The Chronicles of Thoth

This is a True occult story for your entertainment and enjoyment simply a chronicle of my real life experiences and adventures. This is the first installment.

The Chronicles of Dr. Thoth

The Woman in Blue.

I was a teenager when I first was introduced to the occult. But even before that I had as far back as I remember having a fascination with the paranormal. I read about Bigfoot, Nessy, ghosts, UFOs and anything and everything I could get my hands on in the school library. Which of course was a total of about 4 books.
In highschool the school library had a few more things in there. I remember a book called The devil and all his works and the encyclopedia of witches and witchcraft. Between these two I gained some ideas and for some odd reason decided I wanted to do magick. I knew very little and at the time the occult was exactly that, it was that which is hidden. I was a highschool freshmen and in those days if you wanted to learn something you had to get the book. I took what little there was in the encyclopedias and other few books in the school library and started trying to figure out magick, what it was, how it works, how could I do it? How could I in some way change my environment? Could one learn to be telepathic or could one learn to communicate with spirits? Could one learn to perform the psychic phenomenon and become stronger through training? All my questions would soon be answered, but not completely, not for many years would it all come together into a basic understanding of the meta divine realm. I soon met a girl who helped me into the right direction. Her name was Molly and we met one day when I was hanging out with some of my stage crew friends. She had some of the same friends as I did and we all got to talking about religion for some reason. I remarked that I’m more about the elements and she looked at me and said hey me too and she high fives me. The very fact that after looking into magick and sort of studying on my own what little info there was I synchronistically meet this girl who suddenly is doing the same thing sort of. I absolutely thought that no one else was doing this and at least 5 to 10,000 miles away if at all. But I had assumed that there must be some people crazy enough to want to do this sort of thing, I just didn’t think I would run into them synchronistically. I didn’t even know what syncronicity was or that it existed and is a fundamental aspect of magick. The desire to learn more alone opened the door more information it seemed and this to me was definitely evidence that something magickal was indeed happening.

She and I stepped of to the side to have our own conversation. I asked her basically what she knew and she knew quite a bit and had learned a few things from a senior at our school. I set out to meet this man and he was aloof and did in no way do much for me as in advancing my magickal work. What he did do was give me the names of the exact occult authors and books I needed to find and read. That was actually the best thing he could have done for me and we actually became friends later in chess club.

Molly and I remained friends throughout high school but not so much after that. She did teach me magickal alphabets such as the Nordic runes and we would write each other letters to pass back and forth in class. The beauty was no one could even begin to know what we were talking about should we be detected event if they could translate the notes. It was a bunch of stuff pertaining to something that at the time was hard to know because the occult was a well kept secret. As time went on I met others who were interested in these sorts of things and Wicca was the latest rage apparently. I watched as many took interest and then fell out of it as a passing fad.
Moving in occult circles is an interesting way to meet people from all walks of life. It was like that then and I suppose in a sense is that way today however back then the internet was not the giant information super highway it is today.
I met at least a few people in each demographic interested in some aspect of the unknown from superstitious athletes to nerds playing dungeons and dragons. It seemed that most people were satisfied with the explanations that religion and science could cook up but it seemed that in almost every group there were a few that just weren’t buying it and needed to ask.

It was meeting others asking the same questions that fueled my quest for knowledge and what I saw as the “magickal evidence” what we now call synchronicity was the engine driving my passion. What I would later connect to synchronistic learning and random causality as the basis for the development of gaining an understanding of tychokenisis. I of course didn’t make these connections until later in life.

Although I had decided to delve into Wicca and then Celtic magick and then joining two different druid organizations I still maintained a sort of eclectic view on spirituality as if I wasn’t going to count anything out until I had tried it. I was studying Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology because my real first exposure to seeing a wizard doing magic was in the Disney cartoon film the Sword in the Stone and Merlin didn’t just teach magick he also taught Arthur science the nature of the universe and human nature as well as many other things. I didn’t know it at the time but this was the Thoth Murcury current with it’s hooks in me. I was caught in its current and going with the flow, the only time things didn’t work out for me was when I went against the flow but that’s another story.

This story is about my beginning how I came into the Thoth Murcury current and how I was empowered by it. I came into the current through the Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology at first. I saw myself as the young Arthur learning from that invisible force that synchronistic flow that was Merlin teaching me of the Dragon. I called it the dragon because in the film Excalibur 1981 I believe, the character of merlin teaches Arthur about the all encompassing force of the universe (which I also a star wars fan connected to that Force) and he called it the Dragon.

