserve until the conclusion of some cataclysmic event. I was under the impression that it was some kind of secret weapon, to clinch victory in the last hour when it was time for a great sacrifice to be made.

I told him I would do whatever needed to be done, and he pressed a button that opened a door behind him to reveal this secret weapon. To my great surprise, it was a girl! She looked young, early twenties, slender and blonde and beautiful. Very young and somehow still innocent, but with outwardly apparent incredible inner strength. I mentioned already that she was physically without flaw, so it’s in a much higher sense that I mean when I say she was utterly -radiant-. It was a kind of golden glow about her that betrayed to me that her blood made her the child of a god.

‘My child,’ Odin said softly and wistfully, and I believed in the dream that he did not plan on seeing her again, at least for a very long time. He then told me that she had literally just been born from him, which didn’t seem odd at all in the dream even though she was young but obviously fully grown.

I realized with shock as Odin continued giving me instructions that I was not to partake in this great battle at Odin’s side with some awe-inspiring secret weapon of the gods. Instead I was to stay out of the great fight and keep her safe. So that she survived. I couldn’t believe it. It fucking sucked to hear, I felt almost betrayed. But this one task seemed to have the utmost importance to him. I felt that if he were -anyone- but Odin, he would have been crying. So I told him on my honour it would be done. This is the end of the dream.

It was after I got back from the field that I was shown (without telling -anyone- of the dream) an online article about some medieval manuscript I’d never heard of that predicted ‘Ragnarok’ on the exact night I had that dream. Now I do not personally believe that the myths we still have handed down predicted any sort of given date in some linear Judeo-Christian timeline but rather a pagan, traditional, -cyclical- course of time with -many- beginnings, middles, and endings - but I do believe the occurence of that rumour/speculation signified a definite sign of -changes- afoot. I think this confirms a hunch I have that maybe, my dharma is to try and bring back some of the vanished golden age, after the end of what we currently know. But then, I’m still working at that K&C with the HGA that you put me on the track of, and I started so recently and have so much yet to learn.

Also, I’m convinced I’ve seen that girl from the dream before, in another one a couple of years before. In it she was older, maybe late twenties/early thirties, but with the same features and golden aura that I later associated with a certain type of gods/godesses. She just strolled into a normal-ass dream, everything else paused, I became aware that it was a dream, we exchanged pleasantries. I became very animated and enamoured and felt like we had a long-standing and very intimate connection, she ended by saying we’d meet again and strolled out. Before she left I asked her name, and she said _____. Then she left, everything else snapped back into motion in the dream, and I lost lucidity. This was before I was involved in the occult, but it left a strong enough impression that I remembered it vividly. In the end I took the Jungian stance that it was a manifestation of my anima and represented the magickal qualities taken on in my mind of the ‘ideal woman’ to my mind.

Fast forward to tonight, when before typing this up for you I peruse my translation of the Voluspa, and find the part about after Ragnarok. I read again about Odin learning the knowledge of his own downfall in the cataclysmic battle, and about his siring a very special son for the express purpose of taking vengeance on his behalf. Vali, who matures in a single day and vows not to rest until he had avenged Odin and the gods on Baldr’s slayer. Vali, of whom a possible feminine derivation could damn well be _____ for all the fuck I know. Just food for thought. I don’t take the setting of the dream too literally, just some dreams I’d had for a long time betraying my distrust of the march of ‘progress’, that Odin conveniently used to convey the theme of my relation to his particular current and the changes we’re all living through.

I should also relate the very strong feeling I got that this dream was -not- about holding on blindly to the old (something I’m very capable of stubbornly attempting, btw). To me the key to this dream was that this girl was something -new-, that was -from- the old! Odin was sacrificing himself, because he wanted this -new- girl to carry on his legacy! This still bears some thinking over from me, but I would absolutely love to hear anything that might come to your mind on the theme as a whole, or the dream in general."

