The Azazel Sigil Conundrum

The Sigil Of Azazel Conundrum

So below is the most commonly used sigil of Azazel


Yet simultaneously this sigil is the Agrippa sigil of Saturn, and so of course there are debates on the applications of this particular sigil. Many debate and various points and so i thought I’d clear up the misconceptions here.

Isn’t It Actually The Sigil Of Azazel & Not Saturn -

No this is incorrect you see it is the sigil of Saturn and not Azazel.

If it’s the sigil of Saturn how is it that one can contact Azazel through the sigil -

Azazel is a Saturnian entity, ergo he is able to be communicated through the sigil, although it will call specifically and only the Saturnian aspect of the demon. I have verified this myself by utilising the Venusian sigil to evoke Lucifer and the Martian sigil to call Asmodeus.

If it works then why change it -

Indeed this is very accurate although, think about this entities are very vast indeed. When we use a sigil associated with an isolated part of the entity only as through the planetary sigils, then we are only getting that aspect of the entity and not the fullness of them and half of the time, one can have a variety of different entities come through too.

Why Use A Different Sigil -

I myself have used that exact sigil now for many years although I must admit, changing the sigil I saw sides to Azazel previously not revealed, not to mention the sigil I used seemed much more prominent, older and yet somehow had a much more of a quicker and direct link with the demon.

The Sigil I Used -

Below is the sigil which had been officially declared by Azazel to be given to others so they might apply it themselves and see beyond the Saturnian effluvia of this ancient ebon satyr. I’d like to also reiterate that I am not against using the original as previously mentioned I’ve used it for years, although I am merely sharing a alternative which in my opinion far exceeds the original.

Let me know your experiences, as many others have already reported incredible results.


You also had a word about this here.

I completely disagree.

I means the basic premise is incorrect imo, that people get railroaded unknowingly into calling only a version of Azazel that is “Saturnian” because you see, when doing magick it’s, it’s the intention that matters, so that happens only of they intended it. I don’t think most people do or even know.

So, yes, IF that is your intent (and it usually is but it’s still optional) then this will be the case, however, as noted many times on this forum and evidenced by multiple people’s experiences the sigil itself does nothing, it’s the intent of the practitioner that matters. Every time. The sigil is just ink on paper or pixels on a screen and is not inherently magickal until you make it so.

You can use completely the wrong sigil and still get the intended entity. This happened on cam with Jehannum and its happened to me.

Use the sigil of “Saturn” intending to get your conception of Azazel, you get Azazel. That’s literally how it works.

So it doesn’t really matter.

If you get your head in the right space someway, somehow and you’ll to to talk to who you want to talk to regardless, and that may or may not be related to the scribble on the paper before you.

Whether that’s an aspect, a being seen through the lens of “infernal”, as a Watcher, as an angel, as the Promethean, as a “Mask of Lucifer” (ref Asenath Mason’s books) or as your monster-cocked fucktoy as some have astoundingly, used him here, more than once.

To me (and probably this is only me) he’s my sire and I owe him my very existence, though I haven’t decided if that pleases me, and maybe it doesn’t. He’s very much more than an aspect of Saturn, so I agree completely there. In my UPG he’s existed not just before humans, or before JCI religions with their small minded categorisations and judgmental epithets, but before the solar system was formed including Saturn and the Earth. Imo he’s a high level power of creation. Anything we do to contact that must be lensed and limited or we couldn’t relate to it.

Quite a lot more than merely Saturnian, it’s more like Saturn and he share some resonating energy imo, but that doesn’t make them related.

You put the effort in you get to choose, you’re the magickal one, you’re the creator being,

A ridiculous exercise really, and one that shows people are taking symbolism way too literally. Seems to be a common problem in this age of “science” that everything has to be literal and left brained. That’s not how symbols are supposed to be used, though, they’re not science they’re art, speaking to and through the subconscious, and debating them is not a substitute doing the work.

Symbols are gateways to feelings and experience that cannot be described in words. That’s the point. But what that experience will be is guided not by the ink but by you and your mindful intention. This is why they work.

So I don’t see the need to give your power away to other people’s doodles based on their over-intellectualised posturing about them. Use them as a tool, great, but I think you’re giving it way too much credit.

“Officially” according you you… ok :smiley:

But why? What version of Azazel is this, what “aspects” have you been contacting of this vast being lensed through your energetic system, and why should anyone care to contact that one over the version they usually contact?

What does “incredible” results mean? Do you have any anecdotes?

