The Black Flame. WHAT IS IT?

Did anyone for once step back and asked oneself…

What exactly IS the black Flame?!.

WHY do we practice it or why should this be important? What exactly IS the significance of it in magic and general?

Only what i got the last study years in satanism that i should practice it or that empowers magic.

Yes it is true i got empowered by it significantly it was really like a electric rush that first goes down of your pineal gland and than into the root chakra from there your whole body in all ist existing facet of being will be permitet by it. The electric black energy permits trough all of it and sets you in ectasy at that time and moment.

For what cause in the end?
Only for oneself?

It will interesting to hear what is your insight on this or feedback and your own expirience(s).

I will be pleased if we together gather some knowledge around the black flame and get some firm reason and knowledge behind it.



it is basically just another word for kundalini


Honestly, you’re likely over-thinking it.
I typically use this one once I get to work to try to purge myself of the 1hr long bullshit for a 20 mile drive. That’s it I pay attention and get up either early enough or late enough.

I do like this meditation as a background, preferably after I do the above meditation long enough to discontinue the asshat-ness.

You do you. The point is to use these mantras to help separate you from everything else, in a more left hand path nature. I feel it. You may not. We gotta find what works for us, right? Frankly, I sometimes listen to this in the background of my job, provided I can hid the picture. Doesn’t matter what’s available if I can’t access it at work, right.


I know These.

I dont overthink i am questioning and i want knowledge. Yes i got my expirience and it COULD be for real kundalini related from what i got from my own expirience.

Sources are allways helpfull that i may not know.

But nonetheless Thank you.

The Black flame is within every chosen one For they are The adversaries which this means that their essense is made form outer darkness. Not created but made and made to create.

The Black flame is The abyss formed and the only thing that that exists in the Edge of outer darkness for such thing is divine and godly and sacred and the weilder or The bearier is Indeed a god.


Is the black flame related to darkness itself like if I got a good relationship with the essence that is darkness would that help me with understanding or activating the black flame, when the black flame is active in you do Divine spirits still communicate with you? Also have any of you ever seen the flame change? Once while playing with a zippo I had my hand over the flame then thought of chaos and yes it turned purple all crazy like and burn the living shit out of me well not really burn cause no marks or blisters but hella hurt.


Adversary of whom?


The black flame is more a concept than something you can touch.

I use one or more of these after my commute. Given that I spend 2.15-2.50 hours in traffic on a working day, that’s pretty valuable. I use one for immediately after traffic and the other to help with daily stress. Hope it helps, friend.

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It sounded like he allready said he’s had a direct contact with it not sure if telling him it’s a concept is gonna go over that easily.

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If you think the black flame is, a, concept you’re, on drugs


I personally dont think that it is a Concept.

I say trough my own expirience it is something tangible and a spiritual gift or power of the more darker side or it generates the more dark aspect of being and the universe.

I Think he explains it a bit in it that if you combined trough your spiritual work the lower and higher parts of your spiritual being .That. In your brain or pineal gland it Chemicly chrystalizes itself into like a diamont and it turns into a Dark Cristall and through this this dark light.

I am not sure now i dont have time to watch it trough bc i am in a hury.

I practiced the chant looong time and i combined it with breathing techniques with sillent mental my personal black Flame chant the Naga Black Flame FIRST PART:Krerra Nasso Vivanne Nisan Gnabre somo na e tassa senn.

Loudly the known chants combined of Ea Ravenstar and Behemoth X it sure has spiritual background and significanse from Azazel he generated it trough them and thus opened a portal and posibility for that.

The more you know the better you can practice it or at least refine it to a higher state.



Interest in since I have been getting lots of vision of diamonds and wondering why… I just, read somewhere that chi is actually an enzyme and that blew my mind… Come to think if it… The secret of all this is developing hyperawareness and everything is really fucking connected spirit and flesh is one… Bu what the brain, can, accomplish from my own gnosis, is beyond what we can fathom atm

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Really enjoyed that video thanx for sharing makes me understand why when I asked Lucifer to be his son when he possessed a human he showed me the view from upon the world tree looking. I allready knew the eye was crystal like but had no idea about the sand moving up to join together, when I was precieving darkness recently a black dragon appeared wasn’t sure what to think because my concept of darkness was formless. I was once told I was the white and blue dragon and there’s only one of my that always stuck with me the person who told me said he was a black dragon of chaos hanging with him was insanely fun but he wanted to talk about everything with his mind so it was hard to hang since I couldn’t hear, when I projected next to him I Hurd him and another friend speaking with there minds so I figure I basically just need to be able to get my consciousness to shift Into my spirit more o be able to hear. An hopefully soon we can scan each other again I’m getting better should be able to see about you I stead of what you’ve been watching :grin: I still want to know what you see, I was sorta down that it was you who the joker decided to Interact and show that realm to. If you give me the Ok when ever I’m feeling real good in scanning I’ll just give you one and start it up. Are you left handed btw I did super mini scan just seeing if I could start to percieve you or if it would automattically go to your spirit friend from last time and there was a dragon standing on hind legs then a man in armor weilding a great sword with his left hand. There wasn’t color you could pm me what to look for in the scan and I’ll focus on those points and just post in the scan thread since I got a little over a week remaining until I can scan in pm, I had good ones last time I did scans got one person’s form right one I just ended up getting stuck interacting with the two goddesses that appeared they both showed me picks that were life like I don’t see that clear normally wish I knew who they were lol. So yea sorry I had/have a joker that played around last time I had no idea about him until right before I red the scan which you priorly did, he hasn’t done anything since then besides make me lol. I’ll ask him not to mess around on your scan. He nodded he wouldn’t

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I dont think that he messed around too much Vainy. but he shows you have a conection to a trickster spirit that would be conected tho sceeming or gambling and yes misleading too.

But the most part was alright from what i gathered.

Yes of course i am more than Happy to assist you in your scan ability exercises.

We should do next week i feel.

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This is interesting, as I did a meditation with Azazel at the time you wrote this and he had me do the black flame meditation.

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The pope that he releases to the general occult populace stolen and confescated books and scryptures in Digital Format.

And that.

I work from the inside out to destroy these abrahamic orders…

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I dont intend to fix these Scamy Abry religions.
I intent to aninhilate it completely.

They have and it is long known by now crossed the line way too deep and too much to go back and fix anything they have done.
The damage was done and the most part wasnt even repayed or aknowledged really.

We should take thinks for that matter magicly in our own hands to bring the justice and Execution about…my opinion…

And i know…this opinion and mentality is longing and expressed in many people.

Thats good.

I’ll just leave this here.


How, exactly,do you work to destroy them …id join in on this