And now the middle section of the triptych, the recounting form before of disir and familial connexions:

"Two nights ago, my dream had me taking a vacation with my family to some island; the climate was very warm, all tropical-like. Near the shore was this amphitheatre type open area where everyone was watching this depiction of Jesus being killed, buried, resurrected, etc., like some sort of Christian mystery play. Between the burial and resurrection, I wandered off, bored true but mainly just feeling very out of place. I wandered along the beach and although I'm not normally a beach person at all, this one was completely deserted and I found myself truly enjoying the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of the shoreline. I decided to take a swim, and started to get pretty far out, swimming against the rising tide.

Some distance from the beach I saw some kind of monstrous head briefly break the surface of the water ahead at speed, and thought, oh, crap! Of course this would happen! Needless to say, I immediately decided to swim back for shore just as fast as I could, but it was too late because very quickly I had been caught in the jaws of some kind of monstrous shark-serpent hybrid; I tried to fight with my fists as the creature shook me around by my legs, but that effort was just a gesture in futility. My break came when a huge wave hit and knocked me free of the creature, eventually to wash up on the shore.

I lay there in the bloody sand, not really up to the task of standing up, and gradually came to notice this spiritual female presence in front of me. I looked up and it was a regally pretty woman who looked young but whose whole manner suggested considerable age and wisdom. Somehow I instinctively thought of her in this dream as a dis, a kind of female family guardian spirit from Germanic folklore. She said nothing, just gazed at me with a distant dignity, and I lay there bleeding with equal stoic silence. After a moment of this, she simply beckoned and turned to head further inland; I was too hurt to stand and walk, so I began to drag myself along behind her, and she seemed way too ok with that but this was a dream so I guess dream me would never tell a lady to go fuck herself regardless of callousness lol.

After some time of venturing inland, we came to this massive rock, rising up suddenly and alone in the middle of the island, the size of a small mountain easily. Looking again I saw that there were a pair of plainly carved, solid-looking wooden double doors set into the rock, and the dis knocked, upon which they opened on their own. She went in and so did I.

Inside it was dark, but a largish room was hewn out of the rock. The place was well-appointed with generally low wooden furniture of dark colouration, leather, hunting trophies, mediaeval weaponry - pretty much like some kind of hunting lodge that happened to be inside a solitary mountain in the middle of an island, i’m sure you know the kind lol.

There were two other female figures inside, dressed in armour and helmets, carrying spears and shields. ‘Dream me’ immediately knew them to be valkyries. My dis walked over to them and said something that I couldn’t make out, and the valkyries replied that their master was away but I could sleep there. That I would miraculously heal, at a slow and steady pace, for as long as I could hold a magical spear over myself perfectly still.

When they said ‘sleep’, they didn’t mean a bed apparently, because what I got was a cold stone slab much like a dead body might be laid on. After pulling myself onto this and flopping down like one of the dead myself, I was handed the spear by my dis, and held it over myself parallel to my body, slipping into a deep trance that I knew would last for a very long time, consciousness beginning to fade into these beautiful Wagnerian melodies… (I guess the source of this dream has a sense of humour)

The dream that immediately followed found me with several male family members both alive and dead, on a large (for its type) fishing boat. I knew somehow in the dream that it was the place where a sunny and warm island had once stood, but other than that I didn’t know of any significance or anything that might once have happened there.

At ‘present’ in this dream, though, it was a vast and deep lake at very high altitude, surrounded by mighty, snow-covered mountain peaks. At different places on the distant shore I could make out what looked like the deserted wreckage of many similar boats, and some of the frozen wrecks were -old-!

Many generations of my forebears were on the boat with me, but I was the only one actually fishing, while they watched silently. I caught a few during the dream, and an old woman I suddenly realised was on my immediate right at the front of the boat would hold the net for me to deposit the catch into. In the dream I instinctively knew her to be a dis, too. If the dreams are considered liable to chronological arrangement it could be that she was merely the older version of the first one; I personally don’t think such beings would age in the same way that we know of such things, but mainly the -feeling- I got was that they were simply two different identities that were attached as ‘family spirits’ to my line. The first one was like a protective spirit, there was actually little in essence to separate her from the valkyries except that the latter owed allegiance to Odin and the dis was concerned with a particular family line. Also, this older-looking one seemed to be concerned with the Fate of the family, and its members.