I mean it’s a creative god that usually tells people to go work with it’s lessers that are more relatable to the human level, so I’m not surprised invoking it’s aspects works great… But again, if you have the mind to you could get results from a dot on paper, or not even, from pointing your finger in the air, intending to get this version of Azazel, so… yeah.

I’m not sure how helpful it is to perpetuate weakness in modern mages, encouraging them to rely not on themselves, but on the tools, here a sigil as if it were any more than a prop to help you think.


Indeed I am aware of what I said.
In regards to the rest that’s totally fine you are more than entitled to your own opinion, since after all it’s your opinion and my opinion here. Whilst I agree intention is important, so much so that it can once again summon forth an entity even through these planetary sigils, which i also stated in the preliminary post. Although I would argue the fact that the sigil does nothing, it does do something because we make it do something. After all the sigil is the linear codification of intent, at least in the classical sense of sigils, some differ but there’s no point getting into the semantics.

We seem to be agreeable in two particular important areas here, one being that intent is key, the second of course that the original sigil can work just as well. Although what I am talking about here is that there is in fact a numerical value to these sigils in regards simultaneously to their geometrical relation to the squares their drawn from which of course resonate the corresponding planetary energy. Ergo the very base of the sigils energetic integrity beside that of the intention, besides that of even the entity is that of the planet.

Therefore we can see that although one can of course contact the entity in a degree that even transcends the planetary sphere, even without using a sigil for example. That with the original sigil the initial vibratory resonance is that of the corresponding planet.

In many working systems it’s understood that sometimes these entities aren’t only extremely vast but that the different aspects of the spirit bring a different personality, it’s own unique frequency, it’s only special power and force, etc. That being said these aspects are so vastly different sometimes that different sigils and even different colours, cardinal directions, names and various other intricacies are employed to work with those aspects.

Understanding this establishing a working system which is a useful tool to better interface and interact with that which is being summoned. Simultaneously the “officially” as you so decoratively added there is of course an indication that it came from Azazel of course during my subjective communion with him.

I also would like to touch on the concept of

“Perpetuating weakness in modern mages”

Specifically in relation to using tools, personally I’ve never seen it as a weakness in using tools to exemplify or even make it easier to gain a better overall experience or result. I’m pretty sure this very same comment has been made before in the past, regarding the usage of sigils in general. Not to mention the onslaught of radionics devices, the universal circle and other ritual circles, talismans and amulets all of which come directly from BALG.

These are helpful tools which people employ and it helps, I wouldn’t exactly call that “weakness” nor a dependency. I can’t see how BALG who’s literal mantra is that of “become a living god” would emphasise or promote weakness. It is not weak to employ alternatives, nor tools or even change a working system. This is merely much subjective experience in which I have shared with others, which seems to be producing interesting results for others and myself, so much so that even they recommended I share it on this forum, but of course if me sharing alternative or different “chants” or “sigils” or anything of the sort falls into the somehow restrictive and limiting category of perpetuating some sort of weakness. Perhaps it’s better all in all that I don’t, and while I’m at maybe we should all take that into account.

Let’s throw away the radionics devices, the sigils, the candles, the circle, the amulets and all of the other useful tools in our arsenal because “it’s intent”. However I choose not to and many feel the same way, instead we look for alternatives, newer things to employ, better things (in some instances). Hence why I share what works for me in hopes that many others can pick it up and it works for them and yes I give credit to the tool, maybe in your opinion too much credit. I however prefer a moderation I give credit to those who make the tool work, to those who brought the tool to the world, a balanced harmony of the tool as an extension of self as well as the self. However as previously mentioned I respect your stance and your opinion on the matter seems we agree on a lot and disagree on some things.

That is at the end of the day what makes communities, forums and places like these interesting and special. I just hope that those that do try this don’t see it as relying on a tool, because the tool is only as good as the one who wields it. I agree that sometimes there may be an over reliance in tools wherein if something is not seen as “perfect” then it cannot be used, but that is not what is being stated here whatsoever.


I believe this is the seal of the Spirit of Saturn, which is Zazel.

Its a confusing topic indeed.


I completely agree this. Especially the just ink on paper. I don’t really pot much stock things created by man’s hand. Never have. And if and when I do get a sigil to use I usually forget to ever use it. I still have the same intent and still get the same results.

It is just a tool on our tool kit to help us.

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Yeah, what bothers me is some people’s seeming desire to be told what to do, what’s “true” and what to think.

As if squabbling over a sigil gets you anywhere, what a pointless waste of energy.

You get what you deserve when you give your power away.

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