The Consecration of My Black Book of Ahriman [The Path of Smoke]

In the darkest hour of night, I performed the Consecration Rite to free my Black Book of Ahriman from all limitations.

True power flowed around me and through me. The Path of Smoke is a truly powerful current if you have the inner strength to walk it. But make no mistake … it is challenging.

I’ll spare everyone the details because words just won’t do it justice. You have to experience for yourself. However, I will share a few highlights.

I spent several hours last night trying to immerse myself in the Dark Staot and intuit the pronunciation of the words. I had to stay in a medium trance state and allow the sounds to come through my mind. It was difficult for me, but I think it was a very important step for me to take.

My first instinct is always to turn to an outside source of knowledge. So this time, I simply looked within and allowed the voice of Ahriman to speak to me.

When I start reciting the Dark Staot, it almost felt like I was tearing the words from my throat. As I sit here, my throat is a little soar from speaking those powerful words.

And I know, I made mistakes. But it did not matter. When I let go and allowed the words to flow, the power of Ahriman flowed through me.

When I finished the Rite of Consecration, I spent a long while sitting in complete darkness, breathing in the power of Ahriman and allowing it to flow through me.

Ahriman told me to just allow the Dark Speech to flow through me, so I did. I allowed the Dark Speech to flow through me and out through my voice. It sounded very similar to the Dark Staot, and the sounds were very much the same kinds of sounds, but I was not reciting the Dark Staot.

While I was alllowing these dark words of power to flow out through my voice, I mentally made a commitment to build the Temple of Blackened Fire within myself, and to keep the Black Flames burning within me.

Now, I haven’t read ahead in the book. I have only read the Foreword and the Introduction. I haven’t even started Chapter 1 yet. But I know that the Path of Smoke is my path to walk for an extended period of time and I committed to it fully.

When I made this commitment, I saw black flames flowing through my mind’s eye. In my mind, Ahriman said “Allow the Black Flames to consume all of your Liimitations”. I just watched the dark flames flickering through my mind, opened myself up, and breathed them into my full body. And I felt the power of those Black Flames flow through me and become a part of me.

This experience was very similar to the grayscale strobing I’ve seen in my mind’s eye when I’ve practiced meditations to stimulate my ajna chakra. But it was very clearly like watching real fire that was made of black to grayscale shadows.

After I finished my meditation, I turned on my computer and practiced a little gentle Qigong to bring myself fully back to my normal waking state.

When I glanced at the Black Book sitting on my altar, I noticed that I could feel more power, more heat radiating from it. I softened my gaze to see if I could see it through my eyes, but I couldn’t. So I closed my eyes and looked at it again.

The same Black Flames I saw within my mind’s eye were coming up out of the Black Book. The Black Flames rose a good two feet above the cover. I walked toward it and I could feel the heat radiating off of it a good two feet away.

The Black Book of Ahriman is now fully open to me. And now it’s my turn to fully open to it.


I love reading about your experiences. Keep up the work and don’t relent, give it all you’ve got. I’m sure you have a lot to learn from this path.



Thanks for your support, @Aluriel. I truly appreciate you.

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It’s you who I should thank, for continuing to inspire me :slight_smile:



We’re all just stumbling through the dark, brother. See you at the campfire. :wink:


I just read your post under Kurtis’ thread and I’ve got to add that I’ve been feeling pushed to the path as well both by my spiritual allies and by life. Ever since my initial contact with Ahriman and especially when I stopped contacting him, my life has begun to fall apart. Recently it’s become real shitty again and Odin has told me to “go to the Blackest Dragon”. I knew who he was talking about and when I asked he confirmed it. This book seems to be exactly what I need.


That chaos is probably clearing out the limitations to make room for something better. I know I’ve experienced parts of my life falling apart weeks to months before something suddenly shifted for me.

Good luck working through the Black Book. The Path of Smoke is a very challenging current and it will most certainly highlight the limitations stopping your ascent.

If you feel you need guidance, post in Kurtis Joseph’s section of the forum. He’s pretty good about stopping by and answering questions regarding his work.


Thank you Valkarath. I’ve been enjoying your posts. Just finished the post where you fucked up the vampiric egregore and its master.