Anyway, I fished with a pole from the boat and she held the net out to actually retrieve the fish from the water. Considering the weight of some of those suckers I fished out of the lake, she was a lot stronger than she looked!

Roundabout the third fish I caught was noticeably -extremely- heavy compared to the others, even, and I had to struggle to pull it around to the right part of the boat and then out of the water. As soon as I had it in the right spot, though, the dis easily (how embarassing!) scooped it up with the net, and not only was there a magnificent fish that I had been fighting against, but with it -somehow- (no real explanation given lol) was a large chunk of ancient looking stone, worked all over with Norse/Celtic style knotwork and chiselled with ancient, worn runes.

The dis finally smiled, and said that it was an excellent catch worth many spans of years, and that a few more like it would see the culmination of a great undertaking.

Suddenly, in a flash, I knew that the fish were souls, being caught up to be born into the family line, and instantly I woke up.

Which brings us to the most recent dream in this timely triptych. I should note that the night before (last night), I was reading an early Anglo-Saxon law code (Wihtred’s, I think? also a tract about trial by ordeal), so reading those that are probably a page and a half combined may help throw to light anything I forget to explain here. Here it is:

I stood on the sandy shore of a lake, with evergreen trees bounding all other sides of it save the approach in front of me. I didn’t recognize it in the dream, but it was actually a lake I had fished with my father countless times in my boyhood, and in fact (with a mind to the last fishing dream depicted) the last time I engaged in a real fishing trip had been on that lake with my father and grandfather. When I had that last fishing dream recounted, though, that grandfather had recently died.

With me was a slightly older, bearded and long-haired man dressed like a early mediaeval karl, and before us was an authoritative Germanic ‘kingly figure’ surrounded by his band of loyal warrior retainers. I knew that this was a sort of judgment of the man accompanying me, and I was his “witness”, somehow equally culpable with him for whatever he was on trial for: if he were judged guilty, so would I be. In the dream, I could not remember what he was on trial for, I only had a simple choice: stand by this stranger, or consign him to his fate. Apparently, the dream’s occurrence signified that I had already chosen to stand by this person without knowing what the verdict would be.

The king waited in the shallow water, and called us forward to meet him. We approached, constantly under the watchful eyes of his huskarlar. He asked me if I bound myself to stand by this man and join him in whatever judgment was meted out to him. I affirmed this, and then the king called to the strange man to follow him further into the water. I was left to wait in the shallows, with the huskarls.

The king and the judged talked quietly out of earshot, waist deep in the water of the lake. Then, the king laughed loudly, clapped the man on the shoulder, and the two of them returned. Apparently, we stood in good stead from the judgment.

As soon as we all emerged onto the dry sand, smoke and the glare of fires intruded from the trees all around. I was suddenly, overwhelmingly conscious of the surrounding presence of the collapsing modern world, its buildings, institutions, pollutions, and inhabitants causing massive upheaval in the wake of their destruction. My lucid awareness returned to me with this knowledge of the whole - no longer was my awareness limited to the artificially-imposed sphere of the lake and the trees.

My jeep waited in muddy tracks nearby. The man who had been judged, an anthropomorphism (?) of my genetic and idealistic links to the past, was re-absorbed into my dream body. And the king? The king was Odin, just another mask in Grimnir’s vast repertoire.

As the trees and towers toppled and the waters boiled, we piled into my jeep while the huskarls took positions with bows ready. Odin then began speaking very quickly to me, and they were terse, unsentimental depictions of what he expected to happen, along with detailed contingency plans to protect and safeguard certain things for the good of “the Tree” - Yggdrasill, of course. To keep the World Tree alive through all the cataclysm, so that when the time is right, there can eventually be regrowth.

There was more. Some I don’t remember. Some I don’t need to share just now. But maybe that will mean something, to someone.