I read a book called the 21 lessons of Merlin by Douglas Monroe. In this book the reader is the young Arthur and goes through lessons about magick. After joining actual real druid organizations I soon learned that Douglas Monroe was writing fiction. But strangely the experience was not cheapened by this and I had grown from his fictional lesson book as much as I had grown from any other working I had gone through. This strange realization opened me up to the concepts in chaos magick as I started to explore more traditions and philosophy.

I wanted to know what else was out there and I knew that everything had to connect. I instinctively knew that there was more to magick then any particular tradition there were universal constants in the mechanics of the occult. I was well on my way to doing what I needed to to get where I was meant to be. Learning about the Meta Divine Realm.

My first experiences with the meta divine realm occured before I was old enough to remember it happening. According to my relatives I had a large enough vocabulary to carry on entire conversation at the age of 16 months.

According to my mother I would be in my room at night and she would hear me talking to someone. She would walk in and ask me who I was talking to and I would say " my friend". When I heard my mother tell me about this I had something of a flashback to a moment when I was about 5 years old and I saw a ghost standing at the foot of my bed. She was youthful and wearing a long flowing blue gown, long black hair and dark black eyes. I remember being terrified and hiding under the covers. This was the earliest experience I remember having so it must mean that at some point I had forgotten all about " my friend" that I had at the age of 2 or 3 and suddenly don’t know anymore at age 5. I didn’t know what to make of it. Could the woman in blue be " my friend" that I happen to have forgotten about and when she surprised me at age 5 I couldn’t handle it?

My mother had explained that a few times when she heard me talking she looked in and saw a woman wearing clothes from the 1800’s and she kept her hair in a bun and she was blond. This of course is contradictory to the woman in blue. And much closer to the description of a ghost known to occupy that road that our house was on and had been reported by neighbors going back over a hundred years.

This cancels out the theory for the woman in blue so who was she? What did she want? From my experience I remember she didn’t actually move or speak she just sort of looked at me. I didn’t know what else to do but hide under the covers away from that haunting gaze from those dark black eyes. Now I might have at some point forgotten about my friend because I don’t remember her and I must have forgotten her before I saw the woman in blue, and perhaps the woman in blue was just some sort of passing spirit who stopped in to check me out. Either way it is was me learning that there are many different kinds of entities out there. Of course there were several times I have had experiences since then but that was the first of my memory. The woman in blue.

Stay tuned for episode 2 The New House.


I enjoyed this, and will read subsequent installments!

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Ladies and gentlemen the second episode is complete for your entertainment. You can read it with the illustrations on my blog here
I will also post the story here if you just want to read it and follow me on twitter if you want to be notified of my latest episodes. Cheers!

Episode 2 The New House.

When I was about 9 years old we moved into my great grandmother’s old house after she passed. She lived right next to my grand parents and my uncle lived down the street. I remember when I was a child My family owned most the houses on the block and just about everyone who lived in the neighborhood worked for my grandfather at his hardware/ building material company. We lived there for several years and right now I think I should give you the occult history of the neighborhood. I had several experiences in this house living there for several years before this particular situation but we will go back to those. This incident is more about when I discovered some of the history of the land.

Now my grandfather died a few years back from hospital negligence but we still talk from time to time. He never told me the story when he was alive but he did tell my uncle, my mother, and my grandmother. I didn’t hear the story from my mother until my cousin and little brother had an incident in the guest room of my grandparents house.

My brother and cousin were sitting in the dark one night in the guest room playing Nintendo. There was a dresser with a large mirror on top of it. They had the TV on the dresser. At some point as they were waiting for the game to start up they looked into the mirror and saw a young native American man standing behind them. They immediately turned around to look behind themselves only to see nothing. They turned and looked back at the mirror and he was gone there too. The boys both about 8 years old I think.

My father was still working for the state police at the time and the start of this entire day was bizarre because of the story he told me while making me breakfast that morning. It went something like this.

“Oh, wow, Adam you won’t believe what happened to Dad today. You want to know what kind of night it was?” I said, yeah. Then he goes on to ask me how I want my eggs, to which I replied, scrambled. He then goes into his story of his day or night rather, as he was the night shift state patrol.

