Question about the Dark Staot


Hey, Kurtis. I performed the Rite of Consecration on my Black Book of Ahriman in the darkest hour of the morning today. Here’s my journal thread if you want to read through it.

Last night, I prepared for the Rite by immersing myself in the Dark Staot. I stayed in a medium trance state and tried to allow the correct pronunciation to flow through me.

And I feel it was close, although not perfect.

I’m not a linguist and foreign languages don’t come naturally to me.

I felt it was more important to allow the feel of the words to flow through me rather than staying in my head and trying to consciously get the pronunciation perfect … hope that made sense. Still coming down off “Ritual Rush”. lol

When I started speaking the Dark Staot, it really felt like the words were being ripped from my throat. My throat is a little sore and my voice is a little raspy now.

But I let go of my conscious mind and tried to allow the power of those words to flow through me. And it did.

After I finished the Rite of Consecration, I sat in the complete darkness and meditated.

Before the Rite, I called the essence of Ahriman forth as a black fog completely surrounding me.

After the Rite, I breathed that essence of Ahriman into myself, through myself, and allowed my sense of self to dissolve and flow into the essence of Ahriman.

I found myself speaking what I can only call the Dark Speech. It was like a glossolalia, but the sounds themselves sounded very similar to the same sounds in the Dark Staot. I was completely lost in the moment and just noticed briefly as I allowed the words to flow through me and out through my voice.

So here are my questions …

(1) Is it important to memorize the correct pronunciation of the Dark Staot verbatim?

(2) Or should you allow the sounds to just flow through and out like I did during the meditation afterward?

I guess I"m asking if the Dark Staot is a specific formula of sound or if it’s just a matter of allowing the powerful sounds emanating from Ahriman to flow through you.

Hope this makes sense. I’m still processing the experience and this shit is tough to describe with our weakened and limited words.


1… As you will read in the book there is no “correct way” of pronunciation. To allow the power to flow through you is INTEGRAL so your approach is indeed correct. This is not a “language” perse’ but more of an anti-language. It is your intent in the eternal moment of counter creation which defines the words.

2… Dark Staot is a template which brings forth the light of the Black Sun from within while usurping the false light of limited creation and bringing it inward to fuel the Blackened Fire of Zohak. If you read my first experience with the gateway to hell in the shadow of Bundahishn I mention how I perceived sparks of light entering the vortex. This is what is occurring through you on a microcosmic level.

Many times as I read the dark staot sounds outside of the template came forth… this is not a problem. Allow the power to flow because this is a sonic manifestation of the sorcerers intent. It is an artistic tool which is used to sculpt dark matter and therefore reality.

I hope this helps. Forgive the delay. I am back on nomad status for the second book. The Dark Night has not ended for me. I have found that the comfort and joy I experienced these past few years was indeed of my own making just as Akomanah said it would be. So its back to the drawing board.


As always if you need guidance I will answer asap. To guide the practitioners is of utmost priority to me as I am the physical nucleus of this spiritual current. Just be a bit more patient with me as I have been getting a lot of questions (along with awesome feedback) and things are a bit rough at the moment.


Thanks, Kurtis.

Sorry for the deluge of questions. The Path of Smoke is certainly the most challenging path I’ve walked. It’s full of power … and so many opportunities to veer off into self-destruction.

Always. You owe me nothing. I consider every nugget you share a gift.

And breathe. Never forget to breathe.


Never apologize for questions. They are INTEGRAL upon this path. Once you effectively awaken DoMar and DeHak and learn to merge with them your need for me will go away. :wink:


Also please share your journal thread to my new journal thread specifically for work done within the context of BMOA.


Already started it. Yet another interesting synchronicity. :smiling_imp:


Is the Dark Staot the equivalent of the revered form of AUM /OM = MUA or MO? could a similar effect be achieved by mantra reciting MO as a way to align myself with”dark / reversedOM” = MO?

Thank you

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