Have I mentioned that I’m wholly bonkers?

Funny your me tio. Of the old is the new Claidheam. I was jus having sinilar thoughts the past two days of a year or more okd conversation I had with a woman in her thirties twlling me “She is old information.” but slightly taking that phrase out of context and fast forwarding a year or more down the line to today I revisited that conversation in the oast and brought her up in my mind (random mental conversation) and said “Yes…but sometimes Old Information is Ancient Secret Knowledge that is reborn and of the Future…” I can definetely say I am one who goes back to the source. But that doesnt make me a RHP’er…but rather strengthens my LHP where I perceive the merging of LHP and RHP certain elements and techniques. Interesting dreams.

i had a dream with the avatar of a forum member and his name,i remember that he sent me a msg but the content of the message i dont remember…the person was the member called - Arcane - i remember that i was opening my mail box and i saw his name,and i saw that i sent to him 2 messages but i never talked with him…

i dont know what more i can say,i remember that days ago i was havind a dinner with an entity in a big table…the spirit said - i am the son of your grandfather


but the dream was after i started to look for info about pazuzu…and i was sleeping with his sigil in my hand

well thats all that happened this days,if i remember…

well sorry if the info is vague,trying to find the words to explain better as the english is not my first language


I‘m a complete noob when it comes to Magick, but since I started meditating on a regular basis, I noticed that my dreams are getting more intense. During the last months, I often had some kind of gatekeeper-ish dreams, like I was crossing a line and be followed by some watchdogs, etc. Later on, I had a dream with a Truman-Show-like setting, where everyone in my life, included my dad, was just an actor. I have to add that my dad is my best friend and ally, a person I deeply love and look up to.

Last night I dreamt that my father woke up with a book in his hand, which was automatically written during his sleep. „This is my own bible“, he said. I did not see the contents of the book, unfortunately. However, I got the impression that it was about a strange form of duality. The dreamscape shifted and I was in a residential neighborhood. Victorian architecture, looked very much like a 19th century setting. It was nighttime and I heard some strange, high-pitched female voices echoing in my head. Again, my dad was by my side and said „these are the owls, they want to talk to you.“ Then he went into one of the houses. I saw a shade of a woman‘s body at the crown of a tree and there was an owl, too. The echoing voice said something, especially about psychic attacks, but I am not able to remember what the voice tried to tell me.
Again, the dreamscape shifted into a short, more or less bizarre scene. I was eating fruit puree with a group of people including Armin Meiwes, a german cannibal. Somehow, I attributed the situation to the duality from the book my dad „received“.

For the most part, I‘d think it was just a „normal“ dream, but it was quite intense. When I woke up, I worried a bit about the owl. That‘s because the owl is a symbol of knowledge and Magic here in europe, but would be interpreted as a messenger of death in other cultures and I was a bit concerned about my dad. It took me at least two minutes to shake it up and come back to a little more rational approach. It was during the night and because of my reaction I briefly asked tarot cards about the dream and received the High Priestess as the primary message of the dream.
Regarding any possible bad omen of the dream I received the four of cups, which somehow eased me, since it reflected that the dream was a product of my own inner contemplation. It was about 4 a.m., I was still quite shaken, but able to get some sleep again.

Interestingly, I never had a lot of intense dreams, but since I started meditating they became pretty much „stronger“ and seem to show me sides of my own personality, especially my own feelings of anxiety. Most of my dreams before were much smoother, most of the time rather meaningless.

My English is not the best in the world, since it isn‘t my first language, so I apologize for all my grammatical inadequacies.

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So last night I dreamed about 3 giant snails (which seemed completely normal to me) smoking pot and talking to each other, making pot-related jokes which in the dream I found absolutely hilarious even though it’s not really my kind of humour. Then when i woke up I couldn’t remember a single joke.

Anyone?! :smiley:

I guess you were to high to remember the jokes hehe.

On a serious note, maybe you need to chill with a few good friends and have some fun.

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Last night I dreamed I cooked a big chicken curry for Timothy Donaghue, in an arts studio/apartment in Camden we were living in together.