“I got a call on my radio as I was having coffee at the truck stop. The call was about. A guy who got hit by a train or they thought he was, and sure enough he was, but not exactly the way I thought he was when I got the call.

Apparently the guy had gotten drunk and kind of laid down on the train tracks as a place to go to sleep. He used the track on the left side kind of as a pillow and on the right side just above his knees. Well good thing the train came on the other side or else his head would have crushed. Actually he might have been better off that way, oh well.

When I arrived I found the guy bleeding out his legs and so I grabbed my belt and tried to use it as a tourniquet but there was so much blood. When I tried to tighten it the thing kept slipping off because of this guy’s blood all over the belt, all over my hands causing my hands to slip on the belt, oh it was a pain in the ass. I swear the blood wreaked of alcohol too I finally got em tied off but he was white as a ghost, must have lost a bunch of blood. I don’t know how he was still alive when the ambulance finally showed up and took him. It felt like I was holding his legs pinched off like that for a good 15 minutes I think I saved his life, wait, probably not he probably died on the way to the hospital. Anyway how’s the eggs?” Good, I replied. ” Yeah I mixed a bit of milk in there to give them extra fluff.” My father was a hell of cook that was for sure.

Later that night around the same time my brother and cousin were seeing the native American ghost standing in the mirror. My cowboy uncle down the road was having a situation of his own with the police.
Somehow my uncle ended up standing on the front lawn with a rifle in his hand. I’m not sure but I think what happened was the dogs ( he had 3 German shepherds) started barking hysterically.

I guess when someone looked outside they saw a person walking around the back of his property which was fenced in. He went out there with a rifle to shoot the trespasser and his wife my aunt called the police.

This turned out to be a bad combination as it ended with my uncle standing on his front lawn in his boots night robe and cowboy hat holding his Winchester in the air yelling at the state troopers in his drive way trying to tell him to drop his weapon. “This is my house I can have a gun!” When the police decided to draw their weapons my dad showed up just in time.

My father was already out of uniform and in sweat pants and a T shirt. He approached the troopers and told them to back down.

He went on to explain that it was his brother in law. The troopers were not about to let this go but my father took out his badge and said, “Now listen here I’m a seargent and I out rank you, I’m telling you this is my brother in law and this is his property, his wife is the one who called.”

They of course got back in their cruisers and took off. Now my uncle and my father basically hated each other but after this incident they were friends, for about 3 days, then back to hating each other.
Now this brings us to where I came into the story my grandfather told. My father was watching TV in the living room when he saw the squad cars driving down our road to my uncle’s house.

My father got up to see what was going on. I always kind of thought it was part of his whole deal being a police man and everything, he needed to get involved if it was in his neighborhood.

He told me to go find my brother and keep an eye on him. I happened to walk into my grandparents house looking for my brother who was playing Nintendo with my cousin.

My mother and grandmother were talking in the kitchen about what the boys saw in the mirror. The boys had gone back to playing Nintendo of course. No ghost is enough to stop the game or even go through the effort to unhook the thing and rehook it up to another TV in another room, of course not, far to lazy for that.

Now as my mother mentioned again to my grandmother about the native American spirit, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop. I remember hearing her say something about my grandfather’s Indian ghosts. At which point I had to step in and ask, what Indian ghosts?

Then my grandmother after a long pause, decided to go ahead and go into the story. She wadled over to the table and sat down, she always walked with a bit of a wadled because she had polio virus when she was a little girl and one leg was about 3 inches longer than the other.

We all sat down at the kitchen table with some chips and sour cream and onion dip and some Coca-Cola. My grandmother began the story.

She began the story by letting us know how drunk grandpa was when he told her the story. ” He was really drunk, and I suppose that he probably wouldn’t have ever told anyone if he never had a sip from time to time. Not quite the type of thing one talks about in the line at the supermarket. More of a legend discussed amongst bar flies towards closing time, which is what it was when he told me and where we were we had dinner. Then he took a beer to drink on the drive home.”

“What?” It was the 50’s it was no big deal then. Anyway that’s beside the point, at the bar a few of the flies were talking about ghost stories and we over heard them. I was making a little joke and I asked him if he ever saw a ghost. He didn’t laugh he just kind of stares into his 3/4 empty mug of beer. Then he lets out a deep breath and sits back in his seat pulled himself out a cigarette and flipped open his Zippo in a sort of daze like he was watching it happen again in his head.

