The Bible, Hell and Christianity


My parents are devout evangelical christians and my upbringing been strictly christian. Christianity have brought me more dispair then love because the idea of a condeming God, enternal hellfire for sinners and all of it.

I had a spiritual experience a week ago when I felt as I was going to die (it was a major ego death) and in the midst of the ”dying process” I got a realizion that it is all metafor anyway.

Could you please fill up with information cause I still have mental issues that hinders me from breaking free from the idea of being rosted in hell for all eternity for just being who I am.


I would recommend reading some of Neville Goddard’s books.


To be honest your fears of being roasted in hell will only disapear with practical way to break out of your own mindset.

Asenath Mason draconian ritual book is a good start.
Look into her other works as well as the works published by temple of the ascending flame.


I dealt with that by thinking it through to this conclusion:

If there’s a lake of fire I’ll either burn up and cease to exist or I’ll be in so much pain that time space thoughts regrets and all concept and awareness of self are extinguished in the insanity of being caught up in the pain where I’d become the pain existing only in that moment not aware of anything except the pain not even knowing I’d existed outside the pain anymore and I’d be insane existing in the moment forever.

Either way I’d cease to be me so it doesn’t matter anymore once I realized that.

You would be insane and unaware of anything except the pain not remembering anything lost in the pain in due to the insanity since you wouldn’t even be capable of thinking if only or why or anything you only know the moment the pain so much so that in effect you cease to exist as you (same as if you’d burned up).

So since you won’t be you won’t be able to think will be lost in the moment if it exists what’s to fear? You won’t be like: why me, get me out of here, I miss my___, god get me out of here, I’m sorry, or anything like that you’ll either cease to exist or be so lost in the moment of pain that essentially you cease to exist. Either way the you you are ceases to exist if he’ll and a lake of fire is real. So there’s nothing to fear.

That’s how I’ve dealt with that Christian concept of hell lake of fire and the fear the Christians want you to have over it. I’ve reasoned it out and decided it doesn’t matte to me because of the above. Plus I’m hoping if there’s an Armageddon that we’ll win and their prophesy is wrong and it’s their god who’ll go there not us humans if we don’t kill him first.



Christian dogma is abuse, don’t listen to it, a god who acts like that doesn’t love you, he’s a psychopath.

Work with the fallen ones, they will help you


I think I do, closly and that is pretty terrifying too :pleading_face::rofl:

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You do what?

I like your outlook on that. Pretty logical actually! It is biblical that Satans punishment after being thrown in the fire cease to exist and while ”sinners” get the same punishment for whatever reason they/We cease to exist too…

I come closer and closer to the realization that hell doesnt exist but life can feel like It only to be overcome to see the illusion of such a thing… but my doubts about it can torture me at times!

The ”satanist”/people on this forum have had the attitude of help greater then most christians I met on this issue. That’s pretty intresting!


Well, if you stop believing Abrahamic dogma, they’re not fallen. Being on the shitlist of any malignant narcissist is a badge of honor, and a sign of ascension, not “falling” anywhere. It means you’re not playing the narcs game.


Work with the fallen ones on almost every aspect of my life but due to my fear of them thanks to Christian doctrine… they keep who they are pretty hidden. But Im pretty sure its them… if Azazel and Lucifer are fallen angels, wich they are

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Thank you for that. That’s a post worth saving!

To me fallen isn’t an insult, rather a description of a particular race of angel, but I get what you mean, I mean they did rebel, so rebellious angels would be better.

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Your fear will disappear, just keep working with them


What do you think they rebelled from exacly?

My above stated is why I feel hell is irrelevant and I don’t fear it right now I exist whatever will or won’t be isn’t now so… whatever will be will be to quote Doris Day.


They simply did not want to live their lives working for Yahweh, so they left his pantheon.

Different angels had different reasons.

Take into account my picture, of Michael.

Michael on the other hand chose to stay near Yahweh, his father.

But still he has a good relationship with his brother Lucifer

It’s also why I believe Lucifer calls me brother.

Because my soul is very close to Michael’s, to the point where we merged.

Lucifer’s rebellion against his father was rough


Yeah I keep hearing ”son”, ”father” ”brother” too… and I think Michaels here too due to the glowing, blue light flashing by when I think of him. Do you think there is an actuall ”war” going on between them? Or are they just having diffrent agendas?

War between fallen ones and Yahwes angels?

There’s no war, but individual angels can have beef

For example, it’s best not to summon Azazel and Raphael in the same room