Then I went to the shop to buy him some aftershave, and left the chicken cooking on the hob.

No zombies, but it was bizarrely realistic and seemed completely normal.


I’m speaking to an older woman I’ve never met. She’s known to have psychic abilities. When she I looks at me, an indigo light flashes in front of her and she disappears into a vaporous mist. The room darkens, the indigo light becomes what looks like an eye, and her voice begins to speak to me. She says, “I see you. You’ve got a lot of stuff going on around you. Don’t worry. Satan has you.”

Suddenly the dream becomes extremely vivid. I’m in a large area that looks like the foyer of a castle. I’m aware of a large, scaly, blackish-grey arm wrapped around my stomach. On my left I can see large white spikes coming from somewhere on the creature, and on my right is a long tail covered in the same dark scales with a blue flame burning at the tip of it.

Hot breath pours into my ear as a deep voice that strikes fear into my core begins to speak to me in some foreign tongue. My heart is pounding because the literal Devil is holding me, but I also try to calm myself down and remember that this is my ally in darkness. Suddenly, I notice the actual words he’s speaking to me. “…tooata… nonucafe jimicalazodoma… larasada tofejilo…”

I have a couple strange dreams succeeding this on the way out of sleep, each one feeling more “half awake” than the last, until I find myself waking up from a sort of sleep paralysis.

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Dreamt that I went to the appartment of my best friend (who is also the person I’m in love with, but he’s with someone else). We’re supposed to meet here to work for the school, but he is at practice so he left me his keys.

I enter the place, go to the bathroom and see his thumb on the floor, with his ring still on it.
He enters his place. He wears shorts and a tank top, both red. In dream I know he is wearing his pratice clothes although he doesn’t do any sports in real life. His arms are covered with blood and and deep scarifications (he has few scars, but not as deep as these ones and not so many). We sit on his couch, I see his missing thumb. Try to touch his cheek, he refuses and tell me he is married. He seems very sad and empty, but tells me he is happy.

Very disturbed by the thumb thing. I was feeling quite unwell when I woke up (anxiety or something similar).
If someone could help me getting the meaning of this dream/nightmare, I’d be very grateful.

Hello, I dreamt this morning a massive ship as big as Titanic and a colleague and a good friend said bye I’m leaving and after that the ship plunged into water like Black Pearl, and I was holding onto a post …it was all in the water… after a while a girl greeted me saying something like welcome after that I met an old colleague and most importantly the girl I fancy at work came with a small kid and somehow I knew that it was her kid and I even remember the boy’s name… something sounds like ‘Rab’ (one of the words for Allah). I remember telling some people around that she has a kid now feeling little disheartened because I’m not married to her.

This girl comes to me in dreams when I’m away from work for few days.

Could anyone help me decoding my dream?

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Hi, I had this strange dream this morning,
I was in a very big old house. There were at least six other girls, I did not know them. One came to me and began to gossip about the other, to which I said that I had no opinion. They were all busy with their appearance and I was smoking a cigaret outside.
There was a competetive vibe.

There was also something with a dick, someone was wrapping ribbons around a dick. I can not remember a boy, i just saw it and walked on

The other moment I was alone in a very large room, there was a candlestick and I lit a red candle.
I looked at the candle and suddenly it began to grow, bigger and bigger.
then it began to take shape, eventually it became Santa Muerte.
She looked intently at me and then changed into a large red beam of light that shot into the universe. that took a while, the next moment the candle was completely burned out and blue.

Anyone any idea what’s the meaning of this? I have never worked with santa muerte. Thanks!


She’s calling you
You should answer :wink:


I have recurring dreams about strange houses. The outsides of the houses are almost always familiar to me, like houses I’ve lived in or been to in physical life. But the dreams are always of the same 4 or 5 houses.

The insides of the houses are very different, however. There are usually a couple of rooms where they are in life, but the there are many secret, hidden rooms and chambers. Sometimes there are doors and passages which seem to go nowhere. I’ve seen doors on second and third floors which led to outside, but with no balcony or ways down. Like if you walked out the door, you would just fall out of the house.