He snapped back into it after he took his first drag off his cigarette. Then he started telling the story and it went something like this.

I remember I must have been about 10 years old it was the dead of winter in late afternoon and I went out to get firewood. While I was out the snow started to get thicker and the wind started to blow harder. I didn’t think much of it and I continued to gather wood. I had a big pile in my hands and decided I had enough and when I started back I realized that the blizzard had come on so gradually that I didn’t even notice until it was so thick I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. I started to get worried because I couldn’t see the house and I didn’t know where I was. I had walked so far into the fields that I had forgotten how far I actually went and all kinds of confusion hit me.

I heard what sounded like voices, but I didn’t hear it so much as directly in the ear but more just above the ear and inside the skull. It was three native American spirits that were discussing me.

The two male spirits one older and one younger were from what I gathered probably father and son. The older woman I think was the mother. The two men were saying “this ain’t our problem who gives a shit if he dies.” But the mother was insisting saying, “No, you are going to help him and that’s it! It’s not right to leave a boy out to freeze to death! Too many died in this place haven’t they?! Then three shadowy figures appeared before me.

Then they told me just to follow them and they would lead me back to the house. Which I did and along the way they told me their story. They had been driven off their land by the white settlers and were attempting to make their way to another area and had to go through the swamps to get there. As they were attempting to trudge through a more swampy part they all got stuck in the thick mud and then heavy rains started. They tried to back track to the more dry areas but they were too late. The whole area flash flooded and all three were drowned.

When I got to the house I turned around and looked out into the blizzard, it was nothing but white in front of my face and the three shadowy figures I followed to the house were gone, but I could feel them there. I told them I was grateful and that I would build my house on the spot they found me and leave one corner of my home open to them to come in out of the cold.”

My grandmother stopped and looked up at us. ” He did build this house there and that corner is the guest room, Ironically enough. Probably shouldn’t have told you that, it’s going to give you nightmares.”

As I think about the whole thing today I feel like my grandmother might have realized that my grandfather had somehow accidentally created a kind of portal through an agreement with spirits. I also think that my mother, my aunt and uncle and grandmother all discovered that there was more to the land this property was on and the portal allows more than just friendly human spirits through it.

Nowadays I can actually analyze the situation. You see my grandfather inadvertantly created a full on open portal when he said (while placing his intent into the etheric) I will leave a corner of my home open to you to come in out of the cold. This is an open and general statement that could be applied to any spirit that was present in the area at the time and who knows what was out in that former swamp land.

The secret of that land is not that it was a burial ground, sacred or even inhabited by native Americans. The terrible truth is that it was all swamp land once and the native peoples avoided it because it was known to be a place not for the living, a place not even for the dead but something else. The land is a land full of dark spirit creatures and there are many different kinds as I would discover living in the new house.


Great reading, looking forward to the next chapter.

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This is a great story! I hope you continue!

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Follow me on twitter I will be releasing the next installment soon. Cheers!

Episode 3
The smiley face pillow.
My first poltergeist experience happened not too long after having moved into the new house, long before the Man in the mirror incident that I recently spoke of, there had been many strange happenings on and around that neighborhood. These several incidences happened rather close to each other so I’m going to knock them out one by one in the order they happened. The first one I will cover is the demon hound, then the smiley face pillow, Laura’s shock and finally mother’s rape.

I was just a kid probably about 10 and my mom had been friends with this woman since highschool so I had of course known my buddy Glen since I was an infant. The two of us together were real trouble makers when we got the feel for it. The day started out fairly normal, my brother and I were staying at the McClintock house for the weekend because our parents were going on some sort of trip for the weekend.

My brother and Glen’s brother Mark were hanging around the house being watched by Glen’s older sister so Glen and I decided to go out wandering around town. We went down to the skate park and played some video games in the arcade. We met up with a few girls and boys our age at the skate park and decided to go for a walk through the park. I remember that Glen had stolen a bottle of some kind of alcohol from his mother and we all had some.

The situation couldn’t have been more perfect for what was about to come next. We reached the baseball diamonds in the park. As we walked across the field Glen spotted an aluminum baseball bat. The kind used for pewee baseball. He started swinging the bat like he was trying to hit a fast ball.

