The Book of Smokeless Fire

Has anyone worked with this book and what has your experience been? With all due respect, only respond if you have worked with this book and can elaborate on your experience. I’ve already read a lot of posts on the internet from people who say they read the book but won’t use it because it’s dangerous.


That’s strange, since I’ve been on this forum since before the book was out, have read all the posts on it and I don’t remember anyone saying that… The book itself says that.

Are you sure you read that on THIS forum?

All in alI concur with this guy:


The OP might be referring to the reviews of the book, which all go on and on about how immensely dangerous and powerful the book is, while admitting to never using it themselves.


Oh I see. Thanks.

I think, and this is my personal opinion on Djinn in general, that these are basically Fae. They feel and behave emotionally a lot like Fae - opinionated, not inclined to go out of their way to help, but will trade.

I came to that conclusion after working the book and meeting some, and their families. The descriptions of them being these uber-evil killers comes off as bombast and and over-romanticisation to me. These are actual people, and they can do these things, but they give zero shits about doing them for you, and it doesn’t matter how much money or work you put into the fancy-schmancy ceremonial trappings. The book has a Solomonic approach - commanding not bargaining - no advice on how to made a deal and see that it’s followed through, which with unseelie Fae, often isn’t. There’s a reason the Celtic traditions that dealt with the fae call them the “gentle folk”, it was appeasement not nicety.

It basically becomes about force of will, to use the book you will have to be able to command the Djinn to do what you want whether they like it or not. You’re not trying to make friends, you have to be the shit, and basically bully them. That’s why it’s either ‘dangerous’, or ‘nothing happens’ most of the time - they get pissed of and retaliate, or they ignore you.

In my case I got a nice chat, new friends and a tour around the camp, which is pretty much my take on all Fae - keep it friendly and neutral, and don’t ask for favours you might have to return.

Bottom line: the book is interesting as a directory of cool dudes to talk to, but unless you’ve got something you can build a working relationship on, or you’re the high grand poohbar of dark magick and can order entities around like you were Archangel Michael on an ego trip (and have the defenses to fend off retaliation), don’t try to use the techniques in this book.


It’s mostly been on Amazon reviews and in another forum I am in that they say that. I’ve seen some threads on here about this book but they just say they read the book and don’t say much about what their results were.

Yes that’s mostly what I’m referring to, the Amazon reviews. But I also asked about it in another forum I’m in and they all just said it’s too dangerous.

In the practical jinn magick book I have that Corwin wrote he says you can’t command the jinn like you do with other spirits, you have to ask with confidence. Is it different with the jinn in smokeless fire?

To be specific about my results:

  1. On requested working, which was baneful attack on an intransient enemy, absolutely nothing. But to be fair, very little works on this guy, who is a mage and heals as fast as he’s hurt.

  2. Several conversations, ambassador work between the races where I created a vessel for one particular Djinni to visit at will, which was also part of a trade - knowledge for knowledge. I wish I could say I was more interested in their race to have carried on interviewing all of them, but I’m just not.

Everything I got out of it was non-material. When I realised they had Fae-like energy I immediately stopped trying to force anything out of them. That’s just not how I work with the good folk, ever… or anybody really.

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Everything else I’ve read on jinn says it’s never a good idea to try to order thrm around. I can see how this technique would be dangerous.

The Little bit i worked with Djinn

I also find them Fae like down to the never trust a Fey and be careful with “favors”


Oh for sure, I don’t even trust the demons and angels I work with and always watch my step. I do currently have practical jinn magick by Corwin and I’d like to do the “reverse a negative cycle” and “unlock a situation” rituals with caution of course.

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I am about to work with this book myself. My first working is scheduled today, Will get back with results.


Go for it and work. I have used it a couple of times. It is absolutely cool. No fear.
And yes I confirm that djinns don’t like to be commanded. I don’t like commanding spirits anyway.
Djinns have come to my dreams and tested me to see if I would be tempted to command them. I did not. And they are much closer to me. And they want everyone to know not to try to command them.
If you don’t then they are quite friendly… at least the ones I spoke to in my dream.

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Following. I d love to listen to your experience