The rooms, doors, windows, and passages also morph and change sometimes. For example, a room in one place, might move to another place as soon as I reach it, or every window in the house will change shape and move all at once.

Sometimes I can fly between floors, like from first to second floor, sometimes I can’t.

The most recent dream, a few days ago, was a house which belonged to an old lady I used to know. She died awhile back, but I moved into her house in the dream. It had it’s usual rooms, but it had three secret rooms bedrooms, which I’ve dreamt of before. They always had a bad vibe, but in this dream, I actually managed to get into the rooms and start digging around, and fixing them up. I was going to rent them to college students (Wtf?). There were many other hidden rooms, too, which only I could see, like bathrooms and closets. The students couldn’t see them, nor could my visitors. It’s the same in all my house dreams. No one can see the secrets of the houses except me.

The old lady’s house I dream about was someone my mom worked for when I was a kid. She was a professional violinist, and owned a Stradivarius I would have loved to have inherited, being she had no next of kin, and she always treated me as a grandchild when she was alive. Oh well, wishful thinking, lol. But, I dream of her house often.

I don’t know what these dreams are really about, but I have grown to look forward to them and their mysteries.

maybe I should do that, thanks for the reply!!:blush:

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I wasn’t going to post this here because I feel like this was an experience I had while I was awake but maybe it can be decoded like a dream anyways. I was visited once by 5 hooded figures, formed around my bed in a circle but with 1 above me, one on each side of me, and two below me as if we were floating in mid air. I did not purposefully summon these figures, i woke up to this happening. I was not paralyzed and I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and euphoria in their presence. None spoke to me or did anything, they left and I rolled over to feel a warm, sunken in spot next to where I had been laying. (Which could have been from me laying there before I woke up, I could have just rolled over and then woken up, but i strongly feel as though something was there.) has anyone else been visited by the same manifestations or some similar? And if so what was your experience, I am particularly interested in the overwhelming calmness of this experience. I have since thrown away doubts that I had about the left hand path as I feel that this was a way to guide me into the black magick way of life. Maybe some of you have experienced dreams similar to this ?

I have seen this many time in a different way… Am not sure if it’s a dream as well! I remember the hood like a leathery cloths and dark brown! And another one was on the bed standing or floating with detailed robe or cape and with what seemed to me like a hunter weapon! Another was red and blue. All I seem to do is roll in my bed until they leave. Last time i tried saying “who are you?” Just got nothing…

So you know these dreams when you are running for your life from something? Yes I had one this time but with a twist. Me and my family members where hiding around the house from thieves and all I can think about is unleashing a dangerous bear we have locked away. So I went running to the cage and someone trying to catch me until I opened the door and this huge thing went destroying everything on it’s bath! when i woke up it felt like i unleashed something.


I always seem to have these dreams where I see plenty of money. It’s either popping up out of the ground, in a bag, people giving it to me, I’m sitting in a pile of money, I’m in a room/vault full of gold and silver treasures etc. But, in real life, it is far from the case. I’ve always struggled with money all my life. And, I’ve had a few really good jobs/opportunities. No matter how I try to save money, an expense always comes up. Right now, I’m between jobs and worried about how I’m gonna have the rent for next month. I’m scared of being evicted, but too proud to ask for help (church), cause’ I know they’re gonna lecture me about responsibility and etc. And they’re gonna really be nosy telling how to run my life.

I’ve had some success at first with money magick especially in dealing with Bune and Nitika and others, but that seems to have stalled. The first of the month will be here soon. A company has hired me, but they’re saying that it can be up to a month for the background check to be done. After that, they can give me hours to work.

Speaking of Bune, I’ve had a couple lucid dreams with her last week, she said that she knows what’s going on and that she will make sure that I’m okay. Part of me believes her and part of me is still skeptical. Time is ticking…

What do the dreams really mean? How come the money in them isn’t manifesting in the physical?