One of the girls popped up and said that there were frogs hopping around and one of the boys suggested we play frog ball. I was against it because I thought frogs were cool and smashing them with a bat was not cool. They didn’t really care what I had to say. One of the girls kind of befriended me because she was a fan of frogs too and didn’t approve either. We decided to leave them to their devices and do our own thing. We talked about school and as we were walking towards the soy fields she said she didn’t want to go near the fields, and I asked her why.

She went on to explain that her and her friend had been playing around near the soy field a few days ago and they had seen what seemed like a strange beast in the fog of the dusk of evening. I asked what it was she said she didn’t know but it was like the shadow of a large wolf or dog and it moved and growled at them but it didn’t leave the soy field. I was intrigued by her story.
The day went on great everyone went home and we decided to head back to Glen’s house. Along the way we decided to take a short cut and go through the woods.

We made our way through the woods part way and it was already dusk. We knew we had a ways to go but we felt confident that we could make it back before dark. We made way to the creek that was about 30 ft wide where a fallen tree formed a bridge across. We climbed up onto the tree and as we crossed that slippery moss covered oak balance beam across the creek but about half way we damn near slipped and fell down 20 ft to our doom.

Luckily we were able to hang on. I remember holding on to the slippery tree with my legs dangling down and desperately grasping at the tree and trying to climb back up. I thought for a moment that I was going to go falling down into the rocks below and either die or at least get horribly mangled.
I was in no mood for that so I climbed my ass back up on the tree. We made it across and breathed a sigh of relief. Then everything went quiet, dead silent even. There was no wind and not a single sound of any bird or beast of the woods.

Then we heard it, it was a menacing growl. We looked all around and didn’t see anything. We could clearly hear the sound of growling moving around us circling us even. We knew it was time to get the hell out of there. We ran our asses off till we came to the soy fields. We could see his house from where we were and so we ran even faster, Glen slipped and fell and as I went to help him get up he looked behind me and turned white as a ghost, he pointed over my shoulder and I turned to look. What I saw behind me was the largest creature type animal I had ever seen it looked like a bone EXO skeleton beastimg_20160926_084751 with red eyes. The fangs looked prehistoric and it was as if this beast had come streight out of hell.

It snarled and slashed at us with it’s teeth and we jumped up and ran for our lives. As we finally made it to the road across from Glen’s house we ran out into the street and towards Glen’s house, as we turned back we both saw the beast vanish into thin air and as we made our way into the house we sat down on the couch exhausted. We didn’t say a word to each other for about fifteen minutes, of course after that we talked about it all night. What actually kept us talking all night was the fact that we had claw marks and slashes in our clothes. I had to borrow a shirt from Glen because mine was full of slash holes.

Whatever it was had real enough teeth and claws so. regardless if it was a phantom wolf or what have you it obviously was able to effect this physical reality quite well. We spent the rest of the night doing something safer…Playing Nintendo. We just wanted to chill after that. We didn’t want to have to deal with anotheyr hell hound.

Next up the Smiley Face Pillow.
Or on the blog with illustrations.


Are the illustrations your own art work?
They are very good!

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[quote=“arianna, post:8, topic:9211”]Are the illustrations your own art work?
They are very good![/quote]
Yes they are my own work. And thanks.

This is the photo I chose for my blog and as I was looking at it I noticed I caught a spirit on camera in the bottom right corner of the black mirror above my mercury statue. I didn’t notice it till today far out eh? You can see it better on my blog I can’t seem to post it here and have it visible because it only allows photos of a certain size. So I tried to crop it.
My blog if you want to see it there.

That is pretty awesome!!

I just got 1000 likes :wink: thats pretty cool too. Somebody likes my retarded ass haha !!

That is cool though. I should try to dig up the pictures I have from my other house.

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The latest episode Smiley Face Pillow pt 2 Laura’s Shock

I will be working with Jeremy Johnson filming a Documentary once we find the right house or property or person that has a story worth investigating. Check out the Facebook page and feel free to friend request.!/home.php

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When i clicked on the link it just took me to my own fb homepage.[/quote]

Oh that’s lame I wonder what I have to do to make it work?

When i clicked on the link it just took me to my own fb homepage.[/quote][/quote]
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Oh fuck it then :([/quote]

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Oh fuck it then :([/quote]

Whats the name maybe i can search it and find it that way.[/quote]Jeremy Johnson imaginary films