The blacked gateway to the black sun

The blacked gateway to the black sun

This gateway was shown to me by amaymon and I knew exactly what it meant I first got myself up from exhaustion and gave myself power and energy to continue.

Wearing my nine gatekeeper mala beads and amaymon partially possesed me and drew this gateway I knew really well by my abilities what it was but I asked him again for confirmation I asked “where does it lead?” he replied by showing me a vision on my mind and an astral vision below my feet to a place that I been it is the black solar grounds and hell named “Katulklah” it is the first hell of the black sun I have all Sigils of all three layers of that hell but the gateway below is the gate to them all.

The other hells are
The insides of the black sun the darkness fusion being inside that place it is like decaying and burning by black solar energy which is the sensation that you will feel most of those layers but each one is a bit different

This the final layer of the black solar hell it is the core the sensation will be a burning dissolvong sensation of your body tou will aslo feel like you ate falling off yet standing

There many benefits d in the that working like huge spiritual physical and mental powers heighten buy you must be sure that you can pass those hells, these are no joke they can literally decay your spirit, and energy of you are there’s long enough enough you must also absorber those who powers and must show personal power that you can.

I been there I died and been rebirth over and over but amaymon is preparing for me for another working with katulklah.






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Benefits to going through this? What did you learn?

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spirits started respected me more and they been more open to share their secrets,solidification of true indenty beyond the oneness,higher personal power,resistnace against attacks mostly magical and spiritual and many more.

i had learned that those spiritual hells can be gateways into the acausal non existent realms beyond existence in rounds of nothingness which i never expected that.


Hmmm i had to read this twice carefully to understand it

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what did you dont understand?i may can do the explaination a little bit better.

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I find It interesting, i only worked with a couple of other planes beside the material one. Maybe later i cross more borders.
Are you working with Choronzon too?

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i had done lots of transfiguration work with choronzon,he is defenetly one of my favourite demons but i find not very talkative he is detached and disconnected from anyworld sometimes i see him wandering in the abyss.

a mysterious powerful entity.


Tranfiguration is some interesting stuff, if you’ve conversed with him then he must have imparted at least a little knowledge?

What would be the test that must be pass on each layer??